Revisited: 5 Projects I Want To Do In My Home, But Probably Never Will

Welcome to the 416th Metamorphosis Monday!

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes and comments on Saturday’s post. You are amazing and I truly feel so blessed by your lovely words! As I always say, YOU are the very best part of BNOTP!

A while back I wrote an unusual post where instead of sharing some projects I hoped to do in my my home, I shared five projects that I was pretty sure would never get done. Some were small ideas while others were more ambitious. You’ll find that previous post here: 5 Projects I Want to Do In My Home, But Probably Never Will

Number 3 on that list was add a mini-fridge to the office or the office closet upstairs. I loved these darling retro refrigerators I had discovered, but was concerned a fridge would one day leak and cause damage to the flooring in the office.


But aren’t they cute?! lol You’ll find links to these adorable retro-style refrigerators in that previous post here: 5 Projects I Want to Do In My Home, But Probably Never Will


Whenever I take a cycling class on my Peloton Cycle, I sometimes forget to grab a water bottle before starting my ride. You can’t pause a ride once you’ve started it, at least not at this time, so I’ve been trying to do better about remembering my water. (See more about this bike in this previous post: My Peloton Cycle, A Healthy Addiction.)

Recently, I realized I should probably be drinking something to replace the electrolytes, etc… that I burn through when riding. My daughter-in-law drinks “Smart Water” during and after a ride. I looked for some the last time I was in the grocery store, but they didn’t have any. They did have “Vitamin Water,” so I picked up a few of those. I think I’ll look for the Smart Water again today.

If you have any suggestions for an awesome drink to replenish your body after exercise, one that doesn’t contain a bunch of sugar or artificial ingredients, please leave it in the comments. I’ll continue to drink regular water afterwards, but would love to have something else during the ride itself. I’m definitely going to give the Smart Water a try.

This weekend I was thinking how convenient it would be if I had a mini-fridge to store water/drinks here in the dressing room off my bedroom for when I ride. Maybe I wouldn’t forget to grab a drink before beginning a ride. I looked around online again at the mini-refrigerators, but this time I realized that what I really needed wasn’t a mini-refrigerator, but a small beverage cooler.

Peloton Bike


Beverage coolers are like those small under-counter refrigerators that you may have noticed in basements, theater rooms and some kitchens. The place where I take my car for oil changes has one in their little waiting area and it’s always stocked with sodas and water.

Another thing I liked about the “small-beverage-cooler” idea is that coolers don’t include a freezer. That means there’s no freezer to build up ice inside that will require periodic defrosting. I can’t help but think that would greatly reduce the chance of a leak one day, if it were to quit working and shut off.

I looked at tons of beverage coolers online last night. The one that most appealed to me was this one that’s currently on sale at Best Buy. It comes in three sizes, one that will hold 48 canned drinks (for measurement purposes) and two taller versions that each hold 78 and 115 drinks.

The reason I was drawn to it is because I noticed in the reviews for the one that holds 115 cans, a reviewer mentioned it was very quite. Since it will be just off my bedroom, that was important to me. So I ordered the 48 can size last night. I may take a look at the 78 can size that I just noticed this morning, but not sure I need one that large.



I have the perfect spot for it in this room; it should fit nicely in this corner. There’s already an electrical outlet there, too. I think I’m going to really enjoy having it here. It’s also nice that it’s just down the hall from my office. I’ll let you know what I think once it arrives.


Do you have a small beverage cooler in your home office, basement, bedroom or exercise space? Do you enjoy having it there?

Looking forward to all the Before and Afters posted for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Susan!

  2. Cute drink cooler Susan! It’s the perfect size!
    Thank you for hosting today!

  3. An excellent idea and so very convenient!!! Good for you for sharing this!!!

  4. Can you tell me the mat size that your bike sits on? Just wondering how much space it would really take up. Love all your helpful shopping tips…..I’ve followed you on several things! Thanks.

  5. I like the cooler you ordered. Looks perfect for your needs.
    I heard that chocolate milk was great to drink after intense exercise.
    Provides the nutrients the body needs to recover. Better than plain water or the sugary Gatorade.
    My son is a personal trainer. I’ll ask him and get back to you. 🙂

  6. Nancy of Lake Stevens says

    Susan, our laundry room is on the second floor of our house and I always worried about a leak from the washing machine. Then I discovered that there are “pans” that fit under the washer.
    I bet you could find a small version to put under your fridge for you peace of mind. Good luck.

    • Thanks, Nancy! I was wondering about that, too…wondered if a pan would work. Do you think it would block the door from opening? Just wasn’t sure if it would get in the way. Maybe I can adjust the feet on it where it’s up a bit and would clear the lip of a pan.

  7. Susan…Happiest Birthday Salutations! Thanks for your fantabulous posts and support. See you over on Instagram.

  8. What a great idea, I’ve often thought of having one up here in my studio……will see how you like it.

    I rely on Gatorade. I know, I know, the sugar level is not good, but it is the best thing to replace the natural body fluids you lose with sweat. I don’t drink a lot of it and follow up with lotsa water!!! It is my lifesaver in the summer heat…….

  9. We actually use a wine cooler for drinks. Whatever you use that has a cooling mechanism creates condensation that will pool in the bottom of the unit. I just have to remember to wipe it out periodically so it does not spill out.
    Good luck with yours!

  10. Nicole Wilkins says

    Kill Cliffs are great recovery drinks. I especially like the Blood Orange. Low in calories and carbs!

  11. Tammy Scouten says

    Happy Belated Birthday Susan!

    Just wanted to let you know your blog brightens my days!

  12. I had a small refrigerator (with no nice maker) in my classroom and it was soooo convenient; probably no taller than say 22 inches or so. I can’t remember the brand name, but I either got it from Best Buy or Walmart. Worked for me! Good luck with yours.

  13. Thanks so much for hosting each week!! it is truly appreciated!!!

  14. Laura Hess says

    Hi. I’m a runner. I drink Nuun. Very good and low in sugar! Look it up.

  15. I think that little beverage cooler will be perfect! We have a bar fridge in the bar, along with a dishwasher and ice maker and they are all fabulous to have! We also have a small refrigerator/freezer in the storage area of the basement for extra freezer room and extra wine and beer. Thanks for hosting, Susan.

  16. When our kitchen was remodeled, I added a wine cooler. We use it not only for a few bottles for wine but keep it stocked with canned and bottled beverages. A cooler will be a perfect addition to your upstairs workout and office spaces. What a great solution!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday! Have a wonderful Birthday Week!

  18. Happy belated Birthday! We have a small refrigerator in our cabana. Aka guest room. I keep it unplugged unless company coming or party in progress. It works out well.

  19. We have a Sub-Zero outside our master bedroom and I LOVE it. Most of the time it’s just for keeping drinks cold (nothin’ like a swig of a slushy Diet Coke with vitamins, lol), but it’s my overflow fridge for buffet dinners too. My icemaker quit a couple years ago, but it would be worth getting repaired…just not high priority right now. I think you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without it once you get it!

  20. Linda Page says

    I missed your birthday!!! I am such a flakey friend!!! Happy Birthday! Love the fridge you chose. That should work perfectly. I think the “pan under it” idea sounds good. I am still purging my house. Three trips to the Salvation Army so far and several more to go!!!

  21. Try Walmart or Sams club for the smartwater

  22. Hi Susan. I have a Danby cooler which is about 32 inches high. It has a pan that catches the condensation and only one time did I find a minimal amount of water on the floor (tile). It’s quiet and sits in a corner of our family room.

  23. I like the beverage cooler idea better especially since you can see inside of it and know what’s there. I know they sell these big square trays to put under a washing machine for people who have laundry on a floor that if it leaked would cause a problem. Perhaps you’ll come across something like that (much smaller) for your cooler. Somehow though I imagine they are pretty well sealed and don’t have much of a leakage issue.

  24. Nuun tablets that you add to your water bottle were recommended by our Physical Therapist before we attended a 4 day outdoor archery competition with our son. Low sugar, portable, and a variety of flavors. I found some at Dick’s Sporting Goods, if you have one nearby.

  25. ps- you could place a metal or plastic tray under your little fridge.

  26. your mini fridge is perfect! i love the retro ones too but have no need for one. waiting for my kids to go to college so i can buy one for their dorm room. lol. still have a few years for that. thanks for hosting. xo- maryjo

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