A Spring Table Setting with the Easter Bunny

Welcome to the 340th Tablescape Thursday!

It’s been beautiful here, spring has arrived! The Redbud trees are through blooming and are pushing out leaves. The daffodils, forsythia and Bradford pears are blooming, too. I was so excited to see the Tardiva tree-form hydrangeas I planted in huge pots on the deck, survived the winter and are putting out new leaves. I love this time of year!

Since it was such a nice day, I put together a table on the porch this week.

Easter Table Setting Spring Tablescape 03


I didn’t need to purchase anything new for this table setting, just worked with what I already had.

Easter Tablescape or Spring Table Setting


There was no time to bake, but some cupcakes jumped into my buggy on the last trip to the grocery store. I guess I’ll have no choice but to eat them. πŸ˜‰

Easter Table Setting Spring Tablescape 01


Mr. Bunny is back to help out once again with the centerpiece.

Easter Table Setting  for Springtime


He’s made a number of appearances in the past, always carrying something in his basket. For St. Patrick’s Day he came bearing Shamrocks.

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tablescape


For a previousΒ Easter Table SettingΒ he brought us Debutante Camellias.

Easter Spring Tablescape with Bunny and Camellia Centerpiece


One summer he raided Mr. McGregor’s garden and almost got caught! He narrowly escaped with his basket overflowing with carrots, all freshly pulled of course, from Mr. McGregor’s garden. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Peter Rabbit Raids McGregor’s Garden)

Peter Rabbit Tablescape_wm


And for Christmas he graced the table with a beautiful Poinsettia. Tablescape can be viewed here: Nature Themed Table Setting

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers 09_wm


Today he’s filling his role as the Easter Bunny with a basket overflowing with colorful Easter eggs. I should have tucked a little grass down inside his basket along with the eggs. Next time! He’s surrounded by an egg wreath that may look familiar.

Bunny Centerpiece with Egg Wreath for Easter


It’s the same wreath previously seen hanging from the potting table last year when I created a little springtime dessert buffet.

Spring Easter Dessert Buffet with Cupcakes


The chargers are Spode found in Marshalls several years ago. The design is by Kim Parker and the pattern is Emma’s Garland.

Easter Table Setting for Spring


The twig flatware is silverplate and is available here: Twig Flatware

Easter Table Setting Spring Tablescape 24


I forgot to take a photo of the salad plate so I snagged this picture from a previous table setting. The bunny salad plates are from Pottery Barn and can be seen here: Easter Bunny Salad Plates.

White Bunny Plates for Easter from Pottery Barn


Bunny cupcake stands are from Pottery Barn a few years back.

Easter Table Setting Spring Tablescape


I had a little fun with the stemware. πŸ™‚

Easter Table Setting Spring Tablescape 19


There’s just barely a little green starting to appear on the trees. Won’t be long now!

Easter Table Setting Spring Tablescape 022



Easter Table Setting Spring Tablescape 04


Easter Tablescape with Bunny Wreath Centerpiece


Butterfly napkin rings are from Pier 1 a couple of years ago.

Easter Tablescape for Spring


Happy Spring…hope you are starting to see some warmer days!

Easter Table Setting Spring Tablescape 03


Bunny centerpiece was designed by Marjolein Bastin. She has an online website, just Google her name to find it. I purchased him in a store in Marietta, GA several years ago called The Magnolia Room. They also have an online website.

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  1. Beautiful Susan! I always love seeing Mr. Bunny making an appearance at your table! It’s been beautiful here too but we’re expecting a cold snap this weekend πŸ™‚

  2. So cute! I love the the bunny cupcake holders. Where do you store all your dishes? How long does it take you to set up a tablescape and do you take it right down after pictures? I always wondered. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Lisa, You’ll find the answer to where I store my dishes here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/faq/ Just scroll down to the section for “Tablescaping Questions.”
      I’ve never timed it but some table settings come together in less than an hour where others may take longer if it feels like something is off or missing.
      I seem to work better under pressure. To this day one of my favorite tables was one I put together at the end of the day when I was still working fulltime. I arrived home around 5:30-6:00 and had no idea what I was going to do. Somehow I came up with an idea, put it together, photographed it and had the pictures uploaded and the post written on the blog by 8:0o PM that night. That was an intense evening, for sure! You can see the table setting here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/a-garden-table-setting/
      If I’m going to be using the table for a dinner party, I leave it up. Sometimes if it’s a holiday ‘scape and I love seeing it, I’ll leave it up 2-3 days to just enjoy it. It just depends on what’s going around here that week. πŸ™‚

  3. Susan, You have brightened my day with this wonderfully happy spring table setting. I love Mr. bunny no matter what the season is, he is so handsome and regal whether he is wearing the green or sitting amongst a bed of colored Easter eggs. I am loving every happy aspect of this bright and cheerful table from the lovely green napkins to the pretty floral chargers. Have a wonderful day….. Candy

  4. Good-Morning!
    You have brought Spring to life!
    Love the way you re-purposed Mr. Bunny!
    Your table is absolutely spectacular!
    I must say tho…upon seeing the first picture
    it was your “Summer Breeze” sign that stole
    the picture for me! Love it! I will be looking
    for a sign just like that!
    Wishing you a beautiful Spring Day!

    • Thanks, Amy! I found that one in a local shoppe but if you google, “Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine sign” you’ll find a store that carries them. Let me know if you have any trouble finding it. I paid $35 and I think they are around that online, too.

  5. Your Easter bunny was a good investment! It’s fun to see the many different ways you’ve used it. Your tablescape is so cheerful! Those chargers really add a nice pop. I’ve never seen chargers with a print like that. I’m envious of how far along you already are as far as the weather and blooming shrubs go! Most of our snow is gone but yesterday we had a morning snow shower that thankfully melted off a few hours later. We’re still shaking off old man winter here!
    Thank you as always for hosting!

    • Thanks, Liz. I had no idea how much I’d use Mr. Bunny when I brought him home. He’s going to be asking for raise next thing I know! πŸ˜‰
      Hope that’s the last of your snow! I’m so glad to see the warm temps, I really love the hot weather.

  6. I picked up green glasses from The Dollar Tree and thought ok I will be ready for next year. I never thought to put them with my spring tablescapes. I am so happy now. I feel like I am learning more and more as we go along each week. Learning that I don’t need something different for each month/holiday/event. I will be able to save more now that I realize I have to think about what I already have before I buy anything new.
    However, I picked up the Damask Bunny Plates and had to re-do my table. So the green won’t match as well until I pick up the spring jacquard napkins that have the same blue and green.
    (Ok I’ve rambled. Sorry everyone)

    • Jeri, you’ll be amazed after you collect a few things how much you can mix and match them. It really is fun! Those green glasses would work for St. Patrick’s Day, spring, summer and probably Christmas too, depending on the color.

  7. Susan, I love your tablescape on the porch and I was so happy to see your bunny, again. I was thinking the other day just how cute he was, when you put the carrots in his basket – one of my very favorites! Those chargers are perfect and your napkins rings are a great addition. I certainly thought spring was here to stay in Georgia, especially, with all of the cherry trees blooming here in Macon. However, I learned yesterday that it will be in the 30s this week-end. What?????

    • Thanks, Diane! It’s going to be a bit cooler here, too. I have plans for Sunday so I hope it warms up that day. Crazy Georgia weather!

  8. This is SO colorful and so whimsical Susan! You always provide such beautiful and inspirational tablescapes! We just could not do without you! Thank you for your lovely blog that always brightens our day!

  9. Such a pretty table, Susan. I love those cupcake holders. Mr. Bunny always delights, and those napkin rings are so pretty. Everything looks so light and Springy. I’m loving seeing trees and flowers beginning to bloom.
    When I get up in the mornings, the first thing I do is look outside to see the bright yellow jonquils. Thank you for the linky.

  10. Bunnies and eggs just make everything happy Susan, and I love the grass in your goblets! Thanks so much for all the table top ideas~

  11. Just beautiful, Susan! I love the fresh spring color palette. I also love the Emma’s Garland plates but they are nearly impossible to find & purchase. Oh well, I’ll keep hunting on Ebay and at Replacements.com, I really love that pattern. Have a great day.

    • I know, it was a miracle I was in Marshalls that day. I only saw one or two in another Marshalls a few days later. I haven’t seen them since. I think those chargers were ridiculously expensive when they first came out but I paid either $2 or $3 each for them in Marshalls that day. One of the best deals I’ve ever gotten in there. I love Kim Parker’s designs…even bought a book on Amazon showing some of her designs. She knows whimsy!

  12. Susan, the pastels really convey SPRING! You are many weeks ahead of us here in Northern Virginia. I have to mention the same thing that has been mentioned in the other comments – I like how the bunny has been repurposed in so many creative ways. The easter grass in the glasses is a nice touch too.

    • Thanks, Terri! Never knew how much I’d use him when I found him. I hope you guys see some warm days and flowers real soon…shouldn’t be long now!

  13. So jealous that you have Spring weather Susan! We spent some time shoveling snow this week :(.

    Your table is just adorable, and is just what I needed to feel like Spring isn’t far behind.

    Thank you for the party!

    • I know you are over the snow by now. I hope you don’t have any more, Doreen! April 15th is the day I can start putting plants out on the deck. We never have a freeze after the 15th. I’m looking forward to moving my sad plants from the garage back onto the decks. They are craving real sunshine.

  14. Susan, I love your Mr.Bunny! And white dishes all stacked up look great too. I am on the white dish bandwagon too, well, I have been for years. I just add pretty salad plates for a change. Fun. Your table is so pretty!

  15. Beautiful! I love those colors and how pretty it looks on the porch!

    The grass in the glasses is just too cute and fun!

  16. Susan, I am obsessed with that bunny centerpiece. I can’t find it anywhere. Do you know if it is still available at that shop you purchased it? Thanks!

    • I’ve been told by other readers in past years when I’ve used him, that they called The Magnolia Room and that they didn’t have him any more. Recently, a reader emailed me to say that they had one that was similar but they wouldn’t ship. πŸ™ He’s was designed by Marjolein Bastin who has an online website. You may want to check her website or email her to see if she has designed another bunny recently for any other stores, etc…

      • Hi Susan,
        I’m very happy to report that I recently found Mr. Bunny! It wasn’t easy. Called the company who produced him, contacted Marjolein Bastin, the artist. Got the names of the stores who last ordered him, but it paid off as one store had one bunny. I love him and will use him every season as well! BTW Marlein Bastin emailed me to say her company will in the future produce a similar bunny but not the exact one. He was discontinued in 2013. I love your blog and since reading it, have found myself hunting for discontinued items that are hard to find, sometimes successful and sometimes not. Mr. turkey was another hunt…found him, but not without tenacity. Sometimes it’s all about the hunt!!

        • Dele, you are amazing! I can’t believe you found Mr. Bunny even though he had been discontinued. That’s awesome! If I’m ever trying to find the impossible, I’m going to put you on the job and pay you a finders fee! πŸ™‚ Was the turkey you were looking for, the big Pottery Barn turkey? I used to see him on eBay but that was right after I purchased him. Glad you found him! Did you happen to tell Marjolein about my posts using Mr. Bunny? I think she would get a kick out of seeing how he is being used. πŸ™‚

        • Oh, and yes! The hunt is half the fun! πŸ™‚

  17. I LOVE this tablescape! Lots of great ideas, I think those chargers are my favorite thing on the table, though. Besides Mr. Bunny, of course!

  18. Sweet table! What kind of egg is that topping the cupcakes? They look translucent, I’d love to copy that!

    • Julie, I found the cupcakes in the bakery section of Publix. They are plastic, I think…but they almost look like glass. If you have a Publix near you, they may use them there, too.

  19. Susan, I’ve had a crush on your bunny since he first stared in one of your tables. I like that he plays along all through the year. He is definitely a hare with flair!
    Definitely been spring weather here, but this morning it is windy with a nip in the air. Our redbuds have started leafing out too. The blooms were prettier this year than I ever recall, and we have redbuds growing all over town. It’s a beautiful sight!
    Thanks for hosting and Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

    • Ha! A hare with flair…I LOVE it! I think he’s smiling now after that comment, Sarah! πŸ˜‰ Our blooms were stunning, too! You know why I think that is…I think it’s because we didn’t get one of those nasty freezes right after the buds came out. So often in the past the buds come out or start to bloom, then we get a bitter freeze. They were stunning this year! I think it’s the Bradford Pears I see blooming everywhere now, although some of the trees like Cherry trees. Gorgeous spring we’re having! We need to get out and play in it. I’m taking a hen coup tour this Sunday! lol I can’t wait!

  20. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    This festive spring setting made me smile on this gray rainy day in New England, when I’d prefer to be home decorating for Easter than typing away in an office ; ) I have a similar multi-color egg wreath (a bit larger with no vines) that I love but find it looks a little plain on our front door, so you’ve inspired me to use it to showcase a centerpiece!

  21. Linda Page says

    Here comes Peter Cottontail,
    Hoppin’ down the bunny trail,
    Hippity hoppin’, Easter’s on it’s way.

    Bringin’ every girl and boy
    Baskets full of Easter joy
    Things to make your Easter bright and gay.

    He’s got jelly beans for Tommy
    Colored eggs for sister Sue
    There’s an orchid for your mommy
    And an Easter bonnet too.

    Oh! here comes Peter Cottontail
    Hoppin’ down the bunny train
    Hippity Hoppity, happy Easter Day.

    This song will be in our heads now for weeks!!!! lol Love the beautiful table setting. Happy Easter Everyone!!

  22. You did it again…….another lovely and fun tablescape!!! Love the white bunny plates, and those cupcakes look yummy!!

    The redbuds have already bloomed??? Oh, wow…….. We are having a huge wet snowfall right now and its NOT melting…….. Mr. Bunny is still very handsome……I have to dig mine out!! I love MBastion, have many of her pieces, Hallmark used to carry her exclusively, have not seen any of her items in a very long time.

    Happy Easter and happy spring!!!

  23. Charlotte says

    Cute Easter table! Mr. Bunny is one busy fellow, he works all year! The azaleas are blooming down here and the trees are greening up too. I just love Spring!

  24. The tablescape parties are always such a treat to see everyone’s creativity. Thank you, Susan.

  25. That is the prettiest table!!!! I love the multi colored grasses in the glasses! I always love seeing Mr. Bunny too. TODAY is warn, 60 right now, but rainy and cloudy. Then we go back to COLD again, the HIGH 0f 40 on Sat.:(:( I am LONGING for warmer temps!!!!! And flowers, and sunshine. You get the picture:):)

  26. Love everything! I wish spring would come to Pennsylvania!

    Do you remember where you bought Mr. Bunny? He is the perfect size.


  27. Hi, Susan,
    Very pretty table. I love so many things on it. I see Mr. Bunny certainly has been useful to you in other tablescapes.

  28. crumpety cottage says

    I always love to see those acrobatic bunnies balancing those cupcake plates, but darn those pushy cupcakes! If you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em. πŸ˜€

  29. Hi Susan,
    Love your Easter Table and love how you showed all the ways you have or
    can use your bunny. Great tablescape as always hon. You always do such
    a wonderful job, and I always enjoy seeing them.
    Thanks and Happy Easter……..it will be here before we know it.
    Blessings, Nellie

  30. I love your tablesetting, Susan. I am so charmed by your cute little bunny cupcake holders. Can I ask you where you found such whimsical pieces? Your centerpiece bunny is adorable and I am sure has so many uses. So adorable! I always enjoy and look forward to your tablesettings.

    • Thanks, Marsha! The cupcake stands are from Pottery Barn a few years back. They had them for a couple of years in a row, but not sure if they had them this year or not.

      • Thank you Susan. I really shouldn’t look at Pottery Barn website for the cupcake holders. If they still carry them, I would find it extremely hard to restrain myself from buying them. I always seem to find things that capture my heart. I tell myself that I can use it at sometime or some where is a tablesetting. (I usually do, but it encourages me to create another themed tablesetting on my long list of settings yet to do. I am so glad I share my love with others who do the same. They understand.) Thanks again Susan.

  31. Hi Susan,
    I love your tablescape. It is so pretty with the bunny centerpiece and pastel colors.

    I am glad you are having warm weather. How about sending some to NY?

    • If anyone needs it, NY does after the winter you guys have had! I’m ordering you up some warm weather right now, Janet. It should be there before long! πŸ™‚

  32. Cyndi Raines says

    Hi Susan,
    We all love Mr. Bunny and how cute and versatile he is. I was disappointed to hear that he is no longer available at the Magnolia room, I was hoping to order one of his brothers. Maybe, Marjolein will have other versions, sure going to try her website, thanks for the information. Fighting the flu and I think it’s winning – your tablescape is a joy to look at lying in bed coughing my head off! ha.

    • Oh, Cyndi…I feel for you! I think that’s how I got my sinus infection that I just got over…I think it started with a virus. Hope you are feeling a lot better real soon.

  33. Cyndi Raines says

    P.S. I just read that the upcoming season (season 6) of Downton Abbey will be the last. They intend to go out while everyone still loves them. Thought you’d like to know.

    • Oh, noooo! That’s gonna make a lot of folks unhappy. I bet several of the actors can’t or don’t want to return. Thanks for letting me know, Cyndi!

  34. Susan I love how you use your bunny with so many different settings. Your Easter tables cape is just darling! I loved when you placed carrots in his basket for the Peter Rabbit tablescape.

  35. I love your table scapes! I don’t know where you have the room for it all. The bunny that seems to sort of photo bombing many seasons of table scapes is so adorable. You do such a wonderful job.

  36. Is your bunny “white chocolate”…by any chance??? Wished I could just press “COPY” of your table to mine!! *sigh* franki

  37. Phylis Parsons says

    I love everything about this tablescape. It’s one of my very favorites!

  38. Susan – love your blog and I can’t tell you how it has inspired me! Wanted to share with your readers these cute bunny egg cups from Pottery Barn. $3.50 from $9.50 – I just ordered five, lol. Take care. Maria

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