Heat and Enjoy Those Outdoor Spaces Into the Fall and Winter Months

Welcome to the 404th Metamorphosis Monday!

Recently I shared Terry and Mark’s fabulous redesign where they turned an outdoor deck into a fabulous porch with space for dining and entertaining. If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: Deck Makeover: A Covered Porch with Room for Dining & Entertaining.

While writing that post, I noticed Terry and Mark had an outdoor heater on their porch. That started me wondering if I could use one on my porch, too. My mind traveled back to a Christmas party I had a few years back. During the party, the door from my kitchen to my screened porch stayed wide open the entire time. During the party, friends were either out on the porch, standing just inside the door to the kitchen or walking in and out onto the porch.

I kept looking for an opportunity to close the door but finally realized that wasn’t going to happen. lol I remember being so surprised that folks wanted to be on the porch in 45 degree weather. I’m super cold-natured and wouldn’t dream of being on a porch in December. I guess porches are magnets, even when it’s cold outside.



I was surprised to see how reasonable the cost is for an outdoor heater. I had expected them to be a lot more. I decided to order one since my porch has a high ceiling. The directions on the heater I purchased, recommend keeping it several feet away from surrounding objects.

Warning: If you order an outdoor heater, be sure and read ALL the instructions/directions that come with your heater and I recommend following those exactly. You don’t want to risk a fire!

Also, I would NOT use an outdoor heater on a porch with a standard 8 foot ceiling. That would be too low to safely operate a standing outdoor heater like the one I purchased.

Again, read the directions for the heater you are considering buying or have purchased, and abide by what the manufacturer recommends regarding distance clearance from surrounding objects like furniture, fans, ceiling, etc… to avoid any risk of fire or injury. Also never use a propane heater inside an enclosed room or space. 



When the heater arrived, I was a little intimidated when I saw all the parts! The instructions were okay but could have been a bit clearer regarding which screws matched up to which parts. I was able to figure it out pretty quickly, though.



Before I ordered the heater, I thought a lot about where I would place it. I decided in advance on this spot in the center of the porch where the ceiling is at its highest: 12 feet.



Though my porch isn’t that big, you can still navigate around the heater without any problem.



This heater came in several finishes. I went with stainless hoping it would blend into the white of the porch better than one of the darker finishes like bronze.



The wheel assembly helps with rolling the heater to wherever it’s going to be used. That will also come in handy when I roll it to the garage at the end of the winter season.

So what makes this heater run?



It runs on a 20-gallon propane tank that’s turned off when the heater isn’t in use. I got a big surprise when I went to buy the propane tank. Did you know a 20-gallon propane tank is around $48!

For many years I used a grill out on my deck that ran on propane. When I had the new porch and decks built, I purchased a gas grill that runs on natural gas with a gas line running directly to it. While the porch was being built, I donated my old grill, propane tank and all. I really wish I had held onto the propane tank.

So if you ever donate a grill, you may want to consider keeping the propane tank if you think you’ll ever buy an outdoor heater. It isn’t that expensive to swap an empty one for a new one, but buying one initially is a bit pricey.



Turning the heater on is quick and easy. When I first turned it on, it looked like this. Do you see the blue flame inside?



After just a minute or so, the outer section turned a bright red as seen below. When it did that, I immediately turned it off because it kinda freaked me out. Then I read further into the instruction book that this was normal for my particular heater.

The directions warn that you shouldn’t touch any of the previously hot areas after you first turn it off. Just like a stove, those areas will still be hot for quite some time. There’s no need to touch that area anyway, but that’s good information to know.



I love how it sounds when it’s running. It makes a soft, hissing sound that I found rather comforting.



I only ran the heater last night for about 30 minutes. During that time I really enjoyed the heat that it was putting out. I wasn’t out there long enough to see if it would heat up the whole porch, but it felt good sitting close by on the settee.

Oh, by the way, my heater didn’t put out any odor at all while heating. I was so glad to see that! I’m not sure how it is with most heaters, but this one worked great without a hitch.



Have you ever used a floor standing outdoor heater? How did you like it? In case you’re interested, this was the heater I purchased here: Floor Standing Propane Outdoor Patio Heater



Again, if you purchase an outdoor patio or deck heater, be sure to read ALL the directions/instructions that come with your heater and follow them exactly to avoid any risk of a fire or injury. Never use a propane heater inside an enclosed room or space. 

Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. I really want an outdoor heater for our back porch as even our Summer nights cool down here in New Brunswick, however, I’m not sure if the ceiling is eight feet? Maybe they make lower space heaters for outside as well?

    Thank you for hosting today Susan! 😉

    • Rebeca, they do. Thanks for asking about that, I should have mentioned that in this post. You can see a variety of the shorter ones here: http://amzn.to/2eBEK09

    • Rebeca, with the shorter heaters, I’d just make sure that a child or pet couldn’t get near them or turn them over.

    • Beth Freeby says:

      These are great we use them in late summer in the place we camp (Higlander RV in Lake City Colorado). We have a big pavillion, now two sides enclosed with clear plastic roll up shades where the breeze always comes from. The space is nice and cozy and we use it lots more!

      Susan, it looks like the top of the heater is close to the ceiling fans….since heat goes up if you run the fans on reverse (pushing air down) and running them on low should help the heat spread, also keep the fan blades from getting too hot.

  2. Thanks for the party Susan! Only you could assemble that heater! I know you are going to really enjoy it

  3. I don’t think our porch ceiling is high enough, so our porch days are drawing to a close I fear. Another warning would be not to use any type of propane heater in an enclosed porch with windows. They give off carbon monoxide and also if there would ever be a propane leak, propane is heavier than air so it pools along the floor.
    We broke down and turned on our furnace last night. Sigh.

    • Very good point, thanks Pam!
      Yeah, I’ve had to turn mine on already, too. Hated to do it, but it was time.
      BTW, they make a lot of shorter heaters, too. I should have mentioned that in the post but didn’t think about it. You can see some of the others here:
      http://amzn.to/2eBEK09 I just wouldn’t let children around those.

  4. Andrea Campbell says:

    I love your porch, and you’ve opened my mind to a couple of new ideas! Thank you for all your good information. I’m going to look into a propane outdoor heater. ❤️

  5. We could have used an outdoor heater for our deck on many occasions. It’s one of those things where I only remember how much I need one – at the very moment I need one! Thanks for hosting and enjoy your week!

  6. Hi Susan, We don’t have that type of outdoor heater but they are very common up here in New England, both at homes and at many restaurants as they really do extend the time to enjoy being outdoors. I think you will love it! Thank you for hosting this fun party. Linda

  7. Looks like a lot of great blogs. Thanks for hosting!

  8. How nice to be able to use your pretty porch in cold weather. Great idea. Thank you for hosting, Susan.

  9. That’s a nice heater Susan! And you put it all together. Those propane tanks are expensive. And they rust out.
    You are going to enjoy your added winter room.

    • Yeah, that’s a good point, Dawne! Maybe it’s a good idea that I did have to buy a brand new one. Next time won’t be so bad since I’ll only be swapping for a full one, so it will cost a lot less.

  10. Your porch is inspiring, Susan ♥

  11. We love our propane heater, and I hope you do, as well. It really extends how long you can use your outdoor spaces.
    Thanks for the party this morning — it’s a Halloween explosion! 😀

  12. This idea certainly would extend the use of one’s porch. thanks for sharing.

  13. I just had to comment on this – be really careful that it’s properly secured when you use it for a party. Last year my husband and I went out for dinner and were sat next to one of these heaters. A drunk diner knocked into it and it fell onto our table. My husband pushed it away as it fell, and got second degree burns on the palm of his hand. It was awful! The metal parts at the top can reach temperatures of 800 degrees so I’m sure you can imagine the damage it did! The heater wasn’t secured to the ground so wanted to pass this on!

    • Wow, that’s awful Catherine! I’ve eaten in restaurants that had those and never thought about another customer drinking too much and turning it over. Those things are hard to turn over because they have a heavy propane tank inside. He must have really hit it hard. Thanks for sharing that story…sorry your hubby had to go through that!

  14. Well, now I may have to think about getting a heater for my screen porch too! Thanks for the tips (I, too, thought they would be crazy expensive) and thanks for hosting! 🙂 Linda

  15. I love, love your porch. It’s so inviting and cozy. We had a porch which had numerous windows and screens. We installed a floor wall unit just like those in motels. We had turned it into a 4 seasons room. We enjoyed drinking our coffee and watching it snow. We had our Christmas tree and opened gifts on that porch. We since have moved. I miss that porch so much. My husband sketched the porch from a cabin we stayed in Canada.

    • That sounds so cozy, Bev! I know I’ll be sad when I move one day. I hope I can add this same porch on to any future home if/when I move one day.

  16. You are going to really enjoy using that heater, I suspect Susan. If you wanted to, you could blog from your porch through the winter with that heater going! Looks perfect for your great porch.

    • lol Now that would be a first. There’s so much more natural light on the porch in the winter time when the leaves are off the trees, would be a lot easier to take pics of table settings on the porch during that time. Thanks, Jan! Happy Fall!

  17. rattlebridge farm says:

    With cold temps on the horizon, you’ll be cozy on your porch with the heater. Thanks for hosting the party!

  18. A great idea to get more use out of your porch in the winter. I’m sure you will enjoy having it. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan.

  19. I am a porch swing lover (with a cup of hot tea of course) and enjoy sitting outside on cold nights. I have pulled my electric blanket off of my bed, plugged it up in the outside electric socket and curled up underneath. My kids have joined me and we would all snuggle together. It would seem strange to be so warm when it was so cold outside. My husband would come out, see us and then just roll his eyes and say, “The house is really warm inside.” I have even thought about getting an electric blanket to leave on the porch but would fear a bug might crawl up inside.

    • Aww, Jeannie…love that image of you guys all snuggled down together.
      lol about the bug, I would think the same thing! Maybe just buy a second one and keep it in a closet near the porch. 🙂

      • That is a good idea. I do have an extra one in another closet I could store closer to the porch. What we really need is “nose mittens” since we would be warm under the blanket but our “noses” would all get frozen.

  20. Thanks for hosting, Susan. The heater is going to be SOOO nice for you! WE could use one out on our patio! I may look into them now. Have a beautiful Fall day!

  21. Thanks so much for the party!!

  22. Oh, the parties now! They will be lined up at your door if you host a hot chocolate soiree. Or New Year’s Eve champagne tasting. Or well, anything 🙂

    • You read my mind, I was thinking about putting my hot chocolate sign I made to work and having a hot chocolate mixer or party this winter. That might be fun to do after Christmas when things have calmed down. I like that idea! Champagne tasting sounds pretty fun, too!

  23. This was the perfect timing for this post! We were just talking about a heater for our porch. 🙂 Thanks for the info. Enjoy your toasty space and thanks for the party.

  24. Love the new heater and your ability to put it together. Good warning about reading the instructions because I never read them- unless it doesn’t work. All this time you have been talking about it, for some reason I thought it was electric until today.
    BTW The porch floor looks really nice in these photos.

    • Thanks, Myrna! I figured I better read the instructions on this one…been a while since I operated anything that ran on propane.
      Thanks! A. L. Thomas did a great job this past summer resealing the porch floor again. It had been 8 years so it was time.

  25. We bought a heater, similar to yours, at Lowes for our open deck in North Carolina. The only way you could keep warm was to stand under it. It is not nearly as powerful as the commercial ones you find at outdoor restaurants. We ended up returning it. I’d like to hear if yours heats up your entire porch…I have my doubts, but I hope it works out the way you want it to. Keep us posted, please.

  26. So glad you posted about this heater. I forgot about how challenging it was to assemble. You always amaze me at your tenacity and skill Susan, there isn’t anything you can’t tackle! We have absolutely loved having ours on cool fall days and evenings.
    I agree with you about reading the safety directions as to how and where they should be used, our ceiling on the covered addition is about 15 ft. high and we pretty much center it just like you’ve done. The one time it was a bit worrisome was when the wind kicked up and we shut it off.
    Anyway great post and I love how your stainless steel heater looks in that beautiful porch!

  27. Robin Kiser says:

    Just a note to say how VERY MUCH I enjoy having the opportunity to read your beauty…whatever it is, interiors, exteriors, fashion, etc…you are a BRIGHT spot on my computer and I have passed you on to MANY of my friends! Bless you for your time and efforts! WHAT A JOY!

  28. Martha Hamrick says:

    We have had a patio heater for 3 years. Really really like it!!! We use ours to heat an area 25 x 30 that we use for parties. Everyone stays warm.
    Ours is made by Space-Ray out of Charlotte NC.

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