A Storybook Cottage Home Tour: Carmel-by-the-Sea

Happy Weekend to you! I’m a happy camper today. Got my computer back and the issue was a bad graphics card. So I’m back in business and so happy to be working from my real computer with full size screens instead of my small, travel-size computer.

Has it been as gorgeous where you live as it has been here? This wonderful spring weather has me motivated to get cracking again on the landscaping I’ve put off for way too long. I’m planning on making a trip out to one of my fave garden nurseries tomorrow to scope out their stock. Wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll be able to share some gardening/landscaping updates real soon.

In the meantime, I have the most delightful storybook cottage to share with you. Since my goal one day is to downsize to a wonderful storybook cottage of my own, I love stalking them online to get ideas. The one we’re touring today was built in 1931 and is located in enchanting Carmel-by-the-Sea. I could stop right there, couldn’t I? With a location like Carmel-by-the-Sea, you know it’s going to be great!

Carmel by the Sea Cottage for Sale


It pretty much had me at the arched front door. Look at all those windows! I do love a light-filled cottage and this one is definitely that!

Carmel by the Sea Cottage with Arched Door


Just  inside that cute arched door we find ourselves in an bright, open living room. I could move right into this home and be quite happy!

Carmel by the Sea Cottage Living Room


Love, love, love the raised ceiling, window seat and the board & batten wainscoting. So much cottage charm!

Living Room in Carmel by the Sea Cottage


I love a white kitchen and this one is so cute!

Carmel by the Sea Cottage Kitchen


Notice the retro refrigerator, so perfect for this kitchen.

Carmel by the Sea Cottage for Sale 18


Each of the bedrooms has its own bath…love that!

Carmel by the Sea Cottage Bedroom


All the bedroom appear to have raised ceilings. That really adds so much to open feel of the home.

Carmel by the Sea Cottage Bedroom with Board & Batten Wainscoting


Not sure which bathroom goes with which bedroom, but I really like both bathrooms. They have been so tastefully updated and beautifully fit the style of the home.

Carmel by the Sea Cottage White Tile Bath


A second bedroom, it also has a raised ceiling. Raised ceilings really make a bedroom feel so spacious, even in a cottage style home.

Carmel by the Sea Cottage Bedroom with Raised Ceiling


This is the bathroom for the other bedroom.

Carmel by the Sea Cottage Bath


As if this cottage home wasn’t wonderful enough, the back door is a Dutch door. I do love those! I bet the breezes coming through the top half are wonderful this time of year.

Dutch Door for Carmel by the Sea Cottage


There’s a nice area for entertaining and dining in back. So could you just move right in? I don’t think I’ve ever met a Carmel-by-the-Sea cottage I didn’t love!

Carmel by the Sea Cottage Outdoor Space for Entertaining


See more views of this adorable cottage where these photos were found, here: Carmel-by-the-Sea Cottage

Love a cute story book cottage? Take a tour of this adorable cottage here: Wonderful Carmel by-the-Sea Cottage

Adorable Cottage in Carmel-By-The-Sea

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  1. I love everything about the cottage, but the kitchen. As Susan Branch says, “It is a one butt kitchen.” 🙂

  2. Oh, my gosh, I was sold the second I saw the window seat! This is exactly the sort of place I’d like to downsize to when the time comes. Unfortunately, because of where I live, a cottage like this would be close to $1 million. *sigh* But that’s what dreams are for, right? Thank you for this delightful tour, Susan. Your blog posts always make me smile. 🙂

    • You can count on that cottage being in the millions, too. My husband is an artist and used to sell his work in Carmel. We visited there, but never could touch the prices. Unbelievable! Nice to look at, but you’d have to be a multi millionaire to live there!

  3. I love Carmel and go there for a few days every year. A lot of the small hotels look just like this house with the raised ceilings and cuteness and wonderfully landscaped yards. Of course, the price tags are in the millions, even for the smallest places. There’s a lot of houses in that town that I would love to own! It is a magical place.

  4. Iris McCloud says

    Susan, I love this cottage and would move in immediately. I was smiling at the many features you pointed out. I have (in my current mid-century home) vaulted ceilings. Going backwards chronologically -a tudor with an arched front door with a round stained glass window, a cottage with a large master bath with a walk-in shower, a craftsman with a dutch door (really fun on Halloween) and an apartment with a ” retro” refrigerator. The refrigerator was actually ancient with a tiny compartment in the refrigerator. It only held about 2 packages of frozen vegetables. Next house will have to have a window seat. So I have had so many of the features – just never in the same house. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  5. Margaret Robinson says

    Once again you’ve done a remarkable job! Our house is similar to this, but in PB – there are just tons of small, wonderful homes like this in the area and you’ve done great to find one that is truly beautiful “as is”. That kitchen looks to have the original cabinets – they were in this home before we remodeled but it’s nice to see that some people have kept the ambience of the older cottages!

  6. I love the soft colors used through out the house. It has such a serene feel.

  7. Cyndi Raines says

    Darling cottage Susan. Not sure it will hold all your dishes though… hehe

  8. Of course I’d move in right now with our three dogs and three cats but don’t think the neighbors would like that. The cottage is staged beautifully but I would have loved to see a newspaper on the ottoman or a coffee cup on the kitchen counter to make it look lived in. The cottages in Carmel are to dream for, and I thoroughly enjoy when you post a photo journal about them.

  9. Adorable cottage and the location would be like a fairytale!

  10. What a beautiful cottage! So many gorgeous details to take in! I have never been to Carmel, but it was one of my dads favourite places to visit!

  11. Love this one–adorable. Especially that checked floor colors. I’ve viewed these photos 3 times, and still can’t get enough! Hope you can turn your nursery visit into a field trip for the rest of us who are not yet getting warm spring weather.

  12. Pretty close to perfect, I think. I do love that raised ceiling and the kitchen is cute!

  13. Six inches of rain in May….*sigh* Seeing the sun around that cottage sold me!! franki

  14. I love it too Susan! It looks like most of the wood and cabinets were probably the original and fresh paint made all the difference… So fresh and lovely.

  15. bobbi duncan says

    You’ve got me dreaming of that “one day maybe, if we’re lucky” cottage again. Of course, it will never be in beautiful Carmel at those prices, but one can dream. The kitchen cabinet hardware is the same that was in the very first home my parents purchased–an early 1950’s pine kitchen. Love the light-filled spaces with lots of windows. That, and the cathedral ceilings, make a smallish space seem so much larger. I don’t think I could live in so much white unless it was a get-away coastal place, but it always gives me a cheerful feeling when I first view that look.

  16. I LUV everything about this home except what I am sure would be an over the top price due to the location.

    Thanks Susan!!

  17. Katherine says

    I love cottages with raised ceilings but I always wonder how the ceiling/roof is insulated! Does anybody know?

    • Cassandra says

      Just like a wall. There is a layer between what you see and the plywood that the shingles are nailed to.

      • Katherine says

        Thank you so much for that info! I have wondered about it for years! I’ve visited Carmel a few times and love how beautiful it is!

  18. So gorgeous! Love the living room and the adorable kitchen. Now I want a storybook cottage! (Of course because this is in Carmel, it’s probably like $3 million dollars:))


  19. Cassandra says

    I own Morning Glory Cottage in Carmel-by-the-sea. Yes the one Thomas Kinkade painted. It is a part time home for us and you can’t help but relax when there. I will have to send some pictures when we go in a couple weeks!

  20. Hi Susan,
    Your post earlier this month reminded me of a family vacation we took to California with our teenage sons about fifteen years ago. As we traveled down the Pacific coast, we stumbled on Carmel-by-the-Sea. I was instantly taken by the charming cottages and the collection of artsy shops in the downtown area and could have stayed there for a week exploring. But our teenagers had another idea that didn’t include cottages or shops: spending the next few hours on Carmel’s beautiful beach. So that’s where we headed. It was a delightful afternoon with wonderful memories. None of us wanted the day to end.
    Anyway, while in one of the shops, I purchased a basket that I still use on my front door. The flower arrangements have changed many times over the years, but it always reminds me of our delightful afternoon in Carmel.

    • The only time I’ve ever been in Carmel, we ended up at the beach, too. If I ever go back again, I’m definitely checking out all the cottages and cute shops. What a great piece to bring back to remember your time there, Mary.

  21. Leslie Nunez Ingram says

    I love your pictures Articles ,they give me so much inspiration! My dream house is to live on the beach someday in Moro Bay,Avalon Beach or Cambria. Somday! It’s on my bucket list!

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