A Storybook Home With To-Die-For Views!

I’ve taken you on some pretty awesome home tours here at Between Naps on the Porch but the home we are touring today is definitely one of my all time favorites. It’s truly a dream home, each room embraces you with beauty, warmth and personality. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s located on six acres atop Elder Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee with unbelievable killer views!

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


The views from the home are just beyond description, they will absolutely take your breath away.

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


The home was built in 1923 and includes a completely restored 60 foot stone observation tower. From the top of the tower you can see four states: Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina!

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


The materials used to build the home were sourced from the mountain itself. Even the timber in the home came from local White Oak forest. Does this not look like a storybook home?

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee 25


Let’s go inside and take the tour!

Storybook Cottage


Such a dramatic entry filled with old world charm.

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


Love all the stone work!

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


This lovely seating area in the entry is just a hint of the warmth you’ll find in every room of this home. Look at all the arched doorways! β™₯

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee 06


This is such a gorgeous room…I think it’s my favorite of all the rooms in the home.

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


Look at all that wonderful molding!

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


A beautiful light-filled kitchen with lots of open and glassed cabinetry.

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


Beautiful Kitchen in a Storybook Home


Love this kitchen!

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


Not sure what this room would be called…maybe a keeping room or a family room since it’s right off the kitchen.

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


Beautiful Storybook Home in Tennessee

Wonder if this is the master bedroom and I wonder if they eat breakfast here sometimes on the table located in the bay area.

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


Another bedroom…

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


It appears every bedroom has a wonderful view.

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


A fourth bedroom…so many beautiful rooms, all cozy and welcoming!

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


The study…love this room, too! Are you tired of hearing me say that? I can’t help it, I love them all! πŸ™‚

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


If you can force yourself to leave these beautiful rooms, this is the view that awaits you outside.

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee



Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


Just imagine all the sunsets…my heart would be breaking every night at so much beauty!

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


The city of Chattanooga lit up below.

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


Hope you enjoyed the tour of this storybook home. I would so buy it in a heartbeat if I had the funds.

Fairytale Storybook Home on Elder Mountain in Tennessee


You’ll find additional photos of this home atΒ Sotheby’s where the above photos were found.

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  1. Wow, Susan! This is a stunning house and more than stunning views! I can’t wait for you to get to hold that little darling grandson of yours!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness! The views are so beautiful they almost don’t look real. The home is full of character and beautiful details. You’re right. This is my favorite too. Thank you for sharing!

  3. The exterior shots of this house are almost like water color paintings! I think it would take a full
    time groundskeeper and a housekeeper ( all those gardens and do -dads require maintenance) and
    I would be too busy enjoying the views to lift a finger! Oh my! Best of all, not a tv pr a computer in
    sight! Who would need either!

  4. What a charming home. The views are incredible!

  5. Oh I would really be a home body, why would you ever leave such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. Guess you are counting the days down to the minute to get your hands on the sweet grand baby.

    Cathy’s Cupboard Calamity<;)

  6. I love everything about the house too, but I’m sorry to report that the views are weirdly color enhanced and not real in that area of Chattanooga. I live on a similar bluff property in TN not far from this area. It really is beautiful with natural hues, but the gold, orange, and yellow enchanted coloring in these pictures look more like a Thomas Kincaid painting than what is really there.

    • I figured someone must have tinkered with some of the more colorful photos in Photoshop but even without any enhancements, the views must be amazing! TN is such a pretty state with all those mountains. I know you must love it, Lily!

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        You know, that’s actually against the law. I wonder if Sotheby’s can get away with it because they aren’t strictly Realtors; they sell all sorts of things? Because if the house were listed with a local agent and the agent took such liberties, they’d be in trouble. You can’t even photoshop out electrical lines because it’s considered a misrepresentation of the property … hmmm … speaking of which … didn’t notice any of those, lol. (We’ll pretend they’re buried, even though that’s probably unlikely in that location) πŸ˜‰ The lack of electrical lines and the colors of the foliage and sky certainly do add to the ‘storybook’ effect though. *Sigh*

        • I don’t think Southeby’s would do that…they are way too professional to do stuff like that. πŸ™‚

          • The coloring inside the house looks authentic, but a yellow and orange sky is enhanced fantasy coloring. The shots may have been taken in late fall with the sunlight low in the sky that illuminated the landscaping in a special moment of beauty.

            The most amazing thing about living on these bluffs in TN is watching the weather change from the mountain top. You can see storms approaching from miles away and watch it slowly move right at you and through the property. Standing in the middle of clouds is common. There are times when you can see sunshine on one side of the distant valley and see rain falling in an opposite direction at same time. Cold fronts arrive with gale force winds and windy conditions are frequent. It’s hard to keep lawn ornaments displayed that aren’t heavily weighted. You learn all about deer resistant plantings because they live on the mountain too and love flowers.

            Notice how there is no fencing. Sheer drops in the backyards without barriers are common, and homeowners have anxiety attacks when small children visit. Supervision of children is a constant concern with visitors.

  7. This is now my favorite, to0! I did not see one thing that was not just completely wonderful. It’s so beautifully decorated and the design of the house is timeless.

  8. ~Susan~
    I was saying that too , “Oh I Love that”, hehee. what a place to call home , the views are unreal just beautiful.
    I was thinking what country singer lives there ??!!
    That’s one fairytale that would be a happily ever after πŸ™‚
    Have a good night

  9. The outside of the house and the grounds look like something from a book of Grimms Fairy Tales! The inside of the house is amazing. I love all of the stone and woodwork. What wonderful views. Are you buying that house for me? Aren’t you sweet!!!!! lol

  10. Love the house and the views are to die for…what a lovely sweet cottage…of course I could pick out the room that was your favorite it is just like your den…lol …thanks for the pictures…

  11. Magnificent. Almost surreal. Thanks! Cherry Kay

  12. WOW Susan…this home is gorgeous inside and out!! LOVED every single detail!

  13. Hi, oh excuse me, I was still sitting by the fireplace. This home is amazing and so comfy feeling to be so gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this!
    Congratulations on the new little grandson. They are precious.

  14. This is my dream house! I am splurging on a $2 lottery ticket tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed. You are welcome as a house guest anytime – but that fourth bedroom is mine!

  15. I love touring homes! This house looks so inviting and I can just imagine what family gatherings might have beeb like in that setting. I hoe you come and visit me on my blog too.


  16. Oh.my.word. I can’t even handle this. I LOVE IT. It is so spacious and beautiful, but also incredibly warm and welcoming. So cozy. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  17. My husband travels to Chattanooga a couple time a year on business. Perhaps we should see about me going along and somehow being invited to stay there for a week or so.
    I must say though, I have never seen so many chairs in a house before.

  18. That is a truly great home, with such a generational feel. So warm and inviting. What I loved about the kitchen was the row of green mixing bowls across the very top of the cabinets, and the small collection of wall baskets by the back door. There was also a round table in addition to the island – so curious as to what lies beneath the three cloches! I couldn’t tell what it was but what a cute display!

  19. I love, love, love the Stickley bed in the third bedroom, but it looks a little out of place in this house. There isn’t any other Arts & Crafts furniture in the house that I could see. I also loved the idea of stacked chests at the foot of the beds. I have a white wood chest similar to the one in the master bedroom. Great tour!

  20. Holy cannoli, I also love every single bit of this house!!What a dream. The rooms are all beautiful and so spacious!!! Love how it is decorated too. Yes, the views are TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!

  21. That lovely room you thought might be a keeping room? Up here in Pa we usually call that a hearth room!


  22. Susan,
    Now that is my dream house! I could live there and just leave all my things behind! πŸ™‚


  23. Looks like it’s up on lookout mountain…there are also beautiful public spaces for viewing and a couple of great restaurants! We had a family reunion in Chattanooga in the fall one year…my son and his wife and little ones drove up from ft benning, ga and we drove down from st lou…wonder what it would be like to live w that view every day!

  24. This is a wonderful house. As far as I am concerned it is move-in ready.

  25. Susan, everything you post is absolutely beautiful. This home takes your breath away not only with design and furnishings, but with the magnificent stone work and the views are out of this world. Only God could create the views. These homeowners are very fortunate to be able to enjoy this beautiful place. Thanks for sharing and I can hardly wait to check your post everyday. I’m so thankful I was browsing through a Mark Ballard cookbook and saw a recipe you shared and he included this website and the name caught my attention. How lovely, Between Naps on the Porch! Hugs to you and your sweet family.

  26. The outside is so wild and rustic looking, did not expect the inside to be so up scale!! I loved every single room, every feature, stone, wood……..and the wonderful rabbit collection and lamb collection……..right up my alley!!! I could live there in an instant!!! The views, wow…………love the kitchen, looks like it is made for serious creativity and well used. Also love the round table as another work zone . The entire home looks well loved and suited for a real family.
    You always find the most amazing places!!! Thanks……

  27. Just beautiful. Is it a bed and breakfast perhaps? It seems weirs to have a full table and chairs and couch in a bedroom otherwise. Thanks for this post. Cheers Frances

  28. Wow, what a gorgeous house!!!!! The outside looks like a painting and the inside has so much charm! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Pat F.

  29. Wow! You are right…every room is my favorite too! Really the house is one of the most wonderful I have ever seen…so many fabulous details in every room but it looks warm, inviting and actually lived in. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  30. Wow Susan, this IS a storybook house!! A lot of these exterior shots look like Thomas Kincaide paintings, don’t they? I love the room with the white bookcases the best. Comfy furniture, books for reading, a piano for music, and a fireplace for the cozy factor. What more could you want? This is an amazing and unique house — thanks for sharing!!


  31. Wow this house just took my breath away. That kitchen is just too die for and the collections in it are just amazing. I love the baskets by the back door, the cookie cutters hung on the cabinets but those chocolate molds at the stove just blew me away. I’m just loving everything about this home!!!!

  32. WOW! This is got to be the most terrific share lately Susan! The house is fabulous, (although I don’t care for the room with too much stones on the Wall) The views are just what you said: STUNNING!!! Thanks you for sharing sweetie.
    NOTE: Can’t wait to see you holding your grandson in your arms, specially your face!

  33. God is Good! I just don’t know if I’ll be able to take heaven. This place takes my breathe! Thanks for sharing.

  34. This one truly blew my socks off Susan. Absolutely gorgeous — inside and out! I checked out the additional pics on Sotheby’s and one of my favorite rooms is the stone walled hallway with the arched bookcase. Wish I could have pinned that one! Many thanks! Deena

  35. What a beautiful home! I love the antique chocolate molds by the stove, I would love to make Easter Rabbits for the baskets out of those! Such an amazing home, I don’t know if I would ever be able to leave the house.

  36. Knowing that I will never be able to afford a home like that, it makes me happy knowing there is people in the world who can live there and appreciate the outside beauty, It’s just a wonderful setting

  37. Breathtaking! I could live happily there…rooms with a view….

  38. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Storybook is the perfect description for this home. It looks like pictures from a beautifully illustrated children’s fairy tale book or a Hollywood set. Just gorgeous. I wonder who built it? The architect, the owner, the builder? What wonderful imagination they had. And those sunsets! Oh, I’d love to know the history of this home. I’ll mosey on over to Sotheby’s to see if they spill any beans. One question though, do you think any of those exterior photos were ‘enhanced?’ The colors are just .. unreal.

    Susan, this was a great find. Thanks for sharing! Say, I wonder if Sotheby’s ever handles international home sales? Hee … Beautiful estates in France, The Netherlands, Scotland …. can you imagine? *Sigh*

  39. Oh my goodness! This house has some serious design inspiration. It doesn’t even seem real. Thanks for showing this, it is a pinners heavens and I an all over it.

  40. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    Heaven on earth.

  41. Absolutely, remarkably, stunning!!!

  42. Beth Quarterman says

    Thank you so very much! This tour is my all time favorite! Our son has moved to Chattanooga and we have not gotten to go yet, but this makes us want to rush up there πŸ™‚

  43. I am T-totally in love with this home, WOW. The home is so beautiful, and the view is perfect.

  44. Beautiful!

  45. My kind of house! The overgrown landscape and the stone of the house make it seem timeless. Love the warmth of the stone inside, too. Although not as beautiful, it’s as elegant as Downton Abby in my opinion. It is so spacious. The house has an eclectic furnishings mix that suggests a history–even I own a few similar pieces. I could easily live in this very comfortable home. The views are just icing on the cake! Thank you for sharing.

  46. What a fantastic home! I think the stools at the kitchen bar have names on the backs….cute idea!

    I enjoy your blog…..thanks for such interesting posts!


  47. I think this house is the most wonderful house that I’ve seen pictured on any blog! I could move into it in a heartbeat.

  48. Kimberly Fowler says

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful home. I definitely will have sweet dreams tonight

  49. SharonFromMichigan says

    Silly me – I actually thought it really was out of a storybook at the beginning of your post! Haha. I thought, wow, what storybook did Thomas Kinkaide paint pictures for? Didn’t realize it was a real house until the entryway photo (I can be such a ding bat sometimes!) I love how they used the three old shutters above the headboard in that one bedroom. You always find the best house tours! Thanks for sharing with us!

  50. Amazingly beautiful. Would love to live there. Guess I’ll be buying lottery tickets this weekend…and hoping!

  51. How beautiful, Susan. I just loved all the rooms also. Thanks for posting about all this beauty and inspiration. Linda

  52. Absolutely stunning! Inside and out, the property is simply amazing, a jaw-dropping wonder to behold. Working on homes for sale mt pleasant sc as a realtor, I have seen many charming homes. But this, this is more than charming – it is captivating. Everything about it is endearing from the breathtaking views to the cozy and tasteful interiors. The stone and wood works of the house coalesced to make a beauty. The house is inviting, like you never want to leave its warmth.

    My most favorite part is the tower. It is a novel idea to have in one’s property in this age. And the way that nature seemed to embrace the entire property is just lovely. This was a wonderful post. Thanks, Susan!

  53. Pardon me, Roy, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo? OMG!!! I am drooling all over the place looking at these pics! What a gorgeous home! GORGEOUS! It’s exactly what I would want if I had all the money in the world! Whoever lives in this home is BLESSED! Thanks for sharing!

  54. Great home and beautifully decorated. What a view !

  55. Thanks Susan for sharing these photo’s. It is a beautiful house, but oh man all that “clutter” around every where. I’d definitely be looking outside because if I looked inside I’d be a nervous wreck. People who can sometimes overdo with the accessorizing and you just can’t appreciate it all. I’m a minimalist traditionalist. Some of these rooms look like a high end thrift shop, I’m sorry to say. Hope you don’t mind me saying my true thoughts on the house. It is beautiful, just a bit overdone.

  56. Carre Cederholm says

    Never thought I would want to live in Tennessee but this is a game-changer! This has to be the loveliest home I have ever seen. Now, let me go buy that Lotto ticket…

  57. Is this on Signal Mountain or think it’s Lookout?

  58. I agree I think this is one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen…both interior and exterior. That view is breathtaking! The home is cosy, warm and beautifully decorated. Not staged like so many expensive homes seem but like a real family lives here. Thanks for sharing!

  59. This is a beautiful house with gorgeous details. I found it to be a bit overstuffed with knickknacks though that made it seem messy and too busy. The stonework and stairway are fantastic!

  60. beautiful, i would love a very small version with only 1 bedroom, small kitching and nice big living room. other than that its perfect.

  61. Thomas Ryan says

    It’s located at 960 Cumberland Rd in Chattanooga. Here is a link to where it was sold in 2015. http://m.estately.com/listings/info/960-cumberland-rd

  62. Mrs Elder, in 1925, heard that my grandmother had been made a widow, with 6 young children to raise. My grandfather had died of a brain tumor. A friend of Mrs. Elder at the church she attended told her of the plight of my Nanny. Mrs. Elder( I do not even know her first name to this day) sent my grandmother $100 a month for years, until the children all got through high school. She literally saved my family, as they had no health insurance or other welfare program then, in 1925. After high school, all the 6 children got very good jobs and sent THEIR children to college. I thank her SO much. She was truly an Earth Angel. Thank you for reading this.

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