A Summer House with Waterside Views


So. I’m starting to dream of renovating the baths in my home. It’s becoming a constant thought, this need to update the baths.  I know what that means.  When a thought gets stuck in my brain, it usually leads to some action.  I’m only in the dreaming stage right now but it would be nice to tackle at least one of my outdated, 30 year old bathrooms this year.

While dreaming and browsing online yesterday, I happened across a beautiful lakeside cottage. I have a definite weakness for cottages, especially an English cottage or a waterside cottage.  The interiors of this lakeside cottage were designed by Tom Stringer Design Partners and I’ll link to them at the end of this post so you can check out more of their beautiful work.

This may be the main family room since it has a casual, fun look.  Notice the beadboard ceiling, at least I think that’s beadboard.  It runs throughout the home.  Love all the great seating and those fun prints/posters.

Summer Home on the Water

Love this room!  I especially like how the rock fireplace appears to be made with real stones.  Do you think it is? So often they’re covered in a veneer.

The colors are so cheerful in this room. There’s a mix of painted and whitewashed furniture, as well as a few stained pieces.  I think that’s what makes a second home or summer home so cozy, the way the rooms often feel like they have evolved over time.  Sometimes they are a collection of new furniture combined with pieces no longer in use in the owners primary home.  Either way, I love that casual “un-decorated” look.

A game table over near the windows is the perfect place to play a card game or work on a puzzle.

Summer Home on the Water

This room has a fireplace at each end, perfect for those nights when the weather turns chilly in the evening.  A couple of small stools give additional seating when needed.  Gotta love a coffee table with lots of extra storage for games, candles, books etc…underneath.

Living Room Summer Home on the Water

This house is a great example of how you can go casual without going shabby, if shabby isn’t your cup of tea.  It has a casual elegance about it, doesn’t it?  Adore the chippendale design in the back of the chairs.

Summer Home on the Water

This cottage has a spacious white kitchen.  Do you think the countertops are slate?  I always love to see islands done in a different material than the countertops.   The wood looks great for this island.

White Kitchen in Lake Home on the Water

A beautiful blue and white Master bedroom…wouldn’t the bed be stunning with wispy white sheers or bed hangings at the corners?  I can just see them moving and swaying in the breezes coming in through the windows.

Summer Home on the Water

Another beautiful blue and white bedroom…something tells me this room has an amazing view just outside all those fabulous windows.

Summer Home on the Water

A fun room for the little ones…love the quirky, slanted ceiling!

Summer Home on the Water

What an adorable way to incorporate additional sleeping space.  It doubles as a reading nook during the day with the perfectly placed lighting.  I’m pretty sure the faux drawers in front are stairs because I’ve seen that done before.  If I’m right, you just pull on the two handles at the top and out comes the steps.  Brilliant design!

Reading Sleeping Nook in Summer Cottage Home

I saved my favorite “room” for last.  You knew it would be a porch, didn’t you. 🙂

Porch on Waterside Cottage

Doesn’t this make you feel more relaxed just viewing this space?  Imagine actually sitting there!  So tranquil and beautiful!

Porch on Waterside Cottage

You can see more of the beautiful work of Tom Stringer Design Partners here: Tom Stringer Design Partners

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  1. Peggy Thal says

    Very beautiful and cheerful. Sure would love to have a lake home. We were thinking of buying a lake home for fun-Lake Gaston .This was one sure is a great inspiration. The colors just make one happy. Really like all the clean white too. Great designer. Thanks Susan.

  2. I grew up going to our family’s lake front cottage every summer, but a few years ago the family sold it. I sure do miss being out there enjoying the sand, water, smell of the pine trees and the relaxed family times together. This porch is beautiful, but no matter how may porches I have seen or you have shown us, YOURS is the most beautiful of alland makes me sigh every time I see pictures of it. <3

  3. Sandi Lee says

    Love all the bedrooms-what a fun house. I added 2 bathrooms to my old house and the estimate was $6K each. I was able to do the first one for $3K using a lot of materials from the Habitat Restores. I found the marble counter top for the sink, counter top legs, towel rods, medicine cabinet, light fixtures and much of the lumber and sheet rock pieces there for much less than retail. I also kept the existing heart pine floors rather than tiling them and used bead board rather than tile on the walls which cut cost a lot. I’ll be happy to share anything with you that will help.

  4. Patricia says

    What a beautiful home – I would love to spend even just a weekend there ! So happy to hear you are thinking of re doing your bathrooms ! My bathrooms are 25 years old, and are in desperate need of a complete re do ! I’ve been putting it off for years – you will inspire me to get moving !

  5. Linda Page says

    If anyone could not relax and refresh in this setting, it is their own fault!! What a wonderful lake home. I would have to live there full time. I could never leave! I love the blue and white bedrooms. Both look so crisp and clean. I could almost smell the fresh scent of line dried linens. Yum! I thought it was unusual that the dining table/chairs were set up horizontally instead of vertically. I would have done it the other way but I love how it is shown in the picture. I just don’t think I would have thought to turn it that way. I love the dual stone fireplaces. They look real to me. Thanks for sharing. I am working on my very own bathroom update and it has been a real trial. I have had to return my 4th sink (3 vanity/sink & 1 pedestal) due to damage and poor workmanship. And I thought this would be easy!!!! lol

  6. I’m right there with ya on the love of a cottage..I have my place on the market now…have my eye on a waterman’s cottage below St. Micheal’s MD…still have the images in my head of Nantucket from a very old episode of…this old house…keeping my fingers crossed that in this market I can get it sold…hope your weekend was great…sending some hugs & love to Max too….here’s to a wonderful week ago !!

  7. One room is more beautiful than the other. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Margo Kuhn says

    What a beautiful cottage. I simply love it, all of it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. If you love lake cottages, you have to be watch Sarah Richardson’s make over of her Canadian lake cottage on HGTV.

    • I saw several episodes the other day and really love how her family room turned out. I wish they hadn’t built the guest bunkie or whatever they called it, right where it was blocking their view of the water.

  10. What a delight! I love every room. The actual rooms. Even devoid of furniture… they are gorgeous. The detail, the windows… so lovely!!

  11. Oh Susan, I have always DREAMED of having a lake house. It is only a dream, will never happen but I SO lovd seeing this beautiful home! Thanks so much for sharing it. Love it all! XO, Pinky

  12. That’s a beautiful cottage!
    How funny that you are raving about bead board ceilings! We recently moved into a small 1950’s cottage, and I was thinking of installing white bead board ceiling in our living room.
    The fireplace is beautiful, too! Quite suitable for a waterfront cottage. I also like the light and airy feel the cottage gets from those huge windows. The kitchen is absolutely beautiful, and I think I could live on the porch most of the summer if I had a chance to visit there. 🙂

  13. Someone please answer my question. I love all the beautiful porches and lanais, but I have to wonder, don’t they ever have rainstorms? I could never leave pieces out on a porch. They look divine, but are they really practical? I know there are waterproof cushions & pillows, but they can’t withstand constant rain. That has always bothered me.

    • Linda, check the FAQ here for the answer for my porch. I can’t speak for other folks but you’ll find info about my porch there. The furniture on my porch has been out there for 5 years and looks fine. Even if there was some wear, that wouldn’t bother me since it’s a porch, but so far I’ve had no problems.

  14. OMG, Susan,
    that view is to die for! Looove it! Actually, I always love what you post! Usually, more than the day before and surely less than the day after! How do you do that? You are killing me! (And my internet, today, too! You know why! 🙂 ) So, of course, I love that house, too, especially that very cute and girly alcove bed, that huge kitchen and that spacious dining room! I love it when the rug beneath the table is big enough so that you can sit on the chairs and they still have all their legs entirely on the rug. You don’t see that all too often… 🙂 Susan, because of its pastel colors, especially its pink and baby blue, that house is what we jokingly call a “Bomboniera” in Italy! A “Bomboniera” actually is a little gift given to guests on special occasions, like weddings or baptisms, and they always include sugared almonds, which are white for weddings, and pink or baby blue for baptisms! 😉
    Thank you, Susan, for sharing! (As if I didn’t have enough dream houses to dream about! LOL )
    ~Hugs to you~
    P.S. Good luck with your bathrooms’ renovations.

    • Cecilia, me too! That’s actually the way they recommend, having a rug large enough that the legs stay on the table but that is so hard to do in some rooms when they are small. Good eye for noticing that! I like that…Bomboniera, fits perfectly. 🙂

      • I know, Susan. Actually, I have that problem in my kitchen and I hate it!
        I so wish someday someone gives such a “Bomboniera” to me! 😉

  15. Lovely, Susan! I wonder if there were any sources. The green sofa is exactly what I am looking for.
    Love the wicker too. Hard to find the real stuff. The resin they are selling just doesn’t do it for me.
    I know yours is real. Don’t you have to scrub and spray it every year? It is a tremendous job for me every year, but I love how it looks. You have more protection than I do, so maybe yours doesn’t get the exposure mine does.
    Love that polka dot chair!

    • Kathleen, hopefully they aren’t “available to the trade only” items. I bet if you contact them via their website, they’ll help you with it or let you know where it came from. I loved the green sofa and that great floral fabric on the other chair. The polka dot chair was sooo cute. I’d be a little afraid to sit in it, it’s so perfect, would hate to get something on it. Hopefully the fabric is really durable and cleanable.
      My seating group and swing on the porch are resin or outdoor wicker so I do just hose them down about once a year. The table and chairs are real wicker (the part that is wicker) but it never gets wet so it does fine. Actually none of the furniture on the porch gets wet except the oval table closest to the windows (which is real wicker) and the top is polyurethaned so it does fine, too.

  16. What a beautiful home in a beautiful setting! There are so many things I love about this home I don’t even know where to begin, but I’ll try ;).

    The blue polka dot chair really caught my eye. I love polka dots! And the ceiling in the master bedroom is awesome, although I agree with you about the drapes. We have a similar style bed and I have white sheers flanking each corner of the bed and it really softens the look.

    What I wouldn’t do for a house like this!

  17. those rocks in the fireplace are real.

  18. What a beautiful home! I grew up at a beach – it’s part of me now! It’s just too bad that north Georgia is so far from any beach…. Anyway, I have decided to redecorate one of my bathrooms in a beach theme – I know it’s probably not the proper thing to do in Georgia – but I think it will make me happy to pretend the ocean is just down the road!

  19. I love this house also! If I lived here I would spend all of my time on the porch curled in a wicker chair staring at the water! I’m a pisces so what can I say, the water does my soul good! I love all the blue and white as well, and the three pink single beds are charming! But my favorite is the alcove bed! If you can believe it, my husband built an alcove bed much like that across one end of a tiny room for our four year old daughter, who is now 30! . We even painted it blue! However, at each end inside, at the head and foot of the bed were shelves for books, dolls and treasures. We hung curtains that could be pulled across the alcove for puppet shows or a stage! it was a great hit with all of her friends and her for many years until we moved away. Thanks for sharing the beauty and inspiration! Helen

  20. Kitchen envy. It sucks.

  21. Linda Leyble says

    Thanks for this post Susan. Great ideas! Love the two children’s spaces – those 3 colorful beds…and that great nook. I
    Have been wanting to re-do a spare room (very small bedroom) in my house and I wanted it to be really kid friendly. Ths is the inspiration I needed!!



  22. Debbie G says

    The house is lovely. The kitchen looks a lot like Ina Garten’s. I would love to cook there!!

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