Sunflower Centerpiece for a 4th of July Table Setting

Welcome to the 458th Tablescape Thursday!

We’ve been having the most beautiful weather lately, perfect for setting a table out on the porch.

Patriotic Table Setting for 4th of July, Porch Dining


Today’s table is all about sunflowers, well–the 4th of July AND sunflowers! 🙂

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine Sign for Porch


I always love using Sakura Warren Kimble flag dinnerware for 4th of July tablescapes. Really it’s good for any time of the year but it’s especially fun to use for a patriotic holiday.

4th of July Table Setting with Sunflower Centerpiece


I loosely attached some little holiday/flag mints to the stem of each wine glass. Blue stemware is from Dollar Tree and red tea/water glasses are by Mikasa. They are currently on sale here: Ruby Goblets.

Set a Patriotic Table for the 4th of July


Instead of the matching Colonial salad plates, I decided to try something different. I decided to pair sunflower plates with the red, white and blue Warren Kimble dinner plates. I have six of the sunflower plates but was only able to locate 5, so I ended up setting this table for a party of 4.

Such a mystery where that 6th plate has gotten off to. I don’t remember it being broken, so hopefully it will eventually turn up. Last night I was seriously thinking of ordering some shelving to organize my holiday dishware, will let you know if I decide to do that. It was one of those things I mentioned previously in this post: 5 Projects I Want To Do In My Home, But Probably Never Will.

Sunflower Salad Plates in 4th of July Tablecape, Sunflower Centerpiece


I came across this antique swirl Graniteware pitcher while out antiquing many years ago.  I love using real sunflowers in this pitcher, but since it’s so old, this pitcher has a tendency to leak.

4th of July Table Centerpiece, Swirl Graniteware Pitcher with Sunflowers


Years ago, I found a sneaky way to use it with real sunflowers, though.  You can see that trick in this previous post:  Party on the Titanic.

Decorate a porch for the 4th of July


The sunflower plates are by Maxcera, found many years ago in either HomeGoods or Pier 1, I think. The flag dinnerware was a find on eBay. I found a few of the salad plates and other pieces here this morning: Flag Dinnerware for Patriotic Holidays. I just discovered they made glasses in this pattern! Ohh, I think I need some of those!


Sometimes when setting a table with this dinnerware, I’ll use the matching flatware. (See this table here: Patriotic Table for Two.)


For today’s table I went with my favorite cinnamon red flatware. I love this flatware because the red goes with so many patterns. I find myself using it a lot in the fall and for Christmas. It’s also great for a Valentine’s Day table. (Flatware is  still available here: Red Flatware.)

Elegant Red Flatware for 4th of July Table Setting


I  think it’s time I got more organized with my dish storage. If I take on that project, I’ll be sure to share the details with you!

Red, White, Blue 4th of July or Memorial Day Table Setting, Flag Dishes


Do you have some fun plans for the 4th of July this year?

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine Sign for Porch


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Looking forward to all the tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Sunflowers brighten up any table setting! I would have never thought to put the sunflower plate with the flag plate. It looks so cheery and is a great contrast in color. Another perfect tablescape, Susan! Happy 4th to you!

  2. Susan, I love the sunflowers paired with you patriotic red, white & blue! I find myself missing a napkin or a fork from time to time which can be frustrating.

    P.S. I was linking from phone and my fingers were clumsy! I don’t see the icon to delete one of tables and re link it. Is it missing or am I just not seeing it on my phone?

    • Thanks, Mary! I didn’t change any setting with the linky widget so it should be there. I can delete it for you if you want me to. Which one did you want to delete?

      • Hi Susan, The trashcan icon is not showing up on my iPhone, even after I restarted it. It’s usually visible if I link from there. Do mind deleting so I relink with a complete photo? It’s The Bees Knees table. Thank you!

        • Sure, I just deleted it. Not sure why it’s working differently. If that happens again, I’ll email the InLinkz folks and let them know.

  3. So pretty! I love the mix of the flag plates with the sunflower plates. Yellow is the perfect touch with red, white and blue!

  4. I’m always a sucker for sunflowers!!! Your porch always looks so inviting. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Susan, I love the sunflowers paired with red, white, and blue! The granite ware pitcher is perfect for a bouquet of sunflowers. I had to replant sunflowers this year. The first seeds planted never came up, so I couldn’t be defeated! Happy 4th to you!

    • Good for you for not giving up! I should try to plant some, I do love them! Where do you grow your sunflowers, Pam? Do you have a big, sunny area for them and do they stay standing up okay? I love them!

  6. Those sunflower plates are adorable. Hope you find the missing one. I love the sunflowers mixed with the red, white, and blue. What a cute idea to tie the mints to the stems. Love your Graniteware pitcher, and it’s perfect for this table. Thank you for hosting, Susan.

    • This is the second time I’ve tried to use those plates and couldn’t find it. Wherever it is, it’s hiding really well. lol I think the universe it telling me to get organized! Thanks, Laurie!

  7. Cynthia Raines says

    Yippee! I’m back in the line up! (receiving it 2x again but I’ll take it – we’ll hold our breathe hoping I’m in for good this time! ha). LOVE the sunflower , how cheerful with the wonderful red, white, and blue! We have overcast skies with the sun trying to peep out. I’m headed to an antique store. Happy 4th everyone! God Bless America!

    • Oh, no. lol It’s either feast or famine, I guess. I could try deleting the other email but I’m afraid to mess with success. 🙂
      Happy antiquing, Cyndi! I visited A Classy Flea the other day and it was a bit picked over, but saw a few cute thing…nothing that needed to come home with me, though.

  8. So pretty. I love the yellow mixed with your patriotic dishes. Love that pitcher, too!
    Happy 4th Susan!
    xo anne

  9. Darlene Gardner says

    Susan, this is just perfect! A wonderful combination for summer – patriotic and sunflowers! I love both things. I usually have my sunflowers for my August tablescape, but this is an interesting idea. As always, beautiful!

    • Thanks, Darlene! Well, when they are faux, you can have them all summer. Hee, hee. I love the real ones best, but these worked in a pinch. Happy 4th to you! XX

      • Darlene Gardner says

        Several years ago, the field across the road from my grandparents’ former home was planted in sunflowers. And the amazing thing was that the owner sold them, for 25 cents per stem! Can you believe that? It was beautiful!

  10. Those Sunflowers are so cheerful! I love them in your graniteware. Perfect. Thank you for hosting, Susan. Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. Susan, love the sunflowers with the red, white & blue. Sometimes an entire menu of r,w&b just feels a little too much, and that really breaks it up nicely. I hate to admit this, but I am hosting family for the 4th, and unless I get some get up and go, I will be using paper plates. I just don’t feel up to knocking myself out this time. I know I’ll be using lots of serving pieces. Of course, the dish thing may change, we’ll see. It’s a shame to NOT use all this tableware, now isn’t it?
    Had to laugh at the missing plate – maybe you used it for a singular display of sorts. I was looking at online sales today and thought, oh, I have a set of [such and such] glassware…..wonder if I bought drinking glasses too? Can’t even remember! And I couldn’t tell you right now where they are if my life depended on it. And I even have 4 shelving units, stacked 5 shelves high each, of stuff…..much of which is tableware. It’s a shame. We should start rotating each other’s stock for a while, lol, instead of shopping.

    • I’ve seen some really cute, cute paper plates out there, so nothing wrong with that, especially when it’s outdoors with little ones around.
      I tried to think if I had done that, but don’t think I have. Maybe I have it stashed in the hutch on the porch, think I’ll check it to see.
      I know what you mean! I get really annoyed with myself if I can’t find something right away, don’t like wasting time hunting something down. I’m determined to get mine more organized!
      Really, can you imagine if we lived near each other…the tables we could create by combining our wares! lol

  12. I love the swirl pitcher, Susan! You have a very pretty and patriotic table!

  13. What a great combo with the yellow sunflowers on the plates with flags. It’s a look you could use anytime. The weather has been great here in between the rain we’ve been getting! Wishing you a Hapy 4th!

  14. Kathleen says

    Love the antique pitcher and did I see ants on a plate in one of your pictures? Ha! You have soooo cute things! Loved the picture of the swing with all the red, white and blue pillows!

  15. Wishing you a safe and happy 4th!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  16. Pretty as always. I really hate it when I lose things and tend to obsessively look for them and drive myself crazy 🙂 I found very similar sunflower plates at pier one not long ago, you could always pick up two of those for the ends of the table, they are very close. In case you are interested talbots has that pretty orange sweater with navy trim you love on sale for 25.00 (today only? not sure) in case you would like a back up. I grabbed that one and a pink one too. I have a white with navy dots blouse too, similar to yours. good idea!

    • You know, now that I think about it, maybe that’s where I bought these. It’s been so long, I don’t remember. lol Thanks, Jillian!

      Thanks for that tip on the sweater! I was in there today shopping the sale and purchase a shirt, but didn’t think to look at sweaters. That’s a great price for it! Thanks, Jillian!

  17. As always, thanks for hosting a great party! I look forward to it every week. I love the intensity of the sunflowers against the Americana plates. And there’s nothing wrong with using silk flowers – they’re endlessly versatile.

    • Thanks, Sandra! It’s funny how silk flowers come in and out of favor. Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I still like them, too!

  18. I have to say I have never been a big sunflower fan ( Sorry, I guess that sounds anti-American!). However, your use of the sunflower plates with the red, white and blue is very stunning. You have converted me! Thank you for always sharing such beautiful ideas.

    • Thanks so much, Gail! I don’t know what made me think to try those, but I do love how they look against the flag dishware, too. It all feels very Americana. 🙂

  19. Susan, I often use sunflowers for the 4th. Their bright, sunny faces seem to say summer fun to me. This is a fun table for summer. I still haven’t pulled mine together. I need a day at home! 😉 I have some new plates with an anchor and hope to use them. Just need some time, please. Ha!
    Have a great weekend and Happy July 4th.

  20. Beautiful and sunny, Susan!…Christine

  21. Lovely,colorful and elegant.
    HAPPY 4th of JULY

  22. Marilyn knittel says

    I never thought about using sunflower with my flag dishes. It so happens that I had all of the things you had to set my table.looks like yours. Can I email you to see mine?

  23. Stephanie says

    Very pretty and festive !
    Here’s an idea for the leaky pitcher,use a glass jar as a liner ! Sometimes I have container or vessel that’s too delicate to put water in and I do that !
    Happy 4th !

  24. Your Patriotic table with the sunflowers is awesome… who knew it would look so amazing dear Susan.
    Thank you for the party.
    Happy 4th. of July to you and yours.

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