A Sunny, Blue & Yellow Table Inspired By A Spring-like February Day

Welcome to the 491st Tablescape Thursday!

Like many years in the past, we’ve been having early spring-like weather this month. The temps have been in the upper 60’s and 70’s here for much of February! Normally when this happens, it only lasts a week or so, but this year it seems to be sticking around, which is fine by me. I am not a fan of cold weather and am relishing every moment of these warmer temps before Old Man Winter realizes he fell asleep on the job and comes roaring back with a vengeance!

Dining on the Porch


The trees are still naked which doesn’t make the prettiest backdrop for a table setting, but I still couldn’t resist spending some time out on the porch.

Table in Blue & White


I hadn’t planned on putting together an Easter table setting, really just wanted to celebrate this spring-like day in the middle of February, but bunny-ear napkin rings somehow found their way onto the table.

Sunny Porch Table with Sunflower Centerpiece


In an effort to not rush Easter, I tried another napkin ring. Yep, this one works, too–but for some reason I liked the bunny ears better.

Noritake Carnivale Dessert, Salad Plates


If I had been setting this table for an actual dinner on the porch, I would have stopped by the market for fresh sunflowers. I love these faux ones almost as much as the real ones, though.

Blue & White Antique Graniteware


Found this wonderful old graniteware pitcher while antiquing many years ago.  Love its swirly blue and white pattern.

Blue & White Graniteware Pitcher with Sunflowers


I love how the sun falls across the porch this time of year, carefully choosing which parts of the table it likes best and illuminating just those.

Spring Table, Easter Table Setting


I normally save this whimsical, twisted, twirly flatware for beachy or nautical themed tables because the handles always makes me think of nautical ropes. I love the weight of this flatware and it’s always so eye-catching in a table setting. I really should pull it out of storage more often! (This flatware is still available here: Flatware.)

DIY Bunny Ears Napkin Rings for a Spring Table


Here’s how it looks in a beach-themed tablescape. (See more of this table here: Beach Themed Table with Lobster & Crab Plates)

Beach Themed Table with Lobster & Crab Plates, Shell Chargers


The yellow, floral napkins are by April Cornell. I only have four, so I supplemented with solid yellow napkins for the two place settings on either end of the table.

Spring-Easter Tablescape, Yellow, Blue & White


The bunny ear napkin rings are super easy to make. You’ll find the tutorial for those in this previous post: DIY Bunny Ear Napkin Rings.

Noritake Colorwave in Yellow for a Spring Easter Table Setting


The chargers are from Horchow, many years ago. The yellow dinner plates and the adorable blue and white striped salad/dessert plates are from Noritake. The yellow plate is part of their Colorwave Collection, and the blue and white plate is from their Carnivale Collection.

April Cornell Napkins for a Sprinjg Easter Table


You may remember them from a previous table setting here on the porch. (View this previous tablescape here: Blue & White Table with Noritake Carnivale.)

Noritake Carnivale Blue in Blue & White Table Setting


Noritake also made the Carnivale pattern in green and white…love this combination so much! (See more of this table below here: Celebrating 40 Shade of Green.)

Noritake Carnivale Salad Dessert Plates in Green & White Tablescape


Are  you seeing early spring-like weather in your area, too? My daffodils are even blooming now! So excited that spring will officially soon be here! I can’t wait!

I’m so tempted to go ahead and change out my blog banner/header to the spring one. Think I should? 🙂

Dining on the Porch


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  1. What a joy to see the pretty table. We are having sleet, ice, windy and very cold. Has been that way since before Christmas. I have hibernated all winter. Just get out for church and groceries. Thanks for a little spring

    • You sound like me, Carol…it’s kinda nice to just hibernate and stay inside reading. I just got out a new puzzle to start and now the weather is drawing me outside. 🙂

  2. What a ray of sunshine! It’s unseasonably warm here in Pittsburgh too – we hit a new record the other day above 70. Wouldn’t you know it, cause we were supposed to ski locally this weekend. All there will be is mud on the slopes!

    • Wow! That’s amazing for Pittsburgh! You must feel like you’re living in Florida! Oh no! Yeah, you would needs slopes with a snow making machine this weekend. That’s crazy, who would ever think you couldn’t go skiing in February!

  3. You are reading my mind! Post the Spring Banner–it might be just the thing to intimidate Old Man Winter and make him fade into the grayness of this February day and stay away forever. Love the Bunny Ears!

    • Sheila, you know what will probably happen is I’ll post it and then next week we’ll get snow. Our weather can be just that crazy! I’m tempted to do it anyway though…I think we are all ready for some spring!

  4. All of my favorite colors – yellow, blue & white! Spring temps are down here too, it is going to be 83 degrees today. I can’t wait for Spring to get here, I want to start planting in the garden but that will certainly bring on a snow storm! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

    • Wow! Amazing!
      Charlotte, that reminds me of something I did one year, many years ago. I was so impatient, I wanted to get my annuals out early so they could start growing and get and nice and big for spring. We were having a really nice warm spell around the beginning of April. Our safe planting date here for annuals is April 15th. If you wait to then, you never have a problem with a freeze.
      Well, you can imagine what happened after I planted a bed of flowers, shortly after we had a night of freezing temps. I tried to cover them that night but it didn’t help, they were pitiful the next day. So I’ve learned my lesson, I wait until after the 15th now.

  5. I love your blue/yellow combination – very pretty and springy table. I have a couple April Cornell tablecloths and love the patterns. You have inspired me to dig them out and set a pretty table for spring. Our Midwest weather has been a roller coaster ride with 20 degrees one day and 60 the next. Right now we are dealing with rivers overflowing their banks after 12 inches of melting snow topped by 3 inches of rain. Enjoy your early spring weather.

  6. Gayle Kesinger says

    We are having one heavy rain after another for the past three days. The drought is over. Temperature is 39 degrees so it is lovely to see Spring somewhere. Lovely table.

  7. I always love blue and yellow together. This is such a happy colorful design. I remember when you got those carnival dishes- love the stripes. We actually hit 59 degrees the other day which is pretty unusual for us this time of year. We’ve had several ups and downs in the temps which has been great. It will be a while before there will be leaves.

  8. Joan Rooney says

    Enjoyed the spring tablescape, now the weather is cold again here in Pennsylvania. I was thinking about adding ezy breezy vinyl windows to my porch. It would increase the time I can use the porch and would to keep it clean longer. I wondered if you had ever considered them for your porch or if you knew others who had used them. Appreciate your opinion as always.

  9. The sun is out here but it is 45 degrees and even lower at night! My favorite colors are blue and yellow. Love the flowers in the blue graniteware. What exactly is graniteware? Were you not serving drinks this time around? LOL

    • lol I totally forgot to add them. I would go add them now and take a few pics but I’ve already taken my table apart. How did I not notice that! lol I may have to have a do-over on this table!

      • lol You could just take a picture of the glasses that you would choose to go with the table setting. I really didn’t notice until I was looking at the other settings you included in the post!

  10. Love the blue and yellow ~ so cheerful!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Yes, I love it, Susan! Bunny ears, sunny blue skies and blooming daffodils – I’m seeing ALL of those in my landscape already (the bunnies never left over winter!). Can’t believe it, but still don’t see freezing temps in my long-term forecast. Rain, yes, but no snow. I’ll take it! Love your table, love spring! And while most of our trees are not yet leafing out, I am seeing green on the weeping willow, buds on the tulip magnolias, and leaves sprouting on certain maples in the neighborhood – yippee!

  12. No spring like weather here so will enjoy yours today,
    I love seeing your bottle tree out back and the large granitware coffee on your beautiful table on the porch.

  13. I especially appreciate your table together as it brightens a drab and chilly day.

  14. Elizabeth Ann says

    WOW! Thank you for all of the beautiful tablescapes! The Blue and Yellow is my favorite. Here in south eastern Pennsylvania we have had 10′ below and now way up to 47′. This blue and yellow gives us the sunshine we need.

  15. Sandy K Park says

    Susan, thanks for the wonderful morning I spent with you looking at all your Spring and Beach tablescapes. The Beach tablescapes were just the thing I needed to hold me over until we leave on our cruise next week. By the way, I never put it all together with all the great DIY crafts you have had: napkins rings, chargers, and the double hurricane vase. What great projects. THANKS

  16. Marlene Stephenson says

    Thank you i needed that happy spring table setting,it made me smile, until i looked out my window here in Okla. and saw the ice all over the trees and heard the thunder and sleet. Hopefully this is winters last show. So thank you for this lovely post.

  17. Everything is so lovely and elegant. That blue and yellow is gorgeous. Thank You for sharing.

  18. Oh joy to see some spring, at least on your table! Sleet here in the Mid-West equals treacherous. Nearing a case of cabin fever!!
    Stupid question? When I’m dining at your beautiful table, which napkin do I use? Been wanting to ask this for a long time, just got up the nerve!!

    • Thanks, Jeri! I hope you guys see some warmer temps real soon. Cabin Fever is a real thing! For most of the tables I share, you could use either one of the napkins, but for some tables the inside napkin is the best one to use, especially if the outer napkin is a sheer decorative one. For this table either one would work. Feel free to ask me anything. Always love questions if I can help.☺️

  19. Wow 491 ! congratulations on so many amazing Tablescape Thursdays.

  20. Yellow, white and blue is always so refreshing. Since it is almost Spring in your area, I think the bunny ears are totally appropriate. Lovely table.

  21. Cyndi Raines says

    What a cheerful tablescape, love the yellow, white and blue! I’d be overjoyed if we were in the 60’s and 70’s. Actually this week hasn’t been too bad with 30’s and 40’s, with one day 59! That’s pretty awesome for MI in February! Lol The snow is melting fast due to the warmer weather and 2 days of rain, but that’s o.k. as we are inching toward Spring! Hallelujah!

  22. You have such good taste and pretty things. It’s always a pleasure to open your mail. Hugs, Memarge

  23. Deena Salvatore says

    Hi Susan! The tablescape is so pretty and refreshing! The temps hit almost 80 here on Wednesday. Now we’re back to sleet and temps in the 30s. I’m itching to get out in the garden and do some cleaning up and spring planting. I mentioned this to a friend at lunch the other day and she told me I had a long way to go…another 3 months to be exact. We’re not out of danger of a frost until around Mother’s Day in New Jersey. Groan. One thing I can do in the meantime is start preparing by reading gardening magazines. Enjoy your mild temps! Deena

  24. This February warm front and your sunny tablescape are teasing me. I’m thinking of using this color scheme in my office, it would definitely make more interesting for the people I’m talking to. Congrats on the 491st tablescape!

  25. franki parde says

    GORGEOUSNESS!! franki

  26. It sounds as though your daffodils will bloom in time for a St. David’s Day tablescape for all your Welsh readers!

  27. Gorgeous tablescape, as always! I keep meaning to participate, but don’t really do entire tablescapes so much as place settings. Maybe I’ll get there eventually. I know I’ve got enough stuff to make it happen; I’m just not quite to the big leagues yet!

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