A Waterside Home with Great Beach House Style


I’ve been obsessing a little about beach homes lately.  I’ve always wanted to decorate one but since I don’t actually own one, that could be a bit tricky. πŸ˜‰  Did you catch that whole series of HGTV shows on designer, Sarah Richardson’s beach cottage recently?  Just google “Sarah Richardson HGTV episodes” and you’ll find them.  I didn’t get to watch the whole series but I loved how her cottage was turning out.

Recently, I spotted this wonderful waterside home at Sotheby’s online and the exterior was so beautiful, I had to take a peek inside.  It did not disappoint!  Though this home isn’t located near an ocean (it’s on a lake, instead) it could totally be a beach house, couldn’t it?  It definitely has that “Something’s-Gotta-Give” vibe going on.

Beach House Design

This home is actually located on a peninsula so there are waterside views from every window! Wow!  Don’t you love the design of the exterior of this home!  I love all the curves, the dormers, the eyebrow windows, the oval windows, the rock/stone fireplaces. This home has soooo much personality, inside and out!

Let’s go inside and take the tour!

Beach House Design

Initially, I thought this was a family room, but I think it may be a keeping room or hearth room just off the kitchen.  Do they still call them keeping rooms?  I always loved that name.  Notice the unique ceiling.  It appears to be tin/metal but that could just be a decorative finish.  I like how the rug anchors this area, defining it from the rest of the room.

Waterside Home with Keeping or Hearth Room

Beautiful kitchen!  Love the pendant lights.

Beach House Kitchen


Could you be happy cooking here?

Kitchen in Beach House


This must be the actual living room.  There’s that view!  I love a striped sofa, especially when it’s a blue and white striped sofa. Blue and white is such a great color scheme for a home on the water. Notice how the slightly curved shape of the sofa mimics the shape of the bay window.  Great design!

Family Room in Waterside Beach Home


When I saw the dining room, I immediately thought, “Hey, I know that fabric!”  I was pretty sure it was the same fabric Marian, who blogs at Miss Mustard Seed, used recently in her home.

Blue and White Dining Room


I clicked over to Marian’s blog and yep, same fabric!  The fabric is Pkauffman Artissimo Navy Fabric.  I love it in her bedroom and love it in this lake house, too.

Miss Mustard Seed's Bedroom with Pkauffman Artissimo Navy Fabric on Wall


Marian also used this fabric to make her draperies and to upholster parts of the chair in that room.  Isn’t it fun to see fabrics used in different ways and different settings?  Really gets the wheels turning about all the possibilities.  See the full reveal of Marian’s bedroom here: Miss Mustard Seed, Master Bedroom Reveal

Miss Mustard Seed's Bedroom with Pkauffman Artissimo Navy Fabric Draperies


Check out the sassy stair runner.  Every home needs a bit of whimsy and a red, star-studded runner definitely adds that spark of whimsy.

Red Staircase Runner with Star Design


Great built in bookshelves flanking a wonderful window seat under a beautiful window!

Window Seat


This room was a surprise, I didn’t expect a stained, paneled bedroom in this home but I actually love it.  The light blue paint keeps it from feeling too serious and library-like.  Notice the panel coming out from the right in front of the windows.  It looks like you just pull it across for privacy.  Have you ever seen that before?  Great way to keep the windows nice and open but shut them off when you need to.

Paneled Bedroom in Beach House


The other bedrooms were a wonderful surprise, too.  Lots of fun, bright colors. Such a cute bed with its picket fence design.

Child's Bedroom in Bright Colors with Blue Walls and Floral Motif Design on Walls

Cute, cute rooms!

Child's Bedroom in Bright Colors with Green Walls and Floral Motif Design on Walls


Another beautiful bedroom. So pretty!

Beautiful Blue and White Bedroom with lakeside views


Love this…so much space for overnight guests.

Bunk Beds in Beach Cottage


Not everyone can say they sleep in a boat each night! Perfect bed for a waterside home!

Nautical Boat-Shaped Bed for Beach House


Hope you enjoyed the tour of this amazing waterside home.  Love a great beach house?  Check out this summer house: A Summer House with Waterside Views

(Photos of the above home are from Sotheby’s Reality.)

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  1. Mary from Virginia says

    This is more than lovely! I can’t imagine having the money to buy this place or maintain it either! Beautiful to look at, but give me a little Nags Head beach box any day; they’re my favorite.

  2. Wow, absolutely gorgeous! I do love Sarah Richardson style.

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Just the right post to get my day off to an inspirational beginning. Now, for my yoga break. lol

  4. Mary Hammond says

    I’d love to know where this is located and approx value

  5. Wow, what an amazing home. I’ll go in half with you…lol

  6. Love, love, love this house. Thanks for giving us a peek inside!

  7. Susan…Such a beautiful home and YES I could cook in that kitchen! If you are a Sarah Richardson fan, yesterday she announced her new web site that contains her online magazine “Get Inspired.” I love her style. http://www.sarahrichardsondesign.com/ Thanks for all your inspiring and beautiful posts. Vikki in VA

  8. Wow! What a pretty spot! Any idea of its location and price?

  9. Peggy Thal says

    Gorgeous lake home! Love the great fabric in blue. It it used so well in the master and dining room. Great stove too. Really adore the boat bed so fun. Just a perfect home. Thanks Susan!

  10. I love it! Such beautiful architecture and I love the colors! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This an amazing home and the views are spectacular. I love the kitchen.
    I saw the series with Sara’s summer house and it was great. She is one of my favorites!


  12. I love everything about this house ( except the boat bed…)!!!!!!

  13. Oooh, I love! I’ll keep this on my check list for when I win the lottery! (ha!)
    I did watch the Sarah Richardson series- she’s one of my favorites. Her style is “real” and I love her choices of fabrics, rugs, colors etc.

    • Ha! I know, really! I did love how she decorated their cottage. I kept feeling bad for her about the floors, that had to be expensive replacing them so many times.

  14. That is a spectacular home!

  15. If I ever won the littery I would build a home on a lake, not the beach. I want a pontoon boat to cruise around in and enough money for a cleaning person so I can be out on the boat:):):). This home is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it, Susan. I am off to the pool now!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  16. Fabulous home….loved the red stair runner….hated the big screen over that gorgeous fireplace…a man had to have decided that one…the view is killer…I have all French doors in my great room over looking the outside but no view like that…just the pool….and I have been debating about hanging white plates behind my arched headboard in the MB….seeing that picture of the bedroom made me decide Yes! great post…

    • Sue, don’t you love it when you see something and it confirms what you’re thinking about doing. I used to pour through magazines for that reason. Now we can see it all online and find it much faster.

  17. Margo Kuhn says

    Adorable home. It has so much character. I really enjoyed looking at it.

  18. Cindy_FearlessDIY says

    Love this place!! Great style!! And the water views don’t hurt, right? πŸ˜‰

  19. Carol Cottrell says

    Susan, I cannot believe you have me hooked on this website! I just searched homes in our state and what a treat!
    Can’t wait to go to Savannah to check some out.


  20. LOL…I thought the same thing when I seen that fabric….Love this house…as well as the movie…I watched Sarah’s cottage transform..twice…it was just on HGTV again last week..or maybe the week before..they kinda blend into each other…they had that as a marathon…believe it was Tues morning…i make sure I’m up early when they’re having her on all morning…starts at 8 and runs til 12…I haven’t seen anything I didn’t like when it comes to her work..did ya see on facebook the pic she shared last week of herself with a couple…said it was from a new episode they were filming…caption said…I hope they like it…my comment was…how could they NOT.?.!!
    Hope your week is going well…….Belmont Stakes this Satur…wonder what the drink is for that one…we have the Sunflower here for the Preakness.

    • I missed it the first time but glad the reruns are online so hopefully I can see it all completed. That was a big undertaking. The only thing I wasn’t sure I liked was toward the end when they were building the building out front…what did she call it…a bunkie, I think. Anyway, it looked like it really blocked the view to the water, but I never saw it finished so not sure. How did it look Wende, could you still see the water?

      • Yep she said bunkie…and it turned out WonderFul..it was tucked away in a small surround of trees…not in the way at all…I’m interested in how they used the solar panels…that kitchen was Way nice to be on a solar “system”….the lamps in one of the bedrms are just like ones my friend had for sale in her shop…metal flowers that were painted…I just loved those..my friends came from her friends moving sale…you know how some people are in the place at the right time…that’s Regina…she has the best luck.

        • Well, now I really have to finish watching that episodes. Glad the bunkie didn’t block the view. It sure looked like it was going to there for a while, even with the lowered roof. I know, all the solar power was amazing, the way they set that up. I love those type lamps, too. Sounds like an Italian tole lamp…love those!

          • I just binged..the tole lamp..never heard of it…no wonder I love those..all it takes is the word..Italian…you’re right the ones I found look like the ones Regina got…yes..do watch those last episode’s you missed…you have to see the finished bunkie…I also love the way she and Tommy get along..they crack me up.!!

  21. Patty/BC says

    Jaw dropping! Love the paneled bedroom, ….. MINE! ; )

  22. Ah, to have money… there is just nothing better than the feeling of being in a beach house, large or small. The smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves and of course the sea gulls! *sigh*!
    Beth P

  23. What a BEAUTIFUL home! I LOVE the boat bed.
    We just got home from a 200 mile drive (roundtrip) to Sarasota, FL. I would LOVE to just LIVE on the beach…Maybe SOMEDAY!

  24. Susan a perfect waterside home. It would be a dream come true for me!
    I like that they kept it homey with the kids bedrooms bright and fun, not decorator done..

    2013 Designers Series
    Art by Karena

  25. Wouldn’t it be fun for all us to go up during the heat of summer? I bet you shiver all winter. Not too crazy about the boat bed, but when my kids were little they would have been fighting for that room. I would fight for the kitchen, and the dining room. It is to die for.

  26. Pam Smith says

    Susan, I’m a Sarah Richardson fan, too. Loved her series on her cottage. Still have them on my DVR . Love to refer back to them. The home you shared is beautiful. I could live there!! Thank you for sharing. Love home and garden tours whether online or in person. Pam

  27. What a lovely home! It was so fun to see “my” fabric on some chairs in another setting. Thanks for the tour, Susan.

  28. I LOVE Sarah’s shows on HGTV! She loves fabrics and it’s always fun to watch her combine patterns. She has a beautiful home.

  29. Susan,
    “Miss Mustard seeds fabric” was recently offered as curtains on the Joss and Main site as a curator event. They are not available now, but they were lovely. Thanks for the tour! πŸ™‚

  30. Debbie G says

    Love the boat bed. Is there storage under that? I would do that, I think. So cute for a little guy.

  31. This is one of the dream home. Having a home beside water is very peaceful and relaxing.
    I guess it’s not too late to dream. Lovely!

  32. The views from the master and living room are breathtaking! And I love the panels behind the bed as well. Thanks for sharing, Susan!

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