I’m Dreaming of a White Feather Christmas

Welcome to the 378th Tablescape Thursday!

Have you ever tried to take a photo of a cloud or a ghost? That’s a kinda how it felt this week as I tried to take pictures of this week’s table setting. lol Feather centerpieces can be a challenge!

I wish the chandelier didn’t hang down in the way, try to imagine this table without it there. I wish I had placed this setting outside on the porch but I wasn’t sure if the weather would be too cool, although some days we’ve had temps in the 70’s! Crazy Georgia weather!

Christmas Tablescape All in White


This time of year when the leaves have left the trees, the sun streams in through the bay window. It lights up some areas of the table and the tree, but leaves soft shadows across the top.

Christmas Table Setting in White with Feather Tree Centerpiece


Yesterday I mentioned I had purchased a platter while in Pienza, Italy in October.  I’ve been meaning to share it with you, but I keep forgetting each time I set a table in here. I finally remembered this time!

As soon as I returned home from Italy, I hung the platter here in the breakfast area of the kitchen. You can see it there across the room beside the door leading out to the screened porch.

Feather Tree for Christmas


They had so many beautiful platters and bowls, it was hard to pick just one. Going to Italy is torture for a dish lover. I could have spent a fortune there…so many beautiful hand-painted pieces!

I don’t think I’ve shared my photos from Pienza, yet. I need to do that because it was beautiful place! We actually had sunshine the day we visited there. I did share a few photos of Pienza in real time on Instagram, so if you follow Between Naps on the Porch on Instagram, you’ll find those here: BetweenNapsOnThePorch on Instagram

Decorative Platter from Pienza Italy_wm


This week’s table is all about pretty shades of white, silver and gold.

Christmas Table, Noritake Silver Palace and Crestwood Platinum Dishware


Noritake sent me these beautiful salad plates from their “Silver Palace” collection.

Christmas Table Setting with Silver Palace by Noritake


If you love them as much as I do, you’ll find them available here: Noritake Silver Palace Holiday Plates  (BNOTP readers get 20% off with the code BNOTP. Thanks to Noritake for offering that discount to BNOTP readers!) The dinner plate is Crestwood Platinum, another elegant pattern by Noritake.

Elegant Christmas Tree Plates Dinnerware by Noritake_wm


The flatware I’m using in our table today is one I found a couple of years ago. I don’t think it’s still available but I did find it still showing on the website where I purchased it here: Twig Flatware I used jingle bell napkin rings in silver and gold. I’ve had those so many years, hard to remember where I found them. I think it may have been Macy’s.

Twig Flatware in Silver, West Elm


I forgot to take a photo of the stemware but here’s one I snagged from a previous table setting. I found it in Marshalls a few years back. (see more of this table setting here: Christmas Tablescape with Magnolia and Nandina Centerpiece)

Santa Plates For Christmas


I love the feel of the kitchen at night lit up with just the light from the tree and a lamp I recently added to the counter.

Feather Tree for Christmas, Lit up at night


Merry Christmas to you, dear Friends! I love sharing this time of year with you!

Feather Tree Lit at Night


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  1. Susan, those dishes from Noritake are very pretty! Love your platter from Pienza. Sounds like all of us mixing and mingling here at Tablescape Thursday should NOT make a trek to Pienza. On the other hand, if we all go together, we could send a crate full of dishes back home!! Thanks for hosting us.

  2. SWOON Susan! Your table is beautiful with the light streaming in dancing across your table and equally stunning lit up! I love the reflection in your window of your tree!

  3. Elena Wortman says

    This is an absolutely beautiful table, Susan! I love the Noritake tree dishes, I may have to buy myself some :0)

    Yes, I agree, being in Italy is torture if you’re a dish lover. My husband and I have purchased many beautiful and unique pieces there, a few of them were actually custom-made for us.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely white tablescape. It’s absolutely perfect.

    • Thanks, Elena! I know…if I could have carried more back, I would probably have bought more pieces. I hand-carried that big platter in my carry on!

  4. What a beautiful table. I love those plates, and your white feather tree is gorgeous! They go so well together. Love your platter, too.

  5. Oh, Susan, this table is stunning. It is so elegant and the space looks like something right out of an ice palace. Your feather tree is perfect as a centerpiece. Love all your accents (napkins and napkin rings, flatware…..).
    Just lovely! Rosie

  6. Oh those Noritake Christmas plates are so pretty and the perfect accompaniment to your silvery tablescape. So elegant and serene. Thanks for hosting Susan. Hard to believe that Christmas is almost a week away. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. This table is so ethereal! Soft, and stunning! The salad plates are gorgeous, and I love the twig flatware and the stemware! Where did you get the lamp? I saw the same one on another blog and LOVE it!

    • Pinky, it’s HomeGoods. Linda, whose porch I’ve posted here on the blog before, just sent me photos of her Christmas porch. I’ll be sharing it in a post real soon.
      Anyway, she just got those lamps for her porch and when I saw them, I knew I had to have one. I thought I’d put it on my porch for Christmas but I like it too much here in the kitchen.
      If you want one, get thee to HomeGoods now because I’m sure they won’t last long. My HomeGoods is also a TJMax, so those stores may have it, too.

  8. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Stunningly exquisite! Where did you get that gorgeous tree?

  9. Hello Susan,
    where did you get the feather tree? Is it available on line?
    Your table setting is BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Hi Susan, your tree looks heavenly! Those salad plates are stunning! Everything is so elegant. Thanks for hosting a lovely party. Merry Christmas – Christine

  11. Beautiful table, Susan, and I LOVE those salad plates. It almost looks like the ornaments are 3D. This soft look is wonderful for the Christmas holidays when we might experience an overload of color. That feather tree is gorgeous and makes a perfect centerpiece. Love your plate from Italy too. Thank you for the linky.

  12. Beautiful. Elegant. Lovely.

  13. Jane Franks says

    Oh, Susan, this is so stunning and beautiful. . .and quiet! Like snow falling. I remember so many times, growing up, just watching the snow fall in wonder and catching the flakes on our coat sleeves — each one different. It was magical! ( I grew up in a Boston suburb — one of the ‘burbs! back in the 50’s/60’s when things were so still and beautiful at Christmas time!) This would make a wonderful New Year’s Eve setting, too!! Thanks for sharing and for the memory it evoked!!

  14. Oh, Susan, your tablescape is just gorgeous! Sparkly winter wonderland!!! I love your lamp too (winks slyly)!

  15. Very nice, Susan! It would transition well into a New Year’s setting. Two things in your pictures caught my eye… I notice you have shutters on your windows. I had not noticed them before, but love the look of shutters. Also, I was noticing the shelf under the glass on your wicker dining table; I don’t have anything specific in mind, but I was picturing an up-light there with some kind of translucent centerpiece… Hmm, I don’t know; what do you think?

  16. Jean Tucker says

    Susan, your table setting is stunning! If you want to temporarily shorten your chandelier, you can get a large S hook and put in one chain and lift it up to another chain and make the chain as short as you want it.
    Merry Christmas!

  17. Photographing white can be so hard! You have done a stunning job! Love the flatware. Love the plates. Love that last reflected shot. Thanks so much for hosting the party. Have a wonderful Happy Christmas!

  18. Beautiful wintry setting and fun feathery tree. And that platter looks great on the wall, almost like it’s spotlighted.

  19. Linda Palmer says

    A perfectly designed tablescape. Love the Christmas tree plates with their delicate design. It looks dimensional. Your last picture is beautiful, with the feather tree and lighted tree on the deck in the background. A work of art. Thank you for posting all your lovely designs, travel stories, as well as all the information you share. I love your blog.

  20. Marlene Stephenson says

    Your new platter is lovely,and i like the table setting. the plates of Christmas trees that are all glittery,in just all Christmas.

  21. Susan– that is a lovely table! Are you able to link to your plaid lamp? I went to my local HomeGoods and TJMaxx and the clerks at either store had never seen this lamp before….Thanks!

  22. Susan– are you able to link to that lamp? Neither my local HomeGoods or TJMax has seen these lamps. Thanks!

    • Maryjo, I don’t think they sell things online. I wish they did! The HomeGoods nearest me just got them in day before yesterday. When I purchased mine late that night, they told me they had just gotten them in that day. So, I wonder if your HomeGoods just doesn’t have it in, yet. Linda, whose porch I’ve featured here on the blog is the one who told me about them, so the HomeGoods in her area got them in before mine did. So, I’m wondering if your HomeGoods just haven’t gotten it in, yet.

  23. It’s fantasyland Susan! Love the all white palette, magical! The Noritake plates are gorgeous! You can enjoy the tree there all winter, not that you would ever leave anything in one place that long 🙂 It is always a special party when people are linking up their holiday best, thank you!

  24. Your table is a combination of so many beautiful elements! Thanks for hosting!

  25. I just saw these plates yesterday.

  26. The white feather tree and white Christmas table with those plates to go along, is simply stunning!
    Thank you for hosting this great party dear Susan.
    Merry Christmas,

  27. Susan, my first comment seems to have vanished!
    Pretty table with that fluffy white tree. Love the Silver Palace salad plates and the wonderful twig flatware.
    Merry, Merry!

  28. Gorgeous tablescape – love the feather tree centerpiece which is definitely over the top! Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful party each week throughout the year! Wishing you and yours, a very Merry Christmas!

  29. Merry Christmas, Susan. Your tablescape looks so magical…Christine

  30. This is so pretty and fantasy like! My cats would enjoy that tree too! Lol… The silver palace dishes are beautiful. Love the pretty Christmas tree plates. Merry Christmas Susan!

  31. Coveting the pinecone lamp, and the Noritake, and the snowflake glassware…it’s all gorgeous!

  32. I have never before seen a feather tree! I love the silverware! That look of branches is so cool!

  33. Does the Christmas tree have a cord and if so how to you manage/ hide that?Your tablescape is lovely and so fresh at this time of year!

  34. Good Merry Christmas…you’re killing me here with all this beauty!! THAT TREE IS A KEEPER!! Course, that platter isn’t a slacker either. BEAUTIES!! franki

  35. Wow, Susan, that’s SO beautiful!!

  36. bobbi duncan says

    Love this frosted winter wonderland table setting! I don’t have any china with silver to create this look…gave it to my children. Now I kind of wish I still had it because it goes so well with silver or mercury glass pieces. If Michael sees this, I know he’ll say “don’t get any ideas, lady, cause we still have more china than we even use nowadays”. Oh, well, I can dream about all the lovely tablescapes I could put together (sigh).

  37. Thanks Susan for such a thorough answer to my question. I also loved the little village tablescape. You are full of charming ideas!

  38. I love the look both day and night. Some days I just want to sit in the sun and soak it all up. I especially love the night look. So elegant. It’s a perfect look for a New Years Eve party. The plates are so pretty. Did anyone else notice that the ornaments give the 3D illusion? We sell the jingle bell napkin rings in gold. Not sure how many stores have them left.

    S/n: question for Christmas next year. I had this idea of putting candles with some kind of small garland or something on this as part of the center piece or an a mantel. What do you think? I’m getting the napkin rings that match for my nautical tablescape. Wrapping rope around them to look like boat chocks.


  39. Such an enchanting table scape! Am admiring the snowflake goblets and the plates from Noritake. Re the latter; here I was congratulating myself on ones that I found in Walmart recently that I purchased in the United States since they didn’t carry them here … ☺. (One in a reindeer pattern and the other with snowflakes to co-ordinate with my good Dinnerware that is plain white with gold banding.) That said; I hope you realize Susan what a ‘positive’ influence you have on your readers and in particular myself since as previously mentioned, I am currently surrounded with paint cans etc. and thus will not be hosting (again) this year BUT I had to haul out my place settings anyways to see what the new plates would look like and was delighted to find they will work quite well. -Brenda-

  40. I love this setting. All the white is so pretty and I love the plates. Merry Christmas Susan!

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