A Winter Tablescape With Snowman Spice Cake Centerpiece

Welcome to the 330th Tablescape Thursday!

My tablescape today is a winter themed table setting with a very special centerpiece. It’s so special that it’s practically invisible.

What? You don’t see it? It’s right there–on the pedestal in the center of the table. πŸ˜‰

I knew by the time the centerpiece I planned to use was ready, it would already be getting dark out. Since table settings look so much nicer in natural light, I took a few pictures mid-day, even though my centerpiece was still baking in the oven.

Snowman Themed Winter Table Setting


Remember the Snowman Cake Pan I purchased recently? I took it for a spin today. I learned a few things in the process and I’ll share those in a post real soon. In the meantime…

Snowman Cake Pan


…here’s how Mr. Snowman looked this evening. He was supposed to cool for 3-4 hours after baking but I sped that process up a bit by sticking him in the refrigerator. By the time he was ready for his place of honor in the center of the table, it was almost dark outside.

Snowman Themed Winter Tablescape


A snowman themed table setting works great anytime during the winter months. Plaid does, too!

Snowman Winter Table Setting Tablescape


I especially love using plaid during the wintertime when we need some color and coziness to offset the bleakness of the landscape outdoors.

Snowman Table Setting With Snowman Spice Cake Centerpiece


A picture added the following morning…

Snowman Table For Winter Dining_wm


I’ve had these snowman plates for many years. I’m not sure who the manufacturer is, the only thing on the back are the initials CR in an overlapping design. I think I found them in HomeGoods.

Snowman Plates for a Winter Tablescape


The plaid salad plates are from Williams-Sonoma this year. I already had plaid dinner plates as seen in this previous Christmas table setting: Dashing Through The Snow.  I didn’t have plaid salad plates and really wanted these particular plates because…

William Sonoma Plaid Salad Plates in a Winter Tablescape


…they are the same plaid pattern…

Tartan Bedding


…as my winter bedding. Yep, Williams-Sonoma even made dishware in this tartan pattern! They don’t mess around when they do a theme, do they?

Apparently, when WS does a pattern like this plaid, they offer it in different products for several years, then it’s discontinued and another pattern is introduced…at least that’s what I was told by a WS employee.

Tartan Plaid Bedding For Winter


The plaid tablecloth and napkins I used for this tablescape are actually a different pattern. They are from either Marshalls or HomeGoods several years ago. Fortunately, they worked well with the plaid salad plates from Williams-Sonoma.

I used mercury glass snowflake napkin rings for this table. You may remember seeing them in a previous tablescape I put together for a Christmas party with friends: A Christmas Dinner Party .

The twig flatware is from West Elm and has been used in many table settings here on the blog. I liked how it kind of mimicked the snowman’s broom.

Mercury Glass Snowflake Napkin Rings and Plaid Napkins


The glasses are by David Carter Brown and coordinate with his dish pattern called Christmas Valley.

Plaid Tablecloth for a Winter Tablescape


You may remember the Christmas Valley dishware from this outdoor table I created when I lost my mind during Atlanta’s Snowmageddon last winter. πŸ˜‰ Let’s hope we don’t have a another one of those again, although it was fun creating the table.

Winter Tablescape in Snow with David Carter Brown Christmas Valley Dishware


I didn’t have the Christmas Valley glasses last year so I used snowflake glasses from the dollar store, instead. I found the David Carter Brown glasses this past summer on eBay. I think they are also available at Replacements.com.

Snowy Table Setting for the Birds with Sakura, Christmas Village by David Carter Brown


Since it was fast getting dark out, I didn’t have time to get too fancy with Mr. Snowman. I needed to get cracking on some picture taking. So, I kept things simple and made a little confectioners icing in red for his buttons, mittens and holly berries, then mixed up some in black for his coal eyes, mouth and broom. If it hadn’t been getting so late, I think green would have been cute for the holly leaves. If Mr. Snowman doesn’t soak up all his powdered sugar snow overnight, I’ll take some daytime pics of him tomorrow and add them to this post.

Snowman Spice Cake Centerpiece


Here’s a better picture of Mr. Snowman this morning. I added a little green icing to his holly this morning.

Snowman Spice Cake


I’ll share some pics real soon showing how Mr. Snowman was made. I definitely learned some things in making him this time around, things I will do differently the next time. This would be a great cake to make for or with a child. They could even help with the decorating, too. Great winter activity!

Update: You’ll find the post showing how I baked this snowman cake centerpiece here: Make A Snowman Spice Cake

Snowman Spice Cake For Winter Table Setting in Plaid


It’s going to be a gorgeous day! Cold, but beautiful!

Winter Table Setting With Snowman Spice Cake Centerpiece


Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Lynn@Happier Than A Pig In Mud says

    I love your wintery table Susan, the plaid is beautiful and your snowman cake turned out really cute:@)

  2. hi Susan! Just love your sweet snowman cake! Too cute to eat! I too have been playing in the “snow” this week, in hopes of keeping the white stuff away this winter! Faux snow is my preference! Thanks for hosting, and have a great week and stay cozy~

  3. Denise Poling says

    Hi Susan,
    I love this table setting and especially the snowman! I’ve followed your blog for a few years now and you are always an inspiration to me. It’s -2 degrees here in northern WV this morning!

    • Thanks, Denise! Yikes! That is cold! I had a doctor’s appt. this morning and was shocked to see the temp was 23 at 10:30AM here…that’s cold for Georgia! Hello Winter!

  4. I love your snowman cake Susan, did he come out of his mould easily? So cute, well done.
    And as for the tartan, well what can I say πŸ™‚ it is lovely, but then maybe I am biased as I live in Scotland lol. I have recently covered a footstool in a dark green tartan, I almost gave up on it but glad I didn’t as I am very pleased with it. I am so into tartan at the moment. I love looking at all your designs for the table, I just wish I had space for storage to be able to do the same.

    • He did, he came right out. I used this special flour I’d never heard of before that was recommended in the recipe at the Williams-Sonoma site. It worked great. I have another pan similar to this one in a heart shape, it may be Nordic Ware, too. Each time I’ve used it, it always comes out easily, as well. I’ll share how I greased it tomorrow…and the flour I used. Those do make a difference, I think. I bet your footstool is wonderful! I need to cover an ottoman or footstool or something around here in plaid so I can have some out year around. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Ann!

  5. Love your snowman plaid table Susan and your snowman cake is adorable! I picked that pan up at WS and put it down twice, I have way too many cake pans that I store and only use on occasion but that one is still tempting me πŸ™‚ I think your snowman plates are Christopher Radko, they’re cousins to the Santa ones that I have like yours that also came from HomeGoods.

  6. Judith Ann from Cape Cod says

    Oh, Susan, you are so adorable and clever — love the broomware!

  7. Your snowman cake is wonderful! Love your table and everything looks perfect for a winter day.

  8. Linda Page says

    Susan, you are one talented lady. That is the cutest table setting ever! I adore the snowman cake. Just too cute. I agree that green on the holly would look good but Frosty is a cutie just like he stands!! This is a perfect setting for a frosty winter day. It is to be 19 degrees here in East Texas this morning but haven’t checked the news station to see if it is. Almost don’t want to know. I think I might have to get a snowman cake pan. That would look so cute with my winter dishes which are still on my table.

    • Wow! I don’t know what our low was but it was 23 at 10:30 AM…winter is here! I can see you making this snowman cake for one of your card-making gatherings at your home. πŸ™‚

    • Okay, he has green holly now. Check the post for an updated picture. lol He officially decked out! πŸ™‚

  9. Molly Tilson says

    Susan, that is the cutest table scape and the cake is darling. Does it taste as yummy as it looks? I think I may need to get a pan like that! What a happy setting! Stay warm!

    • The scrapes I had to cut off before I put him together were delicious. I dipped them in my left over confectioners icing. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Molly!

  10. Looks like we share a love for plaid! Beautiful! Thank you for hosting, once again!

    Pam (www.everydaydayliving.me)

  11. That snowman centerpiece is adorable! Love all the plaid too.

  12. Gorgeous Susan! I love the snowman tin, how cute is that, I’ve never seen one and now I’m gonna look for one. I love how it stands regally in the center of your pretty Winter setting. The dishes are so cute and the plaid tablecloth is perfect.
    I love this classic tartan and the bedrooms duvet is fabulous.
    Thank you for hosting again this year for us.
    May you have the best 2015, ever!

  13. This is so darling Susan! Where oh where do you get your energey to keep decorating? I really am looking forward to your thoughts on the snowman cake. I also bought this as an after Christmas sale, so I am ready to learn from you! Thank you so very, very much for all your inspiration and sharing! Big hugs for the New Year!!

  14. Hi Susan, LOVE the centerpiece cake! And your table is gorgeous! I love that it is getting dark outside in the background of the pictures, it makes the table stand out even more. As always, thank you for hosting.

  15. The Christmas plaid table cloth and napkins really set the stage for your beautiful pieces on the table. Good thing you saved the pictures of your snowman cake centerpiece for the end of your post. Once I got a glimpse of him that was all I wanted to see. How adorable is that cake! I’m off to WS to see if they still have that pan ~ love it! Vikki in VA

    • Aww, thanks Vikki! Someone said he was out of stock on the WS website a few days ago when I first showed the pan in a post, but I just checked and he’s not showing out of stock when I looked. So hopefully you found him. If they do show him in out of stock, google for “Nordic Ware Snowman Cake Pan.”

  16. What a delightful winter tablescape! What a great centerpiece the snowman cake made–you did a wonderful job decorating him. I love the plaid combined with snowflakes and the snowman plates–perfection! Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  17. Susan,
    your Mr. Snowman looks so much prettier than the one of that WS picture!
    So cute and… chubby… and he doesn’t tip forwards or backwards… I wonder how much does he weigh… lol
    Your table looks beautiful and I love those “smiling” snowmen plates and those glasses. Do they all show the same “Christmas Valley” or different ones? I can’t tell from the pics…
    ~Hugs to you~

  18. Well, how cute is that edible centerpiece! I love it, and your dishes are the perfect accompaniment. I love plaid! If you have breakfast in bed with these plates, you may not be able to find the plate when you’re finished! Thank you for hosting. laurie

  19. Christy Keyton says

    Well, that is just ADORABLE!! I have the Nordic ware wreath pan that I used to make a Christmas pound cake, but now I want this snowman pan!

  20. The snowman doesn’t even look like a cake – it looks like a wonderful decoration! Wow, I just love that pan and yours is so FROSTY!
    Your winter bedding just blows me away – I love it – so inviting for the cold months.
    Every time we have a big snowstorm I take photos of my table on the deck and one of these days I am going to do a tablescape in snow like yours. Hope 2015 is wonderful to you.

  21. Hi, Susan,
    Well, you’ve done it again! Your talent for inspiration never ends! I LOVE this table. Your dishes are perfect and I can’t say enough about your Snowman centerpiece! He is darling and I bet he will taste even better, if you have the desire for spice cake enough to cut into him! I can’t wait to hear about your experience making him: I’ve only ever used a simple bundt pan. Thank you for putting an early morning smile on my face with your happy table! Love the photo with the sun streaming in!! Rosie

    • I kind of hate to cut him. Rosie, I should invite some friends over this weekend so I’m not wearing him on my hips next week! Thanks, Rosie!

  22. I love it! The BEST snowman cake I have ever seen. Looking forward to hearing about the fun you had making him. I do enjoy your site and always look forward to an email in my mail box.

  23. I love it!!! I have so many of those type cakepans I dont think I have room for another………but I want that one too!!!

    • I know what you mean, Lisa…but I’m really glad I did get this one now that I’ve seen how it works. They are still on sale at Williams Sonoma when I checked earlier today…not trying to talk you into it, though! πŸ™‚

  24. I love your cake! What a fun idea for a dreary day!

  25. Good for you! So often, we buy things thinking we will use them for a t’scape but never do! You definitely got busy and made your snowman-cake centerpiece right away and it turned out wonderfully! Love the plaid – you are correct, it definitely makes winter feel more cozy seeing that lovely fabric around the home (love your bedroom too).

  26. THAT SNOWMAN CAKE turned out FANTASTIC!!! Aren’t you so pleased!! franki

  27. Love the snowman cake. So cute.

  28. What a fun and charming table! So cute…..thanks for sharing.!

  29. Susan, the table is adorable. I guess *Frosty* melted in the first photos!! πŸ™‚ Glad you revived him, because he is so cute.
    Your tartan tablecloth and napkins really set the stage for him. (err. you didn’t rob your bed did you?) πŸ™‚

    • lol…that’s it! He melted! πŸ™‚ Ha! No, not this time. I actually had a round, plaid tablecloth. I should have a “real” bedskirt soon though…seamstress will be coming out to measure next week. Yipee!

  30. Tamara Lin says

    Susan, I love this. So cute. Can’t wait to hear how you made the cake. Also, how did you serve it?? Happy new year!!

  31. Marianne in Mo says

    Love this landscape, I have a soft spot for snowmen! I’ll have to see about getting that mold! Too cute!

  32. Susan, the snowman cake is adorable. I may have to add this pan to our kitchen. It would be great fun to do this with my grand niece. Your tartan filled winter table is equally as adorable with those cute snowmen plates. This is inspiring me to let the snow people play on my table soon. Thanks for hosting. Stay warm and cozy while you nibble on that tasty snowman. ‘-)

  33. Oh my goodness Susan – that cake is beyond adorable! I think this is one of my favorite tablescapes yet….but I have a thing for snowmen. Lol

    The plaid is perfect winter back drop for it all. And I can’t say enough how much I LOVE love love the plaid bedding!!! Gorgeous. I just want to snuggle under that comforter!

  34. Love Mr Snowman cake & salad plates. Since your post with so many different place settings using plaid, I’ve been on the search for the WS Dinner & Salad Plates. Thank you again for inspiring & motivating us to set unique & pretty tables! 5 degrees here in western NC this AM but no snow πŸ™

  35. Actually, your outside tablescape in the snow is my all time favorite! (Interesting about the WS themes).

  36. Susan, he is too adorable. I hope you didn’t name him, or you will never be able to slice him up. When you bake another, you must paint his scarf in a (simplified) tartan pattern.

  37. The snowman cake turned out so pretty! I, too, love using plaid. I have 2 different sets of snow plates that I use in January and February. I will dig out the plaid napkins to use with them.

  38. Susan, I loved your tablescape today!!! You are so talented!! I received that snowman cake pan for Christmas this year and was a little afraid to try it. But it is so cute!!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the process of making the cake. Also, how in the world do you cut into it!!!
    Wishing you a very blessed 2015!!

    • Debbie, it works great! I’m going to try and post about it tomorrow. That’s a good question about how to cut it. I guess we would just lay Mr. Snowman down on a long platter and cut across…kind of like cutting a pound cake.

  39. Linda Louise S. says

    Love the snowman tablescape. I agree you can use it any winter month. I have a snowman collection which I put out after Christmas. I almost like them better than my Christmas decorations. Usually I leave them up until the end of February, adding some Valentine deco around the 14th. The tricky thing about snowmen deco is that you have to buy them before Christmas since snowmen are not a holiday. Thanks for hosting.

  40. Linda Page says

    Well, it only got to 21 degrees last night!!! I guess that is better than 19!! I saw on ABC GMA a picture of an Atlanta fountain completely frozen when they were doing the weather and thought of you and how perfect your table setting is for such a wintry day!

  41. We seem to be on the same page! I am in the midst of setting a table with snowflakes and plaid!!! I LOVE the cake!!! I think it turned out beautifully but will see what you would have done differently. I missed that outdoor table last year so am headed over there to look! Thanks so much for hosting, Susan!!!

  42. Susan Jones says

    Wow I cannot believe how perfect your snowman cake came out! Anytime I try doing something like that, it tears up coming out of the pan…….

    • These Nordic pans work really well…but there were a couple of things I did that helped make the cake fall it easily. I’ll share those in my post tomorrow. Thanks, Susan!

  43. Susan, you snowman looks so perfect that I thought you were going to tell us that you couldn’t get him out of the pan and you just put a “stuffed snowman” on the plate! He is gorgeous, and I have a thing for snowmen so I will have to find that pan! Can’t wait to hear the details on how you made him!

  44. I know I am dreadfully late but there have been so many decisions to make and my role here has become increasingly difficult. Do tell the ladies I would be sure to look forward to the next tea as I shall be prepared.

    Lady Mary

  45. Your cake came out so beautifully, Susan! I love it! A few years ago, I threw one of my daughters a cowgirl themed party, so I’d purchased a cake pan in the shape of a horse’s head. I’m afraid it came out looking like a huge lump of frosted I-don’t-know-what! Lol. I guess practice makes perfect….it was my first time trying something like that. Thank you so much for hosting!

  46. Thanks for the party Susan, I saw that snowman mold at WS and almost bought it, but I’m not much of a baker and wondered just how difficult the safe removal of the cake would be… I’m curious to hear how your experience with that was. Beautiful tabletop! Liz from http://www.HomeToCottage.com

    • Liz, I greased it with Crisco shortening and sprinkled in with Gold Medal Wondra flour and it came out great…no problem. Some folks say Bakers Joy works but I prefer using shortening with flour since that always works well for me.

  47. That snowman cake is just so so cute!! Love it as a centerpiece, I’m surprised you managed to keep from eating it the night you made it!

  48. What a darling table, Susan. I have a soft spot for snowmen… and I love the red plaid with all of them!

  49. bobbi duncan says

    What a great table setting! Mr. Frosty is just too sweet ( no pun intended), and the tartan —well, no more needs to be said. I am always amazed that you keep coming up with such lovely ideas, and all of them so perfect; my mind is not that imaginative to come up with so many variations so I’m glad to be able to garner so many ideas from you, creative one.

  50. I think this is my favorite..I love them all but there is something about the plaid table cloth that I love. You have inspired me!

  51. Absolutely no one does a tablescape like you! Love the plaid and the snowman. Can’t wait to get the details on how you made him!

  52. Absolutely Adorable!!! Love the snowman theme and all your beautiful tableware. What an incredible job you did on the Snowman cake.

  53. crumpety cottage says

    Susan, Mr. Snowman is so cute! Seriously, he looks so much cuter than the box even made me think he would! I truly am very impressed that he came out so well. Had I made him, he probably would have been missing half a head, and possibly assorted other appendages. πŸ˜€ Considering this was your first time making him, it’s especially impressive.

    You know I’m a plaid girl and I also love winter, so this cute tablescape is right up my alley. I just don’t know if Mr. Snowman would stand a chance in my hands. I sure would love to give it a try though. Thanks for ‘documenting’ his birth, lol. Great instructions and tips. πŸ™‚

  54. You didn’t give yourself enough credit! Isn’t this your 330th Tablescape Thursday (you posted 230th). Whatever the number, your tablescapes are always enjoyable, different and elegant. Your snowman cake is far better than the WS snowman! I think if they used your picture on their cake pan, they would sell even more!

    • Oh my goodness, you’re right! Thanks for catching that…I just fixed it. πŸ™‚ I wonder when I would have realized. Met Monday and Tablescape Thursday are 20 weeks apart since I began MM 20 weeks after TT.
      Thanks, Linda! He was so much fun to make. I want to make another one now that I’ve learned some things. πŸ™‚

  55. I was going to put my plaid away. After reading this post, I have decided to keep mine out! Very inspiring!

  56. Dear Susan, this is such a cute centerpiece! Thanks for providing us with these details, as always. A question: how will you go about slicing this cake, in preparation for serving it? Will you leave it upright and slice pieces off it? Lay it down and slice it? Take the halves apart, then slice it? Inquiring minds want to know! :). Thanks again, Lodi.

    • Thanks, Melodi! I ended up laying him down on his back on a long platter and cut slices starting at the bottom working toward the top. That worked well. When you slice through, you have one piece with icing down the center where it’s joined. You can leave it that way or break them apart. We scooped up some of the powder sugar (snow) from the little pedestal he had been staning on and sprinkled it on the pieces after cutting them. It’s a good recipe…I loved the flavor!

  57. I work at WS. I changed my mind and didn’t get the Twas Plates or the plaid plates that I was planning to buy last time I got paid because I thought oh I just don’t feel like more Christmas dishes. DOH!!(Homer Simpson) Duh Jeri. Plaid is a winter pattern, not just for Christmas. The things I talk myself out of. Next year? Nope Nope Nope!! Getting them ALL!!

    • Jeri, I know that feeling. I’ve done that before, talked myself out of something then regretted. I bet they’ll have them again next year. I would be in so much trouble if I worked in either WS or Pottery Barn. I’d never earn anything, would just be turning around and spending it each week. πŸ™‚

      • pam crumpety says

        Haha, Susan. That’s not a bad idea! You could get all sorts of items for your table-scapes and decorating projects and at least come out even. πŸ™‚

  58. Guess who rewarded herself with 6 plates and a snowman cake pan? This girl!!
    $4.97 a plate and $9.99 for the pan! I couldn’t help myself because I kept thinking of your table as I passed the sale table. LOL! Ok no more for the rest of the month. I promise.
    And once again, thanks for the idea and this post.

    • Jeri, I needed to read something light-hearted today. Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so glad you got one of those pans…you will love it! XO

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