All My Cleaning Favorites Together in One Post!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten several emails from BNOTP readers asking about a particular cleaning product I’ve shared in the past in a previous post. In today’s post, I’m pulling them all together in one place, so this will be a great post to bookmark for future reference.

These are my absolute favorites, the ones I use every day and always meet my high expectations. Hope you find this post helpful for your cleaning needs!

NOTE: Click the title of the product for more information and to access that product.

Weiman Stove Top Cleaner

This is the product I use to clean my smooth cooktop. I spray it on, let it stay on for a few minutes, then wipe it off. It works really well!


Granite Cleaner

I’ve been using this granite cleaner for years in my kitchen and it works great. I also like their “polish” product.


Goo Gone

Goo Gone is great for removing sticky residue left behind after removing a price sticker or label from a plate or a glass container. It’s about the only thing I’ve found that will get rid of it without tons of scrubbing.


Weiman Leather Wipes

Love these for how well they work and how convenient they are to use. I’ve used them to clean stains from leather shoes and I regularly use them on my nicest handbags to clean away any smudges, especially on the corners of the bags. Very pleased with how well these leather wipes work!




Recently I was asked what vacuum I use in my home. I really like this vacuum because of two main features: It uses disposable bags so there’s no disgusting canister to empty AND the electrical cord rewinds at the press of a little pedal. I really dislike having to empty a canister and seeing the yucky stuff I just vacuumed up! Arggg. Plus, I can’t stand wasting time winding up a cord every time I vacuum. So this vacuum does a great job and meets those other two criteria.

I liked this vacuum so much, I purchased two—one for the main level and one for the upstairs. I love not having to haul the vacuum up and down the stairs and feel it’s much safer, too!


Weiman Wood Floor Cleaner

I often mop my hardwood flooring with a lightly damp mop, just dampened with water. But every now and then I will use this Weiman product if I feel the water isn’t enough. It does a great job!


Mill Creek Shampoo

This is my absolute favorite shampoo…been using it for years. I love how gentle it is on color-treated hair…highly, highly recommend it.


The Original Bee’s Wax

This is the furniture polish I’ve been using now for many, many years. I discovered it a few years back while antiquing. The antique shop owners raved about it and said it was the only thing they used on the antique furniture.

I’m picky about what I put on my furniture and I’ve been very pleased with this polish. It leaves furniture looking absolutely beautiful and I really like that there’s no issue of wax buildup. It’s available here where you can also check out the awesome reviews: The Original Bee’s Wax.

The Original Bee's Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish


Stainless Steel Cleaner

This is my absolute favorite cleaner for stainless steel. I don’t have stainless appliances in my kitchen, but I used to have a stainless steel grill and it worked great on it and made it look brand new. I also use it on a large, floor standing, stainless steel tool chest in my garage. That’s when I first discovered this cleaner–when I was looking for something to clean all the fingerprints off the chest. It was driving me crazy since the chest is the first thing I saw each time I pulled into the garage.

You can see how it worked on my tool chest in this previous post: How to Clean Fingerprints Off Stainless Steel & Leave a Lustrous Shine. Definitely, an awesome product if you have stainless steel appliances…the reviews really tell the story for how well it works. You’ll find it available here: Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish


The Laundress Delicate Wash

I wash all my nice shirts, sweaters, dresses, etc… by hand. This is the product I use for the items I wash by hand (excluding wool & cashmere) and it works beautifully! Recently I used it to wash two Hermes silk twilly scarves I purchased on eBay. Unfortunately, the seller didn’t reveal in the listing that the twillies were dirty and stained.

They came out looking brand new after soaking for a few minutes in this Laundress Delicate wash. Definitely will never be without a bottle…love it! It’s available here: The Laundress Delicate Wash.


The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo

I do not care for the way clothes look after they’ve been dry cleaned. I haven’t been to a dry cleaner in many years. I use this Laudress product for all my wool/cashmere sweaters and they turn out beautifully. You’ll find ts available here: The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo.


Drying Rack

This is the rack I use for drying sweaters that I hand wash. I love how the legs fold up when it’s not in use so I can tuck behind the laundry room door for storage. You’ll find this rack here: Drying Rack.


Color Catchers saved a favorite shirt from ruin. I thought I was going to have to throw it out, but amazingly it removed all the color bleed! You can see how it worked in this previous post: How Shout Color Catcher Saved My Favorite Shirt.

After that experience, I was in awe of this product! I don’t know how it works, but I use it religiously now when washing clothes that I fear may bleed or run, even when washing them by hand. Amazing stuff! It’s available here: ColorCatcher.


Super Cleaner

This is my miracle product when I need to clean something that I don’t think is saveable or cleanable. You can see how it worked to get denim transfer off the white chair in my home office in this previous post: My Absolute Favorite Cleaner for Removing Denim Transfer Stains.

It also worked great on the leather seats in my car. I’ve used it to clean mildew off the paint on the screened porch. It will clean just about anything as you can see in the description and reviews here: Super Cleaner. Pretty amazing stuff!

Super Cleaner for Leather Seats Upholstery and Carpet, Works for Denim Transfer

Eye-Vac Vacuum Cleaner

I still love my Eye-Vac Vacuum for sweeping my kitchen and screened porch floor when I don’t want to take the time to pull out my vacuum. I keep mine connected in my kitchen fulltime since that’s the room I most often need to sweep, but it could be used anywhere. I’ve been thinking about buying a second one for the upstairs since I use this one so much downstairs.

If there are certain rooms in your home (like the kitchen) that you prefer to sweep often in between regular vacuuming, you’ll find this vacuum here: Eye-Vac Vacuum Cleaner

Eye-Vac Vacuum Cleaner, Great for Kitchens



I love this guy for mopping, especially for cleaning my screened porch flooring. I hate handling or squeezing out a disgusting, yucky mop. I’ve found the Mopnado to be a big time saver, as well. You can read more about it where I purchased mine here: Mopnado.

Mopnado Mopping System


Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

This is the system I use for cleaning all my bathrooms. I don’t have a housekeeper and do all the cleaning myself so I’m always looking for ways to make it go faster and easier. I love this product so much, I have one in each of my three bathrooms.

I also love how I no longer have to store a yucky toilet brush scrubber, this is so much more sanitary! You just pop on a cleaning sponge, clean away, then press a button to dispose of the sponge right into the trash. All you’re left to store is the nice, clean handle. So much better! Whoever thought of this product is a genius! You’ll find it here: Disposable Toilet Cleaning System.


Pumice Cleanser

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you clean your toilet, there’s still a faint line/shadow that seems to never come out? I’m guessing that is caused by the minerals in our water. My friend, Teresa, told me about this amazing trick for getting rid of that faint ring. She said that it normally lasts for about 6 months before it comes back again. I tried it several months ago and she was right! It worked great and stayed gone for many months. Love how this works!

Magic Eraser

I think everyone has probably heard about the Magic Eraser by now. I love these! Not only do they get marks off walls, I’ve also used them on white cabinetry with great success. You just need to go slowly since they are super effective. I always keep these on hand, they are amazing! You’ll find them here: Magic Eraser.Magic Eraser


Update: Thanks to Ginger for sharing in the comments that Magic Eraser now makes Cleaning Sheets. Has anyone tried those? I think I’ll order some to try. You’ll find those here: Magic Eraser Cleaning Sheets.



Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

I adore these microfiber cleaning cloths, mainly because they are like a sponge in cloth-form. In the past, when I wiped down the furniture on my screened porch, it would take many trips back and forth to the sink to rinse out the rag I was using. Or, I’ had to take a big bucket of water out onto the porch to rinse the rag in.

I don’t know how these cloths do it, but they hold a ton of water. Now I just wet 4-5 of them and head out to the porch and wipe down everything in one trip. I also use these in my kitchen for wiping down the counters and other surfaces.

They last a long time, I’m still using the first batch I purchased back in September 2017. I liked them so much, I bought some for my daughter-in-law. I noticed the last time I visited, she was using them in her kitchen. You’ll find them here: Cleaning Cloths.

They are also excellent for wiping off messy little hands and faces…had plenty of experience with that while visiting my grandchildren. 🙂

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


Silver Polish

My absolute favorite silver polish and the only one I use for polishing silverplate or my sterling silver flatware is Hagerty. I’ve been using their products exclusively since I discovered that’s the only thing a very well-respected silver shop in Atlanta uses. They highly recommended it and I love how well it works.

They have several products. I use their regular silver polish found here: Silver Polish.


Spray Silver Polish

I also love their spray silver polish, it’s probably the one I use the most. I love how it gets down into the grooves and designs in ornate silver pieces that are hard to reach with regular silver polish. You’ll find the spray silver polish available here: Spray Silver Polish.

Tip: Always wear a mask when using the spray polish, just to be safe. I always wear a mask when using any spray products.

Silver Jewelry Cleaner

Hagerty also makes a cleaner for silver jewelry available here: Silver Jewelry Cleaner. I’ve never used it but since I trust and like their other products, I’m going to order some to try.

Silver Jewelry Storage Keeper

Once your jewelry is clean, this is the best method I’ve found for storing silver jewelry to keep it from tarnishing and needing repeated polishing. I have this jewelry storage system and love it! Since I’ve started keeping my jewelry in this silver jewelry keeper, my silver jewelry has stayed beautifully clean.  You’ll find it available here: Silver Jewelry Storage Keeper.

Jewelry Storage for Sterling Silver and Silverplate Jewelry



Another cleaner I’ve been using recently is this Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner. I picked it up in the checkout lane in Marshall’s and used it recently to clean the ceiling fans on the screened porch. It did a great job, I was very impressed by how powerful it was since it more of a natural product with “plant-derived” cleansers per the label.

I’ve had bad luck with “natural” products in the past, finding them weak and ineffective, but this one definitely is not weak. It worked great and will minimal scrubbing. You’ll find it available here: Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner.


I’m sure I’m going to be adding to this post as I remember other products that I use regularly in my cleaning here around the house. I hope you find this post helpful!

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  1. Great list, Susan! I use a lot of these and others have piqued my interest. What does the delicate wash smell like? I can’t handle anything perfume-y or floral. They quit making my delicate wash (Delicare) and I don’t like the way Woolite smells. I too think the toilet wand is much more sanitary.

    • Thanks, Sandy! The delicate has a pleasant, light fragrance that you notice when you’re washing the clothes, but I’ve noticed it at all when the clothes were rinsed out or when they are dry. So it’s nothing that lingers. It smells good when you’re washing the clothes, or it does to me…very clean.

  2. That EyeVac caught my eye but the shipping to Mexico is $87.00! I could really use that with 4 dogs.

    Have you tried the new Magic Eraser wipes? I haven’t but they might be good for hard to reach places.

    Thanks for a great list.

    • Those look interesting, I hadn’t seen those before. I need to check them out! Thanks for sharing those Ginger, I’ll add them to this post.
      Wow, that’s some crazy shipping costs, I’m surprised they don’t have a better way of shipping things so they don’t cost so much.

  3. Susan I can’t read on the vacuum what the brand is. Not that I do much
    vacuuming but sometimes my cleaners don’t come. Thank you.

    • Sure, it’s by Panasonic.

      • I also have 2 of these Panasonics. I also abhor bagless vacuums and filters you have to wash. Gross. This is the vacuum my local independent vacuum shop recommended. This shop also had the most Orecs in for repair.

  4. Any suggestions for product that will help remove dog hair from a micro-suede sofa? We have a new Golden Retriever puppy who loves to rub against our family room sectional.

    A bit off topic but since you shared the silver jewelry holder…what about options to store my makeup in (right now its all over the bathroom counter…I try to keep it in makeup bags BUT then I cannot find anything and by the time I Do, I am running late……and the cycle starts again…help

    • This cordless vacuum has great reviews for pet hair:
      Also, if it doesn’t work as you wish, you should be able to easily return it since it’s a Prime item. But the reviews sound really good for pet hair.

      I’m not sure if this is helpful, but at home I keep my makeup in one of those clear plastic organizers that let you stand all your makeup upright…something like the ones you see on this page:

      I bought mine at Marshalls but I like some of the ones I see on that page even better.

      If you want something smaller where you can see all your makeup at a glance, this works great for at home and for travel. Plus, you can tidy everything up quickly:

  5. Thanks for sharing practical information on such a nice variety of products. Some have been my longtime favorites like the Magic Eraser and Weiman glass cooktop cleaner, but I didn’t know about the Magic Eraser sheets. Ill be trying some of the other products. I trust your reviews and appreciate your opinion.

  6. What do you use on windows?

  7. BEST POST!!

    I just woke up this a.m. thinking I need more of those amazing toilet bowl cleaning heads – awesome tip!

    Also I just bought a new car and love any and all tips on cleaning it well. 🙂


    • A shop vac works great for vacuuming them out. I bought my son one from HomeDepot that has a big variety of attachments designed just for vacuuming out a car.
      I’m kinda lazy when it comes to car cleaning and just take my car to a local handwash car wash every so often, but if I were to clean it at home, I would use the Car Guys products because I really LOVE their super cleaner that I linked to in this so post. It’s excellent! Wendy, you can see all the Car Guys products on this page and read the reviews.

      I noticed the reviews look amazing for all their products and I can definitely testify to how awesome their Super Cleaner works, so I wouldn’t hesitate to try some of the others.

  8. Solid information! I can swear for the Bee’s Wax Furniture Cleaner–it is the absolute best and the Clorox Toilet Wand and cleaners! Godsends! Going to try some of the others like the granite cleaner. I also recommend Cinch for mirrors, windows and general cleaning where you would use a windex type of spray. I have a hard time finding it in the stores around here but when I do I load up!

  9. Thank you, Susan, for all these great recommendations! I have to share a giggle I had this morning while looking at your post. I clicked on “Disposable Toilet Wand” (I’m interested in this!) and Amazon mentioned that “Gift Wrapping was available” . Just made me laugh. Have a great day and thank you for organizing all these great items in one post.

    • lol That’s funny! I can def recommend it for cleaning bathrooms, but not for gift-giving! Ha! Ha! Ha! Nice to know they offer gift wrapping, though…just in case. 😉

      • I don’t know….a gift of the Toilet Wand could be nice from someone who buys and gives just to have a lot of presents at Christmas. I could use one!! lol I now use the Scrubbing Bubbles Diesposable ones which are similar.

  10. Thanks Susan, But how do you clean the screens on your beautiful porch-We’ve tried hosing with just Dawn but still leaves stuff behind, any suggestions?

    • I should probably take them down and out to the driveway and hose them down out there since they are removable. But I’ve never actually done that. I always just wet some of the microfiber cloths I linked to in this post and gently wipe them with the cloths. I get a ton of dirt off that way and they always look much clearer/see-through afterward. You just have to be careful to not press very hard on the screening.

  11. Jane Kelly says

    I still use one of the tips my mother-in-law gave me when I first got married to take grease out of clothing before putting them in the wash – a little squirt of lighter fluid. I know it sounds crazy and I’ve found that I usually have to put a little spray ‘n wash over it to keep it from making a ring – but it’s the only thing I’ve found that truly gets rid of either cooking, food or any other kind of grease or oil from clothing. Even after it goes through a dryer.

  12. Excellent post – quite a few of those I use already but never even heard of the neat throw away toilet bowl cleaner – hate to fill landfills with that kind of stuff but actually not sure my loathing of the gross disgusting brush is stronger than my love of mother Earth on this one, haha. I have it in my Amazon cart now – may have to pull the plunger (haha pun intended.)

    Have you ever used Meier’s cleaning products? Not sure I am spelling it right but it seems to be all the rage. Also there is Thieves cleaning products – curious on that too. I own Young Essentials ( I think that’s the name) best room infuser and love it when the heating is running – gets so dry – but I put away in summer ‘cuz humidity is no problem here OR there in summer, right? If you don’t have one put it on your must have for Christmas or birthday or get yourself cuz ya don’t know you need it till you get it and wish you’d have just gotten years ago. : – )

    • I am using Young Living’s Thieves cleaners exclusively. I am terribly picky about what comes into my house, and I convinced that what we use to clean our house, among other things directly contributes to our health. That said, there are a few things I still use (the Clorox toilet wand is one of them, Windex, my laundry detergent, and my silver polish). I am finding that baking soda and lemon juice, with a bit of elbow grease are excellent for cleaning. I have not ever had an issue with “natural” cleansers not working. I think you are referring to one of YL’s diffusers. They are awesome! They have made the difference in getting through Oklahoma’s springs and winters with no flu or allergy issues.

  13. You have to be the only person I know who would bother to clean a tool box!!! But thanks for all the great tips!

  14. MaryEllen says

    Susan, thank you for this list of favorites in one post. You keep me up to date on the latest products and what you consider the best.

    Would you please tell me the brand of curler/dryer you use that has been mentioned in the past? TIA.

  15. Hi Susan, I love your product reviews! I ordered the car cache you reviewed in another post and absolutely love it. I was so tired of putting my purse on the back seat floor when I had passengers in the front seat and having it slide away and spill items. It was hard to reach too. The car cache fits beautifully in my Outback Subaru. I liked it so well I ordered three more to give to my niece and sister-in-laws. Yours was the first blog I found and read many years ago and I am so glad you are still blogging. I have a green box that shows up on my blog posts now and I have been unable to remove it so I’ve lost interest in posting because of it.

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