An Autumn Table with Woodland Friends

Welcome to the 412th Tablescape Thursday!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on the decorating trends post. I really enjoyed reading those! I purposely sat on my hands and didn’t comment/reply because I wanted to hear your thoughts and opinions.

One thing I did want to mention, from reading the comments on that post, it sounded like a few folks thought the compiled list I included in the post was my list and my opinions. It wasn’t. In fact, some of the decorating styles/ideas in the list are things I like and have in my own home. So, please don’t shoot the messenger! πŸ˜‰ If you missed that previous post, you’ll find it HERE.

Tablescape Thursday

This week’s tablescape was created as inspiration for fall entertaining and dining. I debated on whether I should share this table now or wait another month or so, but I decided to go ahead and share it now so if you like the dishware as much as I do, you’ll still be able to find it. 

Fall-Autumn Tablescape Ideas for Entertaining


This table was inspired by some salad plates I bought recently. Since I have a lot of dishware, I have to really, really love a pattern to buy it these days.

Table Ideas for Fall-Autumn


In this picture below, you can see just a hint of the plates that stole my heart and wouldn’t let go.

For napkin rings I used the antler ornaments I found for $1.99 in Walmart years ago. They are a big hint to how the salad plates look. πŸ™‚

The antlers are actually Christmas ornaments and are connected with jute yarn. They came as a set and I just wrapped them around the napkins and overlapped them to hold the napkin. You’ve seen me do this in previous tables if you’ve been reading BNOTP for very long.

Linen Napkins with Velvet Edging, Paisley Napkins


I’ve also separated the antlers and used them as place card holders in previous table settings as shown below. Shop the ornament isle at Christmastime for unique, inexpensive ornaments that can be converted into one-of-a-kind table accessories.

Antler Placecard Holder for Table Setting


I decided to go with red flatware for this fall table setting. (Flatware is available here: Red Flatware for Fall.)

I love these rattan chargers and find myself using them a lot during the fall season. They are available here: Rattan Chargers

The red, velvet-edged napkins are from Pier 1 several years ago and the paisley napkins are from either Marshall’s or HomeGoods, can’t remember which now.

Red Flatware for Autumn Tables


So here they are, the salad plates that stole my dish-loving heart. I love deer and love birds. The whimsy of this pattern combining the two made me laugh. I just couldn’t stop looking at them! I really love how they look with the autumn leaf dinner plates I already had.

Autumn Table, Salad Plates with Deer and Birds


These adorable deer salad plates are available here: Deer with Birds

Deer with Birds in Antlers Plate


I’ve had these beautiful leaf designed plates for several years now. They must be a great seller because they are back again this year for autumn. You’ll find them here: Autumn Leaf Plates

Fall Dishware with Autumn Leaves


The leaf glasses are from Dollar Tree several years ago. The wine goblets were another bargain find in A Classy Flea several years back.

For the centerpiece, I baked up a batch of those yummy Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls I shared in a post a few weeks ago. These things are so good and so addictive. You’ve been warned!

The ribbons I already had, collected in sales over the years from places like Michaels and Wal-Mart. I used two ribbons here…

Centerpiece Ideas for an Autumn Table


…but here’s how the server lid looked with just one ribbon. I was curious how it would look and tried it both ways just for fun. Which way do you like best: one ribbon or two?

I wish I’d had two cans of the cinnamon rolls to bake. Wouldn’t they look amazing piled up really high under the dome lid on this server? I’m going to have to try that sometime, just to see how it looks–you know for tablescaping research purposes only. πŸ˜‰

Fall Decorating for an Autumn Tablescape


As I was pulling out my fall leaf dinner plates, I came across several sets of salt/pepper shakers that I’ve collected over the years. I decided to place them all around the base of the server.

Create a pretty table for fall entertaining


This cheeky little guy is holding one acorn of salt and another one filled with pepper.

Trader Joe's Cinnamon Rolls in Autumn Table Setting


I’ve had him so long, hard to remember where I found him. I think it was in the gift shop of a Cracker Barrel.

Squirrel Salt Pepper Shakers


These sweet salt and pepper birdies fit in with today’s woodland theme. They look as if they could have flown right off the salad plates.

There’s one more set of salt/pepper shakers on the table. They look like leaves, do you see them? No shortage of salt and pepper on this table!

Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers


A birds-eye view…

Fall & Autumn Table Setting Ideas


Hope you enjoyed this autumn inspired table. Now back to summer in all its awesomeness!

Looking forward to all the beautiful tables posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Table Ideas for Fall-Autumn


Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Susan, Thanks for the smiles and surprise when you removed the napkin for the reveal! I’ve admired those Alexander the Deer salad plates too πŸ™‚ Your squirrel salt & pepper shaker holding the acorns is the cutest! Bring on fall…I’m beyond ready to escape the summer heat and humidity!

  2. This table is gorgeous! I love autumn colors and nature themes. Your plates are beautiful, and the salt and pepper shakers are adorable. I like the double ribbon on your dome lid because they add to the lush and bountiful feel of your table. I am so ready for fall — we are just starting to feel a hint of coolness in the air in our part of Georgia. It would be more enjoyable if it weren’t still so humid!

    • Thanks, Cee! After having August weather all summer, we are finally seeing a few milder temps here, too. We’re having June weather in August. lol I know, it’s the humidity that makes it really feel so hot.

  3. When I saw the post title I thought, Susan, you’re kill in’ me! Because it’s so blazin’ hot in SO FL with no relief till we head north in late Sept but now am so glad I can get those plates so thank you! Pier 1 is just around the corner from us. Have you ever done a post on storing your dishes? Would love to see that.

    • Thanks, Pamela!

      I have a long time ago. I think I have that post linked in this post:

      In a nutshell, they are just stored in kitchen and laundry room cabinets, the porch and dining room hutch/china cabinet, and a dish closet that I made here:

      You can see the flatware storage here:

      • I’d love to know, do you ever store dishes in your basement? When you show pictures of it, like when you were building that potting cart, it looks so huge and empty, I would of put stainless steel shelving and packed it tight! I dream of having more space to store my collection of dishes in places I could access them easily, instead of being stacked and “hiding” in back of cabinets!

        • No, I don’t want to have to haul dishes up from the basement. Knowing me, I’d probably drop them and break them coming up the steps.
          I wish I had a large dish pantry where I could store everything together. Right now it takes me a while sometimes to find what I want to use, have to remember which pantry it is stored in. I need to cull through and get rid of the sets I don’t often use. Just worried I’ll get rid of something I’ll need later and wish I had kept.

          • Susan, I, too, have nearly as many dishes as hairs on my head! I gave away about 14 boxes of dishes I have bought and don’t use much. I considered selling on eBay, but after many years of doing so, just didn’t have the heart for it. I decided to pass them on and let them bless someone else. LOTS of someones! Ha! I’ve decided if I buy more, an equal # must go. It’s rather ridiculous here! But how I love to set beautiful or fun tables.

          • Susan, I, too, have nearly as many dishes as hairs on my head! I gave away about 14 boxes of dishes I have bought and don’t use much. I considered selling on eBay, but after many years of doing so, just didn’t have the heart for it. I decided to pass them on and let them bless someone else. LOTS of someones! Ha! I’ve decided if I buy more, an equal # must go. It’s rather ridiculous here! But how I love to set beautiful or fun tables. And BTW, I like both ribbons on your domed cake plate.

  4. Hi Susan! I am joining Tablescape Thursday today! I always look forward to your porch and your tablescape settings! You provide such beautiful inspiration and ideas! Hope you are enjoying a great summer and am loving your fall ideas! Big Texas hugs!

  5. What a gorgeous inspired fall table, Susan. I’m obsessed with Pier 1. They are my go to store for the home. I purchased the Asheville Leaves dinnerware several years ago, and I’ve gotten lots of complements. I saw the Alexander the deer salads plates just recently, and I too thought about purchasing them. They’ll be going on sale when they start bring out Christmas. It’s not to early to think about Fall!

    • Thanks, Nancie! I know, that is a dangerous store for me! lol I love so many things that they have in this fall, including the gold twig flatware.

  6. We’ve gotten in pumpkin and the new sunflower botanical dinnerware, which I really like because it matches the acorn plates better. And pumpkin breads and butter, apple cider, mulling spice….. and I’m not ready!!!!

    s/n: I think I have finally gotten enough items to start a Virginia Tech Tablescape for September to start football season. But I need so much more. LOL

    Also if you get a chance, try the pumpkin mole sauce. We had tacos in a technique class last year with it and everyone loved it.

  7. I love all the plates…. Autumn is my favorite time of year – Throughout the years – I too have collected different fall plates. I adore your tables capes – but find the occasion to “set” the table only comes along once in a while… Thanksgiving is one of those occasions – It is our one BIG family get together, and everyone loves the tables all set, so, I have had to accumulate enough in the way of fall table settings to accommodate between 16 to 24 ( one continent of the family only comes every other year)

    Thank you – what with the temperatures soaring into the 90’s here today – it is wonderful to think that fall is on it’s way….

  8. I love those plates!! I have the picture from Pier 1 also. We have downsized and built our retirement home on the lake and I am decorating using the nature theme – deer, birds, squirrels. This will be my next purchase from Pier 1. Thanks!!

  9. Happy Thursday Susan! It seems like everyone is wishing for a little fall about now, and your table captures it perfectly! I can almost smell the cinnamon rolls, and I can’t decide if I like 1 ribbon or 2 but I love the idea of a giant pile under the cloche! Thanks for the hospitality-

  10. Oh, Susan, I just love everything about this tablescape. It’s beautiful and so charming. I’d love to sit down with you and enjoy one of those delicious looking cinnamon rolls.
    I’ve been having a rough three days and when I saw your email and the picture and came on your blog it made me feel so much better. You’ve brightened up my day. Thank you.

    • I’m sorry, Anne. I hope things turn completely around. Weeks like that are tough. Glad this table helped a little…big hugs sent your way!

  11. Love the table setting. Where did you get the autumn leaves scattered over the table. They look like they could be used year after year.

    • Thanks, Barbara! I think the really large green leaves came from Williams-Sonoma many years ago. They are food-safe and were designed to use underneath cheeses and such on a buffet.
      The smaller, colorful leaves were inside a small bag I had never opened. I think I bought those in a craft store, like Michaels.

    • Michaels usually has a bag of leaves without the spines on an end cap.

  12. What a fun table. Your collection is outstanding. Two ribbons are always better than one. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for hosting our addiction.

  13. I love the fall season, and love your tablescapes! I am new to the blog, but have thoroughly enjoyed it!

  14. Susan! I have those plates! I got the dinner plates last year and just got the salad plates! Love PierI :).

    Great minds…


  15. oh i have that little squirrel salt and pepper shaker holder too
    indeed , cracker barrel is where it came from!
    great post susan!

  16. Susan, your fall tablescape is delightful but it really has me counting the hours until we have fall weather. It will be so wonderful to have cool weather.

  17. Christi Maze says

    Just gorgeous! Fall is my favorite time of year and your tablescape shows all the beautiful colors and richness of the season!

  18. There’s so much about this table I love. Of course, fall colors immediately attract my eye, but your whole tablescape brings everything together with warm colors and so many textures. Every time I see those fall leaves plates, I click on the link and hover! Your “Alexander” plates absolutely made me smile; I love your s+p shakers and your domed centerpiece with both ribbons tied all the colors together beautifully. Ah, yes, Susan, you continue to be the “Tablescaper Extraordinaire”! Thanks for the fall preview. Rosie

  19. Susan, your woodland setting is so beautiful! The leaf plates are a wonderful find and I too love the deer salad plates. And I would love to grab one of those cinnamon rolls to have with my coffee this morning! Thanks for hosting and have a great Thursday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  20. Since I didn’t have a chance to do a table for this week, and you shared a fall table, I decided to share one too! I love your new dishes and also the leaf ones! I have so many fall dishes though I have to sit on MY hands to not order more;):)

  21. Such a cute table! Colors are perfect and with all this heat I am ready for fall!

  22. Love this post!–as I feel fall fast approaching. There is a certain feeling one gets when fall is coming here in the South, and then there are the crickets that come to the front door and start their song that lets you know summer is officially winding down. I also have the cute squirrel salt & pepper set! A friend gave them to me as I am known as “the squirrel” to many of my closest amigas! Thanks, Susan, for the fall preview.

  23. I am starting to get into the Fall mood too! Between the heat and the rain we are getting down in New Orleans it is just too much! I love this table! Earlier this week I bought the Acorn & Pumpkin individual tureens and matching salad plates from Pier 1, I just could not resist! I’ve been wanting Acorn tureens since I saw yours on one of your beautiful Thanksgiving tables when I discovered your Blog. Thank you for the inspiration!

  24. I almost delayed reading this post for a few weeks–not ready for autumn. But one of the best fall tablescapes yet. Nicely done πŸ™‚ The solid ribbon helps showcase the stag ribbon so I vote to use both. We now buy the TJ buns after your recommendation and love them. (sometimes you are just so wicked;) so yes, you must now do two batches under glass so we can see how that looks). And the two style plates blend so well. Love it all. Well, except for the timing, lol.

  25. I always enjoy your posts, but I have to say I hate the new pop-up for signing up new subscribers. It causes my tablet to jump down to the bottom of the post and then takes two tries to get rid of it. Doggone annoying!

    I had to physically put my hands behind my back to keep from buying the cute reindeer/bird and sunflower animal plates at Pier 1. Both patterns are delightful. Thank goodness I can enjoy pictures from your posts. Pictures take up so much less storage space than actual dishes…haha.

    • That so weird because you’re not supposed to have to get rid of it. It’s supposed to just rise up but not cover the content. I’ll have to look at the blog on my iPad to see if I can repeat what you’re describing. I only use my phone, laptop and desktop these days so have never seen what you’re describing.

  26. Ahhh….I “think” Autumn is calling….spotted several RED leaves today…I can bring them along for your table…what time is lunch??!!?? franki

  27. Sandy Park says

    OK Susan, s t e p back from the cinnamon rolls. They look awfully dangerous and delicious. I like the 2 bows myself. Beautiful table.

  28. The deer salad plates belong in your dish cupboard. They are adorable and so is the precious S&P squirrel. I’m definitely ready for fall.

  29. Thanks so much for hosting Susan:-)

  30. Love the table and thanks for the information on where to get some of the things. Who wouldn’t want to be invited for dinner.

  31. Oh, wow, Susan, I just saw these deer plates at Pier1 and keep thinking I need to go back and get them. I live out in the country and deer (and birds) visit my yard everyday. They are so perfect. I love how you used them on your table. And your birdie salt/pepper shakers are so sweet and so is the squirrel. Have you seen the Mazey Squirrel design? Be still my heart! And, there are some adorable patterns in their August catalog. So hard to choose!

  32. I love the deer salad plates, they would be perfect for fall and winter. Here in Phoenix, the leaves really don’t start falling until Thanksgiving–seriously!

    Thanks again for another beautiful Tablescape Thursday.

  33. Kathy Gray says

    Beautiful table! I think I prefer the glass dome with one lighter colored ribbon because it allows the white base to stand out. It carries the eye up & the centerpiece appears taller & more noticeable. I keep wondering what the table would look like with (my!) red stemmed glasses. πŸ˜‰ The red glass would pop with your great red flatware. Very nice!

  34. Mildred Hoppe says

    Where did you get that huge cloche? It’s absolutely wonderful.
    Pretty table….so ready for cooler temps here in Middle Tennessee.

    • Thanks, Mildred! It came with the cake stand base as a set. I found it in either HomeGoods or Marshall’s. I usually shop both those stores on the same day when I’m out shopping, so don’t remember which one I found it in, but I think it was one of those two places a few years back.

  35. Jill from NH says

    I saved reading today’s post as an end-of-day treat – so many great things! I have the Asheville leaf salad plates and love them. I bought similar rattan chargers when I worked in advertising for Macy’s with my employee discount and I still use them year-round, as a natural/woodland element for Christmas and Winter settings, in Spring because they remind me of Easter baskets and birds nests, in Summer because of their tropical and nautical vibe, and Fall for their rustic elegance. I got a set of the Pier One chargers for my mom as a gift one Christmas to use for big family dinners too. I like your multiple ribbon treatment on the cookie jar as the darker color ribbon balances with the dark tones you use in the tablescape. I know those cinnamon rolls are going on my list for my husband’s next Trader Joe’s trip!

    • Jill, that’s such a good point how versatile the rattan chargers are…love how you use them!
      I bought more of the cinnamon rolls today when I was in Trader Joe’s and again the guy who was bagging my groceries started raving about them. Even the TJ employees love them. lol

  36. hard to believe autumn is just around the corner…. table setting is lovely.

  37. I love this table Susan. It’s time to start planning the Fall tables and it brings the feel of the season change even if we do not have it here in South Florida. I love the deer plates and need to head over to Pier One soon. I have the antlers from Walmart and picked up four more last year.

    • I need to pick up a few more, too. Hope they get them in again this year. They must be wondering why the antler ornaments sell so well every year. lol

  38. Lovely..and a bit earthy! Isn’t that fall?


  39. Carol Hallenbeck says

    I love the plates and the way you presented the. I like the 2 ribbons. Don’t forget to get 1 cinnamon buns from Trader Joe’s. it will look great.

  40. bobbi duncan says

    Be still my autumn-loving heart!!!!! Table setting is just lovely, and I am so ready for all things fall after a hot summer. Love your new whimsical salad plates and the entire table…really put me in a happy mood thinking about decorating. Autumn and spring are my favorite seasons, but Christmas is right up there as well. February has me dreaming of the south…that’s when we get the most snow and ice, and I don’t like to feel trapped indoors for very long. I, too, utilize ornaments for other than Xmas decorating…so inexpensive and you can come up with some really neat usages if you just use your imagination…something you always are able to do. Enjoy your beautiful china. Because my sil has the big house, and the young set want their chance to have folks over, most holidays are spent away from home. I find I’m giving more and more things to the children as they entertain far more than we do now. But that doesn’t stop me from loving to see everyone else’s table settings, so keep them coming. Best thing about looking at blog spots, for me, is getting to see so many beautiful things I would never get to see in any one place…it’s like having a present every day. Hugs!

  41. Creative and beautiful, Susan! Love all the details. -Brenda-

  42. Even though the heat index says 105 F., just looking at your lovely table setting makes me feel cooler. I love decorating for fall. There is a continuity to it. The decorations can be brought out when school starts and continue right through to Thanksgiving and the end of November. The rest of the year is a bit more disconnected. First New Years, then Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, etc. Lots of putting up and taking down. Whereas fall allows us to kick back and make incremental changes.

    I love the dishes. I too have an addiction to dishware that I have to try to contain as I am totally out of room. So what happens, the Satan’s Minions catalog (also known as Sur La Table) comes and they have the cutest woodland mugs shaped like owls and squirrels, raccoons and foxes. I can find room!

    • Ellicia, love what you said about fall, it’s so true. The decorations can stay up a nice long time.
      LOL about the Satan’s Minion catalog. That cracked me up. That’s how I was about the deer plates in this tablescape…had to make room πŸ™‚

  43. Gorgeous fall table. I can’t believe we are headed that direction…though with 99 degree temps in south central ky it seems like a long time off. ha.

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