Antiquing at the Queen of Hearts & Other Fave Finds

So remember that “safari” table I created a while back, the one where I used the giraffe glasses I bought in the gift shop of Giraffe Manor when I was on safari in Kenya?

Safari Table Setting with Noritake Colorwave and Alpine Toile Dinnerware


Where were these plates when I needed them?! If you are in need of cute giraffe or zebra plates, you’ll find these here: Giraffe Plates & Zebra Plates

Safari Dishware


I think I need to buy some to go with my giraffe glasses seen in this previous post: Answering Your Safari Travel Questions & What I Brought Back From Kenya.

Giraffe Plates


For fall and winter, I like to use these little pumpkin tureens for hot soups. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Fall Table Setting)

Fall Tablescape Table Setting with Spode Woodland, Pumpkin Tureens, Twig Flatware for Fall


If you were looking for pumpkin tureens, I came across these recently that are very similar, plus, they are on sale! You’ll find them here: Pumpkin Tureens

Pumpkin Tureens , White


And those acorn tureens I always get questions about… (Table setting can be viewed here: A Cozy Woodland Table)

Fall Table with Acorn Tureens


…I found some that I think are even cuter. (Tablescape can be viewed here: New Year’s Table Setting)

New Year's Tablescape with Acorn Soup Tureens


I love these! I like how the top is a different color from the bottom. You’ll find these here: Acorn Tureens

Acorn Tureens



A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine who lives further north of Atlanta called and asked if I was up for some antiquing. A mutual friend was in town so we made a day of it. It was such a fun day, wish I could relive that day again. Do you have days like that, days you wish you could relive?

One of the places we visited was the Queen of Hearts. I have not been there in ages. I used to visit pretty often when I was on the hunt for something. Queen of Hearts was where I found the large chandelier that’s in my bedroom and the cute easter egg compass I used in this table setting: The Easter Bunny’s Magic Compass.

Speaking of my bedroom, I’ve been meaning to mention this: If you are looking for previous posts about updates here in my home, I recently moved the category, MY NEST to a different location. It’s now underneath the main category HOME TOURS at the top of the blog.

I also combined two categories, Gardening and Birding are now all together under the category GARDENS, at the top of the blog.

Does anyone ever use the categories? I use them a lot to find previous posts when I need to link back to one. Do you find the categories helpful, too?

If you ever have trouble finding a previous post, try the “SEARCH” feature here on the blog. It looks like this (see below) and you’ll find it in the sidebar on the right. It’s works really well, I use it a lot when looking for older posts, too.Search Box


Okay, back to our antiquing, since my friend lives pretty far north, as previously mentioned, we decided to meet in between to go antiquing at the Queen of Hearts. (Pssst: If you see something in this post that steals your heart, just google for Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta and you can call them to see if they will ship.)

White Dishware


Isn’t this a stunning piece! Just look at all the carving and detail work on this piece. It was priced at $1,295 which I think is very reasonable for a piece with this much detailed craftsmanship. Stunning!

Antique French Walnut BuffetSideboard


A Barley twist table with a pretty scalloped edge: $595

Barley Twist Scallop Edge Table


When I saw this lamp, all I could think was how it looked like a prop out of the movie, Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Wouldn’t it be great in a home decorated in British Colonial style? It would work in a lot of places, including a man’s study since it has such a masculine feel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fine the price tag.

British Colonial Style Lamp_wm


I really liked this painting titled “Old Blue Chevy.” The tag said, “Vesela Baker Fine Art Original Acrylic Painting done with organic paint.” It was $995. I really like her work and just googled her name. You’ll find more of her work here: Vesela Baker Fine Art. Check out the Country Paintings, I think they may be my faves.

The tags on the lamps on either side read “white wash iron with linen shade.” The lamps were $249 each.

Chevrolet Truck Art


Love this dish pattern! It was labeled as China Pearl “Petite Roses.” The salad plates were $7.50 each. I didn’t check the pricing on the dinner plates.

China Pearl Petite Roses


If I were in the market for a secretary, this one would have come home with me. It was in excellent condition! The ticket described it as a “Edwardian Style Mahogany Banded Secretary” and it was $849. The inlay that’s all over this piece was beautiful!

Edwardian Style Mahogany Banded Secretary


I loved this Haviland Limoges stein picturing a ruffed grouse on either side. $49.50

Haviland Limoges, Porcelain Stein, Pewter Top with Ruffed Grouse, Designed by Basil Ede


Pretty Johnson Brothers china, pattern is Sweetbriar. Everything was priced separately.

Johnson Brothers, Sweetbriar


Couldn’t you see this grand table in the center of an entry of a big home with a huge floral arrangement right in the center? Or maybe a gorgeous piece of sculpture surrounded by stacks of wonderful books?

It’s solid oak and the tag said it was done in the style of R.J. Horner. I love the griffin pedestal base! If I had a huge entry, I’d want a statement piece like this right in the center. It was priced at $3,995.

Round Entrance Table with Griffin Pedestal


This antique oak hall tree was $599.

Oak Hall Tree


My friend is considering adding a screened porch onto the back of her home, so we checked out these outdoor swing beds. They are all hand-made. This one, labeled “Barnwood Oak Daybed Swing” was $899, pillow/mattress not included.

Oak Outdoor Swing Bed Made from Barnwood


This one was more expensive at $1,599.

Beautiful Swing Bed


Vintage rooster lamp: $39.99

Rooster Lamp


Back in the spring of 2008 when my screened porch was under construction, I purchased this beach dishware from Kohl’s.

Starfish Glassware


I was so surprised to see some of the starfish glasses in one of the booths. I forgot to get the pricing on those.

Starfish Glasses


I was enthralled by this old TV/Radio Record Player. The right side housed the TV and the left side has a radio with a turntable built in on top. Notice the little bend where you would stack the records for playing. Amazing how far things have come! The tag said, “$175 or make an offer.”

Vintage TV & Radio Record Player


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  1. You find some very interesting and expensive items!

  2. We drove by there a few weeks ago when our granddaughter was here from Iowa to play softball. I haven’t been in there for several years. More expensive than the Classy Flea it looks like.

    • Yeah, unfortunately it is. That’s why I always head to A Classy Flea first when I’m looking for something. You can find deals in Queen of Hearts, too…just have to luck out or hit it right. The chandelier I bought there for my bedroom was a great bargain and much less than others I had been finding. I was lucky that day.

  3. Susan, I saw those cute giraffe plates when I stopped into Pier I earlier in the week. Adorable! I hope you plan to add some to your cupboards. ‘-)
    I always appreciate seeing what Queen of Hearts has to offer. The secretary is the piece that calls out to me. 😉

    • I definitely want to add a few. Giraffes have a special place in my heart after my visit there. 🙂
      I know, I was so tempted to buy it. Such a great price for a piece like that. It’s huge and in such great condition. It really was beautiful. I’m sure it won’t last long.

  4. A swing bed!! YES!! franki

  5. Love your blog! The Queen of Hearts is one of my favorites. You can find all sorts of great things in a range of prices. Earlier this summer I grabbed a pretty Noritake china service for 12 plus serving dishes for less than $300.

    • Wow, that’s a great price for 12 place settings! You really can, there’s something there for everyone. Sandra, you just reminded me, that’s where I first came across (and bought) a partial set of the Glenwood dishware that’s pictured in the Tablescape Thursday button, I had forgotten about that.

  6. sandra speer says

    Had to chuckle earlier today when I stopped by one of my “haunts” and found the salt AND pepper squirrels you used in your tablescape blog the other day. LOVE a super bargain, lol. If that wasn’t enough, I also found the precious place card holders! All in perfect shape…talk about luck! I will be closing on my new house in a couple of weeks, so I should be able to have a wonderful holiday season (and be out of all the boxes) with the multitude of neat ideas you keep sharing! Thanks for continuing to “play” with us!

    • lol They are still around, those rascally squirrels. lol That’s great Sandra! I’m going to look for the antlers again this Christmas in Wally World. I’m going to “splurge” and buy a few more so I don’t have to take the ones I use as napkin rings apart to use them as place card holders. You can’t beat getting 6 placecard holders for $6! So glad you found them! 🙂 Good luck with your move, I know that’s a big job. So glad you’ll be settled in time for the holidays!

  7. Mina Flor Teatime &Garten says

    It was fantastic to do this trip with you! You are very lucky to live in the USA, where there are such a variety of marvellous shops. In 1994 I visited Alpharetta and Roswell, where Friends were living. My husband and I visited the East coast of the USA and were thrilled. It was a hard experience for me to see so many things and buy just a few of them. We could only take 20kg with the airplain! What shops are concerned, Berlin is just a Country in development, compared with the shops in your country. Thank you so much for sharing these photos, these ideas, this inspirations!

    • We are lucky, Mina; thanks for reminding me because it’s easy to forget that that just take it all for granted. I know how hard it was for me when I visited Italy last October and saw so many things I would love to have purchased. In Italy, the shop owners will ship for you, but it was pretty expensive so I limited what I bought to what I could get in my suitcase and carry-on bag.
      Germany has so many beautiful treasures, too. Love your Cuckoo Clocks! I can’t wait to visit Germany and the Black Forest area one day and see those! I just may have to place an order to have one made and have it shipped back! I have a friend who did that and her’s is stunning! 🙂

  8. I love the secretary and the heavily-carved buffet you found! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I really enjoy these field trips–thanks for the photos and write-up. Do shops ever question you taking photos of their place and stuff?

    • Thanks, Mia! No, I haven’t ever had a problem. The first time I ever visited Q of H, I asked if it was okay before I took photos, and they said it was fine. They are very friendly there. I always like to ask first though, just to make sure.

  10. I love your writing style, so thoughtful!

  11. Linda Page says

    I love, love, love the bird pillows on the swing!!! Think they might still be there when I come in Oct????? I love the giraffe plates. I really do think they want to go live at your house, don’t you??? This is a really neat antique shop. Beautiful pieces. A little higher than A Classy Flea but the quality looks really good. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Jean from Georgia says

    Surely you purchased the giraffe plates. They have your name on them, and are just perfect for one of your tablescapes. Love them!!!

  13. These posts are so much fun! You find such neat things, plus I’m always looking at everything in the background, finding more stuff to ooh and ahh over! lol The safari plates would be perfect for you! My daughter loves zebras and just bought herself one of the mugs. I’m all over those pink plates & the ones in the tool boxes, too! And, the garden swing is so pretty, especially with the bedding they used. So cheerful and inviting! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Susan, your tablescapes are always so wonderful!! I adore the sweet giraffe and zebra plates and noticed the gorgeous feather plates on the same display table. I fell in love with them last year and purchased a set for my fall table setting. So glad they brought them back again this year as I would like to add to my collection. Also love the Owl salad plates…. will definitely have to have those for Halloween and winter/fall decor. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  15. Love those giraffe plates. Just might have to get them. But I went ahead and browsed Pier 1’s site. They have witches hats!!! I need a centerpiece to do a Harry Potter themed table for halloween (do you really need a reason for Harry Potter?) in the next few years. This trip may not end well.

  16. Shirley Milne says

    Hi, Susan, I wanted to let you know that they still make Armatale pieces.They carry them in Macy’s in suburban Rochester, NY. I’ve never seen the candle trimmer, though. – I love looking at you tablescapes.

  17. That Edwardian secretary was really handsome, Susan. I always use the search function on blogs, but I also use the categories too. I find both extremely helpful, and get frustrated when I don’t see a search function on blogs. Love your tables – always.

  18. bobbi duncan says

    Hi, Susan. Yes, I use the categories a lot…love going back in time to older posts because I get to relive looking at all the great subjects you come up with and at your beautiful home. Those safari dishes are just too perfect, aren’t they? That antique shop has lovely things…wow! The hand-carved chest looks Bavarian…they are known for those kind of pieces. I’ve seen some amazing works like that at far, far higher prices. Sounds like you shared a wonderful day antiquing…know what you mean about wanting to relive certain days. Hugs!

  19. Susan,
    You did such a great job taking us on this antiquing trip I feel like I tagged along;–)

    Saw those plates on website earlier in the week and thought of you.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Jill from NH says

    Love that sweet giraffe plate and the hutch full of gorgeous creamerware / ironstone. I do use the categories on your blog. While Tablescapes is definitely the one I visit most, about six months ago the Home Tours menu helped me to find a couple pictures of rooms that I remember seeing on your site years ago. I couldn’t remember what the exterior of the home looked like so I wouldn’t have found them any other way besides looking through each home on the Tours link. It turned out to be your Beautiful Island Home post from June 2014. I love the way the maps and other large prints from various decades are hung together another in the den and library. I think this is a great idea and it gave me inspiration to put our collection of framed maps on one of our family room walls someday, going vertical instead of just having one large print per wall.

  21. Loved your Safari table and thanks for taking us along at the Queen of Hearts…love those antique shops!

  22. Susan, you won’t believe that the starfish glasses you pictured in this post are now in my cabinet! I have looked for them for many years and have found only two. I called the Queen of Hearts and found the owner to be the nicest woman ever. She took them to UPS to see what the shipping would be and contacted me. It was actually very reasonable, so they wrapped them up, packed them and sent them on to me. I can’t believe my incredible good luck! Thanks so much for posting them.

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