Beach Cottage Overflowing With Charm

Historical Concepts, an Atlanta Architecture and Design firm, designs homes that have the look and feel of an older or historic home but all their homes have the modern conveniences we need and love. You may remember when I shared their wonderful book in this previous post: Coming Home by James Lowell Strickland.

I recently came across this absolutely adorable beach cottage in Florida that’s one of their awesome designs. Hard to believe this home isn’t an old home but it isn’t. It’s just designed with all that old-home charm so many of us love!

Beach Cottage in Florida


It even has a shuttered porch with real working shutters! Love this! If this were my home, I’d probably never close the shutters, even during pollen season, but I do so love how they look.

Screened Porch with Wicker, Ceiling Fans & Working Shutters


Notice the cute design cut-out in the wood rail of the porch. It’s those small details that make this home feel so authentic to the period it reflects. I could take some serious porch naps on that swing!

Screened Porch With Swing Bed & Working Porch Shutters


Every beach cottage needs a comfy, cozy living room. Notice they’ve tucked the TV back inside an antique wardrobe…such a great idea! I came so close to buying a wardrobe designed exactly like this one for my master bedroom back when I was considering having a TV in that room. I found a wardrobe in a local antique shop that was almost perfect but the spot where the TV would fit was just a bit too small. This one looks perfect!

Notice the long oars. The one above the windows almost acts as a valance for the windows.

Beach Cottage Living Room


Sets of French doors open up to the porch. Imagine throwing those doors back and letting those beach breezes float in.

Beach Cottage Living Room with Green Trim


You can see the French doors continue all the way across that wall, even into the kitchen. Notice all the windows this home has…they are even down the sides of the home. I love that so much about older homes and never understood why we stopped building homes with windows on all sides. Maybe it’s because lots are so small these days and folks want their privacy. I think I’d give up a bit of privacy for all that glorious light…or just plant a bunch of tall shrubs.

Colorful Beach Cottage


Notice how they placed the plate rack in front of the window. I would never have thought to do that but I bet the light is beautiful streaming in across the plates and the plates actually provide a little extra privacy from the home next door.

Adorable Cottage With Painted Cabinets, Painted Trim Molding


Instead of a bar across the back of the island, they chose a nice long table. When I saw the table, it reminded me of another kitchen I’ve posted here at BNOTP.

Beach Cottage With Painted Kitchen Cabinets


Remember this kitchen from the Southern Living Idea House in Senoia Georgia? Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure Historical Concepts designed that home, too.

Southern Living Idea House Kitchen, Senoia GA


Let’s head upstairs and check out the bedrooms!

Cottage Kitchen with Blue Cabinetry and Clapboard Ceiling


All of the bedrooms in this adorable beach cottage are wonderful! This one has a built-in wardrobe with shelves and drawers on either side. Think how much more storage this offers than if the wall had been left blank and a chest or something similar had been placed on this wall. I love this idea! I’d love to see inside the wardrobe to see if there’s a hanging rack or if it’s filled with shelves for sweaters and such.

Notice how the walls have a clapboard siding appearance…great way to get that clapboard beach-house look but also getting good insulation and sound construction that you don’t always find in older homes..

Cottage Bedroom, Built-in Cabinetry and Storage


Another sweet cottage bedroom. Love the lights on either side of the bed.

Beach Cottage Bedroom With Green Trim


Once again it makes me think of the lamps I saw in a bedroom of the Southern Living Idea House in Senoia, Georgia.

Souther Living Idea House Bedroom in Senoia Georgia


Another delightful cottage bedroom with a painted iron bed and wall lamps in a classic polished-brass finish.

Cottage Bedroom, Iron Bed, Wall Brass Lamps, Natural Woven Rug


I found this photo in a Southern Living magazine and it shows another bedroom in this home. Or, perhaps one of the bedrooms got a little makeover at some point.

Cottage Bedroom with Two Beds


This home has lots of great bathrooms, including this bath with white cabinetry and wood countertops.

Cottage Bath with Painted White Cabinetry and Wood Countertop


This may be my favorite bedroom of all in this wonderful beach cottage. It has a “window-bed” built in on either side of the room

Cottage Bedroom Beach, Turquoise Green Trim


Love, love, love the built-in storage underneath.

Beach Cottage Bedroom, Built-in Window Seat Bunk Bed


Each bed has a wall lantern in just the right spot for late night reading and story-time.

Cottage Bed with Colorful Bedding


Hope you enjoyed touring this wonderful beach cottage designed by Historical Concepts.

Cottage Lit Up At Night


You’ll find additional photos not included in this post where I found these, HERE.

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  1. What a great cottage – love the bedrooms and porch!

  2. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    Do they use box springs on these window beds or just place a mattress on
    the flat wood? Lov’n em!

  3. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    I’d love to live there. And it’s great that the decor breaks away from the standard beach cottage colors.

  4. What a wonderful beach cottage. Could we rent it for a month next summer? I love all the details. This house was well thought out. I love all of the built in drawers and cabinets and bookcases. One can never have too much storage! This house looks like a fun house to live in. It is light and airy and so comfy looking. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I agree, I love the windows of old homes. It’s always to see nice new homes built in historic fashion, like this beach house. The casings and all the paneling look very accurate.
    My house is an 1850 Greek Revival antebellum, and the windows on the main floor are 11 feet tall, with their original glass, and the windows on the sides of course. I am amazed at the sheer size every time I look at them.
    The reason new homes often do not have windows on the sides is simply cost. Windows are expensive, so builders are leaving them off more and more. It’s very unfortunate, and not pleasing to the overall design, considering the windows abruptly end and don’t carry around to the sides, not to mention the lack of natural light in some rooms. You’ll notice driving around- a quick sign of a more expensive home is windows on all sides. So they do still put windows on all sides–but only for the right price.
    Another thing they do to cut corners is put vinyl siding on the sides of a brick front house. That’s a whole other issue. And then some houses have both vinyl siding sides and no windows on the sides. I mean could it be more obvious, builders, that you were trying to save money? Grrr.

    • Caroline, your home sounds wonderful…love those HUGE windows! I know what you mean about the sides. When we were looking for a home 22+ years ago, we specified all brick on all 4 sides. After months and months of looking, we could only find a couple that were all brick and we didn’t like the layout/interior of either. We finally had to settle for a 3 sided brick house. I guess it worked out fine though since I do live the white siding on the screened porch on back. My house doesn’t have vinyl siding since that came along later. Hold onto that old home, Caroline! They are treasures, for sure!

  6. Love all the colors in this cottage. And the textures. And storage. But especially the colors 😉

  7. Love all the colors in this cottage. And the textures. And the storage. But especially the colors 😉

  8. Absolutely adored this tour! Thanks, Susan!!

  9. There is lots to love in this gorgeous cottage, but by far those kitchen lights have me green with envy! Jane

  10. This one has “it all!” Usually..I like to “tweak” here and there…not this time. What a charming “home!” franki p.s. thanx for the Audubon ideas!!!
    Who-“hoo!” fmp

    • Love those two apps, Franki. You can buy each Audubon app by itself or if you want all 4, it used to be cheaper to buy the whole collection in one app that includes Birds, Trees Wildflowers and Mammals. I didn’t realize that at first and bought one of them, then found the whole set and purchased it. Just look for “Audubon Guides” and I think you’ll see the set of four.

  11. I read somewhere that the architect for this house was inspired by a similar old house he saw in Brunswick GA. I think he did a great job.

  12. Love all of it. xo Laura

  13. It was fun going through this beach cottage with you. I especially liked the bedrooms and bathroom. All rooms, and the porch looked warm and livable. The one accessory I could not get my head wrapped around was that water buffalo head hanging on the wall off of the kitchen. Too big, too dark, and “why”? The windows were a great feature of this house, as you pointed out. I would have been curious to see the views afforded by those expensive windows. Hopefully they did not look right into/at someone else’s home. Thanks again for the tour.

  14. This looks like the perfect backdrop for a romance novel!

  15. I love the transoms above all the windows and doors.

  16. Love this one, Susan. A bit eclectic, but cozy and comfortable. Great share! XO

  17. Snuggly window beds, Tall windows, French doors and transoms, a porch. What more could a girl want???? 🙂

  18. Christy Keyton says

    This may be my favorite home tour yet – because it is cozy and within reality! Love the colors – I am partial to jadeite green. That is the color I used with blue in my kitchen. I have a jadeite green retro fridge from Big Chill!

  19. Those plate racks in the window are swoon-worthy.
    I’ve loved them + this house for a long time.
    Southern Living magazine always has the best houses, doesn’t it?

  20. Cyndi Raines says

    Love it all, except when it comes times to wash the windows, removing all the plates from the plate racks would take a little extra work. I really like the built in bunk beds – so cozy!

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