Beach Cottage With A Fabulous 3-Season Screened Porch

Thanks so much for all the awesome recommendations in the comments on yesterday’s post. After reading those I cancelled the foam pillow order because I was concerned about the thickness of it. It hadn’t shipped so it was no problem cancelling it. I don’t think the other pillow has shipped yet either, which is strange because normally Amazon ships quickly. I’m tempted to cancel it, too because I found a pillow yesterday afternoon that’s working great, well at least it worked great for last night.

Michele mentioned in a comment yesterday that she likes the pillows she gets at Dollar General. She said they are so inexpensive, she’s able to easily replace them whenever needed. Since I was desperate for something while I awaited the pillows I had ordered (see yesterday’s post for details) I drove over to Dollar General. Sure enough, they had squishy flat pillows that felt right and looked the perfect height. They were priced at only $2.97. I purchased one and will definitely be going back for another one.

I knew the second I lay down last night that it was perfect. When a pillow is right, you know it the second you rest your head on it. The pillow I purchased at Dollar General is by Comfort Bay and is called: “Standard Basic Essentials Bed Pillow” in “Medium.” It’s hypoallergenic and can be machine washed. They had a “firm” version but that one was fatter so I knew it wouldn’t work for my needs. It’s actually better than my old pillow because it’s squishier. So, last night I was easily able to adjust it to support my neck.

I’m still going to check out some of the other options mentioned in the comments, including the “My Pillow” that so many of you recommended, so thank you for that! If you like a low profile (meaning not too high) pillow that’s very malleable, check out the pillows in your local Dollar General. I never would have thought to check there for a pillow so thanks to Michele for telling me about those!

Beach Cottage Tour

Speaking of spring, how about a wonderful beach cottage tour! This adorable ocean side, cedar cottage was built by Whitten Architects for a couple who are empty nesters but who still enjoy entertaining family and friends on a regular basis. It’s located in Georgetown, Maine and replaced a ranch home that wasn’t holding up well to the harsh environment of the Atlantic Ocean.

Seaside Cottage Georgetown Maine


I love how it sits atop a rise affording great views for the downstairs as well as the upstairs.

Oceanside Cottage


Every cottage home needs a cottage garden…I’m pretty sure that’s written somewhere in the cottage rules handbook. 😉

Cottage Garden, Georgetown Maine


If you ever get tired of those ocean views (like that would ever happen!) there’s a rocking-chair front porch to enjoy. I love how they’ve used rock to create the paths to the home. It’s abundant in the area and fits perfectly with the home’s surroundings.

Cottage Porch


After seeing so many beach homes with blue and white living rooms, I loved the emphasis of yellow in this beach cottage.

Cottage With Yellow Sofa


This really feels like a place you could relax and kick back with friends and family.

Cottage With Yellow Sofa (2)


Instead of the standard picture or mirror over the mantel, a sailboat beautifully fills the space. I think the chaise would be my favorite spot with the fireplace close by and wonderful views of the ocean just ahead.

Cottage Living Room


Notice how they were able to use the floor of the gallery area above to support the lighting for the eat-in bar below…brilliant!

Ocean Cottage Kitchen


My favorite room in this delightful cottage is this 3-season, screened porch.

3-Season Porch for Cottage


The porch is built with antique window panels. I wonder how they work…if the windows are removable for summer. Or, perhaps the top panels slide downward to let in the ocean breezes through the top section of the windows. I love the yellow ceiling above. It contrasts beautifully against the ocean blue seen through the windows and the blue sky above. Love this room!

Cottage Screened Porch


The views are amazing! Wouldn’t you just live out here all day?!

Cottage With Ocean View


The bedrooms are cottage cozy, also with wonderful ocean views.

Cottage Bedroom


I love the drawer storage built-in under the eves!

Cottage Bedroom with Ocean View


You see it again on this side. Such a great use of what’s normally dead space.

Ocean Cottage Bedroom


Lots of bunk space for visiting grandchildren.

Cottage Attic Bedroom


Every bedroom has an ocean view.

Attic Bedroom for Children


Can you just imagine how the waves must sound crashing against the shore!

Oceanside Cottage Porch


I caught a snippet yesterday of the show, The Doctors. They were discussing how so many of us are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency and that now they have found a link between lack of Vitamin D and Type 2 diabetes. Did you hear about that? That popped into my head as I was looking at the Adirondack chairs and imagining just leaning back, eyes closed, soaking up the sun.

Oceanside Cottage in Maine


You’ll find additional information and pictures of this wonderful beach cottage at Whitten Architects where these pictures were found.

Love a great beach house? Take a tour of this one…it reminds me so much of the house in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give: Beach House To Rival The “Something’s Gotta Give” Beach Home

Dennis Miller's California Beach House

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  1. WOW! This place is to die for. I love it. So charming and beautiful. Thanks for always sending me only these wonderful, little “vacations”.

  2. Oh my, I love everything about this cottage. My favorite by far is the star quilt used for a table cover on the enclosed porch. The yellows and blues in this cottage are so cheerful. It makes me feel as though I need a spring break:)

  3. oh my gosh. This has GOT to be the most beautiful home ever. I love the touches of antiques and the stacked cheese boxes, how the lights are placed over the counter, the black chairs, art work and that ideal yellow sofa. I could go on and on! 😉

    The bunk room with those white floors, and built in beds is the perfect place to spend vacations with cousins.

    Yes, the porch! Yep, it is a beauty too. I could easily live there!

    This family won’t be lacking Vitamin D with all that glorious sunshine! I had not heard about the Vitamin D and Diabetes connection. Good to know.

  4. Marlene Stephenson says

    It is a beautiful cottage but,i’ve always thought if i lived somewhere like this i would never want to leave. Groceries would have to be delivered,and all other necessities,i would walk the beach for exercise and lose track of time,so i will just visit. lol

  5. In our former house in NY, we made our porch a 3 -season (actually 4 … we used it as a refrigerator/freezer in the winter LOL) by using wood storm doors as the walls. Each door had removable glass and screen panels. Although it looked great, if I did it again I would opt for regular windows that slid from side to side so that you could have air on those nice days when the glass panels are still in and glass to keep the rain from coming in and having to move the cushions in the Summer. Thanks for sharing another gorgeous house … don’t get to see views like this in Nebraska.

  6. Susan,
    Thank you for taking us along to visit. Like Robin, my favorite is the quilt. Quilts speak to me and I love to see them displayed. They say…”come on in, glad you’re here, relax, enjoy and for the moment this is your home too”…gotta love people who love home!!
    You are the best, ever.
    From Texas with joy…

  7. BINGO!! Susan, you have just found me my perfect beach cottage. Oh, I am drooling over this place, even the colours are my favourites. This has been my life long wish to live in a place near the ocean like this. Having a closed in porch was the icing on the top!
    I so miss the ocean, we have huge lakes, but it does not seem to do it for me. *I can smell the ocean now!!* Have my bucket and spade ready to collect shells….do you want to join me?

  8. I’m glad you found a pillow that works – it’s such a personal thing. I always travel with a tiny down pillow – a baby pillow, really. It’s perfect for tucking under my neck when a hotel pillow is too bulky.
    I love that beach cottage – so welcoming!

  9. #WeareChapin says

    We’ve been dealing with pillow issues here too!! Had recently ordered 2 of those hotel pillows at $50.00 each on sale. Nope. Hate them. So just dropped by our Dollar General and got 2 of these on sale at $2.50 each. Ran I to a neighbor who was buy stuff for their new RV Yup she bought 2!! Can’t wait to try them tonight!! Praying these work

  10. I could sit there for a long time. I am determined that my next home (retirement house) will have a screened porch.

  11. Charlotte says

    This house is beautiful! I love all of the yellow and the yellow ceiling is perfect! I can just imagine sitting on the porch listening to the waves, catching up with family and friends. If only I would win the Lottery!

  12. I want. I want. I want. 🙂

  13. So how do we do this? Flip a coin? Sign up for shifts? How do we determine whose turn it is for the chaise 🙂 I suppose all those in line could wait on the porch…

  14. Thanks for the heads up about Dollar General pillows. We have boatloads of kids that stay at our house twice a year on their way to a further destination. It’s always hard to find enough pillows for the beds, air mattresses, and sleeping bags. At that price I don’t mind having them for a couple of years and then replacing.

  15. Oh my goodness – I don’t think I have EVER seen such a beautiful house …. just looking at the pictures have brought tears to my eyes ….. I too would never, ever leave it for a minute to go ANYWHERE ……. I have spent endless hours, days, weeks, months, YEARS even poring over home style magazines dreaming of the time when I can have a beautiful home such as this – however, I don’t think my dreams will ever come to be sadly. Lovely to see these pictures though, surely nothing will ever match up to this beautiful home. Thank you for sharing, even though they did make me cry ….. xx

    • Wendy, never give up that dream! Everything good in life has to start with a dream a wish you hold deep in your heart. ♥

      • Aah thank you Susan, sadly I have left it all too late it would seem (that sounds self-pitying, but true) but so enjoy all beautiful homes and articles – thank you. Love and best wishes from me in chilly England – although there are signs that Spring is on its way, with the daffodils and crocuses peeping out to greet the glimpses of the sun today – lovely! x

  16. This house is so perfect I could cry. I love it!

  17. What an amazing home! I would spend most of my day on that screened in porch. I might even move my bed there and let the ocean waves lull me to sleep each night.

  18. What a great cottage and I’m with you – the screened porch is the best room. I may be late to the pillow fight party, but I sure did read your post and most of the comments with great interest (and about the sleep # bed – great to know). I will definitely have to try to Dollar General (what’s there to lose?, you can always make a toss pillow out it if you don’t like it, right?). I am strictly a back sleeper, and can and have gotten migraines if I turn on my side – it’s a musculo-skeletal thing that plagues me. I also made a note from one of my magazines that recommended one of Kohl’s pillows, but I can’t remember which one (a lot of good that does me, I know). I’m taking notes on your mattress and a couple others’ too. We need a new one. Thanks for the discussion – always helpful, as are readers’ comments.

  19. Oh my gosh – I just want to live in that sunroom! Totally agree with you on the yellow; as a 100% beach girl, there is more to coastal decorating than blue and white or aqua and turquoise.

    And a big PS to your friend Wendy – PLEASE don’t give up that dream, you never know what is going to happen next. With a little planning, and a LOT of dreaming, wishes do come true.

    LOVELY post!

  20. A sight for sore eyes! I could live there, no problem! I’d love to sit on that porch and gaze at the sea!

  21. I couldn’t wait for work to be over today so I could find out how the pillow worked for you. I am soooo glad it worked!!! I love them.

    • It’s perfect! So glad you suggested it, Michele! It’s the perfect height and I was able to easily adjust it to just how I needed it. And you sure can’t beat the price! 🙂

  22. Cyndi Raines says

    Love It!! When can we go? ha Maybe in heaven, that’s what my house will be! I too love the porch, the quilt and the view! Thanks for the mini vacation! Today, our temps finally reached in the 50’s and it was WONDERFUL! Even had some SUN! Michigan has a LOT of overcast days and when the sun comes out, it’s pure JOY! ( I too will check out the pillows at the Dollar Store for hubby, who is still on the hunt for a good pillow.)

  23. I would never go inside! I have never seen a beach house with a front porch like that. I didn’t think this existed!

  24. It is just gorgeous. I love that ceiling and of course the views. Yes, I would be using those adirondack chairs to soak up some vitamin D! Guess I don’t have to worry about diabetes with all the sun I get!!

  25. Cheryl Gordon says

    I have the same problem with pillows. Used to use a down pillow, but when I replaced the last one I tried a synthetic. It has never flattened down. For now, I sleep without the pillow, unless I’m on my side. There’s no Dollar General here, so I will have to shell out some bucks for new down pillow.

  26. Susan, I am glad to hear that you found a pillow and it sure sounds like the price is right! I just checked out my Linen closet as I have a supply of one brand (different sizes and lofts for guests to have a choice) that have always received praises but unfortunately I threw out their packaging. (Darn!) They are definitely not foam and you would swear they are feathered but are not, however if I recall correctly were a little pricey.
    Re the cottage, the enclosed porch reminds me of yours which may not have an ocean view but is still just as beautiful. -Brenda-

    • Thanks, Brenda! 🙂 So far this little pillow from (of all places, Dollar General) is working better than any others I’ve tried. It’s just the right amount of stuffing and is very soft so you can adjust it just right.

  27. The interior with sailboat models look fabulous, thanks for sharing beach house decorating ideas.

  28. If I had that front porch with that view I would sit in that rocking chair all day, I swear. Thank you for sharing.

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