Inspired By The Deep Blue Sea

Welcome to the 360th Tablescape Thursday!

It was a gorgeous day out on the porch, we’ve been blessed with a lot of those lately!

Beach Table Setting, Noritake Indigo Beach


Recently, Noritake sent six salad plates my way in a fun new pattern called Indigo Beach.

Summer Beach Table Setting with Noritake Indigo Beach


Before I even knew the name of the pattern, the design had me thinking of the deep blue sea.

Beach Themed Table Setting with Noritake Indigo Beach


The yellow-rimmed dinner plates are also by Noritake. They are Colorwave and can be found here: Colorwave in Mustard. The salad plates can be found here: Indigo Beach.

Beach Table Setting with Noritake Indigo Beach


Indigo Beach would also look great in a simple blue and white table setting.

Beachy Tablescape with Noritake Indigo Beach


You may remember my fishy flatware. With plates that remind me of the deep blue ocean, I had to break out the shark flatware. I’ve been using this flatware all summer long and I really hate to put it away when fall arrives. You’ll find this whimsical, fish flatware available here: Whimsical Shark Flatware

Fish Flatware for a Beach Themed Table Setting


Tea/water glasses are Breeze Blue by Noritake. Fishy wine glasses were found in Marshalls this past summer. Navy and white check napkins are from HomeGoods several years ago.

Beachy Table with Noritake Indigo Beach


I kept the centerpiece really simple.

Blue, White Yellow Table Setting with Noritake Indigo Beach


Mr. Fish is the main attraction. I’ve had him for several years, pretty sure I found him in Marshalls. The silverplate lanterns are either from Marshalls or HomeGoods. It’s been so long, hard to remember.

White Fish Centerpiece for a Beachy Table Setting


A few evening pictures…

With all the lamps off…

Summer Table Setting by Candlelight 1


With a few lamps on…

Summer Porch Table Setting by Candlelight


Seaside Inspired Tablescape



Beach or Lake House Table Setting


Summer Table Setting by Candlelight 4
Happy summer, dear Friends!

Summer Beach Table Setting with Noritake Indigo Beach


Looking forward to the wonderful tables posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Lucky you Susan, those are cool plates, and I love how you’ve styled them with sunny yellow, just like a summer day at the beach! Thanks for the party today and have a great weekend, I’m headed to the sea πŸ™‚

  2. Aren’t you the lucky one to receive the plates which combined with the yellow look like a summer sky.

  3. Such a soft and serene beach table. I love the blue and yellow combination. You keep making me want some of that fish flatware – so unique. Thank you for hosting the linkup.

  4. Love your fun new plates Susan, they remind me of a tie dye design! They look great with the pop of yellow for a beachy-inspired table πŸ™‚

  5. Debbie Holman says

    I have LOVED following you these past few months! I talk about your blog to all my friends like we are best buds! I have taken your advice on many thing and wanted to share a few. I really waited to late for the Derby party but not only get a bottle or two of Blanton but also got the small bottles for the guests to take away. I have started planning for next year!
    I purchased the travel purse and used it on a recent trip to Alaska. It worked great but it is a little small and I could not get my ipad in it. I had so many pockets that I couldn’t remember where what was but I loved the idea of taking it to Europe and will do that for sure. I did want to mention that as you are about to embark on new adventures, the size of the seats in the planes have decreased and on United and Delta, the area is very small and would be hard to get even a back pack to fit under the seat along with your feet. I just wanted to mention that. I barely had room for my purse and my feet and I was on 2 very long flights. The upgrade to the next business class is only 1/2in. but they have electrical plug ins. certainly not worth the money for 1/!
    I recently ordered the scratch map and can’t wait to get it mounted. I have been very lucky in that I have traveled a lot and Love it.
    I would like to know where the white charges came from as I am going back to white china and hope to begin purchasing the beautiful plates you are using in the tablescapes. I would love to know one thing….do you cook, use the plates and entertain company much?
    You are the very first for me as far as a blog goes and I have saved all of them as I refer to them often. Thanks for the morning coffee with you and keep up the GREAT work!
    I live in West Cobb near Marie B. so perhaps we will meet some day!

  6. Ooh those are such pretty plates! I wish Noritake would make me an offer like that! I can imagine several ways to use those plates for a tablescape! I still wish I had bought those glasses with the fish when I saw them at T.J.’s. I noticed the comment from Debbie – we flew first class on our trip to Oregon and I’m a big girl and found it so comfortable. There are two seats on each side not three so there is a good deal more room. The extra treatment from the stewards makes it all feel so much more enjoyable. I recommend it if you can afford it- well worth the extra money especially for a long flight.
    Happy Summer to you too Susan- let’s keep summer alive!

    • Yes, let’s do it for as long as we can, Liz! πŸ™‚ I once got to fly first class. My son had won a trip to the Disney sports complex and he was allowed to take one adult, free. So, his dad and he went on one plane and we bought me a separate ticket. When I got to the airport, they told me they had overbooked my flight. They asked me to go sit in a particular spot and just wait a few minutes while they figured out what to do. I had flown very little and was completely confused how they had managed to overbook a plane. In a few minutes they called me up to the desk and told me I would be sitting in First Class. I had no idea what that meant but because the airline attendant was smiling, I figured it was a good thing. lol And it was! Man, do they pamper and spoil you in FC. It was a very short flight but super wonderful in those big roomy seats! πŸ™‚ I don’t care that much about how I fly to Italy because my plan is to sleep the whole way…if I can shut off my brain! πŸ™‚

  7. Susan, we are truly in the dog days of summer here in SC! So your table setting looks particularly cool and inviting, like the sea. Cobalt blue and yellow is my very favorite color combo. To add to Debbie’s travel advice, when I flew to Paris I had carefully planned a “survival” bag to go under my seat that contained slippers, contact lens stuff, meds, makeup, book, etc. Turned out there was NO room under the seats because that is where the life vests are stowed! Was glad to have my bag when I got to Paris because my luggage didn’t make it on the plane!! Note to self…pack undies in the emergency bag next time!

    • I hope I pack all the right things in mine….such a newbie at the travel stuff! Thanks for those tips, Roxanne! I love hearing suggestions, the more I can learn now, the better!

  8. Susan, this is a delightful table for a beautiful summer day, beachside or just dreaming of the beach. I like the salad as an accent with the sunny yellow dinners. Definitely says summer fun! Indigo Beach ~ I like the sound of that!

  9. Renee Cook says

    I think blue and yellow is so cheery together. Our master bedroom used to be done in those colors, and I have missed it. I’ve had darker colors for a few years now, but am planning to go back in the spring. I like adding touches of navy so it’s not too feminine for my husband. As always, thanks for sharing!

  10. Gorgeous table setting!!! Love the yellow and blue together. I LOVE changing things up every season, makes life more interesting. Thanks for sharing! As usual, I LOVE your blog!

  11. Love all your tablescapes! Would love to know how and where you store all your dishes, flatware and centerpieces.

  12. Marlene Stephenson says

    Simple but perfect, i love it and the new salad plates are pretty. The fish is a wonderful center piece.

  13. The pattern reminds me of tie/dye also. Lots of fun eye candy on this table!

  14. Your Deep Blue Sea table is perfect for summer. I love blue and yellow together – you did it beautifully! Thanks for hosting a fun party!

  15. Love your blog. Maybe I have missed it, but have you ever shown how/where you store all your tablescaping plates and goodies? I have a bit of a dish obsession myself, but never quite get the table set with much style.

  16. Noritake definitely found a good home for those plates. The pattern is such a nice twist to summer blues and the yellow makes it feel like late summer. Sorry none of the ones at dusk with lit candles made the cut;)

  17. Your tablescape is so perfectly summery – summer is NOT over!
    Not by a long shot! I am hanging on long as I am able! Thanks for hosting!

  18. Love that table Susan! thanks for hosting!

  19. I love your pictures at the time of day when you can light the candles. I love that time of day when the sun is just going down but you can still see. Such a pretty table.

    1) if you want the runner to match the napkins we have some in stock.
    2)OMG OMG!!!

    My fellow tablescape lovers tomorrow and Sunday WS is having an EXTRA 40% off Table and Kitchen linens!!!! So Susan that runner will be an extra 40% off!!!! Same as napkin rings and kitchen linens on clearance.

  20. Great table Susan. The pictures with less lamp light are my favorite. Is that a Plumbago with the blue blooms out on the deck? Isn’t it funny how us “plant geeks” are drawn to anything with flowers. It caught my eye in
    your third picture from the bottom. By the way, how is the new lawn and landscape plantings doing? If you have had as much rain as we, here in VA, have had everything should be very lush. Vikki in VA

    • Thanks, Vikki! Good eye! Yep, that’s a Plumbago. I managed to winter it over in the garage again. The lawn looks good! It started off kind of rocky…took forever to green up again this year, but it looks good now. We had great rains earlier in the spring but not enough since then. We could use some now. Glad you guys have been getting them. VA is such a beautiful place with all the rolling hills. Gorgeous state!
      I hope to start adding some shrubs back to the front this fall now that the tree has been moved, if I can find them in the size I want. I want to do a lot of pretty boxwoods. I love how they look in front of Frances’s house in this post:

  21. My favorite colors!

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