Beach Table Setting With Lighthouse Lantern Centerpiece

Welcome to the 290th Tablescape Thursday!

It’s been in the 70’s here for several days, I think it even got up into the 80’s for a bit. Love, love, love the warm weather! All these warm days have me dreaming of the beach so it’s time for a little beach table setting out on the porch.

Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


This beach table setting celebrates the soft, cool shades of aqua, one of my favorite colors.

Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


The bubble glasses make me think of the ocean.

Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


I found the seashell dishes and bubble glasses  6+ years ago in Kohl’s. You can see some of the other pieces in this collection in this past tablescape: Shell Dishware in Beach Themed Table Setting

Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


The sailboat salad plates are Warren Kimble, Coastal Breeze by Sakura. I didn’t use a sailboat napkin fold this time with these plates, though I was tempted. If you would love one for a summer table, you’ll find two different sailboat napkin folds here: Napkin Folding Tutorials

Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


I love this sailboat flatware with the rope edging! It can be purchased here: Sailboat Flatware

Sailboat Nautical Flatware


I kept the centerpiece really simple for a fresh, clean look. The lantern is a new find this year from Marshall’s clearance isle, a pretty good bargain at $20. It makes me think of wonderful old lighthouses. Does it look a bit like a lighthouse to you, too?

Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


I added white sand and a few shells inside.

Lighthouse Lanterns


Nautical Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


A bird’s eye view…

Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


Have the warm temps arrived where you live? Or, do you live in a part of the world where summer is waning and fall is on its way?

Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


You’ll find many more beach themed table settings at BNOTP here: Beach Themed Tablescapes

Beach Table Setting with Shell and Sailboat Plates


Looking forward to the beautiful tablescapes linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susan…your table is so pretty and summer-y. I envy you your warm temperatures. We are at 30 degrees right now here in central NY! At least the sun is shining and there is no snow!!! Well, your table certainly has a warming effect…thank you!

  2. Such a serene tablescape, Susan. I’m so glad to have warmer temps now, and your pretty table makes me want to go to the beach. Thank you for hosting. laurie

  3. This is so beautiful and totally my style…thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This table reminds me of our vacations at Cape Hatteras with my mom and dad when my children were little.
    Your “lighthouse”, the seashell plates and the aqua glasses come together to remind me of summer days with the boys playing in the sand and gathering seashells at the beach.

    Thank you for hosting today. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Susan, this is lovely. Your beautiful curtains make me think of that wonderful ocean breeze and the table setting is just perfect. Love the aqua touches! I have not cleaned my porch, yet, but I cannot wait to get back out there! I, also, cannot wait, until Spring breaks are over, so I can return to our beach condo. We stay home, when the craziness is happening!!!

    • Diane, they were billowing out while I was taking pics some of the time…it’s been really windy here lately. My porch needs cleaning now…going to bad soon with pollen on its way! I don’t blame you…where I live, this week is spring break. I know different areas have it at different times.

      • Susan, on another note – I hope you were as excited as I was, when the Mercer Bears beat Duke in the March Madness tournament. Macon was crazy!!

        • That was surprising! I remember when I was there, they had a good team. I bet Macon was crazy! lol The campus has changed so much since I was there…the medical school was built later.

  6. Ahh what great colors- soothing and relaxing! I’ve always liked Warren Kimble’s artistry. I never got the dishes but I had some pictures and a throw that I used in my nautical room. Those big seashell plates are a perfect pairing with them. That is a neat lantern and the top does make you think about a lighthouse. I like how you decorated it- cute!

    • Liz, I love his work, too! If you get a chance, click over to the BNOTP Facebook page. I posted a picture I found at his website showing the view from his art studio in January…it’s lovely. He’s apparently from Vermont.
      Thanks, Liz!

  7. Susan,
    You are so lucky to be enjoying warm weather…it is still in the 40’s here in Maine and the snow has not all melted yet. Since I live near the ocean, I loved your coastal table setting…great inspiration for summer meals on the deck. Love your blog and appreciate your linky parties. Happy Spring!

    • Thanks, Cheryl! I’d love to start putting some flowers out but we are always at risk for freeze until after April 15th, so I’m waiting impatiently! πŸ™‚ Hope you guys see some warm temps, soon! Since we are now, hopefully it’s headed your way!

  8. I’m having SUMMER-CHINA jealousy!!! Susan your chargers and WK’s plates for summer are simply fabulous…I am totally crazy about them…and combined with shells and those great big lantersns, makes for a sea side PERFECTION!
    Thank you so much for the great party at TT. Have a lovely spring weather weekend ahead.

  9. I love everything you used in your tablescape. It would be nice to have a warm summery breeze today. (Right about now it’s 30 degrees where I’m at!)

  10. 54Β° here. I love your color scheme.

  11. Aaaaa…I have those same plates..four of them…just picked up at a yard sale!! MUST BE SPRING….yard sailing! πŸ™‚ franki

    • Good score, Franki! Check out the BNOTP Facebook page. I posted a photo from Warren Kimbles site that shows the view from his Art Studio window! It’s beautiful, quaint and perfect!

  12. I love the softness of your photos.

  13. Susan, I love all things sea related and this table is a favorite! I love it’s simplicity…looks so calming and relaxing! I had a set of these dishes from Kohl’s – they were at our beach house here in Texas (but were taken -along with the house – during Hurricane IKE.) It’s so wonderful to see them again, I’ve forgotten how pretty they are! I love your lantern and yes, it does look just like a lighthouse, perfect for your theme.

    As always, thanks for hosting this party each week. It’s always a treat to see everyone’s’ table!

  14. As beautiful as ever, Susan. This is so perfect for our coastal home.
    I can’t believe this is the 290th Tablescape Thursday! Where has the time gone?
    I haven’t been by in a while, but I thought I’d share our daughter’s 21st birthday brunch table.
    Off to visit with some of your guests.

  15. I’m loving your table…warm thoughts of sand and summer indeed! It’s 39 degrees…with a fierce wind here today…so I need all the positive thoughts I can find! Thanks Susan! πŸ˜‰

  16. Don’t I wish! It’s coat-wearing cold still here in the Midwest, and we’re fighting tornadoes and flooding. What fun. NOT!!! I sure would love to get a few days of sunshine, blue skies, and warmth…all the things your table setting suggests!!!

    The sailboats on the flatware…so cute! What a great pattern for so many occasions! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Ross-Simon. I’ll have to check it out. (As IF the little Mr. is going to let me bring one more thing in this house!!!)

    Enjoy the beautiful weather, and have a great weekend. Thanks again for hosting!

  17. Peggy Thal says

    Beautiful!!! Love the beach theme. Can’t wait for a vacation- Florida hopefully. I have the lighthouse dishes also. I bought those at Kohl’s to remind me of Hatteras . Right now everything is bunny crazy here. My little grandson will be coming for Easter. Might do your bunny napkin. So happy we are finally having Spring!

  18. Susan, Your nautical flatware floats my boat! πŸ™‚ Love the pale aquas on your beachy table!

  19. Jeanie Neikirk says

    Love your beach themed table setting. The colors are soothing and took me back to the pier places although your table setting is much prettier and elegant! It’s beginning to get warm in Central Kentucky!

  20. It looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. πŸ™‚ Gorgeous. Sharing on my FB page.

  21. I love those bubble glasses! Aqua is my favorite favorite color! This table makes you almost smell the salt air~how much fun to have sailboat flatware!! I turned the A/C on briefly yesterday because it was hot, yippee!! thank you Susan~

  22. One of my goals is to learn how to participate in this type of party! I’ve gotten lazy about learning more about blogging, since I am not trying to earn any money. BUT, I so enjoy other blogs and think it would be fun to do tablescapes, quilts, gardening parties, etc. I’m not even sure how to post a “button”. Shoulda worked on this in the winter because I must head outside to pull weeds!

    • It’s super easy, Barbara…just set a table, photograph it, create a post showing it and sharing whatever info you would like to share, then on Thursday morning around 10:00, stop by BNOTP and link it up to via the InLinkz widget at the end of my Tablescape Thursday post. You’ll see the little icon that says “Add Your Link” toward the end of my post. Once a good many folks sign up, the Add Your Link button gets pushed downward but you’ll see it at the bottom. Come join in!

  23. Susan, your tablescape is so elegant and neat, and I love how the shells on the plates match the centerpiece. Everything from the subtle blue in the glasses which complements the plates to the nicely contained shells in the lighthouse lantern is pure perfection! I’ve seen so many beach theme tablescapes where the table is just littered with shells to the point that it becomes too much, but not this one! You did such a great job with this tablescape, Susan–thank you for sharing!

  24. Susan, are the coastal beach melamine and or plastic?

  25. bobbi duncan says

    I love your tablescape! The aqua bubble glasses are so perfect– they certainly do remind me of water. I did a similar candle holder with the sand and shells last summer, but my dishes were nowhere as interesting as yours. You always come up with the best arrangements– you even matched the flatware. We have had some warm days here this week and I immediately thought of all the fun times we have at the Jersey and Delaware beaches each year. I’m ready, so hurry up warmer days!

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! I wanted that flatware for several years and finally broke down and bought it when I caught a really good sale, free shipping and had an online coupon. πŸ™‚ Yes, hoping the warm days arrive your way soon!

  26. I can only dream of 70’s and 80’s it is 41 degrees and pouring rain here toady and more of the same tomorrow. We got two teaser days of 60’s earlier in the week and we were all excited!! I will just take in the warmth that is radiating from your post and beachy table!! It does seems as though the sun is shinning as I am looking at your photos! Thanks for hosting another great party.

  27. Susan love this table!! The beach is my most favorite place!!! I have one special one I love, I grew up there, but I will take any beach! This warmer weather has me really wanting to go there. My snowbird parents called me today to tell me they were sitting on the beach on a perfect day. I am totally envious as I sit in my office….

  28. Well only since you asked, we have finally hit 50 degrees, but not 80! We are not known for beautiful Spring weather, but we have some of the best summers and falls in the US. Thanks for taking us to the beach today! I love anything to do with lighthouses. Your lantern is fabulous!

  29. Love this table, especially the lantern centerpiece.

  30. Very pretty tablescape, love those bubble glasses! Yes, the lantern reminds me of a lighthouse too! Those plates are beautiful!

    We’re getting nice weather here in FL (finally!)

    Thanks for hosting!


  31. Hi, Susan,
    What a welcoming tablescape! And how did you get that breeze to poof out the curtain just as you photographed the picture? The look is bright and airy and all your table pieces go so well together to sing, “Summer dreams are almost here!” I love your color combination and am drooling over your sailboat flatware. So very pretty! Rosie

  32. Another lovely tablescape, but we wouldn’t expect anything else! Here in the Scottish Borders it’s been cold, wet and foggy for the last five days, more like Autumn than Spring! As an aside, I’m always intrigued by the way flags are often shown flying in the wrong direction in illustrations like on your salad plates. If the sailing boat is being pushed right to left by the wind, then the mast pennant and the lighthouse flag should be flying that way too. Must be some psychological reason why we do the opposite! Enjoy your sunshine.

    • Thanks, Derrick!
      Ummm, I see what you’re saying. I don’t know much about sailboats or how they work, other than that wind is supposed to propel them forward. I wonder if the artist has the boat going left to right? Would the big sail be the one that’s catching the wind and propelling it forward? That would place the small sails on the back side of the boat. Is that how boats normally sail? I have no idea. You wouldn’t want me sailing your boat because we would be stranded going nowhere. lol I hope things warm up for you guys…cold and wet is no fun!

  33. After all the busy Easter tables (including my own floral), this serene table is truly a breath of fresh air. I hope to see some beachy weather one of these days.

  34. Well, yes, it is getting warmer here, but by “warmer” we mean that it has been in the 40’s each day (still below freezing at night). Forgive me, if I sound like I am whining.
    I loooove your beach table. Just love it. I think white and aqua are about the most appealing color combo for being light and airy and soft. I like that you put sand in the bottom of the lantern with the shells and sea stars. You’ve inspired me, maybe I’ll walk on the beach today. with the dogs. and look for sea glass and sand dollars.

  35. Lovely beachy table, those glasses are so pretty! At least 8 weeks before we can think beach! Not a bloom to be found here. Thank you for hosting!

  36. I made one of these candle lanterns last night. My question is how do you keep the sand from coming out when you open the lantern to light candle?

    • Tracey, Looking at the pictures in that post, I can see how it would be confusing since it looks as if the sand is kind of piled up against the door, but it isn’t. When the lantern was made, they put the latch to the door on the side of the lantern. The side where the door opens, doesn’t have any sand piled up against it. The door is facing away from the camera in the pictures. The side facing the camera is just the side with the latch…and that side doesn’t open so that’s why sand is piled up a little on that side. Hope that makes sense. So the best thing to do is just keep the sand back a little off of the door side. I remember when I created that table, I had a little sand spilling out when I kept opening it to arrange the shells inside.

  37. Where did you get this lighthouse lantern?

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