Beautiful Ford Plantation Estate & Cottage With Lakeside Views

Have you ever heard of a place just outside of Savannah, Georgia called the The Ford Plantation? I know someone who has purchased land there with the intentions to build on it one day but that completely sums up what I knew until today. After a bit of research I learned The Ford Plantation is a private residential and sporting community located on the Ogeechee river. The community will eventually be comprised of 400 homes when fully built out.

Atop a bluff sits an historic “Main House” Β that was once the winter home for automobile magnate Henry Ford. If I can find additional photos of that home, I’ll be sure to share a tour of itΒ in the future. It sounds pretty amazing! The main house Β is used for community events like wine tastings, lawn parties, Low Country oyster roasts etc..

The Ford Plantation Main House


I backed into learning about The Ford Plantation, first stumbling across the beautiful home below that’s located there. Β One room in particular drew me inside and the rest of the home was so pretty, I knew I had to share with you. I’ve included a fair number of pictures in this tour, but you’ll find a link at the end of this post that will take you to the listing where you’ll find additional pictures.

Ford Plantation Home for Sale


There’s a lovely, traditional entry. The colors throughout the home are very neutral and serene.

Traditional Entry With Long Runner


I loved this little reading nook tucked underneath the main staircase. Don’t you love how the picture is hung nice and low so you can enjoy it as you sit there and read.

Reading Nook Under Staircase


I love that and did something similar in this nook in my own home. View that post here: A Little Addition To a Dormer Nook

A Dormer Nook


The large family room overlooks Lake Clara…what a view! Imagine the breezes with the doors thrown open in the spring and fall!

Living Room With Lake View


Love the built-in bookcases on either side of the fireplace. You can never have too many bookshelves!

Is that a painting or TV? I’m thinking it’s one of those sneaky TV’s that turns into a beautiful painting when not in use. This could totally change my mind about not liking a TV over a mantel if that’s what this is. What do you think…painting or TV?

Built-in Bookshelves for Living Room


This was the room that got me, the one that drew me in and hooked me on this house. Many, many years ago, probably 15-20 now, I was looking through a magazine (I think Traditional Home) and I came across a room that didn’t have a sofa or settee. It was arranged just like this, four comfortable chairs surrounding a big coffee table. I can’t remember now if the coffee table was round or square. If I come across that picture again, I’ll scan it and add it to this post.

Anyway, it blew my socks off. I had never seen this done before. What?! No sofa, just chairs?! I loved it! This is so cozy and so conducive to conversation. I love the brown and white buffalo check fabric they used for this space. I would never have thought to use brown and white fabric in this room but it totally works! Just love this room!

Okay, is that another sneaky TV disguised as a painting?

Paneled Library & Study


We get a glimpse into the kitchen in this view.

Cozy Living Room or Den


Just off the kitchen you’ll find a sunroom with beautiful views of the lake.

Sunroom with Lake View


I’m guessing this is the master bedroom and I’m crazy about that bed! I’ve seen this bed in other places online, maybe on Pinterest…and each time I just love it. It’s a modern take on the old-fashioned spool beds.

Gorgeous antique rug! Notice the mix of new pieces with the old/antique in this home and it all works beautifully, doesn’t it?

Modern Black Spool Bed


The master opens up to a wonderful screened in porch with a fabulous view of the lake

Bedroom with Spool Bed, Lake View and Antique Rug


Wow! Love this huge screened porch!

Decorate a Large Screened Porch


You can access it from several room inside the home. I would live out here with that view! Just imagine all the bird watching you could do!

Large Screened Porch


Bet this is a fun spot for entertaining on a chilly night in springtime or in autumn. Notice the mix of garden stools for additional seating.

Fire Pit for Back Patio


The waterside view of the home…I love this view of the house, even more than the front!

Lakeside Ford Plantation Home for Sale


There’s an adorable cottage on the property, too.

Guest Cottage, Ford Plantation Home


It has a screened porch, as well! ~~~Big Sigh~~~

Ford Plantation Home With Guest Cottage


So much cottage charm inside…Love!

Cottage Living Room


Again, the interior is done in neutral tones. I spot a bee skep in the corner.

Cottage Living Room with Light Colored Paneling


A perfect cottage kitchen…just big enough for a sweet guest cottage.

Cottage Kitchen With Stainless Appliances


I’m not sure if this bedroom is in the main home or in the cottage but I love its quirky ceiling and built-in storage so had to share it.

Cottage Bedroom


Here’s that wonderful screened-in porch we saw earlier. I love the color of the flooring…has that weathered driftwood appearance.

Cottage Screen Porch


Hope you enjoyed touring these two wonderful homes located on the same property. You’ll find additional photos where I found these here: Lakeside Home and Cottage in The Ford Plantation

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  1. Oh, the cottage would be plenty enough for me! So cute!

  2. Oh, My! I love this place so amazing!

  3. Shari Gann says

    what intrigues me is the desk in the master bedroom. Wonder if it’s called a school-master’s desk? I would love to have a reproduction of that!

  4. Linda Page says

    OK, I will sell my house and you can sell yours and let’s move in tomorrow!!!! Love this house. I really like the neutral color scheme even though I generally like more color but it really works here. The first thing we can tackle is the color scheme in the wood paneled room with the chairs. I love the room but agree that a different color scheme would be nicer. Otherwise, I will take the house as is!!!!!!! I think the paintings just may be TV’s!!! Thanks for sharing. We are still working on the wood floor in the bedroom. My son threw his back out then stressed a knee the first day back at stripping the floor once his back got better so this room is coming along slowly!! I will share pics once we get this all done. Thanks for sharing this lovely home.

    • lol Let’s go! πŸ™‚ I’m thinking are TV’s too. I don’t normally like a TV over the mantel, but it it will turn into something pretty when it’s off, I def like it better. My fave are when there are sliding panels over a fireplace and they close to hide the TV when it’s off…that I love! Sorry about your son, Linda…hope he is feeling better really soon. Can’t wait to see the pics!!!

  5. Gosh, this is all just gorgeous, Susan!! Wow! I love the cottage as much as the main house. I love a white house with black trim — so classic. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing and have a great day.



  6. Grandmom says

    The exterior is beautiful and the interior ‘had me’ in the foyer with that lantern style lighting fixture. Will have to look at this tour many times to appreciate all of the serenity, continuity of colors & themes & dΓ©cor personalizations. Keep wanting to zoom-in to see all the details. Seeing no other TV’s in the home, my guess is that those TV’s are the fancy new ones that do change to a painting when off. I’ll keep watching the comments to see how others “vote.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our children & grandchildren lived in The Big House and we lived in the Cottage!

    • Oh, I know…love that lantern, too! I also loved the wall lanterns on the screened in porch on the main house. They were so unique and so porchy! I think you’re right about the TVs! I would be totally content in the cottage. πŸ™‚

  7. Absolutely beautiful…love the library and the porch!

  8. I love all of this house tour…and I could live in the cottage out back. Thanks for showing!
    Sheila @ Mykentuckyliving

  9. I like the guest cottage a million times better than the main house.

  10. I just love old homes, they have so much character with cubbys and nooks. The Living Room looks so comfy. Thank you for sharing this wonderful house.

  11. I could just pack my toothbrush and move right in. No need to make changes. πŸ™‚

  12. And to think these two houses are just cottages to the big house, just wow.

    I love the smaller one, and the views – sigh.

    • Michele, sorry if I didn’t explain that very well. The really big house is kind of a main house on The Ford Plantation…used by the whole community. The other two houses are part of the same property which is quite a few acres…gorgeous property.

  13. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    Serene, lived-in elegance, old money comfort. Really wonderful…but I’d be quite content living in that adorable cottage: LOVE!!

  14. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Wow, I LOVE these home tours! And Susan, did you see where Ron Howard’s home sold in just two weeks! Probably it helped that you featured it here. πŸ˜‰

    This house and setting are amazing. I just wish we could have seen more of the kitchen. They were chintzy with the kitchen pictures, weren’t they? Anyway, I love all the windows and light and the view of the lake. *Sigh* Talk about sneaky — I love the way those little lamps are tucked away in the cubby holes directly adjacent to the fireplace in the living room. That screened porch looks like one you’d see at a fancy resort! And the bedroom with the quirky ceiling and all that built in storage is so cozy. I even like it better than the master bedroom! I also like the fireplace in the cottage …. the neutral brick, mantel and wall above look good to me. Well, it’s all great!

    But if I were pressed to pick my favorite little thing from just these pictures, I’d have to go with the little door to the right of the fireplace in that cozy den with 4 chairs. I think it’s for storing the wood logs and it reminds me of the old Colonial Homes magazines that always seemed to be featuring old homes with those quaint and practical little storage closets (short though they are.) I especially love that in the actual old Colonial homes there was an outside door for loading the logs directly from outdoors to the storage cubby inside. Very cozy and right up my alley.

    Susan, this was another wonderful home tour. By the way, I vote pictures on those tv questions. It would be very interesting to know though. Kudos if they ARE tvs.

    I’m looking forward to the day we organize a BNOTP in person home tour. Wouldn’t that be fun?! And then after touring all those wonderful homes we come back to your house to recuperate and relax on the porch. Sounds wonderful to me. πŸ™‚

    • No…I didn’t know it has sold. That was fast! I know, I wanted to see more of the kitchen, too. Oh, I totally missed the lamps…love that! Thanks for pointing those out, Pam. I think you’re right about the door…hides the wood which is brilliant. I didn’t know that about the outside door…that makes so much sense! Less mess by not hauling all the way through the house. So glad you enjoyed the tour! The reason I think those may be TVs is because instead of having large picture frames, they have skinny little frames like my computer monitors do. πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for the tour – BEAUTIFUL!

  16. I liked…everything–main house, cottage, lake views, and near Savannah. Maybe you should keep a few of these gorgeous home tours, with gardens or lake views, and toss out to your readers mid winter for a pick-me-up πŸ˜€

  17. Peggy Thal says

    Charming is the perfect word for this home. Lake home makes it even more appealing. Thanks for the tour Susan.

  18. Donnamae says

    Lovely home…great tour! I’ll just take the guest cottage…that’ll be enough for me! πŸ˜‰

  19. Susan, you never fail to disappoint! Such stunning rooms and gorgeous views! The cottage would be perfect for me tyvm :).

    After getting hacked one two many times, I switched to a Mac in January, and you know what they say…once you go Mac you don’t go back ;). Anywhooo…i didn’t throw away my PC,, thinking I would use it for maybe viewing video tutorials while working on the Mac. Turns out it’s so freakin slow it’s useless, so I just end up using my iPad. I didn’t realize there were so many other uses for dual monitors! Something to definitely consider! Very enlightening (I read your other post). Also, you probably know this, but you can reference an old post without going to it. If you don’t know how let me know.

    Thanks for the visit and I’m so glad you enjoyed the pics and slide show. That bouquet was so much fun to make! Took forever but worth it!

    • Thanks, Doreen! It’s so funny because almost everyone today has said they would be perfectly happy with the cottage. I love that! πŸ™‚
      About referencing an old post without going to it, you mean how you can “search” when you go to add the link? I love that feature. I don’t think they had added that feature to WordPress back when I wrote that post. I’m so glad you mentioned it though because about half the time, I forget to use it…hard to break old habits. I will have to remember that…so much faster!

  20. Aaaahhhh! Living the good life!! *sigh* franki

  21. Kathy Hammett says

    I want them and I want them, now! The bookcases in the Master Bedroom and the caned chairs in the nook. Entire house is special!

  22. Our Christmas in July is totally a “life happens” thing. We have to have major tree work done. Not just pruning…MAJOR tree work!!! The kind that can’t wait ’til fall. Ugh! πŸ™ I’d rather be spending that money on a new paint job for the main floor, but that will have to wait now.

    The Ford Plantation was just a few blocks away from where Ramon & I lived in Savannah. We never got a chance to go there to see it (or much of anywhere else in Savannah for that matter!), but we heard it is gorgeous. This confirms it 1000%!!! I like the neutral colors in the house. They make for a nice backdrop to all the beautiful furnishings.

    I think I know that picture you’re referring to of the living room with the 4 chairs. I’m pretty sure I had that picture tucked in my files for many years. Seems like maybe they were leather chairs? I have campaigned for that look in our own living room, but I’ve been shot down every time. The little Mr. wants a comfy sofa. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. No worries…I plan to do that very arrangement in our library the next time I redecorate! πŸ˜‰

    The main house is beautiful, but I wouldn’t mind living in that cottage, either! With a screened-in porch like that, cocktail hour would be the height of my day!!!

    Thanks for sharing this view into something we missed seeing in person. It’s really beautiful!

  23. Of course I would like the larger house with that fabulous porch, but I am up for the cottage too. What wonderful views. Put this one on the list Susan! πŸ™‚

  24. Susan you got me at the cottage. What a perfect retirement home that would be! And the four chairs instead of a sofa, I saw a similar room some years back. It’s my plan when I redo my living room. I love that idea!

  25. SharonFromMichigan says

    Oh that cottage makes me swoon! Love it! Thank you for sharing it with us. About that Christmas in July…..I treated myself to a new dishwasher this month. My old one was still working fine, but it was 18 years old and loud as heck when it was running. The new one is so quiet we have to look at the buttons to see if it’s actually on. The timing was just too good to pass up – Lowe’s had a great sale going on, my hubby gets a veteran discount on top of that and we were able to have it installed so we didn’t have to mess with that. Hopefully I’ll be all set for another 18 years! LOL

  26. I thought I was in love with the kitchen until I seen the screened in porch. Swooning over here!

  27. bobbi duncan says

    Both homes are lovely, but I felt cozy with the very first glimpse of the cottage. Love Savannah with it’s many historic homes and pretty gardens! We did have a nice Christmas in July at our house as we purchased many things this month–some things we found were a beautiful antique French chest with swag carvings on the front, a lovely little burl top chair side table, a very unique mahogany plant stand we’ve had hopes of locating for quite some time, and the blue and white Adelaide china I’ve been wishing for–all adding so much charm to our little corner of the world. We still need so much for our new home, but with every purchase it gets more homey feeling.

  28. A splendid view indeed! There is always something calming about having an element of water when you look out from the window. May it be a splashing fountain, a water garden, or something as spectacular as a lake or a beach, it never fails to bring a sense of tranquility.

    I guess that is why waterfront homes here in South Carolina like the ones on Mount Pleasant are popular to home buyers. Many clients of mine prefer this than finding a place to stay downtown. I understand though, since I too would rather live with the lovely waterfront scenery just at my backyard than stay in a highrise.

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