Beautiful Victorian Home Aglow for Halloween

A couple of weeks ago we visited Marie’s beautiful Victorian home to see how she had decorated for Halloween. The porch was festooned with lit garland and fun Halloween bunting.

Victorian Home Decorated for Halloween

It was great seeing it in the daylight…

Halloween Decoration for the Exterior of Home_wm

…because it gave us a chance to really see all the fun details awaiting guests and trick or treaters.

Porch Decorated for Halloween

But we wondered, “What does it look like at night?” Several of you encouraged me to go back after dark.

Decorate Trees with Lights for Halloween

Well, it didn’t take much prodding because I had to see how all those globes hanging from the trees would look at nighttime.

Lights in Trees for Halloween_wm

So, we are 10 years old again and we’re going trick-or-treating at the cool house down the street! Do you have your pumpkin ready for candy? What? You’re bringing a pillowcase? Good thinking! πŸ˜‰

Let’s go!

It’s just starting to get dark but Marie’s beautiful Victorian home is already aglow.

Exterior Lighting for Halloween

Getting darker now and the magic is beginning!

Halloween Decorating with Exterior Lighting

Look! We’ve caught the blue hour!

Halloween Exterior Decorations

If you aren’t familiar with the Blue Hour, you can read more about it in this post: The Secret of the Blue Hour.  You’ll find additional posts about Blue Hour photography under the category DIY/Photography/Blue Hour photography at the top of BNOTP 

Halloween Decorations

As we make our way down the driveway, we pass the fountain and the sound of flowing water is perfect on this spooky night. It’s so pretty lit up at night and the driveway is aglow with friendly faces.

Fountain Lit Up at Night

We turn back toward the house, mesmerized by all the wonderful lights.

Decorating Outside for Halloween

The trees are aglow with orange and purple orbs.

Halloween String Lights


Halloween Lights

Sooo pretty against that blue hour sky.

Lighting Trees for Halloween

Glowing Orbs Hanging from Trees for Halloween

We finally pull our gaze away from the trees and turn back toward the house

Victorian Home Decorated for Halloween

Are you brave enough to pass the black cats on either side of the entrance? They turn their heads back and forth, watching us carefully, ready to pounce at any moment as we tip toe quietly by.

Black Cat for Halloween Decorating

The house is truly magical this night.

Victorian Home with Exterior Lighting for Halloween

Spiderwebs glow in the corners of the porch ceiling.

Yikes! I think I see a ghost is the turret window! You go first!

Halloween Decorations for the Porch

We pass more glowing orbs as we make our way closer to the porch…

Lighting the Trees for Halloween

…only to discover we’re about 3 weeks early! Drat! No candy for us tonight!

Front Porch Decorated for Halloween with Lights

But we’ll be back because who could resist this on Halloween night!

Halloween Decorating with Exterior Lighting



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  1. Katherine G says

    Bewitching house – and perfect timing for the blue hour photos!

  2. Wow…Marie’s home is spectacular in every season and this one is amazing!…I am sure she gets lots of Tricker Treaters .. what a treat to walk up to that home on Halloween!…thanks for giving us this great Halloween tour Susan!

  3. I love, love, love it !

  4. How magical is that??!?!?!? I just love it and wish I were a child again….in that neighborhood…..and could enjoy the magic in person! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

  5. Amazing decorations and amazing photos !

  6. Vicki Daugherty says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this delectible house! Talk about a storybook house …… how much love, time, and expense went into the decorating for many to enjoy. Please thank Marie for all of us who drooled over these pictures and who wish our grandkids could come visit here too. Yummilicious!!!

  7. Anazing house all decorated for ‘just’ Halloween…I wonder what this mansiΓ³n would look like for C’mas!!! Thanks Susan for taking these great shots for us. Hugs,

  8. Oh Susan, that Marie she sure can decorate a home. I love all the details for Halloween. Hopefully she has someone to do that for her, as it is so much work. I know her grands love going there. Thanks for sharing.

  9. wow.
    just WOW.
    I want to go there now. lol.
    What a super fun, dreamy Halloween scene!

  10. Oh! I loved the tour. Thank you so much for making such great pictures to share with us!

  11. OMG, Susan!
    This is sooo beautiful!
    I so wish I lived in GEORGIA, too!
    Next door to Marie, to be precise!
    Or… to you, Susan! πŸ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~

    • I wish you did, too Cecilia! Do you think folks would look at us funny if we went trick or treating at our age. I’m pretty short so if I wear a mask they won’t know how old I am. πŸ˜‰

  12. Wow my dream house looks tantalizing….

  13. Wow! Love it!! I can’t wait to decorate my own home for Halloween someday. She did an amazing job!

  14. It is enchanting Susan, love the way the fountain picks up the light. We are ten, right? So, I will brave the cat but I am sending you for my trick or treats because of those horrible fuzzy eight legged creatures on the porch!! πŸ™‚ Did not like them then and still afraid!!!

  15. Oops, my post got lost.
    The house is enchanting Susan and I like the way the fountain is lit too.
    We are ten…right? So I will brave the cat, but I am sending you on the porch to fetch my trick or treats, as there are some horrible fuzzy creatures sitting there. πŸ™‚
    Did not like them now….still do not like them!!!
    Don’t forget to get me some chocolate? πŸ™‚

  16. Marie’s house must be the most popular one on the block. Thank you for taking the pictures. I can’t help but wonder where she stores all her “stuff”.

  17. Fabulous!!! And that huge black kitty cat, wow! Marie knows how to rock Halloween! xo

  18. Oh how fin!! Thanks for sharing>>>

  19. As I’ve said before it’s boootiful!! franki

  20. Wow, Susan,
    You’ve outdone yourself with these photos!! Between the decorations and the blue hour, you could sell these photos as postcards!! What an absolute treat!! (or should I say, “trick o’ treat!”). Thanks for sharing.

    • Awww, thanks Rosie! I tried to figure out a way I could put a couple of the pictures into the post FULL SIZE so that when clicked on they would open up full size, but I couldn’t get it to work. If I figure that out, I’ll announce it in a post and link back to this post. The lights and orbs are really pretty when you see it in a really big picture. πŸ™‚

  21. yarlette g says

    Wow ! What an amazing display. Everyone will love driving by it.I can just imagine how excited all the children will be when they see this. Thanks for giving us a chance to view your friends home.

  22. Susan,
    That is a WOW house for sure! Marie’s amazing house and amazing decorations makes her house the “Can’t Miss House”! I love her decorating for all the Holiday’s! Thanks once again for sharing her beautiful house with us! PS. Love the Blue Hour pictures; it makes the decorations even more fabulous!

    Pat F.
    Las Vegas

  23. OMG! What a great house! I bet they are flooded with trick-or-treaters every year. Lovely, but not so scary that a young child would not want to walk up. I think it is a great balance of light and sensations. Love those spiderwebs. Good job to these homeowners……I am too old to tackle something like this but sure wish they were my neighbors.

  24. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I was just thinking yesterday about Marie’s place and your promise to go back and take pictures at night. Well, sister, you delivered! You are getting to be quite the photographer! Of course, the whole place looks wonderful, but I just love those orbs so much. I love the way they just hang from the tree, as though suspended in the sky. And wow, that you were able to catch The Blue Hour made it ten times better! That’s always been my favorite time of day.

    Well, I appreciate you going back to take them. Especially since I get the impression Marie doesn’t exactly live around the corner, lol. It was so worth the gas money and time though! Like Rosie M said, you could sell them, they are so beautiful!!

    Btw, I’m short too. I’ll be a ghost. Let’s get a gang of us together and go one last time, for old times sake. Hey, maybe we’ll start a new tradition! The (almost) senior set who dresses up, demands chocolate and instead of egging your house, we give you decorating advice and critique your landscaping. Who’s in? πŸ˜€

    • That was luck, catching the blue hour! I was so excited when I took the first pics and could just see a hint of it because it goes from being barely blue to REAL blue in no time at all! Marie isn’t that far away…only about 15 minutes so not a bad drive at all.
      Wouldn’t that be funny! And you know that’s what we would be doing…giving out unsolicited decorating and gardening advice…in between bites of chocolate! πŸ™‚

  25. Mary from Virginia says

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT! What a cool Halloween scene. To have Marie’s talent, I’d be so lucky.

    Your photography is something, and I feel as if I am standing in Marie’s yard.

    She should host a BNOTP party. I’ll buy a ticket πŸ˜€

  26. That is absolutely amazing! I have never seen a house decorated for Halloween to look so beautiful. Magical rather than overtly frightening!

  27. This is gorgeous — both the house and the decorating. What a fun post. Thanks, Susan (and Marie!) for sharing!

  28. Linda Louise S. says

    Thanks for sharing.
    Hoping to catch the blue hour at my house some day.

  29. Wow! With decorations like that I can just imgine what kind of candy she hands out!

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