A Bathroom Update & Perfume Storage

Welcome to the 358th Metamorphosis Monday!

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Last week I shared my perfume collection in this post: My Favorite Perfumes, A Growing Collection. I’ve always loved perfume and over the last three years my collection has started to grow as I’ve become more and more enthusiastic about trying new scents.

Several weeks ago while doing some research online to determine how long perfume lasts before becoming too old to wear, I discovered that it’s best to keep perfume away from really bright light and big temperature changes, especially heat. I’ve always kept my perfume on a dresser in my dressing room. That room is very bright during the day due to sun streaming in through a nearby window, so I decided to move them to the vanity area of my bathroom.

Another storage tip I learned recently is that it’s also best to not store perfume near a shower or tub area. Apparently, the heat/steam creates too much of a temperature change and that’s not good for perfume, either. My shower/tub is in a different room and there aren’t any windows in this space. Someday when I get going on that major master bath renovation I hope to do, I may need to move my perfume to a different place since part of my renovation plans include adding a large window to this room, preferably over a beautiful tub.

Perfume Collection 03


Over the last few months I’ve discovered I really have a passion for perfume. Yup, I’m officially hooked! I know over the next few years, I’m bound to add a few more scents to my collection. My little silver tray is almost out of space. I was thinking about this today and wishing I had some shelves in this area. I was envisioning shallow/narrow shelves, almost like you have with a spice rack.

As I was puzzling over this issue about future storage, I started googling to see what type of shelving was available for perfume storage. Guess what I found? Nothing. I came across a couple of companies that will custom-build shelving for whatever you collect from shot glasses to antique cars to you-name-it. That was a tempting idea but after checking the pricing, I realized it would be a rather expensive option.

Perfume Collection 04


Then a little light-bulb went off! I suddenly remembered that about 4 to 5 years ago I purchased a pretty shelf in Tuesday Morning. It was totally an impulse buy–I had no idea where (or even if) I’d be able to use it in my home. I purchased it purely because I loved its pretty arches and Chinoiserie-Chippendale design. It also felt a bit cottagey due to the way it’s slightly distressed. In the back of my mind I was hoping it might work in a future bath renovation.

The shelf has been safely stowed away in a closet in the upstairs family room all these years. I removed everything I had piled on top of it in the closet and pulled it out today to see if it would work.

It still had the price sticker stuck on the very bottom. I left it on originally since I wasn’t sure I’d find a place to use it in my home and thought I might have to return it. Even though I never found a good spot for it back then, I liked it too much to return it. I just noticed the sticker calls it a distressed white hall curio. It is slightly distressed along all the edges.

Curio Shelf Pricing


Sorry these pictures are a little dark. Taking photos in the vanity area of my bathroom is just like taking photos inside a closet since currently there’s no window in this room.

What do you think? Do you like it? I really do like how it looks here in this space. I used to have two pictures hanging here, so I guess that’s why I never thought of using it here when I first brought it home.

Perfume Storage


The shelves are nice and deep so there’s plenty of room for adding new fragrances  in the future. This shelf is very heavy so hanging it was a bit of a challenge. It’s designed with keyhole type brackets on either side.

Fortunately, a stud was right where I needed it for one side and an Ook hanger worked great on the other side. I used a 40 lb Ook to be on the safe side. I absolutely love Ooks, especially how they eliminate the need for using a molly/toggle bolt. If you’re not familiar with Ooks, you’ll find them here: Ook Professional Picture Hangers

Do you have a favorite method for storing your perfumes? If anyone’s feeling creative or industrious, I think there’s a market out there for pretty (and functional) perfume shelving. Hello Shark Tank! πŸ™‚

Perfume Stored on Decorative Shelving


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Well, I love your perfume collection and want to try every one! lol My mom always had a beautiful tray full of perfumes. I’ve worn the same one for over 20 years – Rapture by Victoria’s Secret. Your shelf is charming and displays them so nicely and now you’ve got room for more! And Christmas is coming! Have a wonderful week, Susan!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  2. Brilliant solution Susan, it looks perfect! Never heard of an Ook, I will be checking that out, thanks!

    • Jenna, they are amazing! Changed my life when I heard about them from a guy I hired years ago to hang wallpaper. I use them for almost everything I hang now.

  3. Well that’s one gorgeous shelf Susan – if I had the space for one in my kitchen I’d love one as a spice rack ( with pretty bottles of course )
    It looks like a perfect perfume holder to me – actually a perfect anything holder !
    Thanks so much for the party – hope you have a wonderful week !

  4. Thanks so much for hosting!!


  5. I really love this! What a great solution. I like that you can better see and appreciate each bottle. Sometimes those impulsive purchases turn out to be just the thing!

    • Thanks, Yolie! I’ve found if you really, really like something, you almost always eventually find a spot for it. It took a while on this piece. lol

  6. Susan, thanks for hosting! Your shelf is adorable!

  7. Great collection and display, Susan. I’m sure you’re happy with the visibility and access (and now you can add more!). Thanks for hosting.

  8. Love that shelf, Susan! What a great way to store and show off your pretty perfume bottles! Hugs…Debbie

  9. Very pretty…dainty and light. Perfect for your elegant collection! Thanks for the party, Susan. Have a great week! πŸ™‚

  10. I love your shelf, and you have beautiful perfume bottles. It makes a statement! Thanks for hosting !!

  11. If you wake up one day soon and that shelf is missing you might find it at my house! How adorable. So glad you remember you had it and it works perfectly. I’ve held on to items in the past with the thought that one day I’d find a spot to use them. It’s such a treat when that day actually arrives. πŸ™‚ Vikki in VA

    • lol Someone needs to make it again! I was so happy to remember it and find it worked in that room. It’s quite deep so it won’t work just any ol place. Thanks, Vikki!

  12. Oh, it’s lovely, Susan! And perfect serendipity!

    When we were remodeling, I wanted to have mirror shelving built into the studs, (so that the shelving would be recessed, if that makes sense?) but I have several hundred bottles and it would have taken up so much wall space, so I opted not do it. My only real regret is that I’d have liked to have seen if it looked as good as I had it pictured!

    I keep my perfume on vintage jeweled vanity trays, which I have enjoyed collecting through the years, and tiered spice racks.

    You really need to try Olfactif or Scent Bird!

    • Tammy, I can so picture that…and it would have been beautiful! The mirrored backdrop would have really showcased all the pretty bottles. Genius idea! I bet your collection is beautiful on the vintage trays. Thanks for that recommendation, I will look for those!

    • Tammy, I’m not sure if you ever watch any of the perfume reviews on YouTube but I discovered a reviewer on there who is a riot and so much fun to watch. She’s worked in the entertainment business and I think had her own radio show at one time. She is soooo funny and I love her reviews because not only does she go into what notes are in a perfume, she describes the perfume in such a clever and often funny way, that it really gives you a good idea how it smells and how it comes across…how it makes you feel. Anyway, if you haven’t already found her, she’s a gem on YouTube.
      Here’s her page there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kXIHX8GW0M&list=PL485C3A47762D9BE7
      Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like she’s made any new videos in a while but I’ve enjoyed watching some of her older ones.

  13. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Awww, that little shelf has been patiently waiting 5 years for it’s time to come! Haha. It looks great. It honestly does. Very pretty and seems to be the ideal solution. πŸ™‚

  14. What a beautiful solution to displaying your beautiful collection!…Love that shelf!…thanks for hosting Susan and have a great week!

  15. What a beautiful display! I keep my scent in the fridge. Florida is not scent friendly.

  16. Perfect look for your perfume collection, Susan.

  17. Jane Franks says

    Hi Susan! Absolutely love the shelf and think it is perfect for your perfume collection. Isn’t it fun the way things can suddenly come into focus when a need surfaces?! So glad you kept the shelf!! I’m a bit confused by the lamp, though. Was that used just to give light to take the photo? Also, love the Ook hangers, too! My husband is a professional artist, and we’ve used these for years. You can hang the heaviest piece of artwork with total confidence. They never fail! Our framer attaches them to the wire hanger (in a little bag), for each painting he provides for us. A nice little gift for the customer! Have a great day! πŸ™‚ xo

    • Since that room only has canned/recessed lighting above (I dislike overhead lighting) I put a lamp in there. Fortunately, the stud in the wall (I wanted to use at least one stud in the hanging process) was in a place where once the shelf was installed, the lamp still fit in the corner of the vanity. It’s so much more pleasant to turn on a lamp in the morning than to face overhead lighting first thing in the morning.

      I’m a lamp freak and it’s pretty much all I use throughout my home. I didn’t even have overhead lighting installed when I added on my screened porch…use lamps there, too. Only time I use overhead lighting is if I’ve dropped something and it’s hard to find, I’ll reluctantly turn on overhead lightling. lol

      I especially love a lamp in a bathroom because when you have guests over (like I did for Thanksgiving) it’s nice to turn it on in the evening so guest don’t have to fumble around for a light switch when they go in. It creates the prettiest atmosphere and soft glow in a guest bath. You can see the lamp I had in my guest bath in this previous post. I think that lamp is actually upstairs at the end of the hall now and I used a different candlestick lamp in the guest bath at Thanksgiving. https://betweennapsontheporch.net/decorating-english-country-style-welcome-to-the-36th-metamorphosis-monday/ I actually need one more candlestick lamp. I love those because they are tall and skinny and don’t take up much room wherever you use them.

      Yeah, Ooks are amazing! That’s what I have the HUGE Venetian glass mirror hanging from in my dining room. I used a BIG Ooks for that and it worked! Whoever invented those was a genius and really understood physics.

      • Thanks for the explanation about the lamp, Susan! As I look at the photo again, I see it is in the corner because of the position of the outlet. I didn’t see the corner at first with the light on. That’s perfect!! I use lamps, too, instead of overhead. In fact, when we built our house, we did not have any overhead lights installed except in the kitchen which are recessed spots, and in the dining room which has a chandelier. Lamps everywhere else. Even bathroom has lights over the mirror and that’s it. There is a light over the commode room, and in our closets. And fluorescent in the laundry room, but that’s it! Again love your style and all the tips you share. xo

        • Oh, great point Jane! I definitely make an exception for overhead lighting when it comes to chandeliers! πŸ™‚ I especially love them on a dimmer where the light can be controlled.

          • Jane Franks says

            Yes, I have mine on dimmer switch, too, also the kitchen (oh that’s one I do have over the table. it’s very cute, I’ll have to take a photo and send you. Like an old seaside lantern.) I also have dimmers on bathrooms. It’s wonderful for guest bath over mirror lights when entertaining. I leave them real dim.

  18. I worked for a major cosmetics company for a few years. In our training we were told that perfume “turns” after a few years, usually about three, so it should be used and enjoyed. You are correct about the temperature fluctuations and too much light. Many women including me love to collect it and save the beautiful bottles. I love your shelf – very Chinese Chippendale-ish! My mother had something similar in her bathroom although she didn’t fill it with perfume, and now I wish I had kept it.

    • I agree, I’m not saving mine, wear them every day, often applying it again during the day. I’m kind of worried I’ll go through them too fast as much as I wear them. I know I’m going to want to keep some of the bottles…just too pretty to toss out. Ellen, with the bottles you keep, do you display them once they are empty?

  19. Susan, this shelf is perfect! I love the Chinoiserie design and the deep shelves. Great find and perfect way to use it. Your perfume collection is stunning, and I’m enjoying visiting with you over all this. Fun!

  20. I think you have found the perfect way to display your new passion.

  21. What a perfect solution. Have to wonder, what other gems you might have stashed away in that closet?

  22. I love your shelf for storing perfumes. Thanks for the information regarding storage of perfumes. I did not know; however I usually keep my perfumes on a dresser in my bedroom. There is not much sun or heat there.

    I have not been receiving your daily posts. I checked my spam/junk folder and your emails are not going to that folder. I tried to resubscribe……the program said I was enrolled. I probably receive 2 or 3 posts per week.

    • Thanks, Jeanie! Yeah, for some reason hotmail is not always delivering them. I’ll try unsubscribing you and then resubscribing you to see if that will help. Also, add this address to your “contacts” or email address book and that should help a lot, too: [email protected]

  23. SO much Christmas inspiration this morning! Love it all! Thanks so much for hosting! Cynthia

  24. Your shelf is darling Susan ~ love it and so perfect for displaying your pretty bottles!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  25. Love the shelf. If you have not tried Armani Code. It is my all time favorite. I was wearing it when we went to airport and the attendant ask me what I was wearing, when I told him he said he was buying some for his girlfriend! lol

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Kay…I’m loving learning about all these new fragrances. I feel like a kid in a candy shop. πŸ™‚ I’ll look for Armani Code!

  26. I think that was a great choice! You reminded me of the “pink metal” one that was in our (late 50’s) bathroom when I was a child. My mom had her fancy Avon perfume bottles on it. Some of the new bottles of perfume are so pretty it makes you want to buy them just because! That was a good buy. I miss our Tuesday Morning- they left here about 6 yrs. ago and I wwne to visit their store in Rochester where my mom lives and they recently left there too!

    • The two I always have visited have either closed or moved. I just noticed that recently. We do still have one left open, just got their flyer in the mail today. Hope it doesn’t close, too. lol I know what you mean…there have been a couple of scents I have purchased without smelling them because I loved the bottle and they had great reviews.

  27. SuuWEET!! franki

  28. What a pretty way to display and store your pretty perfume bottles. Thank you for the linky.

  29. Mary from Virginia says

    Beautiful shelf! Glad you found a lovely way to display your collection. You should fine a woodworker who can make a copy and you can market the shelf. I’d be your first customer.

  30. Such a pretty shelf for your perfume Susan! I bet you are glad you picked it up when you did:). Thanks for the party and have a wonderful week! Take care, Tara

  31. Hi Susan! I think your shelf is perfect for displaying your lovely perfume collection. The lacy, lattice-like look is such a feminine touch. Thanks for hosting! Jane

  32. Susan, I too love old perfume bottles! Yours is a great display. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Love it. That was a great idea.

  34. I love the shelf! I would have kept it too! I only have 2 perfumes. I wear one everyday and the Chanel is for parties, weddings etc.:):) I only have 2 because Joe likes both of them and hasn’t liked others I have tried. Thanks again for hosting!!!!

  35. Beautiful shelf Susan, and a great way to display your perfume collection. Thanks so much for hosting and I hope that you have a great week!

  36. Thanks for hosting, Susan! The shelf is quite perfect for your perfume collection! I too, love perfume. Love the feeling it gives when you first put it on. Have a lovely evening! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  37. I’m so glad you are finally using that shelf. It deserves to be up close and personal :).

    Thanks for hosting Susan!

  38. Linda Page says

    Your shelf is beautiful and perfect for your perfumes. This is a wonderful display and each perfume bottle can be fully admired. I love it. So glad you remembered you had it stored away! Too bad you didn’t buy two because at the rate you are becoming a perfume afficianado, you may need a second one soon!!!!! lol

  39. susan dial says

    Great display; I think it would be sweet if you had a small framed pick on one of the shelves just to add a point of interest and break it up a little bit. Or even a strand of pearls hanging from the side. It’s very feminine and looks great – the tray was also very pretty.

    • Thanks, Susan! I was thinking about that last night, adding a few pretties to the shelves, at least until the space is needed for additional perfumes. I like the tray, too. It was nice having another purpose for it other than just stored away in the dining room for parties and such.

  40. What perfect places for your perfumes Susan. Thanx for a great party and Happy Holidays!

  41. Sandy Park says

    LOVE the shelf. It’ll be perfect for you collection of perfumes. I see why you had to have that shelf. I’m glad you finally found a new purpose for the shelf.

  42. Cyndi Raines says

    A perfect match!! Don’t you love those “light bulb” moments and you didn’t have to go far to make it work, that’s the best part. You had it all along in a closet! Cracked me up!

    I’m happy to report I’ll be taking a Christmas house tour down river this Friday and I’m so excited! I’m sure we’ll have a great time and hope to come away with some more beautiful ideas. Have a great week Susan. Thanks for sharing.

    • lol I know! Only took me five years but I finally have a good use for the shelf. Cyndi, you will have sooo much fun! I love the tours this time of year!

  43. Susan, I have enjoyed your posts about new fragrances that you’ve tried, and I think your shelf for displaying them is just lovely and accessible. Years ago, I worked in ladies’ fragrance and learned quite a bit about them. At some point I started collecting perfume bottles which I display in a wall cabinet that I purchased years ago at Bombay (remember those stores?) My new favorite fragrance is one that I “created” at a company called Unique. I even got to pick out the bottle and the name. I bet you’d like doing that, too!

    • Oh, I do remember Bombay. We had a Bombay outlet for years very close to my home and I was sad to see it close a few years back. I used to shop in there for wall shelfs and mirrors. That’s where most of the ones I have going down my staircase came from. Their prices were awesome!
      That is so cool that you can now mix your own fragrance. There’s another place called Perfume Lab or something like that, where you can do that. I’m afraid what I’d create lol I’m just starting to learn more about fragrance and figuring out what scents I love. For some reason…right now, I’m a little obsessed with unusual fragrances…like the Creed line, especially their scent Adventus. It’s mostly worn by men but I love it. Some of their scents are unisex. I would have been in so much trouble working in a fragrance department/store! lol I’d would be so tempted to buy a new scent each day! Maybe you become immune to it when you’re surrounded by them. πŸ™‚ Jane, what are you favorite perfumes other than the one you created, which is obviously your most favorite. πŸ™‚

  44. Great solution I have perfume I never wear because it is not easy to reach. I will be looking for a small shelf.

  45. What a great purpose for that shelf! I am officially obsessed with Flowerbomb thanks to you, but their collectible bottles are just too amazing to be kept hidden in the drawer where I keep my other perfumes to hide them from the sun/heat. Why doesn’t someone invent a perfume chiller like the wine chillers in the kitchen? Come to think of it…

    • lol I’m obsessed, too! I think normal light is fine and won’t cause an issue, it’s just mostly sunlight or strong light. So pull those pretty bottles out, Patricia! When I was shopping online for shelves, before I remembered I had one that would work, I saw a really cute curio style cabinet at Target. It had glass pane doors…and was very reasonable priced. I think something like that would be great storage and would still show off all those pretty bottles.

  46. That shelf is beautiful!! Isn’t it nice to find a use for something that you have saved…….and this one is a gem!! The bottles are wonderful!! I have mine on a metal tray on my dresser, the room is on the dark side so don’t ever have to worry about the sun. It is also cool in there, can’t take it overly warm, so no worry. And yes, I save the pretty bottles when empty.

    Now, when living in the ‘big house’, a long time ago…….we redid the master bath………behind the entrance door was a blank wall with not much room. I had the contractor knock out the wallboard between two studs, put a back wall in there and numerous little shelves, I mean like there were about 10 shelves almost to the ceiling and about 2 feet off the floor. Those little shelves held all my bottles, lotions and creams……..and my then husband liked it so much he put his after shaves, colognes and shaving mugs in there too!!! Very handy and I think anyone with some DIY spirit and know how could do the same thing…….its a great idea for a small space.

    Love the design of the shelf, you could also look in antique shops for a shelf and paint it white…….. got my tree up today and making me happy!!!

    • That’s a brilliant idea! When I renovate this bathroom one day, I’m so keeping that in mind. I love it, Cleo! Congrats on the tree. I’ve been stalling but I’m going to do mine today, too.

  47. I’ve always collected perfume and found that ledge holders work perfectly on my bathroom wall! Some bottles are so beautiful that I keep them on display long after the perfume is gone!

  48. What a pretty shelf for all of yoru pretty bottles! Thanks for hosting the party!

  49. It looks like it was made for your collection.

  50. Great shelf unit to display your lovely bottles. I too had a weakness for lovely bottles and kept a few favs, then when I moved my mom to assisted living earlier this year, I discovered that my obsession came from her. Mom had a drawer full of empty channel bottles in different sizes. They were just too lovely to toss so I listed her collection of empty bottles, channel boxes and ribbons on Ebay and sold them all.

    Not that it was profitable but it didn’t cost me anything except my time & some packaging material. I felt like another collector would enjoy those beauties. Since I know what it’s like to downsize someone else, I’ve eliminated any further collections and am trying to simplify everything. It’s quite the process: Donate, Sell and “shopping” my home before acquiring anything else.

  51. Rhona Swartz says

    how do i go about buying that lovely shelf which displays perfume bottles

    • Rhona, I found that one in Tuesday Morning many years ago. You may want to periodically check those stores, just in case they do get them in again. Hope you can find one!

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