Billy Joel’s Beach House With Amazing Chef’s Kitchen & Butler’s Pantry

Are you a Billy Joel fan? I love it when his oldies from the 80’s and 90’s come on the radio. If you’re like me,  you probably know all the words to many of his songs. Billy Joel has had thirty-three “Top 40” hits so far in his lifetime, all of which he wrote! That is an amazing achievement!

Recently, when I was drooling over beaches houses, I came across pictures of a beach house Billy Joel owned and sold just this past summer. The house originally belonged to Roy Scheider–recognize that name? Yep, he was Police Chief Martin C. Brody in the infamous Jaws movies. Actually he appeared in the first two Jaw movies.

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 08


Roy Scheider had his Sagaponack, cedar-shingled, oceanfront home built in 1994. Billy Joel bought it in 2007. This 5,500 square feet has four bedrooms and seven baths. One thing that’s kind of different about this beach home is all of the bedrooms are on the first floor, which means the living, dining room and kitchen are all on the 2nd level. It was designed this way to to take advantage of the ocean views from the main living areas of the home. Let’s go inside and take a tour.

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 01


Billy Joel bought this home during the time he was married to chef and cookbook author, Katie Lee. The home saw a full renovation at that time. I would love to have seen how it looked during the time Schneider lived there. It would be interesting to compare how it looked then to how it looks now.

In these pictures taken from the real estate listing, HERE, it looks pretty empty doesn’t it. I guess a lot of the furniture had been moved out. I wonder if this area in front of the doors was originally a dining area?’

The views are truly amazing! I love the idea of having the main living quarters where you spend most of your time on the second floor with the awe-inspiring views.

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 09


The kitchen is a gourmet’s dream. In addition to a Sub Zero refrigerator and Miele dishwasher, it has two Wolf ranges, one in the main part of the kitchen and one in the huge butler’s pantry. I think I see a refrigerator on the right, as well as a sink. You can just make out the top of Wolf range on the other side of the island. We’ll get a better look at it in the next picture. I can see how this would be perfect for a professional chef. That must be a huge island if it can seat six down one side! Love all the storage and windows…so much natural light pouring in!

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 12


This is the other side of the island with the Wolf range. Beautiful hardwood floors, love the color! You get those awesome ocean views even here in the kitchen.

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 10


That may be the butler’s pantry we’re seeing through the sliding door. Let’s go check it out!

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 11


It’s really like another full kitchen, isn’t it? I see a dishwasher, a refrigerator…or perhaps that’s a freezer. And there’s the other Wolf range. This kitchen beats the kitchen in most restaurants! I guess this was added during the renovation Billy Joel and Katie Lee did before moving in. Would love to have seen it before just to see how this space was used back then. Let’s go check out the bedrooms.

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 13


The home has four fireplaces! This must be the master bedroom with its own fireplace.

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 14


The master bath has a fireplace, too, do you see it there through the doorway?

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 15


Imagine taking a bath in front of a toasty warm fire with these views!  At night you could listen to the ocean waves and enjoy the breezes while staring up into a starry sky, all from the comfort of a relaxing hot bath. ~~~sigh~~~

Notice the mirror with the attached lights. Would love to see how that looks at night with the lights reflecting in the mirror.

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 03


There are four bedrooms, all on ground level. It would be easy to take a walk along the beach in the early morning with easy access right from your bedroom.

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 05


I like the plank walls and ceiling…perfect for a beach house. That comforter looks so familiar. I remember seeing one in a similar pattern in IKEA once, only the pattern was a tan/beige color, I think.

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 06


Another bedroom…wonder what’s on the other side of the shorter window. It’s so unusual to see two different size windows side by side in a room, so I’m thinking there must be something on the other side.

Billy Joel's Hampton's Beach House 04


Did you have a favorite room or feature? I think mine would be the fireplace in the master bedroom. Yep, that would have to be it for me.

Love a great beach house? Here’s one that comes close to rivaling the home in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give: Beach Home To Rival the Home in “Somethings Gotta Give”

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  1. If that was my house I would invite all my blog friends to come hang out with me.

  2. I guess Billy Joel likes the Hamptons, because I believe he owned a home here when he was married to Christie as well.

    I love the ceilings in this home the most, but then that’s usually what I’m focused on with houses. It’s the one thing that’s difficult to change, if not impossible, and adds so much to the overall feel of a space.

    True story…Billy Joel lived about 1/2 mile from us growing up on Long Island. Back in his teens he was part of a group called The Hassles. The lead singer was Johnny Dysak (sp?) who’s father was a landscaper that tended our yard. One day when they were mowing I looked out the window and there was Billy mowing our lawn! lol

  3. My chef would be very happy with a kitchen like this one. Me, I’d be over the moon with the views. ‘-)

  4. What a lovely beach house. The kitchen is indeed wonderful, but it is the view that captivates me. The whole feel of this house is warm but light. It’s a great space. The colors are soothing but not sleepy soothing.
    Thank you for fun trip to the beach on such a wintry day.

  5. Absolutely perfect! And so is the other beach home you have a link to. I am going out on a limb here. But does the beach home that rivals Something’s Gotta Give belong to blogger Slim Paley??

  6. I absolutely love it! I’m wondering of the second kitchen was for hiring caterers for parties? Very plain but functional.

    Thanks for a great tour!

    Jane xx

  7. Wondering what this gorgeous beach looks like in the winter season? How much property damage due to extremes in weather? Not something I would have thought about in my younger days – such a lovely summer retreat though. Think you could arrange an open house event for the rest of this “neighborhood?” 🙂

  8. i also love the ceilings and wood floors. But my favorite space has to be that master bath. I would never come out!

    • Mine, too! I would love a fireplace in a bathroom, especially with gas logs. You could fire it up a few minutes before taking a bath and have a nice toasty warm bathroom for bathing.

  9. amazing kitchen. oh my. i would have to learn to cook if i lived there.

  10. Oh wow! Fabulous. Our whole house would fit in the kitchen I think!
    Off to buy a lotto ticket! Lol to see if I can buy a house like that.

  11. A tour of a beach house, in February–really needed that, thanks for posting:0

  12. I wish I could say that he sold it to me!! 🙂 Lovely, lovely house and by the water too.
    The kitchen is fantastic, hubby could have one side and I could have the other.
    I love the living room and the gorgeous views.
    o.k. Susan, put it on the list!!

  13. I love Billy Joel, and recently wrote a post about the concert I just went to. So, I really enjoyed having this peek into his home! I spent many summers in the Hamptons, and we always wanted to see where his house was, but it was well-hidden from the road.

  14. It’s all about the the beach, the beach, the beach! 🙂 Jimmy Fallon lives in that area too. Lots of stars have homes here, the Kardashians filmed on my street last summer. I don’t consider them stars, I honestly don’t know why they are famous!

    • lol Yep, it’s all about the beach! I saw some of the shows the Kardashians filmed in the Hamptons. Was the beach house they were staying in, in your neighborhood, Kathleen?

  15. Beautiful home! Love seeing how the other half lives! Too bad he isn’t keeping it. I wonder where his next beach home will be?

    Thank you for the tour!

  16. Hi Susan…what a gorgeous home. Loved it all except the ceilings. Too industrial looking for a beautiful beach house…The room off the kitchen is not a butlers pantry. It is a “caterers kitchen” my next door neighbor has one in her house…of course half that size but that is what it’s called…and it’s just what the name implies…When you have catered parties the “help” cooks in their own space…fancy schmancy…

  17. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I love all the windows and the ceilings, and the name Sagaponack! 😀 The feel is so light and bright. I have said it before, lol, but if I could, I’d live in a glass house. I love the feeling of being ‘outdoors’ in nature and I really get that vibe from this house.

    I know I’d be a little ocd about dust from the ceiling, but I’d probably learn to grin and bear it. 😉 Hey, I once lived in an ‘upside down’ house too. In fact, it was our first house, when we were newlyweds. We didn’t have a beach view, but a lovely mountain view. I thought it was imminently sensible for the original builder to have designed it that way. But it was a good thing we were young. I’m past those days of lugging groceries up stairs. 🙂

  18. Love Billy Joel and he is coming to my area this summer ~ yes! yes!

    I’m one of those people who reads something and if I see a name I don’t know I will Google search to satisfy my curiosity about what they look like or how they might have influenced the life of a person I am reading about. So it was when I began to read this post. I saw the name Katie Lee so had to stop reading and do a search. Katie was Billy’s 3rd wife and 32 years younger than he. Pretty girl Katie. Now I wanted to see the other wives so I searched and came up with an article entitled “How Billy Joel’s three wives stole his heart and his money.” I read about the “Shark” the “Super Model” and the “Social Climber.” The article also documents how he came to name many of the songs he has written. It was a very interesting piece. You can read the story at this link.

    I did return to your post Susan and I loved the tour of that beautiful beach house. That kitchen I something else. I’m off to check out how much his concert tickets will cost me. Vikki in VA.

  19. Marianne in Mo. says

    Then photo you refer to as the butler’s pantry – isn’t that just the opposite end of the view of the wolf range? Anyway, I would love to have that home! Would like the neighbors pool though! The view is my idea of heaven!

    • Umm, maybe it is. The listing said the home had a butler’s pantry and it mentioned that it had two wolf ranges. I think it said the other one was in the butler’s pantry…so that’s why I thought that might be another area. But maybe they didn’t share pics of the butler’s pantry in the listing. Thanks, Marianne for that perspective.

  20. This house is amazing. I must admit that it is not quite my style, but I love the kitchen. Not only the look, but all the functionality. You could make anything in there and not be crowded at all.

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