Details on Using a Billy Oxberg Bookcase for Storage, Plus One Small Addition

Welcome to the 556th Metamorphosis Monday!

A few days ago I shared a new furniture piece I had added to my bedroom for storing my handbags. In that post, I promised to share more details in a future post, including why I added it, if it was hard to assemble, changes I made to it and exactly how I was using it. Today I’m sharing all those details plus another little addition to my dressing room.

Tartan Bedding for Fall, Winter


I have a small but growing handbag collection and I finally decided to pull them all together in one spot for easy access.

Handbag Storage with Ikea Billy Oxberg Bookcase Cabinet


My inspiration came from seeing Elaine Hau’s amazing handbag collection on YouTube. In the video, Elaine shares details about how she stores her handbags using Billy Oxberg cabinets from Ikea.

Handbag Storage


The Billy Oxberg is nothing more than the iconic Billy Bookcase with the addition of doors. I had the worse luck getting my hands on this bookcase! My local Ikea was out of the Billy Bookcase for about two weeks.

Ikea being out of their Billy Bookcase for two weeks is like going to McDonald’s every day for two weeks, only to be told they are out of hamburgers. Seriously! Per THIS House Beautiful article, Ikea claims a Billy Bookcase is sold somewhere in the world every 5 seconds. How could they be out of Billy Bookcases for two weeks?

The folks at my local store couldn’t say why they were out of them, only speculated it could be due to the hurricane that had recently passed near Savannah where they have one of their warehouses. I tried contacting Ikea via email and their Facebook page to get an estimate on when it would be back in stock. I never received a reply.

It’s so frustrating when you finally decide to do something that you’ve been thinking about for ages, but the item you need isn’t in stock. I kept watching the website and eventually it showed they were back in stock at my local store.

Ikea Billy Oxberg Bookcase with Glass Doors


If you have something you collect, be it handbags or something completely different, I definitely recommend this bookcase. It was super easy to put together. The instructions (which are all in pictures–no words) recommend two people for assembling the bookcase, but one person can do it. I had no problem putting three together for my office so knew I could do it.

Office Bookcase


When I brought it home, I opened the box inside my SUV and brought up the pieces a couple at the time. The box is way too heavy to carry alone, especially upstairs. So if you’re a single woman and reading this, you can do it!

The doors were much, much easier to put on than the doors were for the garage cabinets I assembled a few summers back. Or, was that just last summer? I can’t remember how long ago it was, I’m terrible with time! Anyway, this cabinet is a cinch to assemble. Love that about Ikea furniture, it’s well designed and user-friendly.

I placed this cabinet in the only place I had room for it: against the wall at the foot of my bed.

Handbag Storage with Ikea Billy Oxberg


As you can see, there’s still plenty of room to walk by.

Space Between Bed and Storage Cabinet


Forgot to take a picture of it, but I purchased another one of these amazing doorstops so I wouldn’t have to worry about the bedroom door hitting the cabinet accidentally. You’ll find this cool invention here: Doorstop. (Ignore how long it says that it takes to arrive–it arrived in just a few days.)

Door Stop for when regular door stop will not work


You can see the doorstop in place in this photo and how it prevents the door from going too far back. The doorstop is completely adjustable and I set it where when I open the doors of the cabinet, the glass cabinet door doesn’t hit the doorknob of the door.

Handbag Storage with Ikea Billy Oxberg


I replaced the not-so-attractive wood knobs that come with the Billy Oxberg Bookcase with these beautiful crystal knobs available here: Crystal Knobs. I love them so much, I’m thinking of buying more and changing out my closet knobs in my dressing room.

Changing the Knobs on Ikea Billy Oxberg Bookcase


I did buy 6 additional knobs in case I ever need more of the Billy Oxberg Bookcases or in case a knob gets broken during a future move. I would hate it if they were no longer available, so figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a few extras.

Crystal Glass Knobs for Cabinets


Here’s how I have my bags stored for now. I have a few more wicker bags still stored in another closet. The main thing that pushed me to go ahead and add this cabinet to my bedroom is when I realized a few weeks ago I had never once carried my pink wicker bag all summer.

Previously, I’ve been storing my handbags in two different closets. The bags that were obviously “summer” bags were stored on a top shelf in one of the closets in my dressing room, while the “winter” bags were stored up really, really high on a closet off my bathroom dressing area.

It’s always hard to see them when they are stored high up on a shelf and difficult to reach. Now that they are all together in one place and where I can actually see and reach them, they will all get used more often throughout the year.

I’m pretty much in a state of what all the Fashion YouTubers call “Purse Peace.” Ha, ha, ha…love that phrase! Purse Peace basically means you’re happy with your current handbag collection and aren’t looking to expand it. There’s only one handbag I’d like to add one day–Dior’s Lady Dior bag. I tend to gravitate toward classic bags and that one is definitely a classic for the House of Dior.

Handbag Storage, Ikea Billy Oxberg


You may remember seeing this studded version of the handbag when I took you on a tour of the Dior Exhibition I attended during my trip to England in July. (Take a tour of the Dior Exhibition in this previous post: Christian Dior Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.)

I love the studded version but will most likely go with the standard one (without the studs) if I ever do add it to my collection, and I’ll probably buy it pre-loved from here: Pre-Loved and New Bags. That’s the only place I feel comfortable buying pre-loved bags at the moment as detailed in this post: The Only Place I Really Feel Comfortable Shopping for Pre-Loved Handbags .

Christian Dior Exhibition, 2019, London England


During this process, I found a unique way to store my Hermes perfume atomizer collection. If you follow my fashion posts on Instagram, you probably saw this idea when I shared it there. (Follow my fashions post on Instagram here: UnderMoonlightAndMagnolias.)

Storage for Hermes Perfume Atomizers


I discovered that some lipstick holders are wide enough to accommodate an atomizer. I found several online that would work, including this one: Lipstick Holder.

I ultimately went with this one from Marshalls. I like its staggered design. I now have to fight the urge to buy more perfume atomizers just to fill in the empty spots. How’s that saying go—nature abhors a vacuum! Ha!

Hermes Perfume Atomizers, Colorful


One More Update

One other recent addition to this area was adding some fashion art to the walls of my dressing room. You may have noticed the single picture hanging on the wall in this photo from a previous post. I loved how it looked but definitely felt adding a second would look much better.

Best Way to Store Handbags for Easy Access


So I purchased another one from the same Etsy shop where I found the first one.

Handbag Art for Dressing Room or Closet


Here’s how they look hanging together…two of my favorite style handbags. You’ll find these and many more fashion prints available here: Fashion Art.

Fashion Art for Dressing Room, Closet


Cozy Sheets for Wintertime

The flannel sheets I ordered arrived and I can’t wait to put them on my bed. I washed them right away so they would be ready when the nights turn cold. I love this woodsy design and they are sooo soft and cozy feeling! The evenings are definitely cooling down now so it won’t be long before I can snuggle down in them. (You’ll find these sheets available here: Ultrasoft Flannel Sheets.)

I think they will look so cute with my fall/winter bedding! The tartan bedding is currently on sale 30% off here: Tartan Bedding.

L.L. Bean Flannel Sheets for Fall and Winter Holidays


Hope this post is helpful for anyone thinking of adding a Billy Oxberg bookcase somewhere in your home. The addition of the doors takes the Billy Bookcase to a whole new level. It feels so much nicer and higher-end with the addition of the doors, plus the doors feel heavy and silky smooth to the touch. So, I definitely recommend the Billy Oxberg Bookcase–if you can find it in stock!

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

Tartan Bedding for Fall, Winter


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  1. You are the queen of organization Susan! It looks great and I love the crystal knobs!

  2. Karen Schwaderer says

    I am so ready for some cooler weather. Record breaking temps for the next week here in West Georgia. I want to open my windows and turn the air off for a few days.

  3. Thank you for hosting!!

  4. Leave it to you to find a cozy way to store your atomizers! Love the sheets! They will look perfect with your tartan bedding.

    • Thanks, Pam! I like keeping the atomizers there since I grab a different one each day to carry in my purse.
      Thanks! I would already have them on the bed if it wasn’t still so hot here.
      Have an awesome weekend!

  5. Nice job! You could always move the atomizers down a row and leave the back row empty. (Just trying to save you from your addiction )
    I love the art prints and may have to order a few LV prints for my bedroom.
    Right now I’m wrestling with deciding if I want a vanity and can’t make up my mind on exactly what I want. As always, you inspire with these posts. Gracias from Mexico.

    • Ha! Great idea! Then I want see the empty spots. I do like knowing there are a few empty places left just in case I come across a color I can’t resist on eBay one day.
      Thanks, Ginger! Are you guys as hot in Mexico as we are here in Georgia? It’s in the 90s every day here still.

  6. Thanks for always hosting such a fun party!

  7. Your collection is beautiful out on display – that’s a perfect cabinet for it! I really appreciate all the good info about Billy, like that it can be assembled by one person and the box is heavy! πŸ™‚ What a great doorstop too – you find the coolest things! Thanks for another wonderful post, and as always, for hosting.

  8. Great way to display your handbags! Love the organization! You are so right….if you can’t see something and have it easily accessed you probably won’t use it. I’ve got to ask….what is the dark colored handbag with white straps on the bottom right? Love it!! May have to look around for it πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Maureen! That bag on the bottom right with the white handles is by Brahmin. Hard to see in the photo, but it’s a pretty blue color. It has a really cute starfish embossed design making it perfect for summer. I love Brahmin bags, quality is excellent! You can see their bags online at their website.

  9. Oh Susan,
    I love all of your beautiful bags, but J’ADORE that gorgeous beauty on the top shelf, between those CC bags! It is sooo feminine and ‘romantic’! β™₯
    Love the knobs you chose and the prints and oh, those new sheets, too! Your bed and your bedroom were already beautiful, but … just when you think it can’t get any better … YOU come up with new great ideas! πŸ™‚
    Love, love, love!

    • Thanks so much, Cecilia! β™₯ You can see some close-up pictures of that sweet little Mary Frances bag in this older post from 2009 here:
      It surprisingly holds an amazing amount for such a small bag.

      • Awww… thank you very much for your reply and for that link, Susan!
        Oh my gosh, I am sure, this is the most beautiful vintage purse in the world and it’s absolutely my style! I love wearing vintage skirts/dresses and own some vintage bags myself, but I have to admit none of them are as fabulous as yours! So glad you have been able to purchase it when it was still available, Susan! Enlarging the pictures of that little gem made me fall in love with it even more! L.O.V.E all of its details, especially all those cute bead flowers! Also love the fact that its holding capacity reminds you of Mary Poppins! πŸ™‚
        I hadn’t heard of Mary Frances before, but now I love her and her website! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for that, Susan! You are a doll! β™₯

  10. Thanks so much for hosting each week, Susan!!

  11. Tricia Holzhausen says

    Beautifully displayed! You could purchase the under the cabinet puck lights that come with a remote to light it up.

    • Thanks, Tricia! I had thought about that and was super tempted. Elaine purchased puck lights from Ikea for her cabinets, along with glass shelves. But I was worried I’d leave them on accidentally one day and be gone all day and they would dry out or damage the bag closest to them. So I decided to just go with the regular wood shelves and skip the lighting, at least for now. If I add more cabinets in the future (don’t know where I’d put them :)) I will def keep that in mind. It is beautiful when it’s all lit up as Elaine does in her video.

  12. Brenda Lawrence says

    I love the bookcase you used for your bags, I wish we had an Ikea store around me. lol Your bags looks so beautiful and yes, you can see what you have now and use them. Out of sight, out of mind-which isn’t good if you want to use them. I love the lipstick organizer for the perfume tubes, perfect and they look so nice in there. All those makeup acrylic trays work so well for other things. The prints are just beautiful in your dressing room and I love those sheets. I wish I could sleep on flannel sheets. They look so cozy! Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! You can order them online and the shipping isn’t too terrible. I was tempted to do that but I have such bad luck with having bookcases or anything heavy delivered in one piece, I decided to just drive into Atlanta and buy it in person.
      Thanks! Do flannel sheets make you too hot? I’m always cold so they work well for me.

  13. Just perfect!! I am not so sure I could keep my things so neat all the time though Susan so I have to have them hidden. LOL. Happy to be partying this week. Hope you are doing well!

    • Thanks, Pamela! I think it’s actually easier for me to stay organized if I have it grouped in one place. Funny thing, I don’t usually make my bed every day but since I added this piece to my bedroom, I’ve been doing that. I have no idea why…it just makes me want to keep the whole room looking “together” I guess. lol

  14. Have you thought of putting the purse storage in the spot where the little white shelf is, to keep dressing items in the dressing area? It would also reflect the new prints on the opposite walls. I think the white cabinet would look better with all the white cabinetry in the dressing area, and not clash with your beautiful dark bedroom furniture. It looks too cluttered in your bedroom area, when you have all that room next door. The Hermes print could go on the wall in front of your bed. Just a thought.

    • I did think about that but I love having that narrow console table there so much. I added it a few months back because I would get on my bike and start a spin class and be a few minutes into it and suddenly realize I didn’t have my water or my headphones or something another. Now they are all right behind me so I don’t have to get off the bike, take off my cycling cleats and miss part of the class getting those items when I forget them. It’s just so convenient having them all behind me, so I really want to keep that little table there. Plus, I love how it looks under the framed scarf and the scarf wouldn’t look good in my bedroom. It would class with my spring/summer and winter bedding. So the scarf really works best in that room. I don’t think the cabinet looks bad on that wall since all the molding is white and the doors into the bedroom and into the dressing room are painted white…so everything on that side of the room is white. So I think it will be okay there, but thanks for that suggestion, Elena! XXX

  15. Susan, You need a trip to NYC and go to the fashionphile store on 59th Street
    between Lexington and Park Ave. They have everything you want in handbags and more. Just bring another handbag filled with $$$$.
    I think your IKEA purchase looks great. The crystal knobs make such a big difference. Why have plain when you can have fancy?

  16. Is your bed decked out for winter? I got so hot looking at the down comforter. It will be sweltering for some time to come and I’m convinced it will never cool off. For now.

  17. The new flannel bedding looks made for the tartan design–so cozy. How do you wash flannel and keep the softness? I seem to always just wash it away.

    • L.L. Bean sheets are thicker and way softer than most flannel sheets that I’ve seen, def more than the ones you typically purchase in a department store. I think that makes the biggest difference. I typically wash my sheets for aroundt 3-5 minutes in cold water. I don’t run them through a long cycle since they don’t get really that dirty, like say children’s clothing would. These were just washed for about three minutes since they are brand new. Then I tossed them in the dryer. I don’t use dryer sheets, don’t like how they smell and don’t like how they make clothes feel. These came out of the dryer feeling super soft.
      Again, L.L. Bean has super good quality flannel sheets so that def makes them last a lot longer. My cream-colored flannel sheets that I bought a few years ago from L.L. Bean are still very thick and soft. They def cost more, but I think are worth it for how long they last.

  18. Do you have a concern about fabric dye bleeding onto your Channel bags from the protectors placed on the handles?

    • That’s a great question. No, not worried about that because they are almost feather-light in weight and they just don’t appear to be heavily dyed.

  19. All your bags, and the storage design, are just beautiful! I was going to ask about the little gem in the middle top shelf too, the Mary Frances — Cecilia beat me to it… it’s really lovely, and so feminine.
    Another reviewer mentioned the empty spots in the atomizer collection; I agree, nature abhors a vacuum! Must scout around for a few more!
    The Billys are wonderful, I love them, too. Mine have books as well. The only negative is the shelves tend to sag under too much weight, but we just take them out and flip them over. Problem solved!
    And thanks for the close-up of your library in a previous post!
    Have a great weekend, Susan! Marlene

    • Thanks, Marlene! lol I think I need at least two more…that one atomizer on the bottom row looks very lonely. πŸ˜‰
      I know, my shelves sag some in my office. I don’t understand why they don’t make the shelves stronger since they are designed as BOOK cases.
      Thankfully handbags aren’t very heavy so I shouldn’t run into that issue with this bookcase cabinet.

  20. Hey Susan, I really loved the handbag collection and the way you have stored the thing is just amazing. That blue and white color bag is awesome also the lipstick holder. Can you please tell me from where you brought that bag?

    • Thanks, Jenny! Sure, I purchased it from Tiffany & Co. a few years back. I think they still have it available on their website. I’ve also seen it on eBay a few times in “New” condition for a great price.

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