Birthday Shopping for Kids, Gift Ideas & Trying Another Tinted Foundation

I have fallen down a Toy rabbit hole lately. I haven’t bought any kid’s toys since well before Christmas when I was shopping for grandsons, but in the past few weeks, I’ve bought several. I thought I’d share what I’ve been purchasing in case you will need a birthday gift for a little one sometime soon or would like to start your Christmas shopping early. Also, I have a foundation question for you at the end of this post.

If you’re a serious handbag lover, you may be familiar with the cute, hand-made leather horses Hermes makes as a bag charm to hang on their handbags.  They come in a gazillion color combinations and their cuteness and bright colors make them hard to resist. I mostly love that they harken back to the heritage of the company.

Thierry Hermes opened his business in 1837 making high-quality harness and bridles, eventually branching out to make beautiful leather saddles. With the invention of the car, Hermes smartly evolved and turned their beautiful leatherworks into producing quality bags for carrying horse-grooming supplies, which eventually led to making quality leather handbags.

I’ve been trying my best to not get sucked into buying Rodeos because they are pricey and once I start collecting something, especially something really cute and colorful, I have trouble stopping! I finally caved and purchased just one. You may have seen it when I posted it on my Instagram where I share my favorite fashions, including handbags.

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Hermes Rodeo in Red and Brown


So, though I only have one of these cute little horseys, I tried to come up with a clever, creative way to store it in case I do decide to add another one or two in the years to come. Currently, the one I have is hanging from a little thumbtack inside the cabinet where I store my handbags.

Hermes Rodeo in Red and Brown


One Instagrammer I follow, Audrey’s Pink Closet turned an Ikea spice rack upside down and created a mini stable for storing her Hermes Rodeos. So cute! (Follow Audrey on Instagram here: AudreysPinkCloset.)

Rodeo Storage by Audreys Pink Closet on Instagram


I purchased this adorable toy stable thinking it would be both a humorous and fun way to store Rodeos, especially if I succumb to collecting them and buy a few more. Unfortunately, it’s about an inch too short in height for it to work and my medium size rodeo (MM size) won’t quite fit inside. If someone only collects the smaller PM size Rodeos, it just might work.

Toy Stable with Horses for Children


If it had worked for the Rodeo storage, I would definitely have purchased another one of these cute stables for my youngest grandson who loves animals. As is, I’ll just pass this one down to him and I know he will love it. The back opens easily for access to the horses.

Horses and Stable Toy for Children


The cardboard that’s holding the horses is just part of the packaging for shipping, so that comes out.

Toy Horses and Stable


If you have a little one who loves horses or animals, you’ll find this adorable stable (complete with horses) available here: Stable and Horses Toy.

Toy Stable with Horses for Children


I was in Marshall’s recently and stumbled across this cute jelly bean dispenser. At first, I passed it up, but it was just so cute I made a beeline back for it before leaving the store. I think I’m going to save it for when my grandkids are here in June. My daughter-in-law may shoot me when she sees it. lol We’ll have to limit how many trips to the Jelly Bean dispenser are allowed per day.

If I worked in an office, I think I would keep one of these on my desk for my fellow co-workers to enjoy. Wouldn’t it be cute to have out for a birthday party?! You’ll find it available here: Jelly Bean Dispenser.

Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Dispenser


I purchased the jelly beans to fill it here: Jelly Beans.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans


Today is my oldest grandson’s birthday! He turned 6 today and for his birthday I purchased him this cute robot. He loves robots and was trying to play with his dad’s little robot from childhood during their visit here for Thanksgiving. He took the little robot back home, but it only about half works since it’s around 30 years old.

Now he has a brand new one and from the reports I’ve gotten back today, he loves it! In addition to moving all around, it plays music and dances. My daughter-in-law told me my grandson has been playing with it all afternoon and even took it next door to show the neighbors. lol

This would be a great gift for both girls and boys. You’ll find it available here: Robot. There’s a cool video at that link showing how it works.


Robot for Children



This was the other gift I purchased for my grandson’s birthday. He’s really into watches and this one is waterproof so he can wear it while taking swimming lessons and while playing in their backyard play pool this summer. You’ll find this sports watch here: Sports Watch.


Waterproof Sports Watch for Kids


Speaking of play pools, this is the one my grandsons played in all last summer and it was a huge hit. (That’s them playing in the photo below.) They loved this pool so much, we bought a second one before summer ended to use this summer year since a certain grown-up who will remain anonymous, decided to take a flying leap onto the slide and caused it to pop. Ha, ha, ha! And no, it wasn’t me!

I just noticed today, the price is much lower than when I bought it last summer, I guess because it’s still cold out. So if you want one for your kids or grandkids, get it now while it almost $20 off. You’ll find it here: Play Pool.

You’ll find the rainbow sprinkler I bought to go over it available here: Rainbow Sprinkler.

Rainbow Sprinkler and Dinosaur Play pool for Summer


The 2-year-old daughter of a friend of mine has been sick this past week so I ordered her a little surprise. It should arrive tomorrow. Is this not the cutest little bunny? You’ll find this sweet bunny here: Plush Bunny.

Bunny Plush Stuffed Toy


Not toy-related, but do you guys have any suggestions for a moisturizing foundation or tinted foundation that doesn’t emphasize wrinkles/lines? I never wear foundation since it tends to emphasize every single tiny line or wrinkle, which I really hate, but I would love something that just evens out my complexion.

I saw this recommended in an article about foundations for older/more mature skin and just ordered it today. It comes in a lot of different tints/colors. I’ll let you know if I like it once it arrives and I give it a try. Fortunately, it’s returnable if I don’t like it. You’ll find it available here: Hydrating Tint.

I would love to know if there’s something you use and love. Have you tried this one before?

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint, Light Foundation


Happy Weekend to you!

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  1. Hi Susan,

    I have been crushing on products, including foundation, from Not only do I get a ton of compliments when I wear it, but with every purchase the company donates to worthy causes! I use at least eight of their products and absolutely love them all. Thrive has earned my business and continues to keep it.

    Hope your foundation works for you but if not give Thrive a try!

    All the best,


    • Thanks for that info, Vanessa! I’ve tried their mascara and I like it pretty well. Not sure I like how it sorta rolls off. lol It doesn’t lengthen my lashes like some mascaras do, not sure why. I like the applicator, though.
      I haven’t tried their foundation since I’m skeptical of all foundations. I may give it a try.

  2. Christine Bannard says

    i do have a favorite tinted moisturizer. It is more expensive than the neutrogena for sure but it is so comfortable to wear and I find no emphasis on my lines at all. It is the Sisley Phyto-Hydra Teint. Hands down my favorite.

    • Thanks for that info, Christine! I’m going to look it up! That’s what I’m looking for, something to even things out, mostly any redness, but no emphasis on any lines/wrinkles.

  3. I bought that jelly belly dispenser for my 3 year old grandson some months ago. He loved it! I give him a little medicine cup that comes with cough syrup and give him limits on how much he can have. It dispenses a little too much when they learn to hold it open! It works for some other candy like M&M’s etc. My DIL said to put Cheerios in it and that wasn’t too popular. Love the water toy and the bunny is adorable. Cool ideas that kids will love.

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, thank you for these great gift ideas. I really like the watch and will considering buying this for our great grandson who will be 7 in May. He lives in Seattle, so I will need to ask our grand daughter if he already has a watch or not. So hard know what to buy when they live so far away. Did you notice though, at the top of the watch it says “SPORT WATGH”, a g instead of a c. When you go to the site, the picture show it the same way, buy when you click on the side picture it is correct. Ihope it is correct on the actual watch. Also, eager to know how the foundation will feel and if it goes on evenly and smoothly. I’ll be watching for your imput on how it performs. Thanks again.

    • Interesting! I didn’t even notice that on the photo. I just called my son, but he can’t look at it right now since it’s upstairs in the kid’s bedroom and they are in bed going to sleep. I told him to sneak in there after they’re asleep and let me know. I sure hope it’s not misspelled on the watch itself. Yeah, the side photos showed it spelled correctly. I’ll let you know what he says after he sneaks in to see it.

    • Cyndi, I just got a text from my dil with a photo of Court snuggled down in bed. He wore his watch to sleep. ♥ It does say watch and watgh on it. Thank Goodness!

  5. Susan, I love to read all your recommendations and I have bought a number of them. My grandson will be eight next month, older than yours. I wonder if your readers have any suggestions for birthday gifts for me, and for you down the road. I did buy the watch so thank you.

    My 8 year old grandson has an iPad and Xbox One. He does well in school and participates in after school athletics. In my view, he spends too much time on these tech things, but I know this is a problem all over America and I am not in charge.

    Does anyone have any good ideas for an 8 year old boy. Thank you.

    • Yup, they all want to spend way too much time on iPad and such. The way I found the watch and the robot was by searching at Amazon for “gifts for 8 year old boy.” When the robot came up, it reminded me that Court wanted a robot. The watch also popped up.
      I just did a search for 8 year olds and you can see what popped up here:

      One gift I gave Court a year or two ago that he still loves and plays with regulary are the K’nex building sets. Here’s a link to some and you’ll see some on that page that are for kids ages 7+:

      Most boys seem to love anything that’s remote control, so he might like a remote controlled car or buggy.

  6. Have you tried the Boom Sticks by Cindy Joseph? The makeup looks great! I’m thinking of trying it –

  7. This is the absolute best cosmetic line I have ever tried. Get the BFF cream which really isn’t a foundation, it just evens out your skin. I have never gotten so many compliments on my complexion ever. In fact, I have never before ever gotten a compliment on my skin. Every product is fabulous. Look on Facebook for Trinny London. Lots of videos and she’s rapidly reaching cult status. They ship everywhere, though London based but also are in a salon in NewYork. London is where I got my makeup done twice. Other than the BFF it comes in these clever pots which click together so your makeup is in a stack which is great for travel.

  8. Mary from Virginia says

    All the toys look so cute and fun! Good luck not getting in trouble with the jelly bean dispenser!

    I use Arbonne face cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and foundation. It seems to work well. I haven’t won any beauty contests, but my skin feels soft and even.

  9. I follow a Vlog called Hot and Flashy and she tries out and recommends all kinds of skincare and makeup for mature skin. I find her charming in a down to earth way. She has taught me A LOT about foundations and sunscreens and skin care. I am sure she has a video about foundations that are light, yet cover up. Check her out!

  10. Thanks for the toy recommendations. I have a 5 yo grandson who turns 6 this year. I may order the jelly bean dispenser for Easter.

    I second the recommendation for Thrive cosmetics. I tried 1-2 things at first and loved them and finally tried their foundation and love it too. It’s very light but does a great job evening out skin tones and most importantly doesn’t emphasize lines. Another benefit I discovered is I no longer need to use under eye concealer. It came with a small sponge and I’ve found that works best to apply it.

  11. I used liquid fountain until I discovered Bare Minerals. It is so light & feels so good that I can’t even think about using liquid again. In fact, lately I only use their concealer & that is enough. I do use Laura Geller baked blush too. I love both of those products.

    • I swear by Bare Minerals, too. I live in a hot climate, and Bare Minerals doesn’t melt away like every liquid foundation I ever used. If I’m in a hurry, I just use their concealer on my red areas.

      • After I reached 60 I had to stop wearing Bare Minerals as the powder emphasized my wrinkles …. I had way more than I thought! IT works well for me now and i do receive complements when i wear it

  12. I used Neutrogena healthy skin enhancer for about 8 years but in the last year or so I started using the Neutrogena Hydroboost in shad 40 (nude). I love it! I have dark brown hair and somewhat fair skin with a few “sun spots” . While it doesn’t give complete coverage of those, it softens them and evens me out. It looks very natural to me and feels good on my face with no irritation. I am 60 years old with just a few fine lines and I don’t think it emphasizes them. I put some on each side of my face with the built in applicator wand, a small dot on my forehead and chin and blend it with a sponge. While I don’t mind spending more for the department store or higher end cosmetics, I don’t feel the need to with this product. Just my 2 cents. It is not very expensive and I use my 40% coupons with CVS to purchase it so worth a try!

  13. Almost ordered the Neutrogena but decided at the last click to wait for your assessment. My husband’s favorite candy is Jelly Belly, he would love the dispenser!

  14. Susan, that little horse stable is so cute. I’m glad to see something different like that. And it’s based on something real. Cute idea. You find such fun things.

    Wish I could help you with the foundation, but I have gotten to the point where I literally can’t stand the feel of any make up on my skin. I tried the mineral makeup, because that’s supposed to be so light, but it was just as uncomfortable to me. If you find something you like, I hope you’ll post about it. I would still like to find something, just in case there is an occasion where I want to wear some. I will say though, there is a level of freedom in not feeling like I have to wear anything.

  15. I’ve used Bare Minerals foundation for many years and like it a lot. Recently I bought some “Hover Cover” foundation in Kim Gravel’s beauty line, Belle Beauty, and I like it, too. (I bought it on QVC). Will probably use Bare Minerals in the summer and Hover Cover in the winter.

  16. Susan, your recommendations often cost me money, but I love my travel atomizers & bee wallets(!) Now I’ve ordered the robot for one of my 5 grandsons, & the Jelly Belly dispenser for our lake cottage, where all of our grandchildren will enjoy it! When at the lake, their parents tend to let Nana spoil them with treats we wouldn’t normally have at our home or theirs—the dispenser fits the bill perfectly! Now we’ll have to stop at the JellyBelly Center in Pleasant Prairie, WI when heading up north, to buy refills!

  17. I love the horses. Would push pins for a bulletin board added to the bottom raise it up enough?

  18. Thrive bb cream. Best I’ve ever tried. Light. Good tint. Does not sink into wrinkles.

  19. Judith A. McCoy says

    I was watching Rachel Ray one day & she said she didn’t wear makeup on the weekends. Instead, she uses a blurring stick from Milk makeup. It just blends into your skin & refines/covers your pores. I tried it! I love it – quick, easy, and you can wear a touch of pore refining powder over it, along w blush & mascara for a more finished look.

  20. Judith A. McCoy says

    I forgot to say to use the stick all over your face just like stick foundation. It goes on easy and you barely feel that it’s there. Just smooth it in with a foundation sponge or even your clean fingers. I hate feeling over madeup – especially now that Spring & Summer are on the way – most foundation types are too heavy. Milk blurring stick – buy a mini at Ulta for about $13 if you want to try it.

  21. I’d give the Thrive foundation a try! I like it!!! much better than the L’Oréal I was previously using.

  22. Susan..This is why I love following you!
    You think of such unique and clever ways to do things, your little horse stable is such a great idea.
    I was thinking of ordering the hydroboost but I’ll wait and see what u think of it first.

  23. Last year I had a terrible problem with dry skin, to the point that my eyes were swollen from irritation. I even went to the dermatologist because I thought I had developed an allergy to something. My Clinique foundation that I had worn for years bothered me (so much so I thought maybe they changed formula). After reading some online recommendations, I tried Trader Joe’s Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum and the foundation you just ordered by Neutrogenia, which also contains Hyaluronic serum. My skin has never felt better! I use the Trader Joe’s serum immediately after washing my face or getting out of the shower, then I use a moisturizer and allow it to dry before putting on the foundation. As an added benefit, lines were noticeably finer. I do not like a heavy foundation, so this one works for me. I am curious what you thought about it.

    • I like it, I think. I’m not sure how much I’ll use it because I’m not sure I like the matte finish that it leaves on my face. I think I’ll probably end up just using a moisturizer and nothing else. But so far, I like it better than anything else I’ve tried. The color that seems to match my skin is Natural Ivory. It’s pretty perfect, colorwise. Maybe I should put a moisturizer over it or something. It just looks so flat whenever I use any kind of foundation. I’m going to try some of the other suggestions here so I’ll keep you posted if I find something that works better.
      So sorry you went through that, that sounds terrible! 🙁 One product I do love is Clinique moisture surge. Have you tried it? I love how it feels when I’m wearing it.
      I’m going to look for the TJs serum when I’m next in there…thanks for suggesting that!

  24. I love the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. It does a great job of evening out my skin tone and, as a bonus, it contains sunscreen. I have quite dry skin and this seems to do well for me. I do make an effort to not apply too heavily but you really don’t need to to get the nice coverage.

  25. Donna Reesor Boyd says

    L’oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Rosy Tone moisturizer seems to work for me. not really a foundation but gives your face some color.

  26. Susan,
    Thank you so much for your inspiring blog…I have very sensitive skin…(freakishly so) I’ve been using Philosophy products now for about 3 years…love them all…my go to moisturizer/tint is Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar; skin tint. QVC is by far the cheapest way to go for my area of the realm, and their running a sale as I type…I’m now in my 50’s and this tint, works wonders for me…fine lines just fade away…..Have a most fantastic day.

  27. Bobbi Duncan says

    Like you, I’ve never worn foundation, but my cheeks can look red at times and would now like something to even out my skin tone. Hugs!

  28. Keisha Bryan says


    I first want to say how very much I enjoy your posts! I live in the SE Texas and we don’t get snow or any real winter, so seeing your beautiful pictures in the winter is a treat.
    I love the jellybean dispenser and am buying one for classroom, I teach Kindergarten. It will be a great classroom management tool to use for sure!

    I had problems with dry skin and makeup in the fine lines and wrinkles also. Six years ago, after losing a sister to breast cancer, I went on a quest to find a skin care regiment and foundation that was didn’t contain harsh chemicals or horrible unhealthy ingredients. The team of doctors explained to us that everything we eat and our in our skin can be detrimental to our health if we don’t choose wisely. That is how I found Limelife by Alcone. I have used the skin care regiment and makeup for over two years now. I will not use anything else.
    There are many shades of color to match any skin tone. If you need more information I would love to send you some. Have a blessed day!

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