Blue and White Table Setting for a Special New Year’s Eve Dinner

Welcome to the 435th Tablescape Thursday!

Recently I received an email from Gina saying, “Some friends gathered at our house for the annual New Year’s dinner and the blue and white china was used.  It’s was a fun time in that we discussed what we learned and (won’t do again) and what we expect to accomplish for 2017.” What a fun dinner that must have been. I would love to have heard what everyone shared!

Gina sent along a few pictures she snapped of the beautiful table she created for the evening. Being a huge fan of blue and white decorating and blue and white table settings, I couldn’t wait to share it with you! (See more posts including Blue and White Design/Tables here: Blue & White Design/Decor)


For her New Year’s dinner party, Gina brought out her collection of blue and white porcelain and other blue and white collectibles to create a stunning centerpiece. Red dragons add  an eye-pleasing pop of color to this wonderful table.


The china Gina brought out for her New Year’s celebration is by Ralph Lauren and the pattern is Mandarin. Salad plates are available here: Ralph Lauren Mandarin.


Love the cute pea-pod place card holders! So perfect for this table that Gina called her “Ming Dynasty” table.

When I saw this gorgeous dishware, it reminded me so much of a room in my home. Can you guess which one?


Notice the pattern on the bedskirt and pillow shams, it’s very similar to the pattern of the salad plates. This blue and white bedding is also by Ralph Lauren, found many, many years ago in Macy’s. I remember the pattern name had the word “Porcelain” in it.


You can see the pattern a little better in this close-up from a previous year’s Valentine’s Day tea. I love that Ralph Lauren carried this pattern in so many forms, including bedding and china! Love his style!

Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas


Oh my gosh, look at these adorable knife rests, or in this case, chopstick rests. So cute!


For her stemware, Gina used the beautiful blue stemware that I know many of us have collected from Dollar Tree. They’ve also carried this same stemware in a really pretty green color. This is a great example showing how it’s possible to blend less expensive pieces into your table settings to stretch that decorating and entertaining budget.


Thanks so much to Gina for sharing this gorgeous table! I know her guests must have gasped in delight when they walked into her dining room and saw where they would be dining that evening!



Dinner/Salad plates: Ralph Lauren, Mandarin
Small Dessert Plates on Tier:  222 Fifth, Blue Dynasty
Chargers:  Trellis, Horchow
Stemware:  Dollar Tree
Red Cordials:  Vintage
Chopsticks:  World Market
Chopstick Rests:  Ebay
Pea pod place card holders: Williams Sonoma, a few years back
Napkin Rings, S&P:  Bombay
Floral Centerpieces: Bombay
Candlesticks, Votives:  Homegoods
Linens:  Kohl’s
Dragons:  Ross


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  1. Thanks for sharing Gina’s beautiful blue & white table Susan! It’s great inspiration for a Chinese New Year celebration too 🙂

  2. Always love blue and white, Susan. We are on the same brain wave with Macy’s today it seems!

  3. Gina, great collection and display. I never thought of blue/white for New Year’s Day, but it is more cheerful than black and white, but still elegant.

  4. I love everything about this table setting!!! Really wonderful!!!

  5. Sheryl Mekemson says

    I would give anything to find your RL bedding! Blue and white runs throughout my home in porcelein pieces.

    The tablescape is blue and white splendor. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sheryl, I occasionally have run across it on eBay, brand new and still in the bag. I think RL produced it for several years. Check eBay from time to time or set up an alert for it there. Hope you can find it!

  6. I’ve been on the same wave length! Her table looked fabulous and I bet the conversation was enlightening!

  7. So enjoyed this tablesetting! As a collector of blue and white porcelain tableware and decorative pieces, it’s always fun to see what other people have and how they use it. Regarding 222 Fifth (Dynasty dessert plates), I am in love with this dinnerware company! I have their Adelaide (in blue, of course) and I use their Northwood Cottage at Christmastime. Beautiful designs! As a decorator on a budget, I truly appreciate that you share that great finds can be found at Dollar Tree — one of my Christmas dinnerware settings came from there (all white embossed snowflake design — great to use all winter long). Always enjoy Tablescape Thursday — keep them coming!

  8. That was SO BEAUTIFUL!! Tablescapes are my favorites!!! franki

  9. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    What a gorgeous, unique table setting! The red is a nice homage to the Chinese food on the menu, and to the upcoming Chinese New Year on the 28th too. I love the Mandarin/Porcelain pattern and have been looking for blue & white drapes with that ginger jar style print. The closest I’ve found are the Charlotte panels by Ballard Designs, but I’m not 100% sure about the pattern up close and don’t want to have to send them back through the mail since there’s no store open here in New England just yet. Blue and white always looks fresh no matter what!

  10. I wish I would have seen these blue stemmed glasses at Dollar Tree. I have 2 sets of blue and white dishes and these goblets would be ideal. I love the Christmas goblets from there. Sad thing is that I broke 2 of them and of course, they don’t carry this pattern.

    • Bev, keep checking Dollar Tree occasionally. I’ve purchased stemware in there and then seen it back again a year or two later. In the DT near me, they’ve had both the blue and the green wine glasses in a few different times over the last few years.

  11. Susan, Gina’s table is a stunner! Love the RL pattern. Thanks for sharing and for hosting!

  12. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Blue and white is beautiful and comforting to me..add some sunshine with yellow or heat it up with hot pink’s always lovely! Thanks!

  13. Marie Antoinette says

    Hi Susan, I love your blog! I love the photos and ideas that you always come up with. I particularly enjoy touring the “movie houses” and learning their histories and background stories. One of my favorite movies of all times is “Out of Africa” with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. I have the DVD and from watching the making of the movie, I learned that they shot it in Africa and they actually built a house (not just a shell) in Kenya for the movie’s main character Karen Blixen and I was hoping that perhaps you might post it on your blog someday. I read your blog on your African trip and it sounded truly amazing. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Marie! So interesting that they built an actual house for the movie. I’m surprised they didn’t use Karen Blixen’s actual home because it’s still there. When I was in Africa, I toured her home but they wouldn’t let me take photos inside. I did get one photo of it from the outside, you can see it in this previous post.
      That probably would make a great movie home tour. I know this sounds silly, but I’ve never seen the movie because it always sounded so sad. Also, when I toured the house, there were several pictures hanging on the walls showing Karen and her husband standing beside/over dead animals they had hunted/killed. I can’t stand to see animals shot/killed, so I was afraid to watch the movie, afraid they would show that. Maybe I could watch the movie, just fast forwarding to the room views. lol

  14. It is a lovely table setting. I cannot use a lot of dishes due to arthritis so use Corelle. I did buy a pattern I like, but since I rarely ever have company for dinners or even luncheons, most of it hardly ever gets used.

  15. Very pretty table, and striking with the red dragons!

  16. What a refreshing look for the New Year. The simple coordinating colors make it look elegant and the small splash of red for year of the dragon is perfect! Well Done!

  17. As I love blue and white, and anything Asian, I love this beautiful setting! Great idea to use the blue and white for New Years! Thanks for hosting, Susan!

  18. Vicki Entze says

    I love all things blue and white. I used to have three sets of dishes in those colors as well as the same comforter and shams you have in your guest room. I took blue and white plaid sheets and made curtains for my living room and dining room. I believe they were Ralph Lauren. I took fabric that looked like the comforter and made chair seats for my dining room chairs. I was obsessed, lol.

  19. Hi Susan! We still have the crane chopsticks in stores. They aren’t available online anymore. We also have napkins that match the RL plates. A customer picked some up today because she has those same exact plates. I guess we need everyone is doing an Asian inspired tablescape this month. After inventory we are switching to an Indian inspired tablescape. That line is really cute.

    s/n: we got in Bunny with the basket vase. Already? yep already

  20. Love the table and as soon as I saw the “stemware” thought DT! Been using the green champagne glasses for years on my Christmas table and then 3 years ago broke one. I was devastated! Immediately went out hoping to replace it and found more as well as red wine or water glasses. Bought all they had!

  21. Blue and white is calm and soothing after all the noisy Christmas colors.
    Something about that first cuppa in the morning served in a blue and white.
    Conjures up thoughts of spring and travel. Maybe camel riding in Morocco?
    Bringing home a few blue and white tiles for future tablescapes. Oh, those cold desert nights. Memories….sigh…

  22. PS Great place to buy saffron. Makes a much appreciated gift to any cook and does not compete with anything in you luggage. Bring sandwich baggies.

    • Interesting! So the guys in the Atlanta airport won’t have a fit when I come back? They gave me a hard time over carved wooden animals from Kenya.

  23. Never had problems with dried spices. The legal kind anyway. The wood may have hitch hikers that could harm our woods

  24. I’ve not been reading your blog for very long, but I wanted to say thank you for the parties you host every week. I appreciate being treated to such an array of delightful creativity.

  25. Susan, I love everything on that table including the pea pods (how cute) but those red dragons are awesome. My local Ross doesn’t seem to have much in home decorations or dinnerware anymore. I used to buy a lot of blue and white Chinese pottery there.
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. I have the glasses in green and I love them! Bought some in Florida a few years ago when staying in a rental house (the glasses there were a hodge pudge of everything) so I bought these to at least have an enjoyable glass of wine. Loved them so much I bought more to bring home to Canada, then actually found some here in our DT store to add to my collection. Haven’t been able to find the green color lately, but they do have some blue. It’s always so nice to mix the “high” with the “low”! Love the blog, keep up the good work!!

  27. Linda Page says

    This is an awesomely beautiful tablescape. I love the dishes and all of the vases and chopsticks and placecards, etc. Very elegant and peaceful. I think you should snatch some pieces for your guest bedroom!!! Thanks, Gina! Thanks, Susan!

  28. What a beautiful table! I enjoy the blue and white tables, but not nearly as much as my Mother did or my husbands Grandmother. Every time I see or set a blue and white table I think of them. I want to also say a special thanks to Gina for sharing the pattern name of her dishes and not just where she got them. That makes it SOO much easier to try and find the dishes if we wanted to create something similar.

    • Jeanne, I always try to share that if the dishware has a name. Unfortunately, many of the dishes that come from HomeGoods, Pottery Barn and places like that, don’t have a pattern name, sometimes not even a manufacturer. I’ll always include it, if it has one, though. Feel free to ask about any that you see on the blog. 🙂

  29. I am looking foward to your beautiful posts from Japan. Blue and White dishes are popular in our country from olden times. So could I share this post and pics in my tableware blog? thank you.

  30. bobbi duncan says

    Thank you for sharing yet another beautiful table setting–very unique and I love the addition of the red dragons. The china designs are so complimentary and really do resemble your bed linens, which I love. Hugs!

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