Blue Willow & Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece for an Autumn Table

Welcome to the 472nd Tablescape Thursday!

We’ve decided to skip fall and winter here in Georgia this year. As you can see, the trees are still green and leafy in my back yard, and yesterday was in the 80’s. Today we’ll reach 85! I’m really not complaining, though. I love summer and love the heat. I wonder when fall arrives, if it will just hit all at once and all the leaves will change and fall off the trees overnight.

Blue and Orange Fall Halloween Table Setting


The deck work, painting, staining was supposed to get underway on Monday, but the rain we had earlier in the week delayed things a few days. The guys are here now pressure washing and working, so it’s going to be a busy day. I hurriedly moved a lot of things in from the porch and decks this morning, just to get them out of the way as they pressure wash the decks and exterior parts of the porch.

Fall Table with Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece


Yesterday, while I was out fetching flowers and little pumpkins for my table, I got a call requesting I meet with the project manager to finalize all the plans. So unfortunately table-making and picture-taking was delayed to late afternoon when the lighting isn’t the greatest for photos.

Blue, Orange & White Tablescape with Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece


I love how blue and orange look when paired together. Such a wonderful combination that makes my heart sing! I only had four of one style napkin, so I used a different napkin for the place settings on either end of the table–still blue and white, just a different pattern.

The china I’m using in this setting is one of my every day patterns, Churchill Blue Willow. Many years ago, probably 15-16 years ago, Publix had a promotion going on where when you purchased a certain $ amount of groceries, you could buy a place setting of Blue Willow for $2.50. The place setting included a dinner plate and a cup/saucer. They had all the other pieces, too at very reasonable prices.

I bought a bunch of groceries over a few months, collecting all the pieces I really wanted.  I’m really glad I did because this set wears like iron…no babying or hand washing. I have really enjoyed it.

Blue Willow for Fall Autumn Table, Orange Accents


I had planned to use white chargers but decided to try the new bark-edged chargers I recently added to my charger collection. (Wood chargers are available, HERE.)

The wood created such a pretty contrast against the Blue Willow plates, and I love the idea of pairing something elegant, like the Blue Willow, with the rustic look of wood. I’m loving these wood chargers! I have a feeling you’ll be seeing them a few more times this fall and winter.

Fall Table, Blue Willow, Bark Edge Chargers


Sunshine struggles to reach the table this time of day, especially with all the trees surrounding the porch. But one little ray got through and lit up the flatware on one side, showing its true blue color. Flatware is available in several colors HERE and HERE.

Blue Willow, Bark Edge Chargers, Pumpkins for Fall


I filled a pumpkin with fresh flowers from Publix for this colorful centerpiece.

Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece for Autumn Table


I love these colors so much…such happy colors! I would love to have found a bouquet with orange flowers but the only ones I could find were mums and they were a really harsh, burnt red color…not what I wanted for today’s table.

Floral Centerpiece Inside a Pumpkin for Autumn


Using a pumpkin as a vase for a floral centerpiece is really easy to create. Just buy a pumpkin the size you would like for your arrangement, then hollow it out.

Make a Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece


Once you’ve cleaned out the inside of the pumpkin, place a small bowl inside and fill it 3/4th full of water. Then add your flowers. I’ve found cutting the stems fairly short works best for this arrangement, but experiment around with different lengths to see which one creates the look you want for your pumpkin floral centerpiece.

Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece


I love these little pie pumpkins for decorating for fall and Halloween. They are such a cute size!

Porch Dining for Autumn


Happy fall, dear Friends!

Blue, Orange, White Table, Autumn Tablescape


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Your new chargers give a nice fall touch to the table, along with the pumpkins. I am missing fall weather (I’m in the mountains north of you) and hope it will arrive soon. We usually have pretty leaves by this time but they are few and far between right now. I enjoyed seeing your pretty tablescape this morning.

    • Wonder if this means we’ll have a warmer winter. I hope the warmer weather holds at least through Halloween for the kiddos. I remember some really warm Halloweens when I was kid growing up in GA. Hope you start seeing some fall color soon, Joy!

  2. I never would have thought of that color combo but it’s just beautiful along with the flatware. I bet the twig silverware would have looked good as well.

  3. Gloria Brady says


    Your tablescape’s are always sooo beautiful!!

    Our temps here in the Dallas are area still in the mid 80’s to 90’s. Trees about the same as yours.

    Thank you for all the beautiful postings of your trip to Ireland. We just returned last week and I would go again. So much to see in 2 weeks. We went on a Back Roads trip that was wonderful. Our guide and bus driver were great.

    Well back to housework etc!

    Gloria Brady

    • Thanks so much, Gloria! Ireland is wonderful, I would definitely go back, too! Beautiful place! Gloria, was the Back Roads company you used this one:
      I know there’s another company called Backroads, too. Just wondering if you used the one I linked above because I’ve been thinking of doing a trip with them some summer, particularly their “Highlights of Britain” and “Corners of Cornwell” tours. Only thing I don’t like is they charge a HUGE Single Supplement.

  4. I love the Blue & White with the orange too! The wood chargers really give the table a fall feel. We are still in the 90’s down here in New Orleans and so humid! I think it is going to be a hot Winter.

  5. Cyndi Raines says

    Love, love, love the wooden chargers! Pretty table Susan! Happy Fall!

  6. Pretty Fall table, Susan. Those wood chargers are fabulous and give more of a Fall feeling to the blue and white. Such a pretty bouquet of flowers in the pumpkin. Thank you for hosting.

    • Thanks, Laurie! I think two bouquets would have filled it out a bit more. It looked like a lot of flowers until I got them home and started arranging them. lol

  7. The table is beautiful. I love the orange and blue. Do you remember where you got those beautiful blue napkins? I love the print on both of them. The chargers really fit in with the fall theme.

    • Thanks, Kathy! The four that are mostly white with the blue design said Pimpernel on the label, before I cut them all off. I’ve had these several years and can’t remember now where I found them. Most likely they came from Marshall’s, HomeGoods or Tuesday Morning. Those are the three places I most often look for/find napkins. I know that isn’t very helpful. I looked on eBay the other night to see if I could find another set of four, but didn’t have any luck.

  8. Susan, I’ve been thinking of getting Blue willow for quite awhile. When I look at patterns, there are so many options. There is one pattern of it that looks like yours, more of dark blue. It has two different dinner plates. One is 10 1/4 and one is 10 3/4. Do you know what yours are?

    • Mine are 10-1/4 inch. I love this pattern! Here’s the hallmark that’s on the back of mine. They aren’t antique or vintage. I purchased them in Publix about 15-16 years ago. They had an amazing promotion going where you could buy a place setting for like $2.50 and it included a plate and a cup and saucer. All the other pieces were super inexpensive, too. I collected 12 place settings and quite a few serving pieces. It and Villeroy & Boch’s Melina are my everyday dishware. It’s almost indestructible…I microwave and wash it in the dishwasher constantly. I just recently went through and counted all my bowls, salad plates, etc… and bought a few more pieces on eBay to replace pieces that have been broken over the last few years, which was only a couple of salad plates and a couple of bowls. I made sure to get the same hallmark/type since I wanted them to match exactly. You can find it pretty inexpensively on eBay.

      Churchill Blue Willow

  9. Beautiful as usual, Susan. Nice to see the bark chargers. Love them!…Christine

  10. Ann Seigman says

    Susan, I also have the Churchill Blue Willow. I now have them at my cabin at the lake and we always use them there. I love china and have several patterns that I like to switch out from time to time. The table setting is beautiful. I always enjoy seeing what you pull together. You have such an eye for beauty and it makes me smile! Thank you.

  11. I love the blue and orange theme. We are having weird temps here in WV too. In the 90’s, not normal.

  12. The blue willow and wood chargers are a creative combo–they go together so well and so unexpectedly (to me;)). Love that little ray of sunshine highlighting the flatware.

    • Thanks, Mia! I was surprised how much I liked them together, I had fully intended to use my white chargers. But after I tried them both, I really loved how the wood chargers looked.

  13. Thought of a detour through Alaska where the first snow is settling. I’m all scorched out. Too hot for the apple orchards. In the high 80’s in the GA mountains does not invite for picking a bushel or two.
    Thought I had all the pumpkins for this year. I have a date with Publix to buy small orange for my Blue Willow. My small are white and you are the best temptress. Orange it is.

    • Kem, that’s exactly where I found mine, in Publix. At first I didn’t see them but I asked a guy in the produce section and he showed me where they were. In the Publix near me, they were at the very front near the doors, tucked in the midst of a bunch of other stuff. They came three to a bag. I would never have found them if he hadn’t led me to them.

  14. Susan, have you seen the hand painted chinnoiserie pumpkins? They are gorgeous.

  15. Blue Willow is my very favorite pattern in my house full of blue and white! It pairs well with so many bold colors…orange, hot pink, red, lime green, and of course, yellow! Your late afternoon photos were a happy accident apparently because the play of shadows across the pumpkins is just lovely.

    • Roxanne, you are so right. I never realized that until recently. Amazing how well it pairs with hot bold colors.
      Thanks! Sometimes the shadows can be really pretty. I can tell the light is changing as we move further into fall and toward winter.

  16. I remember those days when you could buy groceries and get great dishes at great prices!!! Those days are long gone, but gosh they were fun while they lasted!!! Your Blue Willow looks terrific paired with your new wood chargers. The chargers really add a fall flair! Good luck with all the work getting done at your home. I know it can be a real pain in the patootie, but those are the joys of home ownership. Yeah…right! 😉 Thanks again for hosting this party!

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Publix did that again one day, maybe with a red and white pattern. I would be so on that! I would be in there buying groceries twice a day. lol
      Thanks! At least the pressure washing is done, that’s the part I always dread. They’ll start staining tomorrow, hope they can do it all in one day.
      Happy fall, Alycia!

      • Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but I think Publix had the promotion later on with the “pink” willow pattern, and they were beautiful, but I had already bought 8 place settings of the blue, so I had to close my eyes every time I would pass the display. Do you remember when they had the promotion for the flatware where you had to fill up the little forms with the stamps they gave you with your purchase? I think this was after the blue willow, and I went nuts collecting the stamps so I could get 12 settings of the pattern – this is my everyday silverware set now, and they are very good quality! As Alycia says, those days are sadly long gone. They actually made supermarket shopping something fun for a change.

  17. Oh! My mom had this same dish ware bought the same way…only in about 1960! I remember so well. I liked table settings even then 🙂 Blue and orange are pretty. Also like pumpkins as a vase.

    • I wonder what store she purchased her’s in. Too bad more grocery stores don’t do this…I think it would be a huge hit! It surely made me shop more in Publix during that time.

  18. Love this tablescape! I also love blue and orange together and I have the same dishes. Up my way, the promotion was at Safeway grocery store back in the 90’s I think. I got 8 place settings and some serving pieces. I love them. They really do wear well. Your table really looks lovely. 🙂

  19. Jane Franks says

    Hi Susan! You have just given me my Thanksgiving tablescape idea! We have family coming and I just did my kitchen in blue/white and wanted to tie in the living/dining area yet to Autumn, too! I have that very set of Blue Willow (got it at a grocery store like you!) and use it all the time (you are right! tough as nails!), but hadn’t considered with the orange and yellow for Fall. GREAT idea! I have gold chargers and a navy tablecloth. I’ll get mini pumpkins and do the fall foliage centerpiece! PERFECT!! Can you give a referral for the blue glasses, or have you seen any lately “out and about” at a good price?? Thank you, thank you!! I’m so busy with an important project right now that I was going to be frustrated to have to spend a lot of time on this. You did it for me!! 🙂 Jane xoxo

    • Thanks so much, Jane! Occasionally, I see blue glassware in Dollar Tree, that’s I found the blue wine glasses used in this table. The other blue glasses are from Noritake, their Breeze collection, but I don’t think they still make the Breeze collection in different colors. Definitely check in Dollar Tree if you have one near you. The table you’re describing putting together sounds beautiful!

  20. Jane Franks says

    P.S. The Churchill blue willow is available here. Prices aren’t too bad.

  21. What a unique and beautiful fall table! I love the blue mixed with the oranges, yellows and bright pinks. I’m also loving your new wooden chargers. Everything is just perfect, great job! Thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday.

  22. Your tablesetting is very pretty! Love the blue willow with the orange pumpkins. Nice combination! I love how pumpkins are getting used as vases ~ I just posted two posts early this week making a faux pumpkin tutorial on YouTube and the pics the next day. I might carve out the real ones once we are closer to All Hallows Eve. 🙂

    Happy fall,
    Barb 🙂

  23. Oh Susan,
    I don’t know why but (real) pumpkins make me always happy, even more when you can incorporate them in your fall tablescape and those baby pumpkins look so perfect on those plates and are too cute! Of course, is their “mom” as a vase beautiful, too! Oh, and those gorgeous wood chargers do sooo scream fall and winter to me, I’d wrap them up in a scarf or a blanket, when no needed! lol
    Now I’ve a confession to make, dear Susan: I’ve never tried a blue/orange combo but I know someone who’s gonna “steal” your idea… 🙂
    Thanks for that!
    ~Hugs to you~

    • lol They will be fun to use this fall and winter. I have a feeling they will look good even in the spring/summer. They make me want to buy a cabin in the north GA mountains!

  24. Love the blue willow mixed with orange. Those new chargers are the best! That pumpkin carved out and used like a vase is so cute- great idea 🙂

  25. How lovely and elegant that Autumn table is that you have displayed.

  26. Elizabeth Roderick says

    I love it! Blue and Orange two of my favorites. I’ve had 3 sets of Blue Willow. One my grandmothers, I gave to my cousin. The other two one very nice, one a grocery store collection, went to a friend. Guess I’ll start over collecting.

  27. Gosh, that was so pretty!! Had to smile…our local grocery store (GIANT) had that same promotion…so, I have Blue Willow for only six…used it ALL the time. Now…it’s on display on kitchen valance. Still a favorite!! franki

    • I didn’t realize so many stores did that promotion…love that! Franki, wouldn’t it be great if they all did it again, maybe with a red and white toile pattern or something like that. I would definitely be in there shopping up a storm! lol

  28. The good news is that you can use your porch a while longer! I love your colors as they are so full of energy. BTW, I saw a log yesterday that is just the right dimension for chargers. I’m wondering if rounds were sanded and shellacked they would work.

  29. I also love blue & orange together, and your table looks wonderful! The chargers were a great find you shared, and the centerpiece is pretty. And I think the light looks great – very much what fall angles of light are all about. Happy listing check-off with the power washing!

  30. Denise Poling says

    Your table looks awesome! I also love the blue and orange. I have been admiring those chargers, just haven’t made up my mind. I did purchase bark coasters on sale from Pottery Barn that may interest you. They just arrived today! Thank you for the inspiration!

  31. I love the colors. I miss the special offers grocery stores had we got so many different items we would not have purchased . The Blue Willow is beautiful.

  32. I love seeing your creative tablescapes, Susan. This is one of my favorite whimsical pottery, I wish that I had a set of it. I’d love to see what you could do with it!

    • That is a really sweet pattern, Robin! I think a simple setting would be great for the pattern, nothing too fussy. I enjoyed reading about the history of the company!

  33. Susan, Your blue and white willow pattern on the wooden chargers with orange accents does sing fall! I have yet to carve out a pumpkin for an arrangement. I need to do that!
    I bought a set of blue willow from Southern Living back in the late 80’s. I added large soup bowls and more of the smaller Churchill cereal bowls from Food World in the 90’s. I never looked at them closely until today after reading your post. The Southern Living set says, Johnston Brothers England and the Churchill says Churchill made in England but some of them say Churchill made in Columbia. I never looked at that back in the 80’s and 90’s. I used this pattern everyday from then until about four years ago. It is a very comfort food like pattern. I like your choice of flowers. It has the same color scheme nature is giving us in the wildflowers and perennials blooming now.

  34. Susan, this is one of your prettiest tables. I love blue and white, too. I’ve had the Blue Willow for years and never tire of it.
    The orange mixed with it is gorgeous. Love the bark edged chargers. The perfect choice. So pretty!
    Happy Fall.

  35. Susan, I love blue/white paired with orange! The tablesetting is beautiful with the arrangement and I love the wood bark chargers!

  36. I’m going to go see how much the wood chargers are: I have been wanting some forever!! Lots of pretty fall tables shared this week. I am very late getting here, but I finally made it:) Have a great weekend. Your table is beautiful!

  37. I just wanted to comment how much I love the blue water goblets!!! And again comment how much I love your blog. I look forward to every post you make. Hugs to you !

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