Breakfast At Tiffany’s: George Peppard’s Greek Revival Home

Did you ever see the iconic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard?

National Film Registry


George Peppard’s prior home, located at 1401 N. Ogden Drive in West Hollywood is now for sale.



Of course, it looks very different from the days when he lived there. As I was touring this 1920’s Spaulding Square, Greek Revival home, there were several rooms that caught my eye.

George Peppard Breakfast At Tiffany's Hollywood Home 14


The features I really love about this home are the many French doors, light-filled interiors and tons of built-in bookshelves throughout. Though the interior is designed with white walls, off white trim and mostly white furniture, all that white provides a nice backdrop for the art work, wood furniture, leather chairs and rugs.

George Peppard Breakfast At Tiffany's Hollywood Home 05


The wood furniture, leather chairs, hardwood flooring, art and rugs give the home its warmth. They are what really make it feel like a home.

George Peppard Breakfast At Tiffany's Hollywood Home 11


This home also features one of my favorite design ideas. Can you guess what it is? The table below piled high with books is a big hint.

Library Dining Room in George Peppard's Hollywood Home


The dining room is also a library of sorts. I absolutely love seeing dining rooms used this way because they solve that old dilemma of having a real dining room for dinner parties but not having a room that sits empty and unused most of the time. A space like this makes a wonderful spot for reading or enjoying your book collection, even a place for kids to do homework, but it’s there when needed for dining or entertaining.

I would want to include a lot more bookcases if I had a dining room/library room in a home. It would also be nice to have a reading nook with a couple of comfy chairs and a table/lamp in between, if space allowed. Just dreaming.

Dining Room, Home Library Combination


If you tire of reading in the dining room/library, step through the French doors and read here on the porch or in the garden.

George Peppard Breakfast At Tiffany's Hollywood Home 12


I’m not a huge fan of open shelving but I love the white cabinetry, the marble and the brightness of this kitchen.

Kitchen with Marble Counters and Open Shelving, George Peppard's Home


Again, we see how the wood furniture and art add warmth to the mostly white design of the master bedroom.

George Peppard Breakfast At Tiffany's Hollywood Home 02


Okay, this I would love! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a laundry room near or off the master bedroom that also doubled as a morning kitchen. There’s even a little refrigerator for storing the cream for that morning cup of coffee.

Morning Kitchen, Laundry Room Combination in George Peppard's Hollywood Home 07


The master bath…

Bath in George Peppard Breakfast At Tiffany's Hollywood Home 01


I think this is the other bedroom in the main home. There’s a guest cottage out back.

Bedroom in Home of George Peppard Breakfast at Tiffany's


Let’s go inside and check out the guest cottage…

Guest House Behind George Peppard's CA Home


Notice how they built the bookshelves right around the windows. I like that but I would personally like to see two large windows that come down to close to the height of the sofa, instead of four teeny ones.

George Peppard Breakfast At Tiffany's Hollywood Home 09


A loft bedroom with built-in bookshelves for the guest house.

George Peppard Breakfast At Tiffany's Hollywood Home 08


Bookshelves on both sides…great way to make use of that dead space where the roof line comes down.

George Peppard Breakfast At Tiffany's Hollywood Home 06


When your guest awake, they can take a morning dip in the pool.

George Peppard Breakfast At Tiffany's Hollywood Home 04


See any features you would love in a home?  Would you use a morning kitchen if you had one? What do you think about a room doubling as dining room and library?

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You’ll find additional pictures of this home that once belonged to George Peppard  HERE where these pictures were found.

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  1. I love this home! The art and the books really are the stars of the show, aren’t they?

  2. bobbi duncan says

    Shows you can use mostly white and still make a cozy home. I love all the light-filled rooms…I’m such a window/French door person, probably because nature is so important to me. I’ve never had a “white” room, other than a kitchen and one bathroom, as I always worried about keeping the upholstery looking fresh with three kids, all their friends, and our cats and dogs. A slew of boys, all sweaty after playing baseball, sitting on white sofas, just didn’t come together for me (chuckle). Love how they incorporated places for their books, too. We don’t have any built-in bookcases in this house (sadly), but I have books in corner units and on tables, and hoping to get a bookcase for the family room next year….somehow, a home feels warmer with books. Thank you for the tour, Susan.

  3. White and wood tones do give the spaces illumination with warmth–great combo. Thanks for the tour.

  4. I am loving the french doors and wonderful light in the sitting room. I so want a sunroom in my home right now. I love all of the white. It looks so fresh and inviting this time of year!
    Thank you for this wonderful tour. It has put me in a spring mood!

  5. I have always wanted a utility room near the master bedroom (at least since the kids grew up). And now I love the idea of a little morning kitchen!! I would just have to be careful not to stock it with naughty midnight snacks. Thanks again for sharing so many fun homes!

  6. Hi Susan! I’m so so sorry to hear about Glenda! When I first started blogging, she used to come and visit me faithfully and she told me she was your sister. She seemed so sweet and you are in my prayers.
    Did you get another kitty cat? My little Chloe Dawn passed away a couple of weeks ago and it has been so hard to not have her here any more.

    • Thanks, Shelia. No, I’m not going to get another one…just don’t think I can go through losing one again. The older I get, the harder it is on me when one passes. Also, I hope to eventually do some traveling so it would be easier to not have a pet if I end up doing that. I’m so sorry to hear Chloe Down passed away. 🙁 I always looked forward to seeing what she was up to when I visited. I know you must miss her terribly. She was a part of the family. It’s so hard when they leave us. Do you think you’ll get another furbaby?

  7. This house is adorable and so serene with the lovely furnishing and all the white! I loved that movie, what a couple they were.
    Have a lovely weekend sweet Susan and I do hope you are feeling better with your lose, I know it’s so sad.

  8. Anne Pritchett says

    When my husband and I designed our home, we put a small space in our bathroom that contains a below the counter fridge. It’s a nice place for a small coffee maker, too. Makes our house a little distinctive.

  9. This house is gorgeous. I enjoyed your photo tour of it.

  10. My dining room tables double as a catch all, now. When my kids were all home it was used every night first for dinner and then homework, art projects and game night. Of course it wasn’t a room unto itself. Many years later and in a different house it is a room that still does double duty, during our remodel the table has gotten covered and is doing duty as a paint surface.

  11. Thanks for a great tour. Mentioning cats (i adore them!), I read that Audrey Hepburn, being a great animal lover, refused to do Breakfast at Tiffany’s as written…..forcing the script ending to be changed to having her find and rescue her cat, which she had turned out, at the end of the movie. I know it is heartbreaking when we lose our pets, but when I see all the poor animals at shelters, I am glad I can give at least a few of them a chance at a good life……..

  12. Okay, now I am wanting a little morning kitchen up here!!! You put all these ideas in my head……..what a great feature!!! Love all the old fashioned windows in the house and cottage….wonder how old the house is??

    Hope you are doing well……..hugs….

  13. What a great house! I love the light-filled rooms, the sturdy, practical furniture, and most of all the books and art everywhere! The first floor of our current home is too dark, and I have been thinking about repainting the walls white. This house is definitely an inspiration!

    I actually do have a dining room/library. We put two good-sized bookcases in the dining room which hold most of my (over-large) collection of cookbooks. Spare dining room chairs are arranged around these bookcases as places to sit down and read. This is a very convenient arrangement as the dining room is close to the kitchen, so when I am in the mood I can browse through my cookbooks for inspiration, and if I find something I want to try I just carry my book into the kitchen and start cooking! And I actually suggested to my husband that we put a small coffee/tea station in the master bedroom, but he was not interested for some reason, so it didn’t happen and I’ve regretted it ever since. That’s the last time I let him make any design decisions!

    I was so sorry to read about your sister. I hope you are coping with your loss. This seems to be an especially hard time of year — I lost both of my parents around the holidays, and lately my dogs seem to be leaving me one by one at this time of year. You are wise to keep busy, and I’m sure it helps to stay connected to all of your blogging friends. You know we are all thinking of you!

  14. Susan, wow! I love this elegant home and all of the light it allows inside the house! However, I am probably the only person remaining who does not want a white kitchen! It isn’t that I do not think some of them look beautiful in other people’s homes, it is just that I love the warmth of wood and white is too sterile for me to enjoy being in my kitchen. Also, the real truth might lie in the fact that I am a messy cook – whew, that felt good! Don’t they say that confession is good for the soul??

  15. I love everything about these two cottages! The idea of a small, light-filled place (or two, ok guests need a place to stay) with privacy is the ideal picture of cottage living for me. Certainly rooms would serve dual purposes (like the DR/library or porch/LR).

  16. Love this home…..notice I didnt say house. Love that it is not a mansion, but a real home. I would still need a little more color on the walls, but it looks so comfortable.

  17. I loved this home! It is warm and welcoming adn not the cold white that is sometimes seen. Of course I like the traditional pieces. The little kitchen…perfect!! Have a good weekend. Linda

  18. Certainly not a “glamourwood” look…very comfortable. franki

  19. The house looked quite small from the front, I guess it goes back a long way. It is lovely, so much light and the fireplace looks cozy.
    I wonder how many movie stars stayed in the cottage. Maybe it had a guest book?
    Must go and see how much it is, in case we can add it to our list!! 🙂

  20. rattlebridge farm says

    This tour has given me ideas for the ranch. I’d decided on an off-white backdrop, and now I can envision art and warm wood furniture at the ranchburger. A small kitchen off the master is a heavenly touch; and I love the library/dining room. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

  21. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    I have a formal dining room and you are right…it is a “waste” if not entertaining. I am thinking of getting rid of a cupboard for a wonderful book shelf! A great decorating concept for me. I drink coffee in my dining room because it is restful and I enjoy my dishes and antique cupboards. I wish YOU were MY neighbor! You would be such a “stimulus” for me, a “catalyst” to get things “moving and shaking.” I really enjoy all your blog features, read it daily. Sherry

  22. Have you ever seen Pamela Anderson’s house? It’s a small 2 bedroom 2 bath. But the best part is she made the tub outside in the back in what could be a guest house. It was so pretty.

  23. Lovely! Thanks for sharing this view of a wonderful home, I can feel the love in each room.

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