Build A New Home With Old World Charm

When I hear the name Beaufort South Carolina, I immediately think of beautiful old homes, romance and southern charm. Beaufort, pronounced bew-fert, is the second-oldest city in South Carolina; Charleston holds the distinction of being the oldest.

Old Point Neighborhood in Beaufort, South Carolina


The home we’re touring today on Lady’s Island, a lovely sea island located in Beaufort County, is a wonderful example of how homes built today can  be built to blend into historic communities, protecting the heritage and beauty of those wonderful old neighborhoods.

Would you ever guess this home was built in 1995?

Elegant Lady Island Home 01


Every new “old” home needs a lovely porch to catch the breezes on those balmy-island summer nights. Let’s go inside and take a tour!

Elegant Lady Island Home 03


Inside the charm continues here in the living room. When I saw this room, the first words that came to mind were “understated elegance.” Notice the wonderful cane collection near the corner.

Elegant Lady Island Home 04


Love this cozy den with its wall of built-in cabinetry. I especially love how the TV is hidden. I know that’s not as big a concern today now that TVs have become so much thinner and sleek, but I still love it when you can make them completely vanish whenever you like. Armoires may be considered out-of-style these days, but built-in bookcases/cabinetry never will be!

Elegant Lady Island Home 05


Notice the unique shape of the island in the kitchen. Though the kitchen isn’t overly big, it makes use of all the available space for storage. I like how they finished out the area above the cabinets instead of leaving it open to collect dust.

Elegant Lady Island Home 07


Lots more storage on the other side of the kitchen, too!

Elegant Lady Island Home 06


I see a porch off the dining room. We’ll be going out there in just a minute and I think you’re going to love it!

Elegant Lady Island Home 08


This may be the master bedroom. Notice how the lamps don’t match, so much more interesting than if they matched. This makes me want to change out one of my bedside lamps.

Elegant Lady Island Home 09


More fabulous built-in bookshelves, wonder if the doors open up to a large walk in closet or an en suite. Notice the bamboo-style lamp.

Elegant Lady Island Home 10


Another beautiful bedroom with a four-poster bed. Would love to know the wall color, such a soft, pretty color for a bedroom. Actually it would look good in any room, wouldn’t it?

Elegant Lady Island Home 11


There are two charming bedrooms upstairs on the 3rd floor.

Elegant Lady Island Home 12


Looks like they have taken advantage of all that great storage area under the eves. Okay, let’s head back downstairs and check out the porch we saw off of the dining room.

Elegant Lady Island Home 13


You know what’s better than a screened porch? A screened porch with a fireplace! 🙂 I love a cozy fireplace on a porch, extends that porch time into the cooler-season months. Let’s check out the garden!

Elegant Lady Island Home 14


Imagine dinner parties here on moonlit nights, soft music filling the air. I’m so there! The ivy-covered walls have me feeling as if I’ve been transported to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s secret garden.

I am seriously drooling over this neighborhood, would love to tour the homes we see on the other side of the garden wall.

Before we leave this wonderful home, I have to show you the potting shed!

Elegant Lady Island Home 16


Don’t you love this space! When I saw it, I immediately thought of another potting “shed” we’ve toured in the past. Do you know the one? Notice the color of the cabinetry here and all the warm, wood tones of this potting shed. Okay, holding that thought…

Wonderful Potting Shed


…doesn’t it remind you a little of this wonderful potting area in the barn of this 1825 equestrian estate? The minute I saw the color of the cabinets above, I instantly thought of this wonderful barn with it’s beautiful cabinetry and potting area.

Best Potting Shed Ever 1825 Historic Home_wm


Tour the historic equestrian ranch here: Tour A Historic 1825 Home and Equestrian Farm or click on the photo below for the tour.

Beautiful Entry 1825 Historic Home_wm


Hope you enjoyed our tour of this beautiful Lady’s Island home in Beaufort, South Carolina.

You’ll find additional photos of the home we toured today at Zillow, where pictures for this post were found.

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  1. Just moved from Beaufort SC and lived there for 3 years. It was a nice quaint town with Southern charm however I like where I am now in NC. The Point neighborhood was one of my favorite places to walk since I lived so close to historic Beaufort.

    • I need to visit there one day, Kelly. It looks beautiful! I’ve been to Charleston but don’t think I’ve ever been to Beaufort. N.C. is a beautiful state, too!

  2. Beverly Cook says

    This home is so full of charm and beauty. I could easily move right in. The grounds outside are gorgeous. Thanks for bringing such beauty into my day!

  3. I love how fresh and airy this home is. I get a real energy from the photos you’ve shared!
    Wishing you a beautiful day,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  4. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, this reminds me of a ‘new-old’ neighborhood near by me. I live a bit more out in the country, but this neighborhood is not too far and it’s quite adorable. It’s called Westhaven and it’s in Williamson county, just adjacent to Nashville. I don’t know how many homes they have built now, (LOTS!) but there are plenty more to come.

    The style is what I would call, Americana. There are no ‘cookie’ cutter houses. The lots are quite small, and all of the garages are accessed by back alleys built for the purpose. Therefore, the front facade of all the houses is unspoiled and beautiful. It’s the sort of neighborhood with sidewalks, wide, park like medians of grass, a variety of actual small parks and it even has it’s own (huge) school. Not sure how high the grades go. I have seen parents ferrying their kids to the school on golf carts (the course is adjacent to the development.) There is also a grocery store (Harris Teeter) and numerous shops like, restaurants, wine, tobacco, gift, eye doctors, dentists, bank etc. Pretty much everything you would need so you don’t even have to go ‘off campus’ except maybe to work. Most of the houses are pretty high end. And you have to be okay with living close because the lots are very small. But it is BEAUTIFUL and a joy to drive through. Someone like you would probably have heart palpitations at all the beautiful porches, wood work, architectural elements, etc. Hey, if you ever want to make a trip up to Nashville we can go together and make a day of it (we still wouldn’t see everything.)

    I love the concept of this neighborhood, they way they’ve laid out the beautiful streets, the parks and the convenient shops.

  5. Susan, this is a lovely home. I like the amount of built in cupboards they have. I went and looked at the other photos and in the kitchen there are gorgeous built ins with glass doors, just to the left of your photo. Can you tell I like built-ins and transoms, although I did not see a transom here.
    The porch of course, is lovely, and I like the moss hanging from the trees, which makes you think that this was an old neighbourhood house.

    • I’m so glad you mentioned that, Megan. I had that picture in the post and deleted it to move it to a different location, then forgot to put it back. I just added it back. I love all that cabinetry, too! You’re right, the moss really does make it feel so old and established!

  6. I love Beaufort. It has been a few years since I visited, but I need to go back again soon. xo Laura

  7. So beautiful! Love that porch! and the shed/potting area is fabulous.

  8. I have been a long Island girl my whole life and I live in a small village with lots of brick and fieldstone colonials. I love it here but just recently returned from a trip to Kiawah Island about 30 min from Charleston. I’m hooked on the areas natural beauty and Charleston’s historic charm. I’ve never considered living down south until now. This post reminded me just how beautiful those angel oaks are and the spanish moss that hangs down is something I’ll never forget. Thanks for a great post.

  9. Oh thank you so much for sharing that beautiful home. I enjoyed every picture and every word.

  10. Fabulous and elegant for sure a very southern home. I love the homes in the south. When I first seen the first pictures I thought Charleston for sure .
    My favorite vacation spot is Savannah Georgia and I drive around and look at the old historic homes downtown with the moss in the trees, Love it

  11. I absolutely LOVE this home. Thank you for showing all the home tours. That is one reason I started following your blog. Keep up the excellent work! Thank you for all the enjoyment you have given me. I check you out each day…..

  12. Beautiful home! Loved all the built-ins. I thought the bedroom with the mismatched lamps was beautiful. It made me remember that my parents’ bedroom lamps didn’t match. =)

    I liked the kitchen for the most part, but that peninsula sticking out with the doors and the stools, that would have to go. Beautiful tour! You find the best houses!!!

  13. Beautiful. Inderstated elegance is an accurate description of this home which also seems quite welcoming and comfortable. This IS an “Americana” home with roots in the southern traditions. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    What a perfect and beautiful home; love, love, love. I like the size of the kitchen, albeit I realize I’m probably alone with that sentiment. Currently I have a huge kitchen and I was much happier in my previously smaller one; much more efficient. Susan, I love you and I think your taste is exquisite, but I cannot get into the unmatched lamps in the BR — I like unmatched tables/nightstands, so long as they are the same height. I’ve tried it (umpaired lamps) in several rooms in my house and I always find the lamp’s mate and put them together again. Hugs.

    • lol I know, it doesn’t always work, does it? I do like them unmatched on either end of my sofa, but not sure how I’d like it in the bedroom. Right now mine are matching but I had a hard time finding two tables my my house that were close enough to the same height to get the lamps to be the same height. That def drove me bonkers until I found one that worked. 🙂

  15. Oh I LOVE that kitchen! It seems so cozy but very functional. Easy for others to keep you company but not be in your way 🙂

  16. Bobbi Duncan says

    LOVE THIS HOME! So fresh and airy looking and the trees with their swaying moss certainly help to give the home that charming old house feel. It’s ironic that I looked at your post now while taking a break from organizing tabletop books to keep and ones to sell at our upcoming garage sale, as I was just looking through a favorite one about Beaufort written by a local artist named Nancy Ricker Rhett and daydreaming about returning to the area. Isn’t that something? We have taken trips there many times (a stop-over when we golf in Hilton Head). Such a pretty place. We have many ” Main Street” communities like the one where this home is located, with their own shopping districts, banks,and more but most are in NJ or one to two hours away near the beaches of DE. We’ll probably retire to one of them, just haven’t decided on a state yet. I love using different lamps in certain rooms and especially like the porcelain dog one you turned into a lamp–too precious! I love the walking canes and so glad they are making a big comeback. We’ve had a collection of them for a long time and keep an eye out for interesting ones when we’re antiquing, although I ordered some “new” ones recently that are really adorable and whimsical–a carved red fox head, a brown jack rabbit with long ears, and a carved horse head. They are so cute! There are so many online stores where you can purchase them now. Ours stand up in a pair of fox hunting boots rather than in a wooden stand made to hold them; a little touch for the “hunt room” that filled an empty spot nicely. Thank you for another lovely house tour and for all you do to bring us so many interesting diversions–you are one in a million!

  17. Bobbi, I love that idea of using the fox hunting boots to hold them…sounds wonderful! I can just picture it now. Where did you find the carved red fox head and jack rabbit…those sound adorable! Thanks Bobbi…appreciate those sweet words so much! Okay, I’m going to head over to Amazon and see if I can find a book about Beaufort! I’m dying to go there now after reading some of the comments folks have left! 🙂

  18. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, I found the red fox head walking cane on Etsy under Perfectcane4you and the jack rabbit at Ye Olde Cane Shoppe. Ordered them not long ago. If you’re interested in purchasing, you should still be able to. Good luck.

  19. bobbi duncan says

    LOVE Mr. Duck! I saw him online as well, but couldn’t afford any more right now…hopefully, he’ll still be around when I can. Your flame mahogany grandfather clock is GORGEOUS… so is your entire house. Your home is like a glowing fire; just draws you in with it’s warmth. The joy you had making it into a “home”is so evident; everything looks so thought out, beautifully arranged, and welcoming.

  20. That just oozes Southern Hospitality! Ya’al come now, ya hear!!! franki

  21. Susan, you could have a fireplace on your porch if you come up with the space. You could buy an electric one. They come in various sizes and price ranges. You can go with one that is small like this
    I have one like this but I painted it cream color. Or they sell larger and a bit more costly ones with mantels and everything. These heat wonderfully. You may want to think about this to extend your season some.

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