Building and Designing a Craft Room

Welcome to the 42nd Metamorphosis Monday!

For this Met Monday, I’m taking you back to Bonnie’s house! Recently, Bonnie generously gave us a tour of her gorgeous kitchen and her amazing dish room. Well, hold on to your hats because Bonnie has a Craft Room, too! Yep..a fabulous creative space that you are going to love every bit as much as you loved her Dish Room! Bonnie, that does it…we are ALL moving in with you, girlfriend! Hope you have lots of spare bedrooms!

Here’s the space Bonnie’s wonderful hubby, Leon, converted into a fabulous craft room.

Building and Designing a Craft Room

In this pic, construction is just getting underway. See that big wall on the side there?

Building and Designing a Craft Room

It’s going to get a triple window so Bonnie will be able to take in the awesome view that surrounds their home.

Building and Designing a Craft Room

The window has been installed in this pic.

Designing a Craft Room

Lots of good insulation…

Building and Designing a Craft Room

These french doors are going to take the place of the garage door.

Building and Designing a Craft Room

They will go right here…

Looking good!

Building and Designing a Craft Room

Sheetrock walls are up…

Building and Designing a Craft Room

Painting has begun…

Building and Designing a Craft Room

And look…the flooring is going in!

Building and Designing a Craft Room

I love the black and white checkered floor…makes me think of MacKenzieChilds china.  Bonnie told me her husband, Leon, did most of the work himself, including the flooring, insulation, sheetrock, electrical and plumbing. He also, assisted with the cabinetry and window installation!

Building and Designing a Craft Room

When Bonnie renovated her kitchen, she saved the cabinets…and they were the perfect fit for her new craft room! Brilliant!

Building and Designing a Craft Room

Countertops are in!

Building and Designing a Craft Room

Leon spray painted some old maple chairs that had belonged to Bonnie’s Mom with a few coats of black paint for seating in Bonnie’s new Craft room!

Building and Designing a Craft Room

Ready to see how it Bonnie’s Craft room turned out?


Bonnie told me the chandelier used to hang in her entry and was a garish gold color. It got a nice coat of ivory paint and looks beautiful here in her new Craft room! I love the mural above the sink! Let’s go see it up close.

Building and Designing a Craft Room


Mural for Craft Room

Lots and lots of fabulous storage!

Build a Craft Room



This room does double duty as Bonnie’s study, too.

Craft Room Storage and Desk


Fabulous work space…sooo much wonderful storage!

Beautiful Craft Room with Lots of Storage


Perfect place to wrap all those gifts!

Organized Craft Room

All you creative Crafters out there…I know you recognize some of the supplies Bonnie has in her Craft Room. I see a great rubber stamp collection.

Craft Room Design with Lots of Storage

So beautifully organized! This room reminds me of the fabulous rooms shown in the book, Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women by Jo Packham.

Craft Room Design with Lots of Storage

Bonnie, thank you for sharing this amazing space! You’ve provided us sooo much inspiration and great ideas by sharing your beautiful Craft Room!

Design and Build a Dream Craft Room


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  1. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    Okay, I'm officially jealous of Bonnie (ha, ha). Between the dish room and this craft room, she really is blessed with some great spaces (not to mention dishes). Go Bonnie and thanks, Susan for sharing.


  2. ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie says

    Love that workspace!! Think of all the creativity that can happen in that room!

  3. Wow. Bonne is blessed with Leon. Hope he can get back to the game now.

  4. tales from an oc cottage says

    Holy cats! I know it's wrong of me….but I could not possibly be more jealous!!!!
    All those fabulous cabinets!!!! It's just what heaven must look like!!! ;}

    m ^..^

  5. santamaker says

    OMG……..are you kidding me?!? I think the only way I could forgive her is if she invited us over for a visit and set us up with a craft project. Bonnie is officially the luckiest woman on the planet!

  6. I know people who would kill for less πŸ™‚ I would LOVE to win the wreath. Thanks for the heads up–I really did not know Colonial Candle had anything but candles. I loved their reindeer tealight holders and signed up for the email! Thanks for giving us access to Bonnie's fabulous room!

  7. Isabella & Max Rooms says

    What a great before and after, thanks for sharing with us! What a wonderful space to have…wow! Janell

  8. Isabella & Max Rooms says

    What a great before and after, thanks for sharing with us! What a wonderful space to have…wow! Janell

  9. Isabella & Max Rooms says

    What a great before and after, thanks for sharing with us! What a wonderful space to have…wow! Janell

  10. Isabella & Max Rooms says

    What a great before and after, thanks for sharing with us! What a wonderful space to have…wow! Janell

  11. Hi Susan! Oh, I just can't believe your friend Bonnie's home! Her craft room is just amazing! So big and all those cabinets are so nice! This gal has everything! Am I jealous? Naw, well,maybe just a little bit! πŸ™‚
    Thank you, Dear One for hosting Met Monday!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  12. 9405018--Pat says

    Wow! love the black and white checkered floor….what a great room thanks for sharing…I just check out Colonial Candle's webpage and sign up. I really like the sliver pillar lantern…thanks Susan…..Pat H

  13. Tammy of Yarborough House says

    so happy to have a project to submit this week.

  14. Tammy of Yarborough House says

    so happy to have a project to submit this week.

  15. Tammy of Yarborough House says

    so happy to have a project to submit this week.

  16. Tammy of Yarborough House says

    so happy to have a project to submit this week.

  17. Bonnie's craft space is simply amazing. She must have so much fun working in that beautiful space.

    I love the wreath in today's give-away. I looked at Colonial Candles site and I would have to pick the gold and silver pinecone ornament set.

  18. Embellished Bayou says

    Oh, wow, amazing doesn't even touch describing this room! I could live in there…all that storage and space, plus a fridge and microwave, what else do you need?!

  19. Embellished Bayou says

    I visited the Colonial Candle site. I love the candle sleeve:

  20. 9405018--Pat says

    sorry :

  21. Creations from my heart says

    I always love Metaorphosis Monday and it's even better with this giveaway. I have the perfect spot for the wreath! Blessings…Sherry

  22. sarah { abeachcottage } says

    what a workspace!!!

    thanks for hosting Met Monday Susan, I joined in with an old vintage glory box I made over

    happy days


  23. Wow! How nice and organized! I can only dream of having my own craft room just like this. I love the cabinet with glass doors…Christine

  24. Creations from my heart says

    I love the tea light holder featured at this link:


  25. Ok, so that craft room is bigger than my WHOLE HOUSE! Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it!

    I would LOVE the wreath. It would go perfectly on my newly painted front door!

  26. Alyssa Barnett says

    What an awesome and inspiring workspace. Oh jealous doesn't begin to describe it!
    Thanks for another wonderful post!


  27. This is simply stunning!! I am so jealous!! I would LOVE to have a craft place like that!! Heck! I would love to have anyplace like that!

    Great job!!

    Lou Cinda πŸ™‚

    Please enter me in the give away!

  28. Oh what I could do with that craft room…what a wonderful space and so pretty.


  29. Really pretty wreath…I have a great spot to put it in my home.

  30. Wow! That's an incredible craft room. Just think how easy it would be to get creative in there! Thanks for sharing it with us and hosting the party. Have a great day!

    pk @ Room Remix

  31. Amy Kinser says

    I love Bonnie's craftroom. How great a space to be creative.

    Love the wreath you are making available to one lucky winner. Thanks.

  32. salmagundi says

    I didn't think she could top the dish room, but this room is unbelievable. Thanks to you two for sharing. Sally

  33. Elizabeth (blue clear sky) says

    Wow, Susan, that is a great space. So much storage and I especially like the large work table. It was great that her husband worked so hard to make her dream a reality.

  34. Just checked out the Colonial Candle site and they have so many pretty things, but my favorite was the Large Silver Pillar Lantern. I would love to have a set of those.

    What a great giveaway week to get ready for the holidays.

  35. Fifi Flowers says

    LOVE the black and white flooring… FAB room!

  36. Susan, you have never told us what Bonnie "does". You said she has an office in that beautiful craft room, so I'm curious if her vocation is the same as her avocation. Jackie, A huge fan.

  37. Such a beautiful space! My wee little craft room is jealous :o)
    Thanks for hosting another great Met Monday…I love seeing what everyone's doing.

  38. Would love to have that wreath…thanks

  39. Bonnie's craft room is amazing! As a floral designer who works with silks, I would LOOOOOVE a space like that!
    Love the CC wreath! I will go there now and leave a comment about something there that I loove too!

  40. What an amazing and inspiring place to be creative! She is very kind to share her special spot with us. Thank you also, Susan, for posting these great pictures and for hosting Met Monday again. How kind of you to have a week of give-aways too!
    Best wishes, NM.

  41. what an amazing craft room!

  42. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    Oh my word, what a great room. I love it and all that cabinet space and storage. Such a dream.
    Also, the giveaway is wonderful. Such a beautiful wreath. I went to Colonial Candle and signed up for their emails and I also took a look around and would love the silver triple taper candle holder. Thanks for the great giveaways. Hugs, Marty

  43. Susan,
    Thanks for showing that wonderful room and the inspiration it will bring to many others.

  44. Ann On and On... says

    I love that wreath… I have the perfect spot for it…. Now I have to cross my fingers until next week.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  45. I love this small deer tealight! Would love to order 8 of them for christmas!!!!

  46. Ann On and On... says

    There are so many wonderful items on their site, but I really like the large hammer finished taper holder.
    [email protected]

  47. Please enter me in the drawing. Christmas will soon be here. Enjoy the days.

  48. Susan,
    You never disappoint us. Bonnie's
    craft room is outstanding. She must have such fun in there with all that room to work and play.

    I also checked out Colonial Candle
    and have been debating on ordering the Large White Urn Pillar Candle
    Holder l4.5", maybe two.
    I did sign up for the e-mail from them and look forward to seeing their sale items.

  49. Wow … that room is amazing !!!

  50. Ann On and On... says

    I am on the mailing list…thanks for the information. I love candles!!!
    [email protected]

  51. mustard seeds says

    Now that's what I call a craft room.
    Please enter me in the drawing for the wreath. It is beautiful. I am going over to colonial's site right now.
    [email protected]

  52. mustard seeds says

    Now that's what I call a craft room.
    Please enter me in the drawing for the wreath. It is beautiful. I am going over to colonial's site right now.
    [email protected]

  53. Well, I am trying hard to not covet, but this is getting ridiculous! Such a cool place to create! I think the little sign on the pretty shelf must say it all "dreams do come true", for Bonnie that is;). She is blessed in many ways. Love the wreath too! I am so ready for the holidays. Thanks for the chance to win. I am a follower:)

  54. Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking says

    I'm having storage envy! I'd love to be entered into the wreath drawing.

  55. Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish says

    Love the craft room! The space is great and the shelving and storage is phenomenal, but the true clincher for me was the chandelier! Love it!

    Oh and I would love to be entered in for the wreath! That is beautiful!

  56. mustard seeds says

    The thing I like best on Colonial Candle's site is the pillar holder lantern with bird. Here is the link to it, I think.

  57. mustard seeds says

    Oh, please enter me the third time, since I signed up to receive their e-mails.

  58. Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking says
  59. Susan, I think Bonnie has a terrific husband! First he adds a storage room for all her dishes, and now he builds her a craft room. I'm in total awe of these two spaces….they aren't just a little space either. How wonderful for Bonnie that she has these wonderful spaces because she is definitely someone who obviously makes excellent use the both spaces. If I had to pick between the two, it would be a very difficult decision. Fortunately, Bonnie didn't have to choose. Thanks for sharing. This is a terrific Met Monday post.

  60. Bonnie's craft room is amazing!! All that space, and those cabinets, and the storage…I'm drooling!!
    Susan, thanks so much for the chance to win that gorgeous wreath…I'm heading over to Colonial Candle's website right now.

  61. Great giveaway and makeover!!! Awesome!

  62. Wow, Bonnie's craft room is just gorgeous! What a wonderful space in which to be creative.

    Susan, I love the luster wreath. Here's a link to a mosaic pillar holder I really like:

    I'll do a post on my blog about your giveaway! Colonial Candle totally rocks!

  63. How cute is this chalkboard witch?? I may have to buy her πŸ™‚

  64. I so enjoy your ideas for the home. Homemaking is very important to me not only for my husband and myself, but for our extended family when they visit. I look forward to more posts.

  65. Just signed up for Colonial Candle's email! Thanks!

  66. Bonnie and Leon appear to be very lonely people and since I am a very giving person, I volunteer to move in with them. Please forward their address :). Great room!!

  67. Sewconsult says

    THe pillar candle holders are just what I need for a new look on my mantel. DD was saying so this evening. I need to simplify. They would be perfect.

  68. Sewconsult says

    With the microwave, frig & storage & work space, I see only 2 reasons to leave that room…bathroom & sleep.

    That room is the best use of space for crafting, sewing or any artistic endeavor…EVER!

  69. Sewconsult says

    I'm on the email list, too!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  70. I cannot believe all the cabinet space. Those cabinets just look beautiful with the room. I am bugged eyed as I LOVE french doors and one can always use more storage space. Thank you Susan and Bonnie for allowing us to drool over your craft/office space. You have one awesome hubby there Bonnie. I would love to win the give away. I went to the site and found the milti tealight holder, that I fell in love with after seeing it on one of Susan's blogs. I also signed up for their email.

  71. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says

    Wow! That craft room is amazing! It's HUGE. I can't even imagine how wonderful it would be to have a workspace like that.

    Thanks for hosting the party again this week. This is one of my favorites! I'm always excited when I can play along.

    P.S. What a fun giveaway! Love that wreath. πŸ™‚

  72. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says

    I went over to their website and looked around. It's hard to choose, but I'd love something from the cafe au lait line:

    Thanks for the great giveaway, Susan! πŸ™‚

  73. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    I don't have a link-up this week, but I will enjoy seeing everyone else's. Love this wreath ~ and I just happen to have the perfect place for it!

  74. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says
  75. Susan, I have enjoyed the posts showing us Bonnie's incredible craft room,her wonderful dish room and her beautiful kitchen. Even though I don't have the space to copy what she has, I can glean some great ideas on how to make my spaces function better.

    Thank you for opportunity to take part in your give-a ways. I love the wreath!! I really like the gold and silver pine cone ornaments set from Colonial Candles. I have been receiving emails from them since I ordered a gift for a friend. Great quality-I've been pleased with everything.

  76. Wow – that room is amazing. I am totally jealous.

    Beautiful wreath – would love it!!!

  77. I would LOVE to have this around my house:

    Colonial Candle is the best. Yay!

  78. wow is all i can say. What an amazing space!

  79. Leigh of Bloggeritaville says

    Forgive me for singing…
    What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man…
    Bonnie has a good man who built her sich a beauty and creative work space! Amazing. I am jealous!

    Please sign me up to win the wreath, it too had me singing, "silver and godl, silver and gold…" I can imagine I would be the talk of the neighborhood with that on my door. All would covet my wreath!

  80. I. Love. This. Wreath! I love the craft room too but you're not giving that away! Pick me!

  81. What an amazing room. I would love to work and create in there. She's one lucky lady. Thanks for sharing.

  82. What an awesome craft room. Looks great!


  83. I checked out Colonial Candle and the hammered finish taper holders are beautiful. I would love to have that amazing wreath. Thanks for the giveaway.

  84. I think the wreath is beautiful and what a sweet husband to build such a nice space for a craft room. Now I'm curious to see what creations come out of that great work space.

  85. I would love to move into Bonnie's house for about a month!!!
    The craft room is lucky her hubby is so talented himself..a definite keeper!

    On the Colonial page I think the Angel Shimmer Night Light is precious…

  86. Sue (Someone's Mom) says

    I can't decide if I want to be Bonnie, be Bonnie's friend or beat up Bonnie. Wow! I'm more of a dish person than a craft person, but Wow!

    You kept me busy today. I signed up to follow you on Facebook. I signed up for emails from Colonial Candle and I picked my favorite item. The Lantern with Bird Pillar Holder.


  87. In my wildest dreams….I would have a craft room!

  88. Only 54 day till Christmas?? Please say it ain't so!! The only thing that distracted me from my approaching-holiday-agony is that I quickly developed a crush on Leon.

  89. Blue Creek Home says

    Bonnie is one lucky lady! That craft room is fabulous.
    The wreath give away is pretty fabulous too!

  90. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    Susan, It's always a pleasure to see you on Facebook!!! Come back more often!

    Okay, color me GREEN! Bonnie's craft room is aweinspiring & what a sweetie her talented hubbie is! Hmmm, think they might be moving in the future?!? I love their entire house!

    Please enter me in the wreath give away. I'd love to win the Multi Tea Lite holder,
    I subscribe to Colonial Candle e-mails.
    I'll add a post about your giveaway this week too.

    Hugs! ☺ Diane

  91. Anita @ Far Above Rubies says

    Wow, that is just incredible! I cannot imagine having space like that to work. Thanks for sharing!

  92. Always look forward to your posts!!! Your blog is filled with inspiration. I am still drooling over the dish room, I want one….
    teri @ acraftyclan

  93. Thank you Susan and Bonnie for letting us all see this inspiring creative space.

  94. I would say Bonnie has it all. A husband that "gets" her wants, a huge craft room, a dish room & a fabulous kitchen and dining room. She's a lucky lady!

  95. What a fabulous room to work in…just love the vaulted ceiling! And the mural is wonderful and fills the space perfectly.

  96. Brummygirl says

    Well that does it!! I was in awe of the dish room but now I am positively drooling over the craft room.
    We downsized a year ago when hubby retired so I lost my craft room so..can I move in with you Bonnie?!!
    I have a very handy hubby too but cannot convince him I need an extension for my painting and crafts….*sigh*

  97. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says

    Oh my to have a craft room like this!! It is amazing!

    Thanks for showing off this fantastic space- I am trying to not envy!


  98. I absolutely LOVE that wreath!! How wonderful to have that room for a craft space. I would love it too!! what a great husband to do that for her!

  99. Really Rainey says

    Hi Susan…
    Not only does Bonnie have a fabulous craft room… I think she also has a incredible Hubby!

    And your Give-away this week is WOWZA girl! Sigh me up!

    Happy Fall Daze
    ~Really Rainey~

  100. Sofia Striffler says

    Wow that is the best craft room I have seen in a long time. Beautiful job. I could spend hourse in there! Thanks for hosting

  101. Diann @ TheThrify Groove says

    Can we all just stand outside the windows and drool over this space!!

  102. Tara@ Just Devine Style says

    Some Day! LOVE IT. I need a towel to wipe up the drool it is a beautiful room.

  103. Now that room is a gal's dream! While those chairs are adorable, I wouldn't want to have to sit very long in them. Don't look very comfortable to me; I'd have to have a chair with wheels on it. I have the perfect chairs in my sunroom. You think Bonnie would hold a scrapping event for all of us? Not only does she have lots of rubber stamps, but I saw lots of scrapbooking papers stored there. Does Bonnie live near you? I thought I saw mountains in the background out her office window. I love the fake window with the view of a beautiful island above her work area. Sure was smart of her to keep the old cabinets. Her kitchen didn't look that big for all of those cabinets to come out of there. Smart woman and very handy husband. Thanks for sharing!

  104. I love the kitchen! It is so beautiful~

  105. Andi's English Attic says

    I'm sorry, I just can't take this anymore. Inspiration overload! Am sooooo in awe of everything I see here. I can't keep up. Must go and lie down…….

  106. That room is a dream come true…more like a craft suite!
    Truly inspiring.
    All Things Heart and Home

  107. That room is a dream come true…more like a craft suite!
    Truly inspiring.
    All Things Heart and Home

  108. Rebecca @ Belle Blog says

    WOW!! That craft room is just beautiful and amazing. I love the black and white checkered floor. When I buy a house one day that is the one I want in my kitchen.
    β™₯ Rebecca

  109. Dagny @ Beautiful Living says

    What a fabulous giveaway! I'm in!

  110. Susan, I would just take half that space, wonderful room, and fantastic giveaway, I am sure it is on its way to my house.

    Have a Great Day.

  111. You are a lucky girl.

  112. I love the sock monkey outfits on their site. One of my favorites is

  113. Your room looks fabulous. I would love that wreath. It is beautiful.

  114. What a beautiful space! I love the flooring and the mural over the sink. What a wonderful place to work adn create. Thank you for sharing.

  115. Debra from Bungalow says

    What a room for creating, LOVE it all!

  116. Debra from Bungalow says

    I mentioned this great giveaway on my blog!

  117. Yikes…Bonnie is so lucky! I still cannot get over that DISH ROOM! And now this craft room! As a scrapbooker, I would just die to have this space. Good for Bonnie! I am sure she just loves it.

  118. I love this craft room. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaways as well as Met-Monday.
    I love your blog.

  119. Wow!! A wonderful giveaway!! I am pea-green with envy over that craft room!! And I am about to embark on an inspirational journey with incredibly creative women!! What a great day!! ;0)

  120. Its So Very Cheri says

    WOW–you're gonna get me in trouble from drooling on the computer keyboard–if I zap the computer my hubbie will want to know what happened, then I have to explain the drooling problem. I actually have a drawing of a floorplan for a dream house with a huge craft room/home school room–similar stations.

    Thank you for a great visual of my dream room.


  121. I love the color scheme in the room…I think all the bloggers should have a party there…it's big enough!!

  122. Hi Susan
    That studio looks like something out of a magazine.
    Thanks for having a giveaway. I visited colonial candle and I like the Cinnamon Traditions Jar. I love the smell of cinnamon! I also registered to receive their emails, so I think that gets me 3 chances?
    Hugs, Rhondi

  123. Please enter me in the wreath contest….and I visited Colonial Candle and I love the lg winter woods candle

  124. Laura @ The Shabby Rabbit says

    Wow what a fantastic room! And what a lot of oh-my-gosh wrapping paper! Woohoo! I'm sure they'll be hours of 'precious' to be had in there! Thanks for sharing it with us πŸ™‚

  125. Room looks wonderful. I would love that wreath.

  126. Beverly @ The Buzz says

    What a fabulous room. Lucky, lucky girl! And that wreath is to die for!

  127. Beverly @ The Buzz says

    I'd choose the Santa LED trees–they are sooo cute!

  128. Beverly @ The Buzz says

    And I signed up for the emails! Thanks for sharing.

  129. I so love the wreath….gorgeous, so love Colonial Candle
    this is my favorite!

    I signed up for their email!

  130. Captured by Love says

    Beautiful, but only in my dreams!

    Would love to be entered in the giveaway!

  131. Our Life :) says

    Wow, what a gorgeous wreath!!! πŸ™‚

  132. Captured by Love says

    Just stopped by CC and love the candle sleeves and candle toppers! What a neat way to dress up a candle! And love candles with different shapes of jars – their square ones looked neat!

  133. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says

    I want to live in Bonnie's craft room (I'd settle for the dish room too, both are FABULOUS!!)

  134. Captured by Love says

    Just signed up too! =)

  135. Wow!!! That is a FABULOUS craft room!!!

    I would love to be entered in your Colonial Candle giveaway, please!

  136. I am a follower of your blog!

  137. I signed up to recieve email notifications from Colonial Candle!

  138. I looked through the Colonial Candle site and I love love love the damask votive holders!

  139. From the Kitchen says

    Just found your blog. I'm a southerner transplanted to Chicago. Felt like I was spending a little time "down home" with you.

  140. Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda says

    What a fabulous space Bonnie has! I am green with envy!!! πŸ™‚ This is a dream room for crafters, that I would never want to leave! Thanks so much for sharing it!

    And THANKS so much for your encouraging comments on my upcoming House Tour! This Friday is the big day. Say a prayer for me, (and my family, whom I am probably dring insane at this point!) LOL! ~Hugs, Rhonda πŸ™‚

  141. Hartwood Roses says

    This space is fabulous!! Thank you very much for sharing with us … there are so many ideas here.

    Connie in Hartwood

  142. Wow, that wreath is gorgeous!!!!

    That craft room is spectacular. Hubby would have a heart attack if I added that to his honey do list but oh how I'd love to have a space like that.

  143. I love the Fragrance Express candle with simply vanilla. It's a safe, no mess fragrant home accessory. I'd love to smell it!

  144. Oh, be still my heart! I think I'm having chest pains….what an awesome work room & what a wonderful DH!! Bonnie is one lucky gal to have such a sweet & handy hubby as Leon.

    Susan, you've already got me moving my BIG mirror to a different spot in my dining room for Christmas…(hubby is NOT happy with you) :-p Ever since I saw YOUR wreath on your mirror, I've wanted to do the same thing. Hey, I only copy from the best, ya' know. LOL
    I would love to win this beautiful giveaway & it would be especially appropriate in my house, since I do gold & white for Christmas everywhere but in the kitchen. (That room gets traditional colors, for the grands.)

    I can't thank you enough for your great inspirational ideas & tips. I'll be stopping at TJMaxx this morning to look for that cute cake topper. πŸ™‚

  145. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    I can't believe all that space for my crafts. I could then do something I have always wanted to do which is to give classes and share my love of crafting and decorating with others.

  146. L.Duncan@home23duncanboys says

    WOW What a transformation!!! Love the wreath too!

  147. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says
  148. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    I've also signed up for the email notices. Thanks for the heads up Susan. Please enter me 3 times I am in love with that wreath.

  149. Shayna Mills says

    I love that wreath and love your blog, I'm still working on my met monday post but will add it soon, and at Colonial website I love the silver pillar lattern, love love that.

  150. When I see things like this I know there is hope for my messy craft room/office/junk storage room.

  151. ImagineCozy says

    What a fantastic work space. I can see all kinds of creativity coming out of there!

    I loved seeing it from the very beginning stage.

    Thank you for hosting today.

  152. Great give away from Colonial Candles. Bonnie is so creative and I love the craft room.

  153. Sparta Savings says

    I would love to win this drawing! Thank you so much for the chance and all your great ideas!

  154. Cottage on the Hill says

    OMG…that is such a wonderful space! Wow!!

  155. Out door lantern that you showed this year is my favorite.

  156. Lily's Pad and Petals... says

    Wow – Bonnie is one lucky lady.
    Beautifull !!!!!!

  157. I mentioned you on my blog for others to check out your giveaway.
    Can't wait to see all the great accessories; are they all christmas items?

  158. I am so pea-green jealous of Bonnie and her dish room and now her craft room! Wow. I have signed up to receive Colonial Candle emails and would love to have the white lantern with the bird on top:
    Love your site, Susan!
    [email protected]

  159. Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating says

    OH…MY…GOODNESS!!! What a fantastic space! Not to mention, an incredibly generous and supportive husband! I'm pretty sure that craft room is bigger than my entire condo. πŸ™‚

  160. Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia says

    OMG beautiful space. And I absolutely love that Wreath!!!!
    [email protected]

  161. Wow! Bonnie……Wow! Thanks for offering the incredible giveaway from Colonial Candle…off to see their website!

    [email protected]

  162. OMGoodness! I want to BE Bonnie when I grow up (and NO, 39 is NOT grown up yet…LOL!)

  163. Love the Colonial Candle candle toppers! They add something really special to a candle!

    [email protected]

  164. I signed up for the email promotions at the Colonial Candle site…and I'm crossing my fingers to win!

  165. And finally…I could spend a month of paychecks on their site…as I am a HUGE candle fanatic. However, what caught my eye was not the candles, as those are a given for me, but the adorable monkey! My daughter collects monkeys, so I think she might NEED this for Christmas…

  166. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I just decided to use gold as my holiday theme this year…imagine that!

  167. What a great room! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and giveaways. Have a great day!

  168. LOVE love love Bonnie's craft room! and also love the wreath. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  169. fourkidsmom says

    Ok I am officially entering your giveaway. I follow your blog just don't ever post anything. Oh well.

  170. {Bellamere Cottage} says

    Hi Susan!

    Oh my goodness…..How I would LOVE to have an awesome craft room like this one. FANTASTIC. Actually, I'd even be thrilled with half of that. What a lucky gal.

    Please enter me in the Colonial Candle giveaway too. What a pretty wreath…and I think I have just the spot for it.


  171. Maria Berg says

    Yes I want to be a part of the give away also.
    Love that big room with all the space and the chess floor and the feak window over the sink. MB

  172. Julie BouΓ©sso says

    Does that husband of Bonnie have BROTHER? LOL Cheers, Julie

  173. I'm so excited to be here !!!

    The wreath is stunning and I'm already a fan of Colonial Candles.

    The "craft cottage" is beyond belief…. Even someone like me who is "craft challenged" could be inspired in that space.

    Off to the Colonial Candle site now….


  174. Me Again…. We've just completed a "re-do" in our guest br bath and this color would be perfect in there…..

    Plus – I LOVE the cinnamon/clove scent…. always has been one of my Favs.

  175. Signed up for special promotions…. Hoping I'll get a coupon as I'm headed to the mall this afternoon….

  176. Love Bonnie's craftroom!! Almost as much as her dish room!! This is also my entry for the beautiful wreath!
    I signed up for Colonial Candles emails and I have to say I'm a sucker for the set of 4 sock monkey ornaments!! So cute!
    Thanks Susan!
    [email protected]

  177. What an amazing transformation!

    Thanks for the great drawing – please add my name.

  178. I love the Tiny Monkey – he is too cute.

  179. Entry 3 – I receive the newsletters from Colonial Candle.

  180. Michelle Kearney says

    Wow! I hope to one day have a craft room/studio that is even half that wonderful. Thank you so much Susan and Bonnie for sharing.

    Here's to hoping I win that beautiful Colonial Candle wreath…

    ~Michelle K

  181. Michelle Kearney says

    Okay, in order to get my name in the pot for second time, I am sharing with you a favorite Colonial Candle product…

    This is a set of 3 candlesticks on sale for 15.00! Hurry…there aren't many left!

    ~Michelle K

  182. Michelle Kearney says

    I also signed up for Colonial Candles emails… put me in the drawing again!

    ~Michelle K

  183. beatiful wreath and stunning craft room. i've got a corner in my bedroom which is cute but not organized at all.

  184. Wonder if Bonnie rents out her husband! Bonnie is one lucky girl.


  185. I had to stop reading, get up and get my pretty vintage hankie..not to wipe my eyes…but to wipe the drool!! Te He!! Just kidding of course..ladies don't drool…but wow! This room is awesome!! I love every little detail! One can dream! Thanks for sharing Bonnie's dream craft room! Hugs!

  186. Cecelia---Sis---Mom says

    OMGOSH, what a great giveaway and a what an amazing room. I would LOVE to have that.


  187. Joyce Ackley says

    I signed up for emails on the Colonial site.

  188. Joyce Ackley says

    I signed up for emails on the Colonial site.

  189. Joyce Ackley says

    Bonnie's craft room is awesome! I would like to enter the drawing for the wreath and the candle give away.


  190. Joyce Ackley says

    The item I like on the Colonial site is Christmas Memories 4 Pack of 8 oz Oval Jars.

    I love Christmas scents and these sound divine!

  191. victoria bassham says

    I love the wreath!!!

  192. Kimm at Reinvented says

    Holy cow, that must be what the craft rooms in HEAVEN look like! Wow. Thanks so much for sharing this incredible room, now we all have something to dream about and strive for!

  193. Oh man, that room is INCREDIBLE!!! My room is about the quarter size of hers, lol!!!''Ok, my fave thing from the Colonial website is the four pack of winter candles, I just might have to order those! I am also a follower, and signed up for their email!!


  194. Great craft room…so much space. One of my favorite items on the Colonial Candle website are the Brown Bird ornaments
    Love the wreath!

  195. Miss Mustard Seed says

    Oh, I would love to win that wreath! That is gorgeous. And that work space is to die for. I would love the have that much storage in my office. (I'm working on it!) By the way, I just noticed your Master BR picture and I have the same checked fabric in my family room. I think it's going to move to my guest room soon. I love it!

  196. amariaf2000 says

    I am totally green with envy! If only I had a work space like this?!?!? That is so awesome!!

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  197. amariaf2000 says

    I love Colonial Candle, and although this is not a "candle", I still think it's my favorite!

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  198. says

    Looove the new crafting room! So jealous as I am working out of my dining room!! I would looove my own office/work space!!
    Niiice and beautiful!!


  199. Amy@DesigningaLifeILove says

    WOW – beautiful craft room/office! What a woman!! And, LOVE the wreath, too! It almost looks as if you could make one… may need to STARE DEEPLY into it to see if I could…! LOL!!

  200. Lisa@Pickles and Cheese says

    Everything about today's post was so exciting. Exciting giveaway and Bonnie's new craft room and that black and white floor are fabulous! Thanks so much for the chance to win that gorgeous wreath!

  201. I just found your blog today. I love it, and I love that craft room! I wish that I had one so I wouldn't paint and drill on my kitchen countertops and saw on my carpet and wood floors!

  202. Thanks for the giveaway! I love candles! I also posted a project for Met Monday!

  203. Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I win! : )

  204. Oh, I love that wreath! I have been wanting one like that forever! Thanks for the chance

  205. Oh, I love that wreath! I have been wanting one like that forever! Thanks for the chance

  206. Oh, I love that wreath! I have been wanting one like that forever! Thanks for the chance

  207. Oh, I love that wreath! I have been wanting one like that forever! Thanks for the chance

  208. kiakai/Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing says

    No way!! That room is awsome! She IS so LUCKY! Oh how I wish I had somethig like that. Thanks for the time you take every Monday to host this event. It's very much appriciated.

  209. Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks says

    What a beautiful wreath!

    That room is gorgeous and I think it was so fun to see how she did it by reusing items she already had.

  210. Cottage Rose says

    Hello Susan; Wow!!!! what a gorgeous Craft room… How sweet of her Hubby to do that for her.. That is my Dream Craft Room….. sigh, so much storage love all those stamps… OK Bonnie I am packing my craft bags and coming right over to play in your beautiful room…. lol thanks Susan for a very fun post. have a great week


  211. Design Junkie says

    what a wonderful place to create. I'm so jealous.

  212. Beautiful. I love your site!

  213. I have loved the Bonnie tour. Thanks to you both. Please sign me up for the wreath.


    No. Richland Hills, TX
    [email protected]

  214. I would love to enter the drawing for the wreath..I am now a follower on facebook too.

  215. I went to the candle catalog and I really like the Joy LED Tealight and Holder
    Inscribed battery operated candle. Silver exterior with green interior
    but everything is beautiful. I am a big fan of candles.

  216. i signed up for email alerts from the company too..

  217. Cindy (Applestone Cottage) says

    OMG, that is like a store! What a fabulous room she has, the view is to die for and the cabinetry and storage is just too good to be true! Please enter me!! Cindy

  218. What a wonderful craft room! Such a lucky lady! And the wreath is beautiful! I know just where I could hang it!!!
    [email protected]

  219. WOW, I LOVE the craft room! God's blessings, Sarah πŸ˜€

  220. just tooooo amazing!

  221. Thanks for the chance to win the wreath. Would love it with my blue willow in the dining room at Christmas. Also, clever idea when painting the chair isn't it? I spray so much outside and never thought to contain the overspray that way. Good job on the met. Favorite as of late though is the dish closet. Enjoy all your posts and ideas.

  222. That is just unbelievable!

    Does Bonnie do this just for fun, or does she have a business?

    I wonder how many bloggers called their spouses over to look at this!
    Wonderful give aways Susan.

  223. Cathy Miller says

    What a gorgeous craft room. I could live happily in there! I love the black and white floor. I also would LOVE to have that gorgeous wreath. I love the on the website…featured in Southern Living, no less! Please enter me twice!!

  224. Lady Katherine says

    just wonderful

  225. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Oh golly! First the dish closet and now this! Yes I'm jealous!

  226. ooh i think i can convince my husband to let me have the garage.. what terrific inspiration. such a lucky lady.. thanks for the chance to win..

  227. ooh just saw the chalkboard witch on the colonial candle website.. ooh have to have πŸ™‚

  228. and i just signed up for the colonial candle email notifications…

  229. and now you are linked to my blog too!

  230. Delightful Dwelling says

    Wow, what an amazing room! I have my own scrapbook room, but I have to share it with some exercise equipment and it's a small room.

    I love this votive candle holder, so pretty:

  231. Hi,
    I always love to visit your blog. Your house is beyond lovely. Thanks for sharing all your good ideas, along with some ideas from others!

  232. emptynester3 says

    Love your blog, love the dish and craft room and I love that wreath!! You never know I could get lucky!!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  233. It's hard to believe people have an entire room for crafting stuff, I'm lucky to have a box to put mine in!! That's fabulous!
    I love the wreath too, beautiful!

  234. The craft room is fabulous! Thank you so much for this beautiful give-away. I love the wreath and I have the perfect place to "showcase it" From colonial candles I would like to have the holder that holds 5 tealights( yes, you know the one:-) I am looking forward to playing all week-I hope you have a productive week. -Love your blog-Kathy -Oh I can't mention you in my blog because I do not have one but I have a perfect name picked for when I do-kathy

  235. Holy Cow, what a fabulous room! I'd love to have it–and the wreath, too! Thanks for such wonderful giveaways!

  236. The room is beyond awesome. So much counter top and storage. The view from the window would be enough to make me never leave.
    Love the wreath,but then I love everything Christmas.
    Colonial will be my next stop for Christmas shopping. Got to have one of the Monkeys for my grandson. He is our silly monkey and those are so fun. Problem is which one to choose?

  237. Love the space!

  238. Oh, and here is what I like from Colonial

  239. so much hard work! you should be proud of all the effort.

    I would like to enter the giveaway I like this at Colonial Candle

    thank you
    [email protected]

  240. Love the wreath giveaway! Please enter my name!
    How am I going to make it through all these fabulous Monday makeover posts? Guess I will miss my beauty sleep…gah! πŸ˜€

  241. Pat's Addition says

    Wow that is a killer craft room!

  242. Susan,
    Thank you for sharing Bonnie's amazing craft space. I visited Colonial Candle's website and had a hard time deciding on a favorite item! I do like the votive holders, especially the copper and bronze mozaic one, that would be perfect in my powder room in the fall! I signed up for emails and would love to be entered in the drawing for that gorgeous wreath!

  243. Nancy @ Live love laugh says

    With a workspace like that, I think Bonnie should have a craft show on TV! I'm also showing my husband the chair spraying setup-clever! I love all the Colonial Candles, of course, but the pillar candlesticks and any of the lanterns are so nice. I signed up for their email! Thanks for the chance!

  244. FOR THE SAKE OF TIME says

    I am ready to move in! Thanks for sharing this loveliness.


  245. Suzann @ The Olive Cottage says

    Okay, here I was all proud as a peacock over my teenie tiny little crafty office and you go and show me this. Now I have room envy! LOL

    Honestly, it's absolutely wonderful!

  246. Lovely wreath! I have the perfect spot for it!

  247. Allie and Pattie says

    Oh my gosh! I SO miss my craft room in our old house! Thanks for sharing and LOVE that wreath!

  248. What a great blog party, Susan, it is one of the best, I must say. I love the met that you showed. Wow, it is so gorgeous as well as being efficient! Thanks for giving me a chance to link up. Hugs, Cindy S.

  249. give that man a HUG!!!! its just perfect!!!!

  250. Fabulous job on the craft room. I know she must love it.

    And, I love this wreath. It would look gorgeous hanging in front of our dining room mirror. I've got my fingers crossed.

  251. oh i want that wreath./lovely……anniepoo

  252. Susan, you are the ultimate multi-tasker. You are the only person who could host a big linky party, write a beautiful, fun post in which you showcase a fellow blogger's house and personally mention several other bloggers, plus hold a fantastic giveaway ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Amazing.

    Thank you for doing all these things! I'd so love to win that wondrous wreath!

  253. ReillyClan11 says

    great give away:)
    this would smell sooo good πŸ™‚

    and I am signed up for the email update. πŸ™‚

  254. Thanks again for the chance to win and the free shipping code at Colonial Candle. Couldn't make up my mind so I ordered and I ordered and I ordered. This could be a dangerous trend. Am eager to try the "farmers market" fragrance since it is a weekly (at a minimum)summer excursion for my family. Also looking forward to the Christmas scents. Thanks again.

  255. It is so inspiring to see all of the beautiful rooms, porches, crafts, table settings and floral arrangements. I'm brand new to BNOTP, but I can assure you I will come back every day to learn a new technique or decorating idea. I love the wreath and can't wait to see how it is used by the winner. thanks for a lovely site.

  256. I haven't much more to add. Every body has expressed exactly how I feel about this wonderful room. I have a very small house and have to use my guest room as my craftroom. I would love to have this room.

  257. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Susan, Bonnie's craft room is AMAZING! It's not a room, it's a whole STORE! WOW!

    I ought to do that with our attic, It needs to have a cool purpose other than housing the errant squirrel who manages to somehow find a way in to visit. πŸ˜‰


    Sheila πŸ™‚

  258. I always enjoy MetMondays and truly try to visit eveyone and applaud your wonderful ideas. Thanks Susan

  259. Really like the wreath you shared today. And that craft space was
    [email protected]

  260. I signed up for the email at
    Colonial Candle.
    [email protected]

  261. This girl must have been reading my mind! I have been contemplating a garage conversion like this for a while! The Hubby is definitely going to be treated to a tutorial on this craft room redo. If I manage to light a fire there, I'll let you know!

  262. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden says

    I LOVE her craft room! Thanks for the linkup! I love seeing everyone's projects!

  263. I could use something bright and shinny to brighten my day and I think this would do just the trick.

  264. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    OHMIGOSH! I think I'm having a heart attack! I thought her china pantry was wonderful, but just look at this! I am SO envious. What a wonderful room. I cannot imagine having all of that storage; all of that work space; and all of that beauty! Thanks Susan and thanks to Bonnie too for sharing this. I also love Jay's wreath. Please put my name in the drawing. laurie

  265. SmilingSally says

    Wow and WOW! What a fantastic room. Who wouldn't love that room?

  266. ~CC Catherine says

    Love the post on the craft room Susan! What a transformation…totally inspirational. She must love to work there! Makes me want to take one of my large suites upstairs and do that. I have too much company though to get away with that. =( Ciao for now…~CC Catherine

  267. Holy Cow,a fabulous dish room AND a craft room like this!!!! Whaaaaa I want one , of each, LOL!!!
    This is amazing and it I am gleaning ideas from it for when we do my room, not as large but still I will have a craft room eventually.
    Amazing, do we enter for the giveaway here too? I think so, correct me if I am wrong.
    Linda Q

  268. That's what I call a craft room, She's one lucky girl. The wreath is just too cute, I am sure I could find a place to hang it in my home.

  269. Tales From My Empty Nest says

    What an awesome craft room!!! Thanks for a great giveaway. I love the beautiful wreath. Love & blessings from NC!

  270. Susan, thanks so much for such wonderful posts. There is such a big world of very talented people out there! Deborah

  271. Jenene(jsh4one) says

    I love the craft space, what a joy to work in this space!
    I also think the giveaway wreath is awesome…the perfect accent.
    Sign me up…[email protected]

  272. Kathleen Grace says

    Amazing craft room makeover! I love the checkerboard floor:>) Please enter me in your give-away too. I love the white urn pillar candle holders, they would be beautiful in any season:>)

  273. Bobbi Campbell says

    Loved the craft room makeover. Please include me in the drawing for the wreath!

  274. Wow, I love that craft room! I'm speechless! I follow your blog faithfully with the Met Monday and love it! Please enter me in your drawing – the wreath is absoutely stunning!

    Beautiful wreath!
    Thanks for sharing!

  276. FiddlersBride says

    This wreath would look wonderful above our fireplace!

  277. Gorgeous wreath. I'd love to own it!

  278. What an amazing room! I would LOVE to have a space like this!!! Lucky Bonnie!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  279. Love that wreath!!!!

  280. What a wonderful house Bonnie has! And what an outstanding husband!!! I thought mine was good when he enclosed an area of the basement for my ceramics studio, but Bonnie's craft room is amazing beyond words!

    Your blog is awesome and my favorite day of the week is Thursday when I can see all the beautiful tablescapes. Thank you!

    [email protected]

  281. The craft room is simply to die for! Love the shiny wreath too.

  282. I would love to have a kitchen large enough for all those cabinets!

    I also love that cute pillow from Colonial Candles. Would love to win it.

  283. Those textured island pineapple pillar candles sound scrumptious.×3-scented-pillar-candle.aspx

  284. I'm an email subscriber.

  285. That wreath is stunning! I'd love to win it. I've got the perfect spot for it.

  286. I love the large white LED pillar candles.

  287. I'm an email subscriber.

  288. Holy SMOKES! That craft room is amazing! I am in awe over here and drooling on the keyboard!
    I'd love to be entered in the drawing for that wonderful wreath too, please.

  289. Mary Peterson says

    Bonnie is so lucky! I'd just be thrilled to have a space like that!

  290. Normangirl says

    Love all the storage space in her room! Susan, you have a great blog! Throw my name in the hat for the give away! thanks!

  291. Normangirl says

    Love all the storage space in her room! Susan, you have a great blog! Throw my name in the hat for the give away! thanks!

  292. Kelli@SassySouthernMom says

    I hate I missed the contest for the magnetic snowman!! Too cute!!
    Although the wreath is beautiful as well! How nice it must be for your friend Bonnie to have her very own craft room~ so jealous~~


  293. DesignTies says

    That's not a craft room, that's a craft palace!! WOW!!! I wish I had a room like that to work on all of my projects!! My little 9' x 11' office will have to do for now πŸ™‚

    Love the wreath — but with 284 comments so far, it's going to be tough to win it!! I just may have to take advantage of the BNOTP deal πŸ™‚


  294. Lynn Osborne says

    This is something I like from their website:

  295. Lynn Osborne says

    Thanks for the chance to win the wreath. It's beautiful.

  296. Sarah Beth says

    I would love to have a craft room like that-amazing!

  297. Hello sweet Susan – okay, excuse me while I wipe the drool off my desk. Does Bonnie need a niece? Or maybe a cleaning lady? I'd be happy to sign up just so that I could see her beautiful home in person. What an amazing craft room! So fabulous.
    Love the wreath – thank you for the chance to win!


  298. I am officially jealous! The things I could do in that room! I also am loving that wreath. It would look gorgeous in my dining room. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  299. Wow! What a great room. Oh and please enter me in for the wreath. I like the candle snuffer here

  300. the craft room is out of this world, bigger than my living room,,,so jealous,,,,i just love love the wreath.put me in to win
    [email protected]

  301. victoria bassham says
  302. victoria bassham says

    signed up for the E-mail promotions!

  303. Great craft room! Always love the Metamorphosis Monday!

  304. Linda Johansen says

    Now, that is icing on the cake!

  305. This ornament reminds me of the ones my grandmother always made for everyone each Christmas. It was something we always looked forward to each year wondering what she had made.
    I love this craft room! I hope to have something like this in a few years when we move to our retirement home.

  306. I love the giveaway – it would look awesome on my front door, or over my fireplace.


  307. I love this candle – pomegranate and citron. Mmmm – I can smell it now.


  308. I subscribed to the e-mail for promotions.


  309. Entertain Exchange says

    I love the Crystal Tealight Candle Holder and the wreath.

  310. Living vicariously – thanks!!!

  311. Hokie Grandma says

    I would love this wreath for my entry way. Thanks for the give aways.

  312. What a blessing to have such a neat space to work alone or with friends! And the ability to leave it all out!!! Thanks for sharing!

  313. Love the latern!!!!

  314. Graceful Moments says

    What a fabulous craft room…I don't think I could work in there, I wouldn't want to mess it up!
    That wreath is awesome and I have just the place for it if I win!!!

  315. Beth at Aunties says

    I love the wreath and adore Bonnie's craft room. I hope she knows how lucky she is to have her own Santa shop and play room. Wow! I Wish her and her firends so many wondrful hours of creating and lots of laughter while there.
    I am loving the colonial candle shoP!

  316. victoria bassham says

    I mentioned this wreath in a post

  317. Heather@PixieDust says

    I'm dying, that craft room would make Martha herself jealous!! That wreath is so pretty!!

  318. that is a DREAMY craft room!!

  319. texasdaisey says

    Your room is beautiful and that wreath is beautiful too. I always look forward to stopping by.

  320. Bonnie's craft room is fabulous! I would love to see more of her house. I had to show my DH her dish closet. WOW!

    If I'm not too late please enter me in the drawing for the wreath, Love that!


  321. What a wonderful room and fabulous wreath!

  322. I am enjoying visiting your blog…just found it recently!

  323. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden says

    Wow! That was really something! Thanks for the chance to win the wreath!

  324. waldenbunch says

    Love, love, love the wreath!

  325. The craft room is beautiful!! Lots of room for doing crafts. Thanks for sharing the addition of the room.


  326. This wreath is beautiful. And so is Bonnie's transformation!

  327. I like these bird ornaments from CC.

  328. OK! I'm officially jealous of Bonnie! She is my hero! Thanks Susan for showing us these inspirational spaces!

  329. I LOVe the wreath; it would love so beautiful on our mantle as I'm going with silver and blue decor this year! Thanks for the chance.

  330. Leanne~*~Harvest Moon by the Lake says

    That is the most Beautiful craft room I have ever seen!!! Bonnie is one luck lady! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Please enter me in the wreath drawing…I love it!
    Thanks for the giveaway, Leanne

  331. Wow that room is beautiful and so is the wreath!! double the fun today!

  332. Beth at Aunties says

    I know I didn't do some link backs of the wondrful items I found.
    I adore the latterns!

  333. willowbird35 says

    I have a door in my house that yells for me to put that wreath upon it!! Enter me! Thanks!

  334. Beth at Aunties says

    I mentioned your fabulous giveaway in my blog. πŸ™‚

  335. Denise Adams says

    Love the wreath. I have the perfect spot for it…

  336. Susan, I forgot to put the link to the gold and silver pinecones: Thanks so much!

  337. Bonnie is ever so lucky to have a Leon. Her craft room is every woman's dream. Love the wreath. Just send it on my way!

  338. Brittany Ann says

    I must have that gorgeous wreath, it would be quite stunning on my front door.

  339. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says

    Am I too late? Love the wreath!

  340. Debbie@Sitting by Northstar Lake says

    What an awesome work space!! I am lucky enough to have a craft/sewing room, and it is the last place to getany design attention. I am inspired to develop a plan now to execute in the winter. Love the colonial candles Lantern with bird pillar, still a fav months later.

  341. I've always wanted one of these wreaths – I think they are fun and pretty too. pick me pick me pick me – pretty please=)

  342. I love all the night lights at CC! I've discovered a new "fav" site!

  343. Hey Susan…How do I get adopted by this Bonnie person…I love the checkered floor but the craft/gift wrapping room is over the top…I love it…I thought only Candy Spelling had a special room to gift wrap!!


    My I say I am soooooo jealous! That is just beautiful! I love your blog, so many pretty things! And your tablescapes are just amazing! How long does it take you to put one together?
    I love, love, love that wreath! Enter me please into that drawing! I just went to the Colonial Candle website and saw that there are only 7 left!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one! Thank you so much! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! -April

  345. FOR THE SAKE OF TIME says

    I would be forever greatful for cabinets just like these.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty.


  346. The Prudent Pantry says

    That room is amazing. And the wreath would make things a little more festive around here.
    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  347. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says

    Well, I'm going to have to go get some paper towels to clean off my keyboard…because I have been drooling all over it looking at Bonnie's wonderful craft room! Wow!

    Thanks for hosting Met Monday. I hope to be able to jump back in and start back participating soon.


  348. The Sewing Loft says

    Now if that isn't inspiring, nothing is! What a fabulous room. Thanks for sharing.


  349. I’m not sure I’ve seen this post before, Susan. It seems familiar, but if I have, it’s been a long time. Wow! I love how she has all those cabinets in which to store all her crafting materials. Do you know what sorts of crafts Bonnie does? I wonder if she sells on etsy or the like. And is she the same Bonnie whose pretty tablescapes you often shared back in the day? Can you imagine having a space like that dedicated to your work? What fun that would be! Speaking of fun, I hope you’re having a great time with Chip and the gang.

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