Designing and Building a Porch

Welcome to the 55th Metamorphosis Monday!

It snuck up on me…the anniversary of Metamorphosis Monday…Met Monday turned 1 year old on January 4th. We’ve had a full year of sharing fabulous “Before and Afters” and I have been inspired and amazed by all the creative and ambitious “Before and Afters” you have shared every Monday here at BNOTP. I am so looking forward to another awesome year!

Occasionally, I will get an email from someone saying how much a particular Met Monday post helped them with a project in their home. That makes my day because isn’t that what blogging is really all about…the sharing of ideas and information that will hopefully prove helpful to someone else.

Since this is the anniversary month of Metamorphosis Monday, I thought it would be fun to share my very first Metamorphosis post…the “Before and After” of the screened-in porch and decks.

The “Before” was pretty awful as you’ll see in the following pics…hard to believe we lived with that awful deck for 15-16 years before finally doing something about it. Yikes! We bought this house when it was eight years old and apparently, the previous homeowners had never properly cared for the existing deck…it was in a sad state. Before I could afford to replace it, I tried cleaning it with an incredibly strong deck cleaner and “painting” it with a solid color stain for decks. It was a major project…cleaning and “painting” on the stain. It looked better, but the solid stain didn’t hold up well to a large dog and the elements. It was time for a BIG change.

As you can see below in a “Before” pic, the original deck on the right was very small. A previous homeowner had enlarged the deck by adding the section on the left. The deck flooring had deteriorated and was popping up in places, creating a real hazard. The stairs stuck out into the center of the yard…not a great design. On this first Met Monday, I thought I would share some of the exterior changes that took place when the screened-in porch and decks were added.
Build a Screened Porch and Decks

Before pic of deck…Those dark spots behind Max’s head are actually holes in the deck where the deck boards had rotted around the nails. Periodically, a board would pop up into the air…it was bad!
Build a Screened Porch and Decks

The pic below was taken right after the workers tore off the old deck…I was so happy to see it gone! πŸ™‚ You can see how over the years the dirt underneath the deck had splashed up onto the house when it rained, discoloring the siding.

I replaced the door (beneath the small window) going into the terrace level with another window, and had french doors added on the wall behind the ladder. I wanted to maximize the light coming into the terrace level. You’ll be able to see this change in the next picture.
Build a Screened Porch and Decks

In the pic below, the porch, decks and terrace level are in mid construction. During the additions of the porch and decks, I, completely re-did the previous owner’s basement renovation. It had been done badly with a hung ceiling, orange carpeting and cheap, dark paneling. I finished the basement/terrace level back in with sheet rock walls, tray ceilings, recessed lighting and decorative columns where ugly, metal poles had been. The french doors gave the terrace level more daylight, as did the new window.

The deck on the far left was designed to hold the grill, as well as my existing patio furniture, which included a good size table with four chairs and an umbrella and a small bistro table with 2 chairs. The deck on the far right (under the kitchen bay window) was the perfect spot for another seating area with a pergola overhead.
Build a Screened Porch and Decks

You can just see the edge of the steps coming down on the side of the deck on the right…a much better design than having them sticking out into the center of the yard.
Build a Screened Porch and Decks

The future screened-in porch…can you believe it once looked like this? πŸ™‚
Build a Screened Porch and Decks

Let’s get to those “After” pictures! Here’s the screened-in porch…this pic was taken from the same angle as the one above. It’s come a long way! πŸ™‚ Let’s add some sheers and turn on the lamps.
Build a Screened Porch and Decks

Much better! πŸ™‚
Build a Screened Porch and Decks

To see more of the interior of the screened-in porch, just click on the pic of the porch posted on my sidebar.
Build a Screened Porch and Decks

The pic below shows the deck that was added with the pergola overhead. You can just make out the outdoor candle-lier I hung from the pergola.
Build a Screened Porch and Decks with Pergola

A view of the area with the pergola overhead… The candle-lier came from Smith & Hawken, that store is sadly gone now. (Sorry about the grainy photo.)
Build a Screened Porch and Decks with Pergola

An exterior view of the screened-in porch…those are bird feeders hanging on either side. πŸ™‚ This pic was taken right after the porch was finished, before I added the sheers.

People often e-mail and ask how I keep the porch looking so clean. I think it helps that it’s a full story up. The only really messy time is during pollen season…once that’s over, it just requires a monthly vacuum and dusting..
Build a Screened Porch and Decks with Pergola

In this view, you are looking across from the kitchen door to one of the exterior decks…the one that holds the table with the umbrella, the grill and a small bistro table.
Build a Screened Porch and Decks with Pergola

Here’s a huge tip if you’re renovating your deck or porch…I had a gas line run to the grill so I don’t have to worry about running out of gas in the midst of grilling. Have you had that happen? It’s also nice not having to lug those heavy propane tanks back to the store for a refill. If you are renovating your deck, I highly recommend this. It does require a gas grill designed for that kind of connection, but the cost of running the gas line to the grill was only around $375.
Build a Screened Porch and Decks with Pergola

This little area with the bistro table is about 6 feet from the grill, so it makes a nice place to sit and chat while the steaks are grilling. πŸ™‚ When I was in the process of designing the porch and decks, I knew I wanted to have LOTS of seating for dining and entertaining. There are enough tables on the porch and the two decks to seat 16 for dinner…not including the seating area with the swing.
Build a Screened Porch and Decks with Pergola

Hope you enjoyed this look back at my first Metamorphosis Monday post! Can’t wait to see all your “Before and Afters!” πŸ™‚ Please don’t forget to leave a comment with a mention of a past Met Monday post that you found helpful…and the blog where you saw it.


Build a Screened Porch and Decks with Pergola

Looking forward to seeing all your “Before and Afters.”


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  1. Paula Grace Designs says

    OMG! Your porch is gorgeous. You did a fantastic job. It looks so warm and inviting.

    Congratulations on One Plus Years of Met Monday. I have enjoyed it so much!

    I am launching my own party on Tuesday ~ Timeless Tuesday. It will be live Monday at 8:00 PM. I hope you join in the fun! Here's the link to read what it is all about ~

    Paula Grace ~

  2. Confessions of a Plate Addict says

    Hi Susan! You know I love your porch…just perfect for outdoor liviing here in the South! Have a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  3. Please don't ever invite me over to sit on your porch, you will have to call the police to get me out of there. It is truly gorgeous.

  4. Blogging To A Better Bonnie says

    What an amazing "metamorphosis"!
    Absolutely stunning!

  5. Jenglamgirl says

    Susan I look forward to your Met. Mondays every Monday (or late Sunday afternoon) πŸ˜‰ Thanks for letting me join in the fun. I ADORE your screened in porch and how you have it decorated, it is just darling and beautiful. WOW the view with those breezy sheer white panels….. EVERYTHING.. great job!

  6. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    I have always been in awe of your porch. I just love it. If I had one I would want it to be just like yours.
    I think there have been so many blogs that have influenced me. Barb @ Grits and Glamour with all of her gorgeous vignettes always inspires me. Also Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality has me really thinking about adding shelves to my dining wall similar to the ones in her dining room. I love the look and I already have a round mirror to work around like hers.
    Thanks for the post. Hugs, Marty

  7. black eyed susans kitchen says

    When people talk about their porches, I understand the love. We love our porch too. It was suggested to us many times by many people to enclose it and make it into another room in the house…they clearly don't "get it". Your porch is one of the best ever….definitely a favorite. I love everything about it, and have even used some of your ideas in decorating (redecorating) my own.
    β™₯, Susan

  8. Little Lizard King says

    Incredible post~ I love the before and after shots. You must LOVE your porch. It looks so inviting and relaxing. You'll enjoy this for years and years to come.

  9. The Tiny Homestead says

    wow, what a great look at your beautiful decks.

  10. I have always liked your porch, Susan. It is so well designed. I have one question. Does the screened porch get wet when it rains? If so, doesn't it ruin the wood floor? I guess I have 2 questions, lol. About the gas line for the grill. If it is installed, the grill has to be permanently in one place, right? Thanks….Christine

  11. Oh Susan this is such a transformation. It must be warm where you live. Here in the Pacific Northwest area (in Canada though I guess it would be our southwest)it is far too rainy to have all that nice stuff on a porch other than for a few months in the summer.
    Where would I put it all?
    I would be happy to come by and have a visit. I can bring the wine.

  12. Oh Susan this is such a transformation. It must be warm where you live. Here in the Pacific Northwest area (in Canada though I guess it would be our southwest)it is far too rainy to have all that nice stuff on a porch other than for a few months in the summer.
    Where would I put it all?
    I would be happy to come by and have a visit. I can bring the wine.

  13. Oh Susan this is such a transformation. It must be warm where you live. Here in the Pacific Northwest area (in Canada though I guess it would be our southwest)it is far too rainy to have all that nice stuff on a porch other than for a few months in the summer.
    Where would I put it all?
    I would be happy to come by and have a visit. I can bring the wine.

  14. Oh Susan this is such a transformation. It must be warm where you live. Here in the Pacific Northwest area (in Canada though I guess it would be our southwest)it is far too rainy to have all that nice stuff on a porch other than for a few months in the summer.
    Where would I put it all?
    I would be happy to come by and have a visit. I can bring the wine.

  15. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I wasn't a reader at that time, so I am happy to see you repost this. It looks amazing. Happy Metmorversary!

  16. Maya @ Completely Coastal says

    Hi Susan,

    It's so funny, but I remember these shots of your deck so well -and that's a year ago!? Wow.

    Well, it's been a pleasure to (every now and then) participate.

    Take care, and Happy Metiversary!

  17. Susan, oh my gosh! Your porch I SO love! I enjoyed seeing the beginning to the end photos as I had not seen those. But I have adored looking at the photos of your porch now! It is stunning and I love everything about it!!

    Lou Cinda

  18. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    I always LOVE pics of your porch. They are really inspiring. So many great ideas and it looks so inviting. LOVE IT!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  19. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says

    wow, I'd never seen that particular post before. I'm SO jealous of your screened in porch and space. We don't even have a rotting deck yet, just dirt as soon as you step outside. It's one of our "future" projects, hopefully this spring. πŸ™‚

  20. Miss Mustard Seed says

    Wow! That is quite an amazing deck and gorgeous inside. You must love it out there.

  21. Oh, how gorgeous! I've enjoyed viewing your porch on previous blog posts, but, it's great to see how it all unfolded. πŸ™‚

    Very nice! πŸ™‚

  22. One Cheap B*tch says

    I love your porch! The before and after photos are so inspiring. We have a small one in the front of our house but I've been dying to do one on the back of the house too.

    A girl can never how too many porches! =)

  23. Denise Auras says

    Que linda ficou sua casa, nem sombra da casa que era,belissima, parabΓ©ns!!!!

  24. Stephanie Lynn says

    Thank you for hosting. You porch and deck are amazing. I love the feel of the closed in space with the outdoor feel. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Drew&Samsmom says

    This is my first time linking! YAYYY.


  26. Sonja @ Craft-Werk says

    After reading your major deck overhaul I feel rather humble about the link I have just added to the Metamorphosis Monday… Great work, amazing really. Oh how I wish I was living in a climate where it would be worth having a deck – and then have it as nice as you!

  27. Allison Shops says

    What a great transformation! I hadn't seen this before. I love your porch and would spend all my free time there.

  28. Marla at Always Nesting says

    #47 So Sorry but Mr. Linky is saying a previous link yet connecting to the link I just added.

  29. Marla at Always Nesting says

    #47 So Sorry but Mr. Linky is saying a previous link yet connecting to the link I just added.

  30. Marla at Always Nesting says

    #47 So Sorry but Mr. Linky is saying a previous link yet connecting to the link I just added.

  31. Marla at Always Nesting says

    #47 So Sorry but Mr. Linky is saying a previous link yet connecting to the link I just added.

  32. PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood says

    Hi Susan,
    This is my first Met Monday so thank you for hosting. Love your porch transformation. That is some project and so worth it. Just beautiful!
    Blessings from Lakewood,

  33. from our front porch... says

    Hi Susan!
    As always your home is beautiful! We are such "porch people", too!
    I read a book once that said the Victorians believed the porch is an extension of the home and it should be treated like any other room of the house! So true!

    I am having a giveaway for Ariat boots! Come by and enter!
    You always have so many wonderful giveaways, I wanted to make sure to invite you πŸ™‚

  34. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Christine,
    Good questions! The porch flooring is tongue and groove, pine flooring and it's nailed and glued down. It's a special porch type flooring that is KDAT…Kiln Dried After Treatment. All that mean is it's pressure treated, then kiln dried afterwards to pull the moisture back out. So far, after 2-3 years, it still looks as nice as the day it was installed. It sat for three days covered in several inches of snow before they ever stained and polyurethaned it, and it did great. I like it better than deck flooring because mosquitoes can't come up from underneath and I don't have to have messy screening underneath that will trap leaves and such.
    Yes, the grill stays in one spot. You can unhook it and move it with a quick release thingy…but to use it, you have to move it back to where the gas line comes up to the deck. I never move my grill anyway, so it works out well. πŸ™‚

  35. I love your porch, what a awesome place to entertain on. It's breathtaking.

    Congrats on Met Mondays. I have enjoyed going back through all the different Monday's over time and being inspired. Today is my first time contributing a entry, but have a feeling it will not be my last.

    Thanks for such a fun place and a wonderful group of ladies.


  36. It was so nice seeing the before, during and after photos! thanks for re-sharing them. Everything looks wonderful!

  37. tales from an oc cottage says

    Just about the most fabulous spot in the whole wide world!

    m ^..^

  38. Blondie's Journal says

    I love the redesign of the porch. It was so well planned. I didn't know that you had done it so recently. I just love it! πŸ™‚


  39. Hi Susan,
    This weekend being snowed in allowed me some time to go back through your blog and show my husband your beautiful porch transformation. I was so surprised when I checked in to your blog to see this as your anniversary posting! I'm so glad that you answered the question about the flooring! I had been planning to ask!

    Happy Met Monday Anniversary! May you have many more!

    From Virginia

  40. Hi Susan,
    This weekend being snowed in allowed me some time to go back through your blog and show my husband your beautiful porch transformation. I was so surprised when I checked in to your blog to see this as your anniversary posting! I'm so glad that you answered the question about the flooring! I had been planning to ask!

    Happy Met Monday Anniversary! May you have many more!

    From Virginia

  41. Wow…great photos! What a wonderful addition…and your photos make it look as if it was done so quickly (which I am sure it wasn't!!) Lovely porch. I am joing met Monday again…thanks for hosting!

  42. Tammy@InStitches says

    Oh Susan, I'm having serious porch envy ! It is so pretty.

  43. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Love that porch!! I see something new every time I look at the pictures.

  44. Susan, when I first found your blog, I had fun "touring" your house by clicking on various photos. And by the time I saw your porch and deck addition, I was hooked! I haven't joined Met Monday in awhile, but I'm always blessed by it. It's always such a fun party. I'm glad to be participating again today. And I look forward to seeing lots of the fun projects. Thank you for being such a gracious hostess!

  45. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    What an amazing transformation, Susan! It's so beautiful! It certainly seems like you get a good amount of use out of it, too.

    I've gotten inspiration from so many bloggers, but one I posted about on a Met Monday was doing a mis-treatment valance in my powder room, inspired by The Nester.

  46. Thanks for answering my questions, Susan…Christine

  47. Hi Susan, I love, love, love your porch and pergola !! WOW !! I know how much you enjoy your gorgeous outdoor spaces. For awhile, I thought that your porch was actually glassed in … it wasn't until recently that I realized it wasn't. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space … and for hosting this wonderful party. I'm glad to have been able to share my breakfast room additions. Take care, Becca (Adventures in Decorating)

  48. I had not seen this post so it is a treat. To answer your question, yes, Sheila, The Quintessential Magpie, suggested I go to Rhonda at Southern Hospitality for a mirror tutorial. I have the materials and will be doing it this week for next week! Thank you to both! Plus, all the other little things I get every week. It's my favorite day!

  49. Thanks for posting your before and after pics. I have been "lurking" around your blog for a few weeks now and have gotten some wonderful ideas I hope to use one day. Your post gives me hope that one day I too can do something more with my yucky deck πŸ™‚ I can't wait to show it to my husband. I hope & pray that you'll get your Library finished too. I read that post and I can see your vision. Keep at it! It will be beautiful when it's done!

  50. Absolutely love the porch! So cozy and inviting! :)Thanks for inspiring us all with your wonderful blog!

  51. Embellished Bayou says

    How fabulous! I am so jealous of your incredible porch and lovely surroundings, I could spend hours out there!

  52. Remodelaholic says

    Oh my! I just had to wipe the drool off.

    Seriously though now I know why you are taking naps on the porch, I WOULD TOO! I LOVE it!

    Thanks for showing us the pictures!

  53. Clean and Classic Interiors says

    Just breath taking!! I'm in love and my mother-in-law would be too!

  54. Wsprsweetly Of Cottages says

    What fun to see how it looked before and in the different stages. I am in the middle of a morph but just the before is available, not the after. So…I will visit my fellow bloggers and become encouraged as I was with your post. There IS light at the end of the tunnel.. πŸ™‚

  55. Personalized Sketches and Sentiments says

    Oh! my goodness! Your porch is absolutely gorgeous! Everything about it, inside and out!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  56. Hi Susan, I wish I had a beautiful screened in porch like yours. We sure have to have them around here in order to enjoy the outdoors without being carried off by the mosquitoes. I am so excited to be able to join in this time. I am still learning and was glad I could link up, but I don't know how to get the button and add it to my blog. Still working on it…Kim

  57. The Horton Family says

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL job on the new deck!!! Oh, how I would love to do that extensive of a project on our home! Summer time, here we come! Thanks for the party!

  58. AlchemyJunk says

    absolutely amazing!!! THE best porch reno I have EVER seen. Def coming here for inspiration should I ever need a porch renovation!!

  59. Greenearth says

    What a great job you have done. It looks amazing.

  60. I really enjoyed seeing your screened porch – thanks for re-posting.

  61. Susan I think your porch is a star in blogland, It is the place we all wish we had in our own homes or at wish we could come by and sit a spell and visit with you. What a dream come true and I am just glad you share it in pictures with all of us out here in blogland. Kathysue

  62. Oh Susan, I remember this very first MM post! This is such an INSPIRATION! YOu do EVERYTHING so well, so beautifully! If I thought we would stay in this house for years more, I would redo our deck EXACTLY like yours!!!!!!!!!!! To me, it is perfection. XO, Pinky

  63. Destination Seaborn says

    Wow, your porch is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us, that's the next best thing to actually being there. Also, glad you answered the question about your flooring. Have a great week! Lisa

  64. Marianne@Songbird says

    Happy 25th anniversary! I wasn't around when you showed the big porch metamorphosis the first time, but boy was that a big and wonderful project. You had some major vision making that new design and it looks wonderful!

  65. my family is 4ever says

    That has to be one of the most amazing porches I've ever seen! This is my first Met Monday Post…love your site and appreciate all the amazingly talented people who share their talents with the rest of us!

  66. Fifi Flowers says

    FABULOUS deck/porch!!!

  67. I remember this post and thought what a dramatic change. Love your porch as always … I would never want to leave it!
    I received my tassel and love it!
    Thanks and God Bless,

  68. I love that it is 3 differnt porches, wow. I've never seen that. Fabulous job- from one peach to another!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Enchanted Rose Studio says

    Susan, your porch is what my little patio aspires to be when it grow up! ha!

    I must say bravo to you for thinking about the flooring. Very important step! I've seen so many screen-ins where the owners are baffled as to how the little buggers get in. lol!


  70. Your deck and porch makeover is stunning. My mouth is hanging open I am so impressed. Can I come live with you? I am sooo jealous.

  71. I could spend hours and hours on your porch. If you wanted to sell your home, a buyer would see it and fall in love!

    Congratulations on one year of Met. Monday and thanks for hosting it each week.

  72. I had seen this post and still loved seeing it again. Still waiting and hoping for my own dream porch one day. Thanks for the inspiration!!! And I must say I do love the furry decor lounging around at your home. πŸ™‚

  73. Oh Susan, I, like everyone am so in love with your deck. Great design! Are those sheers or what are they made of?

  74. Your porch is always an inspiration to see and read about. thanks for sharing it again and for hosting Meta Monday for us all.

  75. Hi Susan
    Thanks for showing us your porch again. It is so beautiful!!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  76. There are so many ideas I've gotten from your blog.. Inspiring things. Actually the one picture that started me blogging a lot was the little picture in your side bar of the geraniums on that old white chair!!!! I immediately copied that idea!! Another was the way you did your dining room walls. I plan on doing that after my kitchen reno. Your wonderful tablescape photos are what started me doing tables! Your blog is just the biggest inspiration to me. I can't just name one thing! It's hundreds!

  77. Wow…that means I've been following your blog for a year. Where has the time gone? I remember these pictures from before (I had a different blog then–Happenings@Home), the porch transformation was fun to see again. Beautiful & inspiring! I always get excited when Mondays roll around because I can't wait to see the new before and afters. Thanks for hosting this wonderful weekly event!

  78. HuNnY aNd PoPpA LeWiS says

    That porch is amazing and looks so cozy. I am absolutely enthralled with the design and all the little touches that you have added to make it so inviting.

  79. Low Tide High Style says

    I would live on that porch and those decks and never come inside! So pretty!

    Kat πŸ™‚

  80. ashley morgan says

    I love your porch! I just linked to your Met. Monday, and I accidentally linked to the whole blog and not the individual post (#175, so I redid it (#176). Sorry!

  81. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    And we all love visiting your porch and enjoying your hospitality! Have we ever seen your basement? Or is that a metamorphosis to be? How's the library coming along? Thanks for your kind comments and sweet visit — You are just the best of blogging neighbors. Thank you.

  82. Oh WOW! It's breathtaking!! LOVE it!

  83. this is still my favorite are a great designer….anniepoo

  84. Splendid Little Stars says

    amazingly super!!!
    I came here to tell you I posted about your Tablescape Thursday on my blog and here I see a whole new meme!


  85. This porch is incredible! I hope you don't delete my link but I don't have before photos…It was just a plain blank room:(

  86. I fell in love with your porch the first time I saw it on "rate my space". Thanks for hosting this great party.

  87. HI Susan! Nothing makes me more happy than seeing your gorgeous screened in porch. I love it so much and it's always so beautiful with how you decorate it. Thanks for popping in to see me and taking up for me. That Barbie! She is a jealous thing.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  88. Oh, I really like your porch. It looks dreamy. I'm excited to participate in Metamorphosis Monday for the first time!

  89. Your porch is beautiful. Have you posted pictures of your terrace level room renovation? I would love to see what you have done.

  90. Cass @ That Old House says

    Your deck transformation is fabulous! Wow — what a sunporch! Love it, also love the idea of sharing how MM posts may have inspired us. I need to think about that one — there are so many!

  91. Jan ~ BellaCasa says

    Revisiting your screened porch project was most enjoyable. Do you ever draw your sheers closed? I can just imagine them blowing in the breeze. I've been thinking about adding them someday to my screened porch. It is much too cold out there right now to even think about it though. Thanks for sharing.


  92. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    Hi Susan, Lovely post and I adore your deck and the hint about running a line to the grill for gas, Brilliant!


    Thank you so much for hosting Met Monday! I LOVE your blog~I come rest on your porch quite often πŸ™‚

    Katy~York Village Shops

  94. Hi! I love this blog πŸ™‚ I messed on my first link, so I posted it again as 'parisian inpired lamp'. oops…sorry.

  95. Heather@PixieDust says

    that is the most amazing porch I have ever seen. I'd love to have something similar once I own a home.

  96. I remember seeing you at RMS awhile ago and falling in love with your space. I'm glad I found you over in the blog world. THanks for allowing us to share our spaces!

  97. Sue (Someone's Mom) says

    I am so glad you reposted this so that I could see it! It really is an amazing transformation. I just love your porch…it is perfect!


  98. Amy {The Red Chair Blog} says

    Your porch is BREATHTAKING! Love it!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.

  99. Susan, I've read this post several times and each time I find it so amazing. You had incredible vision! I love your porch and enjoy my visits to BNOTP. I can just imagine how wonderful it is to dine and relax out on this marvelous space. Thanks for sharing this again and congratulations on the anniversary. Wow! Just look at the number of links to this meme. Like I said, You have incredible vision!

  100. I dream of having a space like this some day. Every detail is just perfect!

  101. Condo Blues says

    I have porch envy pure and simple. And it doesn't have anything to snow I woke up to on my patio (much)

  102. Wow!

    You've inspired me to do something with my back porch. We have a deck that runs the whole length of the house and about 3 years ago we covered a portion of it and made a small screened-in porch right off of the kitchen. It's a huge project, but I think I'm up for it now…I think!

    Thanks for sharing;-)

  103. Susan,
    It I could have planned what I would like to do with my big porch, your would be it. I would love to be able to have a porch like yours.

  104. Angie@treasures for tots says

    OMG it's beautiful!! I just LOVE it!! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures!

  105. What an amazing transformation! I love it; absolutely beautiful!

  106. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Susan, I'll never forget the first time I sat at my computer with my mouth hanging open in awe of your porch. I never tire of seeing it. laurie

  107. Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie says

    Oh my I just want to spend an afternoon on your porch, it's so pretty!

  108. The porch is beautiful. You are so lucky!!

  109. Absolutely gorgeous! It's looks straight out of a magazine!

  110. My Shining Lights says

    Gorgeous,gorgeous, gorgeous! That is one of the prettiest indoor porch and outdoor decks that I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing that with us.

  111. Suzanne Berry says

    Hi Susan, what a beautiful porch! We shared a photo with our builder and he thinks you may have wrapped the columns in PVC. It looks like just wood to me — can you let me know if you used any PVC in your build? Thanks so much!

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