Bunnies and Lambs for Spring or Easter Dining: The Children’s Table

Welcome to the 240th Tablescape Thursday!

I know Easter is long gone but I couldn’t resist sharing one more table setting with you created this year by my friend,  Marie for her 6 grandchildren.  It’s over-the-top adorable.

Easter Table Setting Tablescape for Children

 Love all the soft, pastel colors.  Do you think Marie will adopt us all and make us honorary grandchildren for a just a little while? πŸ˜‰

Easter Table Setting Tablescape for Children

Cute, cute cupcakes.

Easter Table Setting Tablescape for Children

Some cupcakes are decorated with butterflies,

Easter Table Setting Tablescape for Children

While others have a cute bird perched on top.

Easter Table Setting Tablescape for Children

I loved the decorative satchels for the chair backs.  The granddaughter’s chairs were decorated with bunnies,

Easter Table Setting Tablescape for Children

While the boy’s chairs were decorated with sweet, little lambs.  Soooo cute!

Easter Table Setting Tablescape for Children

This corner of the kitchen near the children’s table was filled with lots of spring/Easter whimsy.

Easter Table Setting Tablescape for Children

Just inside Marie’s family room is a small table that’s great for when additional seating is needed.

Easter Tablescape Table Setting

I love the dancing bunny lamps Marie uses here in her family room for spring.  While I was taking these pics, I didn’t notice the book the lamp was resting on.  It’s Great American Homes by William T. Baker.  I was looking at this very same book on Amazon just a few weeks ago!  Using the Amazon “look inside” feature, I discovered Marie and Roy Barnes’ home is one of the homes featured in this book!  I e-mailed Marie and told her…of course, she already knew.  πŸ™‚ I had never heard of this series but Mr. Baker has written two books under that “Great Amercian Homes” title.

If you have this book, the Barnes’ home is featured in the chapter titled: A Governor’s Personal House.   If you don’t have the book, you can tour the Barnes beautiful home decorated for the holidays  at BNOTP here: Christmas Home Tours.   Just look for the picture links titled,Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas (Part I-VI) for the full tour.


Bunny Lamp

Marie, thanks so much for having us to your beautiful home!  Looking forward to all the tablescapes linked for this Tablescape Thursday!

Resources for the Children’s Table Easter/Spring Tablescape:

Place mats: Tuesday Morning
Egg plates, cup cakes, bunny and chick place card holders: Pier One
Individual butter dishes I used for bunny candy corn holders: The Magnolia Room
Napkins: Home Goods this year
Napkin Rings:  Don’t remember, I’ve have had them so long


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  1. So much fun and such great tablescapes. I am so happy you are feeling better. Thanks for hosting. Hugs, Marty

  2. Thanks so much for hosting Susan….so glad you’re feeling much better!

  3. Lois Lombardo says

    Oh Susan I just love Marie’s home! where did she get those adorable lamps? I would keep them up all year long! glad your feeling better – how is Max doing?


    • Lois, I think I asked her but can’t remember now. I’m sure she’ll see your comment and let us know. They are so cute, aren’t they? I’d definitely keep them out all year long…I love bunnies.

  4. pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    Marie is a piece of work! Where does she find the time?! (or space, lol) Sign me up for that honorary / temporary grandchild gig. πŸ™‚ What fun.

  5. Marie is amazing and her home is magnificent. I love every table she does, and thank you both for sharing them with us. Hope YOU are all better, Susan!!! XO, Pinky

  6. This is just darling….every detail. Best wishes to you and Max!

  7. How cute this is! I’d like to know where she stores all her holiday “stuff” ? I would love to see how she does it! πŸ™‚

  8. I just love those bunny and lamb chair covers! Do you know where she got them?

    • marie barnes says

      i got then at Potterybarn

      • Hello, I know this post was from some time ago, but everything is absolutely stunning as usual. Any chance your friend remember where she got the standing fake flowers in the corner by the kids tables. Those are a perfect Spring indoor decoration. Thanks!

        • Hi Laura,
          I emailed Marie and asked her about your question. She thinks she found those in HomeGoods a few years back. I also emailed her your other questions about her white tree decorated for Easter. I’ll let you know what I hear back or she may be able to reply to that comment herself to answer those.

  9. Susan thanks for hosting … one can never get enough of the bunnies …. soon they will be hopping about the gardens. Hope you are feeling better. Blessings, C. (HHL)

  10. I don’t know how she does it. Her children’s table is both beautiful and fun. Love that Easter corner. My dog would destroy that in a second though. Susan, I hope you and Max are doing well. Still have both of you in my prayers. laurie

  11. Barb from Ohio says

    Susan, love this colorful table scape! I love all the pastel colors for Easter, though I’m not a pastel loving person, but for Easter it is a must. Glad you are feeling so much better, and i hope Max is improving too.

  12. Adorable tables, that Marie doesn’t miss a trick! Love the chair back covers. And who else would have seasonal lamps? Where does she get her energy!! Can’t wait to see what she’s up to for the next holiday!

  13. Oh, I sure would love to be a child in this home! Heck I’d love to visit it no matter what age! I love her enthusiasm for the holidays and her family. That’s really neat that their home is in that book. I should get that to have for myself!
    You must have a lot of fun visiting Marie and going shopping together!

  14. How adorable – all the precious details are so well planned. Those chair covers are too cute! Thank Marie for all of us for allowing these peeks at all of her celebrations! Susan, I so hope that you are feeling much better – so glad that you are back!

  15. Adorable!
    Could you ask her where she got the polka dot glasses on the children’s table?

  16. Forgot to say the problem is only on my ipad. Have to fill out the whole form.

    • It must be something related to the iPad since I haven’t had anyone mention that. Maybe the iPad clears all your cookies each time you exit out, so it isn’t saving the info. Apple is just a little different sometimes.

      • pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

        Susan, just fyi, I saw someone mention this and I have to do the same. I generally access the site through my pc, and I use Mozilla Firefox. I thought everybody filled in the info each time, lol. But I know in my case, Firefox is set not to save things. Maybe Kathleen’s ipad is set up the same way.

        • I think you’re right, Pam. I have my settings on Chrome and Firefox where they do save info, but I know there’s a way to set it where it doesn’t. It really does make it easy to comment when it does.

          • Mine is set for Safari which I was told was how it had to be. How do I change it?
            Thanks, Pam! πŸ™‚ MY PC is set for Firefox and I don’t have to fill it in.
            Filling in is a pain!

            • Kathleen, I downloaded Chrome to my iPad. You could probably do that and bookmark your fave sites. Or maybe there’s a setting for Safari so it won’t do that. You may want to try googling to see if someone else has run into that. Wish I knew what to suggest. I know it’s annoying.

  17. I finally have a tablescape to show you

  18. This is truly adorable! I didn’t get much done for Easter this year as we were gone constantly, but I sure love how cute all of this is. Sorry to hear you weren’t doing well.

  19. I wanted to say I love the dancing bunny lamp

  20. SO glad your feeling better! πŸ™‚ How cute and creative!!!! Marie has a beautiful home! Would love to see it like it is decorated for just a normal day and not a Holiday. πŸ™‚

  21. Wow, Marie has the most beautiful home and an incredible talent for creative decorating. Of course you do too Susan! Yes, sign me up to be one of Marie’s grandchildren on any holiday. The table decorations are a dream. Thanks for sharing Susan. So glad you are feeling better.

  22. How cute is that! Thanks for hosting Susan!

  23. Susan, Marie certainly does set a darling table for her grands. I can hear the giggles of excitement and joy just by looking at this table. Thanks for sharing this with us. I, too, love the dancing bunny lamp. ‘-)

  24. thanks for hosting this great party…so glad you are feeling better….

  25. Leann Williamson says

    So glad you’re feeling better! Anyway you can find out where I can get the bunny/lamb chair covers? Looks like they double as Easter baskets too !

  26. Pure confection. I love it! Thanks for hosting us. So glad that you’re back and doing better. Cherry Kay

  27. Wow! Lucky grandchildren! I want to be one of them, even jut during easter. Beautiful table, so full of whimsy….Christine

  28. Oh, this is adorable! I wish I had some li’l grandyoungun’s to do this for! Lazy kids’o’mine! *sighs* Guess I’ll just continue to practice on my siblings’ grands and GREAT-grands! *sniffles* poor li’l me, no grans (exits thread, grumbling and feeling sorry for myself)

  29. OH! I was so busy trying to be clever, that I committed one of those faux pas that I despise and that are so prevalent these days(using an apostrophe and an ‘s’ to indicate more than one, instead of as a possessive! Ack! (grandyoungun’s instead of grandyounguns). I can only excuse this by saying it must have occurred through osmosis, as this seems to be the practice nowadays (which I moan and groan about constantly!). My bad. *blushes and slinks away to lick my self-inflicted wounds…

  30. I am lusting after the dancing bunnies lamps……….and, I’m available for adoption!!! Glad to see you are feeling better, now, don’t overdo it girl!!! hugs…cleo

  31. Susan, praying that you continue to get back to 100% and that Max is doing well.
    I’m from Waco, Texas, so we are reeling in the horrible event in West, Texas last night. CNN televising service in Boston this morning and our local tv stations carrying news about the explosion in West.
    Prayer and faith get us through challenging times that we face personally and that happens around us.
    Thank you for creating your blog…..posts makes my day. May God continue to heal you, bless you in the days to come.

    • MARIE BARNES says

      my prayers are with you in texas. i have a friend and trooper from my security detail from when we were in the office as GOVERNOR AND FIRST LADY of GEORGIA who lives in TEXAS now and of course that is always on our minds.

  32. I’m so happy you’re feeling better and all is getting back to normal with sweet Max. Thank you for hosting such great party! Your friend’s house and tablescapes decorations are amazing! The spring table is simply out of a story book..but I am swooning with the lamp with the three dancing bunnies!! Blessings to you and big hugs,

  33. Yeah, hey Susan, that would be cool if I wasn’t the one moaning about the loss of proper grammar, etc. of the present day world. It’s a bit embarrassing to be caught dead to rights, so to speak….*dragging toe in the dirt and wrapping my arms around myself, looking all innocent*. I’m not worthy….sob.

    *Planning to break in, and STEAL the bunny lamp* OK, not really, but I would lovelovelove to have one of those too. I’m quite sure I couldn’t afford it though. Hmmm, maybe if I give up my new kitchen floor, I could swing it. That plywood doesn’t look too bad, does it? I’ve seen some tutes online, for faux finishing plywood floors to look MAHVELOUS, DARLIN’! Unfortunately, I’m pretty darn sure my skillset does not include that particular ability. *pouts*

    Setting aside my silliness, it is disheartening to think of the poor folks in Boston and in Texas. God have mercy on the families and the innocent people that have been affected by both of these events. I feel so badly for them all and wonder how in the world I would cope if something like that happened to me. I guess I would just endure, and pray to the good Lord for his everlasting grace. That is what I am praying for them all.

  34. Hi……those bunny lamps are the most faBulous things E.V.E.R…yes I agree…over the top…bet those Grands loved it…wonder who loved it more…them..or Grandmom putting it together….how are you feeling these days…MUCH better I hope…I wanted to let you know the Kentucky Derby is May 4th…I can not wait!!…get your hat made =^)

  35. That Marie! She has such great taste and can really set a table! She creates parties her guests (even the littlest ones!) will never forget! I love the chair covers…so cute!

    I’m so glad that you are on the mend! Please take care of yourself!

  36. Susan, please tell Marie that we are all lusting after her bunny lamps and that we must know where they can be obtained! They are the cutest things ever! And yes, Leo and I will be at Haven this year and we can’t wait to see you again. We’ll have to toast to your return to good health!

    • I’ll send Marie an email and let her know I posted her table today so she can tell us where she found those cute lamps. I’m probably asked her while I was there but can’t remember now.
      So glad I’ll get to see you and Leo again!

  37. Marie has hit another home run with this beautiful table setting and dΓ©cor! So pretty; and yes, I would be honored to be a temporary grand daughter! Thanks to you and Marie for sharing this gorgeous table. On a side note, I do hope that you are feeling better and Mister Max as well.

  38. Hi, Susan~
    Such absolutely great tablescapes. I am so happy you are feeling better. Thanks for hosting Susan!
    Hugs and Blessings,

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