Musical Lamps

Welcome to the 657th Metamorphosis Monday!

Did you ever play the game, Musical Chairs, when you were little? Well, it’s been like musical lamps around here lately. lol I may end up with one odd lamp out in the end, not sure at this point.

Last week I shared a new lamp I had purchased to use in my home office. It turned out to be much larger than I had expected so not a good fit for the office. Lesson learned–pay closer attention to size/dimensions before ordering lamps!

Despite being too big, the lamp was too pretty to return so I decided to find another spot for it here in my home. I first tried it here in the dressing room that’s just off my bedroom.


I liked it in my dressing room but it ultimately ended up here beside my bed when I realized (with your help) that its size was actually better than the lamps I’m currently using there. It’s funny how you can think something looks great–until you try something new! I thought my old lamps were a great size for my bed, but after seeing this larger lamp here, I liked it so much better I ended up ordering a second one which should arrive sometime this week.

Choosing Lamps for a Bedroom


I still very much love the lamps I had here and I was pretty sure they would work great in my downstairs living room that has a similar color scheme. Hold that thought for just a second–we’ll be coming right back to that.

What's On My Bedside Table 02


Little story: Many years ago, after seeing and learning about a special china by Herend during a historic home tour in Newnan, Georgia, I saved up and purchased six salad plates in their Rothschild Bird pattern. (See more of this table setting below here: Dining Outdoors for Summer.)


They were a splurge but I loved this birdie pattern so much, I wanted just a few salad plates in the pattern–enough to set a table for six. I really should use these more often. They are tucked away in a cabinet in my kitchen that I rarely open, so I keep forgetting I have them.

Do you see the pretty necklace hanging in the tree? That’s part of the story of this lovely pattern–Baroness Rothschild, while in the garden of her home in Vienna, has somehow lost her beautiful, pearl necklace. The birds have found it and they’ve taken it up into the trees to admire. Love that story!


If money grew on trees, I would pick some today and order a complete set of my most favorite Rothschild Bird dinnerware, this gorgeous, green-bordered pattern. Isn’t it beautiful?! I love this pattern soooo much! (See it in more detail here: Rothschild Bird.)


So, why did I share that story when we’re talking about lamps today? Many years ago, I attended a lamp warehouse sale held by Speer Collectibles, a local company which sadly, has since closed. I think the owners retired. At the sale, I spotted and purchased the lamp that’s visible there alongside the burgundy wingback in my living room.


This lamp has always felt a tiny bit too elegant for this room, but not enough to keep me from using it here.


Do you see what first attracted me to it the day I spotted it at the sale? If Herend made lamps (and they probably do) I could so see this being one of their designs. The green fish scale design and the bird motif remind me so much of their gorgeous, green-bordered Rothschild Bird china!


I’ve moved this elegant lamp to my dressing area where I think it looks right at home.

Moving Lamps to New Places


One of the bedside lamps has now found a new home here in the living room.

Moving Lamps to New Places, from Bedroom to Living Room


It has taken the place of the elegant bird lamp that was previously in this spot.

Lamp for a Paneled Living Room



I think the red/green design of the lamp works really well in this room that’s filled with jewel-toned fabrics. I really like how it looks with the sofa and burgundy leather wingback.

Jewel tone colors for paneled living room


I will still need to find a spot for its mate (the one that was on the other side of my bed) once the other larger lamp arrives.

Living Room Lamp, Red and Green


I’m looking forward to sharing how the larger lamps look in my bedroom once the second one arrives. Obsessed with the quality of the lamps I’ve ordered by this company via Amazon so far, I just ordered a new lamp for the upstairs living room/bonus room. I’m not sure if the lamp I’ve ordered will work in that room, it may feel too dressy, but there’s a lamp in that room I’ve been wanting to replace for many years. Hoping the one I ordered will work there, will share that either way once it arrives.

Lamp for a Paneled Living Room


And to think all this musical chairs lamps started with the purchase of this one lamp for my guest room! Ha! I just know that eventually, this company will probably vanish from the Amazon site. I’ve had that happen so many times in the past. I’ll purchase something I really love, then several months later go back to purchase it again as a gift or just because I want a second one, and it will be showing “No longer Available.” I hate it when that happens.

So I’m shopping for lamps now “while the getting is good.” Hopefully, this company will continue to be on Amazon for a long time but who knows with the way the markets are right now. I really love their designs and the quality of their lampshades. It’s so hard to find the more traditional-styled lamps these days, especially those that don’t have the dreaded drum shade. My apologies if you love drum shades, they just aren’t my fave. If you’re in need of a new lamp for your home, you’ll find the company I’m currently stalking and buying from on Amazon here: Beautiful Traditional Lamps.

Decorating in Blue and White


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. It’s always a process when buying lamps! Purchased two for our bedside tables and love them, but not the right size. Using until I can find some I like then will move these to the guest room. Laughed at your post because while out and browsing around I found a GORGEOUS lamp at a discount store…just one. I put it in the living room on a console table, moved the lamp that was there to the foyer, took the foyer lamp and moved that to the desk in the guest room…and my husband just laughs. I need to go searching for some more lamps !

    • lol We have to buy them when we find them, don’t we Ann? If it makes your heart sing, you know you’ll find a place for it once you get it home. I usually cram in as many lamps as I can into a room since I can’t stand overhead lighting. I’ve found that I can normally fit at least four and usually five lamps into a room. I only turn on overhead lighting as task lighting, like if I drop something (like an earring back) and can’t find it. Good luck with your lamp search! They are to a room what jewelry is to an outfit…they add so much!

  2. You are lamp obsessed lately! They are all so pretty, I can see why, thanks Susan!

  3. Your bedside lamp looks perfect with your leather chair and sofa. And the feminine shape of your bird lamp is perfect in your dressing room. I can’t wait to see your new lamp in your bedroom. All your lamps are so beautiful-I can see why you are obsessed!

  4. Anna Uribe says

    I love the three color lamps you chose. I went online to Amazon and guess what, you are so right if you snooze you lose. All those designs are now unavailable. But, there are a few more designs I like so I will be ordering before they also become unavailable. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much, Anna! It seems like so many companies are having trouble keeping stock right now, I think it’s shipping delays. Hopefully, they will continue to add more stock.

  5. I love all your lamps, old and new, and all the rearranging you’ve done! Seeing you go through this process with your lamps has reminded me that there’s a similarity between decorating, fashion, gardening, etc… sometimes you can’t tell for sure what works until you try it all together.
    Confession… a few posts ago when you mentioned ordering an orange lamp, I wasn’t too interested because I’m not crazy about orange. Later, when you showed us the picture of the lamp, I couldn’t believe how pretty it was and how much I liked it!

    • Thanks, Dianne! That is so true!
      I know just what you mean, orange is normally my least favorite color. I was so surprised I liked that lamp enough to order it and I liked it even more once I saw it in person. I guess it just depends on the setting and where it ends up. I do like it on that oak chest in my upstairs living room.

  6. Sandra Sweeney says

    I love this – I do this “change of location” most with crocks and baskets. I have a lamp on my round kitchen table. It’s convenient when I study there and it’s even nice when I have guests for supper. The ceiling fixture in the kitchen is off center, too high, and too dim for dining. I wonder if one of your lamps might look nice on your kitchen table?

  7. Gorgeous lamps and you have so many spots where they work interchangeably. Thanks so much for the details on purchasing, too. And thanks for hosting each week. Have a great one, Susan!!

  8. I too have a thing for lamps, but usually go the thrift store route, or Homegoods. I often play musical lamps or musical lampshades. Yesterday, was musical storage!

    • I never have any luck at HomeGoods, mostly because all their lamps seem to have drum shades these days. Good luck with your storage, Bernie! Feels so good to get things organized!

  9. Tina W Reynolds says

    I like lovely lamps, but my husband is the absolute lamp freak in our house! He never met a lamp he did not like! No matter the proportion, color or intended use. We were so lucky to receive two very pretty ceramic-base lamps as wedding gifts 41 years ago. One is tall and elegant, the other is a small lamp made to use, I think, in a hall or maybe on a desk, or perhaps a chest in an entry area. Both are so useful and have appeared starring in many different roles in the stories of our homes, so I immediately understood “musical lamps” ! 41 years of yeoman work, lighting the entry or near the bed of one recuperating from surgery. Kids and cats have not broken them! I have replaced the shades twice and, THAT is my most difficult task associated with lamps. I pine for the days when we had so many stores with quality items, even at decent prices. Now, a shade is a major, stress filled, uncertain internet purchase. I did so much measuring and calculating that I felt as if I were back in math class. All made more complicated since we wanted to change the shape of the shade. The previous shade just wasn’t right for the tall lamp. Boy, it was epic! I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations on this. We plan to have those lamps forever, of course! They are now comforting old friends, no matter where they turn up.

    • Really? That is so awesome that he loves lamps that way. I totally understand! πŸ™‚
      I know, it’s so stressful trying to find the perfect shade. We used to have two really great lamp stores here in my area years ago and I could always find great quality shades there, but they were definitely on the pricey side. Good shades always are, especially if they are silk. Both have closed now. Thankfully, there’s one guy who still repairs lamps in a local antique shop and he stocks beautiful shades. He can also order them. He has an amazing eye for immediately matching the perfect shade to a lamp. I don’t know what I’ll do if/when he retires…I hope he never does!

      I wonder if David does consultations via the internet. Maybe you could send him a picture of the lamp with its measurements and he could order a shade for you. One thing I’ve discovered is changing out the height of the harp can make a big difference. I’ve had lamps where the shade was too low and I changed out the harp to a taller one and the shade worked much better.

      Tina, I’ll email you David’s info, just in case he can help.

      • Tina W Reynolds says

        Oh, Thanks! And especially thank you for reminding me about the trick of changing the harp! Ha! A total lamp “make-over”!

  10. carol springsteen says

    I HAVE A REQUEST —Does Atlanta still have any catalogue merchandise warehouses in Atlanta. I use to go but I think they all disappeared…If you know of any please let us know.

    • I’m not exactly sure what a catalog merchandise warehouse is, I don’t think I’ve ever been to one. We have two Ballard Design outlets, I guess that would be a little bit like that. What is a catalog merchandise warehouse?

  11. I absolutely LOVE how you’ve rearranged your lamps. I especially love your bedroom lamp next to your Burgundy wingback chair. It’s a perfect match! How fun it is to watch your creative process. Bravo!

    • Thanks so much, Rosie! It really looks like it was meant for that spot. I was so surprised how well it worked when I tried it there.
      Hope you have an awesome day and that the rest of your week goes great!

  12. franki Parde says

    Gal, I “DO JUST THAT” all the time!! Isn’t it fun!! Them, the head tap…”why didn’t I have it “here” in the first place??!!?? LUV THIS!! franki

  13. Susan,
    Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time and effort goes into doing so and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  14. I am loving where all you have moved your lamps too Susan. The one in the living room looks so nice, and I love the one you took from there to put in your exercise room, looks so nice there. Musical lamps for sure, but that’s a good thing. lol Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! I think they def look better in their new homes. πŸ™‚
      Have a wonderful week! We are supposed to get a ton of rain the next two days from what’s left of Hurricane Ida…time to batten down the hatches.

  15. I picked up a great lamp last fall at Home Goods. A bit on the expensive side but it makes a nice statement!

  16. Hi Susan! I just love seeing your lovely home and your lamps! That bird lamp is gorgeous and I don’t remember seeing it up close before. Hope you’re doing well. I quit blogging about a year ago but just missed it so much I came back. My old blog “Note Songs” was all messed up – no pictures and I couldn’t even sign in to delete it. So…I started a new one and hope you’ll pop in to see me sometimes.
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

    • I’m so glad you’re back, Shelia! Wow, that’s so weird about your blog, I wonder if it got hacked or something. Another blogger I know had a similar issue and it turned out to be a counter she had in her sidebar. Sometimes I think those cute things that we used to put on our sidebars had bugs in them. If you find a way to access the old blog and can delete anything that’s in the sidebar like any counters or Facebook widgets, or other widgets…try that. It could just be a widget that has a bug or something wrong with it. I really think those widgets create issues after a while. Sorry you had to start over. I will definitely stop by for a visit!

  17. Lol. This is fun to watch unfold. I call overlighting the sick lights. A vague memory of seeing my sick grandmother in a country home with just the overhead light haunts me to this day.

    • That is the perfect name for those awful overhead lights…sick lights. If you aren’t sick, they will make you look that way. I can just imagine how that much have look and felt. Lamp lighting def makes everything look better!

    • Love your new lamps and the new placement of your old lamps! I just had a thought…you should display one of your Rothschild salad plates on a plate stand next to the bird lamp in your dressing room. They would complement each other nicely since they are so similar.

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    Amazed at all the great moves for your lamps! I really like their new homes, a very good fit for each. There is something special about a pretty lamp, it can really make the room.

  19. Diane LaFalce says

    The lamps look beautiful. Just wanted to let you know that Herend does indeed make lamps. They are, as you would expect, elegant and timeless. Scully & Scully, NYC carries them along with an extensive selection of all things Herend. Rothschild Bird is my pattern and I cherish it for many reasons – one of which is the story of the pattern. Thanks for sharing the story so others may appreciate this exceptional china.

  20. Hi Susan, I, too, love lamps…and it IS hard to find THE one at times, but you have gotten some real gems! My older ones always end up in the basement, thinking ‘someday, I will use them again’….but learned that will probably never happen. So, hopefully, someone else is enjoying them from Good Will. What a fun post, loved seeing the traveling lamps. πŸ™‚

  21. You should go to the weekly auction my niece attends. Last time she got 14 full place settings in Picard (blue rim trimmed in gold) which is the China on Air Force One and many embassies for $35.00.

  22. I am a lamp mover too. Sadly the best plance to get fabulous shades went out of business. Thanks for hosting the Monday link party!

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