Carmel Oceanview Home: Bright & Airy With A Touch of Romance

Carmel is such a beautiful area, I love the easy and relaxed interiors of so many of the homes in this little spot of paradise. This oceanview home is bright and airy with happy interiors that speak of sunny carefree summer days.

Carmel Cottage on the Sea


From here we see views of the Valley below and the view continues all the way to the ocean beyond. Wow!

Oceanside Carmel Cottage


I love the huge stone fireplace and the exposed beams here in the great room. Love that blue island in the kitchen, too! And what is it about a blue and white check chair that just makes my heart sing! Remember the one in my guest room? Love ’em!

Cottage with Rock Stone Fireplace


The views are killing me…Oh. My. gosh! Would you ever leave this room? I love how you can just throw open the doors and bring in those magnificent views.

Blue & White Living Room


I’m a white-kitchen-kind-of-gal, but the wood feels so warm and  inviting. It doesn’t feel dark at all in this beautiful kitchen with the white walls, abundant windows and high ceilings.

How do you like the table here in the kitchen? Seeing that done more and more these days and I have to say, I do like it. It gives additional “prep” space, too.

Carmel Cottage


The dining room with more spectacular views…

Cottage Dining Room


The high ceilings and exposed beams continue throughout this home, even into the bedroom where we see a wonderfully romantic 4-poster bed with floral bed hangings. I’ve always wanted to add those to my 4-poster bed.

4 Poster Bed with Bed Hangings (Curtains)


Another bright bedroom…the paint looks so much like my fave yellow paints,  Duron Sugar Cookie and Duron Tea Biscuit.

Built in Window Seat and Desk in Cottage


Imagine leaning back in this tub for a nice long soak while watching the clouds floating by overhead. Yep, I could work with that. 🙂

White Bath in Carmel Cottage


There’s a great spot for dining out and entertaining in back. I wonder if mosquitoes are a problem outdoors in CA during the summer months like they are here in Georgia…anyone know?

Outdoor Dining in Carmel


Here’s a great way to use a pergola in the garden…hang a swing or two from it. I love the stone wall! All this needs are some roses or jasmine growing overhead.

Pergola with Swings


You’ll find additional photos of this beautiful home, HERE.

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  1. Gorgeous! I absolutely love Carmel and this place is dreamy!

  2. This is a beautiful spacious house. The view is awesome. I love the laid back feel of the house. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. That house is gorgeous!! I see that it sits on 43 acres, so there is a lot of beautiful land surrounding this fabulous house! Thanks for sharing! (Wish I could hit the lottery!)

  4. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Oh Susan, I too love the Monterey / Carmel area of California. It truly is like paradise! This house and it’s views are great! The only thing I personally would change would be to warm up the white walls a bit with a soft color. I love the green in that bedroom. Hey! You’ve been saying it a while, you SHOULD drape your bed! That could be a Metamorphosis Monday project. I bet you’d love the results!

    I too love buffalo check. And it looks great in just about any color, seemingly. Hey! I forgot to tell you, I finally ordered some buffalo check curtains from Country Curtains! I can’t wait to get them! Hee. Spring is such a great time for projects like that. Oh, and the birdies flew away. *sniff* I didn’t get to see them go or say goodbye. I loved them so much. But it’s good to know they all grew up healthy and were able to fly away to their new, adult lives. 🙂

  5. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Actually, I think some of the ‘white’ walls are really just a very pale color. Oops. Hee.

  6. Susan….this home is absolutely the home would be in anyone’s dreams!….the views are breathtaking….cannot imagine being in those rooms and overlooking the incredible vistas….I have never been to Carmel…on my bucket list!!!

  7. I live nearby and Mosquitos are not a problem here.

    • Soooo lucky! Wonder why? They are terrible here in the summer.

      • Charlene Farraro says

        I live in the San Francisco bay area. There are fewer mosquitoes here because the humidity is lower than the south(I used to live there), the climate is cooler, & we don’t get rain between June & September. Mosquitoes need warmth, humidity, & stagnant water to hatch.

  8. I could be happy there. 🙂 Could 43 be a typo? Maybe 4.3? That sounds like a ranch.

  9. *wiping drool* OMG! This is fantastic! Such a laidback vibe, I think I could really relax there! The view is incredible, such a wonderful feeling! Think I could get my doctor to prescribe this place for me? I mean, it could really solve my relaxation issues, my sleep problems~~surely my insurance *ahem* would pay for it? It would be so wonderful for my well being! I too love a buffalo check, but mostly I love blue & white! My Mom always called me the ‘blue girl’ because that’s all I’ve ever wanted blue, blue, blue. Le sigh….

  10. Susan,
    this is such a beautiful house!
    Love its interiors… I think I would just replace that very, very colorful dining room’s rug… 🙂
    and that romantic bed which is indeed (literally)… dreamy but… I don’t know why, I think it would fit better in a mountain house next to a fireplace, don’t you think? 😉
    Of course, the house’s exteriors and the views are TDF! Love that outdoor stone fireplace!
    ~Hugs to you~

  11. Jake's a Girl says

    That’s a house I could live in and not change a thing. *sigh*


  12. Absolutely Beautiful Susan…thanks for sharing it with us!!

  13. Gorgeous house!!! I live close by and no mosquitos at all which makes for enjoyable evenings.

  14. Margaret Robinson says

    Hi, Susan —

    Well, you know where we live and Nancy is right – there aren’t any mosquitoes by in large. I tracked the house down and it’s hard to tell on a google map, as it’s not exactly where it says it is – meaning right on Carmel Valley Road. It’s up a private driveway slightly to the left of St. Phillips church. Yes – it’s 43 acres and backs right up to Tehama Country Club. It’s also near the CV Fire Department to the right of the church – not bad if you where we do! For all of you who love this house, one of the best “features” of the property is that it has almost 360º views, if you include looking up into the hills towards Tehama. Also, they have/can have a well. It’s probably set up for that, given the scarcity of rain in California. It’s great you show these beautiful places as it reminds me of why exactly I live here (and Smokey Robinson is boarded about 3 miles west from this property). Thank you for showing us off in such a lovely way – it’s greatly appreciated. All you who want to visit, come in September/October when we get our summer weather and little fog.

  15. This house is so gorgeous it almost doesn’t look real! I can’t imagine a property prettier than this one. Truly , paradise on earth.

    The table in the kitchen feels a bit odd to me, maybe because I’m not used to seeing them situated right next to kitchen islands like that. I would much prefer a banquette or a table that is away from the island, but I suppose it’s practical to have it where it is.

    Another great house Susan!

  16. Stunning home and views! I love Carmel and Pebble Beach!

  17. California dreamin!! franki

  18. Susan, I guess this is yet another house we all have to buy between us…sigh…..I love California but have never stopped in Carmel. The yellow bedroom looks like my master bedroom colour, too.

  19. Susan, what a wonderful house!! LOVE IT. The dining room reminds me of the my living room. I have the same blue and white check on my chairs and sofa pillows and my sofa has the same colors as the area rug though not quite as busy – very Country French – my favorite. I love that this has a relaxed feel and isn’t too formal. Totally my style. Keep them coming!!


  20. Beautiful home! California dreaming for sure! Love the photos you share! 😉

  21. The views are fantastic and I love that they used color in the home!

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