Case-Mate & Invisible Shield, Two Great Products

Welcome to the 394th Metamorphosis Monday!

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Saving $$$ Feels So Good!

Recently I learned something that ended up saving me around $65. That’s a lot of $$$ to waste unnecessarily so I thought I’d share this experience with you in case it ends up saving you some of your hard-earned dollars, too.

Normally when I upgrade my mobile phone, I buy a new case for it. It’s usually a necessity because the size/shape of the new phone is always different from the old one. Plus, getting a new phone is always such an exciting event, it’s fun to give it a pretty new house to live in.

Recently I learned how important it is to do two things when buying a new cell phone: 1. Register your phone’s accessories and 2. Hold on to the boxes/receipts. Doing those things can really save you some serious $$$ in the long run.

I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ phone last year on August 28th. Phones aren’t really phones anymore, now they’re mini computers and they aren’t cheap.

Since I’m a complete clutz most of the time, I usually purchase an Otter Box cover for my new phones. An Otter Box is the equivalent of encasing your phone inside a suit of armour, a suit of armour that’s surrounded by lots of rubber padding. Short of being dropped in a lake or run over by a car, it can survive almost anything inside an Otter Box. I’m sure they make water proof Otter Boxes, as well.

You may remember seeing my last phone in its heavy duty Otter Box in this photo back when I shared a tutorial for making a cubby organizer, inspired by one I saw in a Pottery Barn catalog. If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: Build a Pottery Barn Cubby Organizer 

Build a Pottery Barn Cubby Organizer Knock-off


My son and I have debated the virtues of a heavy duty phone case. I, being the worry-wart I am, like to have my phone fully protected. He, on the other hand, can’t stand the thought of covering up a beautiful new sleek phone. He enjoys experiencing the phone in its full, uncovered glory each time he uses it. I’m not sure if he even puts a protective, clear screen over the glass front of the phone. I’ve never heard him complain about dropping one and ruining it, so he must not have inherited his mom’s butter fingers.

3M TEKK WorkTunes Hearing Protector


Case-Mate Phone Case & Invisible Shield

When I purchased my most recent phone last August, I broke away from my old ways and purchased a case by Case-Mate called “Naked Tough.” That’s an excellent way to describe it because my phone looks almost naked, like it’s not wearing a case even though it is.

Samsung Galaxy Phone Inside Case-Mate Case


I also purchased Invisible Shield to protect the glass screen.  Both of these are excellent products and though I’ve dropped my phone several times over the past year (usually face down on a concrete garage floor or inside on hardwood flooring) it has remained in pristine condition.

Invisible Shield and Case-Mate


Invisible Shield was initially created to protect the blades on military helicopters! Amazingly, it’s self-healing, which means if it’s gets a scratch or ding on the cover, it will heal itself. Isn’t technology awesome?!

Since the Zagg Invisible Shield had started to slightly lift along the front edge on one side, I started to buy another one. Then it occurred to me that it was probably under some type of warranty since the shields are kinda expensive at $29.99.

I looked up Zagg’s website and realized I needed to register my product first before contacting them for a claim, so I registered it, then gave them a call. Note to self: Register products when you first buy them, it’s much easier/faster to do it then.

Zagg was great and offered immediately to send a replacement shield at no charge. The only thing I had to pay was $3.99 for shipping. When the new one came, I returned the old one in a postage paid envelop they had provided. It would have been nice if I hadn’t had to pay for the shipping, but at least I didn’t have to pay $29.99 again, so I was happy.


Next I contacted Case-mate via their support e-mail because the “clear” case I had purchased last August was no longer clear. Over the past year it had gradually yellowed around the front outer edge. It kinda defeated the purpose of having a clear “naked” case if it wasn’t clear anymore.

Again, I took time to register the product first before emailing them and they responded immediately that they would send out a new case. Wow! Excellent customer service!

You can see the old case on the right and my phone in its new case on the left. I asked the guys at Case-Mate if it would yellow again. They said they weren’t sure but they would be happy to replace it again, if it did.

I absolutely love this case. I love how my phone looks inside it and how comfortable it is to hold. I also love how easily it fits inside a little WOC (Wallet on a Chain) that I like to carry when I’m out running errands. A bulkier case would never fit inside such a small purse, or if it did, it would take up a lot more space. So I’m grateful to have a case and screen cover that’s super protective, yet doesn’t add a lot of bulk to my phone.

Naked Tough Case-Mate for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+


Just wanted to share this because when you buy a new phone, usually you’re going to spend some $$$ to buy a good case/shield to protect it against drops. Those things don’t come cheap, my case was $34.99 and the Invisible Shield was $29.99, before tax.

When I contacted Case-Mate and Invisible Shield, neither company asked for a copy of the receipt, but it’s a good idea to keep that. Having the receipt really helps when you go online to register your items since it shows the purchase date, place of purchase and the exact name of the product.

Even though I have insurance on my phone that will replace it if I drop it into water or something awful like that, it was definitely worth spending a bit more to buy these protective accessories since they are so well-warranted by good companies. Also, I wouldn’t want to go through replacing a phone every time I accidentally dropped it. I’m guessing the insurance I have would probably prorate the phone based on the age of the phone, so better to just keep it protected from the start.

Trade-in Time

Another reason to protect your phone is so you can get more for it at trade-in time. When I purchased my new phone last August, Verizon gave me $200 off for trading in my old one. They gave me largest amount they offer because it was in such great condition. So protect those phones, it really pays when you buy your next one!

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thanks for tge good tips and hosting, Susan!…Christine

  2. Great tips on the phone cases! I will soon be upgrading my phone and am hoping that there will be a clear case to go with an Iphone. I agree about keeping the sleek look of the phone visible. Thanks for hosting another Metamorphosis Monday!

  3. Thanks for hosting the party again today. I agree with you re: protecting the phone – I’ve dropped a phone before and it’s not pretty, or fun, to deal with a broken screen!

  4. You are the organization queen Susan! Thanks for the party today

  5. You and I think way too much alike! I got a new iPhone last year about the exact same time and chose a clear case too! Mine has yellowed and I just attributed it to hand oils, etc. This time though I did not put a glass protector on it because I felt like they tend to distort the images a bit after a while. These phones are way too slippery in my hands to not protect them. I am klutzy! I assume since I bought my phone protector from the web site direct that offers them that they know when I bought it. I should check the warranty on mine as I have a corner crack on it.

    • Definitely do, Liz. I bet they’ll replace it free of charge.
      About the yellowing, at first I thought the same thing, that the case might have yellowed from handling it, but then I noticed it’s yellow all the way around, not just in the areas where I typically grasp it when I’m holding it. Since it’s promoted as being a “naked” case, I thought they would replace it under warranty, was so glad they did! Hope you’ll be able to get your’s replaced, as well!

  6. I have a case similar to yours on my IPhone, but no screen cover. My phone is almost 3 years old so I am itching for one of the bigger phones. My son is like yours, no cover of any kind. He doesn’t want to cover up the sleekness of his phone, and won’t use a screen cover because why diminish the sensitivenes of the new screens when you use them. I couldn’t even get a good grip on my phone without a case. LOL

    • Pam, I delayed updating, I think my old phone was 3 1/2 years old. Updating was the best thing ever! I got my new phone right before I left for Africa and was shocked how great the camera was. I used it for all the indoor photos I took of the tent I stayed in. The phone has THE BEST camera on it of any phone I have ever used.

      The photos I took with it inside cathedrals in Italy turned out so much better than the photos my fellow travelers were taking with their big cameras. The camera is okay for distance shots but a regular camera is better for those. But the camera on this phone is absolutely amazing for those shots where you need a wide angle lens or have very low lighting, like inside cathedrals, etc…

      I use it for a lot of my tablescaping photos now because it handles the low lighting on the porch so much better than my expensive Nikon camera. lol
      So, don’t delay in upgrading if you use the camera on your phone a lot. It was worth upgrading for me for the camera alone!

  7. Wonderful tips, Susan. I am usually lucky not to drop mine but have drowned a couple!

  8. I have to use a super heavy duty case, and had not seen those options. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Hi Susan. Thanks for hosting today. Yes, my sons and husband don’t use cases either and don’t seem to have any issues with that. But my daughter in law and I both use cases, and boy we need them! I drop my phone at least once a week… so far I’ve never done any damage to the phone. I actually order the case when I order the phone to be sure I don’t go a day without it, and so I don’t even for a second get use to it being smaller and lighter than it is with the case. In fact, I think I have the same phone and case that you do. 😉 Catch up with you next week! Liz

  10. I have kids…very familiar with the broken glass. Great tips!

  11. OK Susan, it appears I am going to London before the end of the year (for a wedding) I will go to Harrods and take pic for you. Will be watching for “All Things Plaid” for us!

  12. donna zoltanski says

    Great info..thanks…note to self for next phone!

  13. Great tips, Susan! Thanks for hosting! Hugs…Debbie

  14. Thanks so much for the party! Hugs,

  15. Great tips! I’ve used a mophi case in the past because it is also an extra battery but is quite bulky. Now that I’ve found the joys of an external battery, I don’t need that big of a case. This one sounds like just what I need! Thanks for hosting, too!

  16. Love your PB organizer cubby Susan!

  17. Nancy Carr says

    Great tips. Thanks

  18. Thank you, Susan for hosting! Always love to stop by!

  19. Hi Susan, as always, thank you for hosting! Christine at Light and Savvy

  20. So glad I read your post about the clear phone cover! I’ve always hated covering up my pretty phone with a clunky cover. Had no idea they existed.

  21. Great tip on the naked case- love that look. Besides registering products, I use my Fujitsu scan snap and scan most receipts into my computer and organize them into one of about 10 files, labeled with product name, store, and amt paid. A quick search by one of those parameters pulls up the receipt. I can’t tell you how many times I have needed to return something and all I had to do was print out my scanned receipt copy. So much better than saving those small receipts that inevitably fade and become unreadable.

  22. If you can, everyone needs to get some sort of water proof case. I am in the process of an insurance for water damage.

    2 reasons I always give my “recipe/receipt” email: credit card fraud and returns. You will get that receipt ASAP instead of waiting on a statement to find out someone used your card. So many companies are going to the no receipt/no return method. I’d rather have a junk email for just in cases than to have to keep something broken because I didn’t want to give up my email.

  23. Judy Hubbard says

    So glad to see you use a Samsung Galaxy 6S like I do. All my friends have I-Phones & I so much prefer the Samsung Products! Thanks for this information.

  24. I’ve seen the Otter cases, covers and I know they are protective but they are also so bulky. I wondered if they would fit in my purses small pocket to hold the phone.
    We have the same phone. But I see this and think this works!! Thanks for the tips.

    • Otter cases are pretty bulky. I was thrilled when the Verizon rep showed me the Case-mate case. It was the one she had on her phone and she promised me it would protect my phone. Since I signed up for their insurance which is just a few dollars a month, I decided to take a chance on the clear case and not use another Otter box. I’ve dropped it quite a few times and the phone is still just like the day I bought it, so it does work just as promised. I’ve been really pleased. I hope this one won’t yellow, but if it does, at least I know they replace it.

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