How I Removed Denim Transfer from My Car’s Leather Seat & A Perfume Update

It seems I rarely get the chance to follow-up and let you know the results of something I’m working on or have previously blogged about. I  know that’s not true about some of the bigger projects I blog about, but it’s those little things that slip through the cracks. So today I thought I’d do a little follow-up so you’re not left thinking…and then what. As Paul Harvey used to say, here’s “the rest of the story.”

A few years ago I purchased two Lilly Pulitzer perfumes. I love Lilly clothes and was super excited to discover they also offered perfume. I’m not sure if they still sell perfume since the only place I ever see these scents now is on eBay. Of the three perfumes below, I was easily able to purchase Squeeze (yellow bottle) and Wink (pink bottle.) Both fragrances are perfect for summer: light and fresh.

Lilly Pulitzer Squeeze and Wink Perfume


The third Lilly fragrance, Beachy, was much harder to locate. I could find partially used bottles on eBay and occasionally a “new” bottle for a ridiculous price. One day I came across someone who was selling a bunch of samples. They were selling them in lots of 10 and the price was very reasonable. I don’t remember how much it was now, just remember it wasn’t terrible.

Lilly Pulitzer Beachy Perfume


I ordered a group of ten since I was curious to try the scent. I ended up liking it as much as the other two scents. What I didn’t like was having to use it from one of the little bottles that are super awkward to open.

Update: If you’re interested in testing these three fragrances, I noticed you can still find samples of all three on eBay here: Samples.

Lilly Pulitzer Perfume Collection, Beachy Sample


The atomizers I blogged about recently in THIS post arrived. Below is how they look when twisted up/open. At first I had a little trouble figuring out how to fill them. It turned out to be super easy, you just pull up on the part that is sticking up when you twist it open, (the sprayer head) and it comes right out.

Perfume Atomizers, Refillable


I used the little, teeny funnel that came with my Hermes atomizer, and filled the silver atomizer with the Lilly Pulitzer perfume, Beachy. By the way, if you’re ever trying to fill an atomizer from a spray bottle, and you don’t have a teeny funnel, you can just spray the perfume down into the bottle like they do in stores like Nordstrom when they are giving you a sample to take home. Takes a bit longer, but that’s one way to fill up an atomizer.

Update: Found tiny funnels available here: Funnels.

Filling Perfume Atomizer with Lilly Pulitzer Breezy Perfume


I had only planned to fill the atomizer bottle half way, but ended up filling it all the way since I was curious how many vials it would hold. In the end it held 5 full vials of Beachy. Below you’ll see the atomizer filled on the left of the picture, the 5 empty vials toward the bottom of the picture and the five remaining full vials at the top. Those will come in handy to refill it again some day.

Lilly Pultizer Breezy Perfume, Atomizer


I have bunches of  perfume samples that I’ve collected over the past couple of years when I’ve made purchases online at Nordstrom and Sephora, or visited a store to purchase perfume and was given samples. I had three samples of a Hermes fragrance called, Le Jardin De Monsieur Li,  so I used those to partially fill the other atomizer.

I’m definitely going to buy more of these little atomizers, so I’ll have them available when I wish to carry other perfumes with me in my handbag or for travel. I purchased the two shown in this post here: Atomizer . It looks like they are also available in a set of 4 Atomizers here, which is actually works out to be a better deal, so I may purchase those next time.

Refillable Perfume Atomizer


The refills I ordered for my Hermes atomizer arrived today. I popped out the empty canister and dropped in a refill. I couldn’t believe how well they wrapped that tiny, little box with the three refills. First they placed it in a thickly, padded smallish envelope, then they wrapped about a billion feet of bubble wrapped around the box. Seriously! Then they placed the wrapped package inside a good size box. I thought it was something else arriving when the FedEx guy delivered it today. Hermes doesn’t take any chances when shipping perfume. lol I was impressed!

Hermes Atomizer in Epsom Leather, Egalntine Pink, 24 Faubourg Perfume Refills



How I Got Denim Transfer Off My Leather SUV Seat

Another follow up I’ve been wanting to share is regarding the denim transfer issue. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out this previous post: Denim Transfer, The Bane of Handbag Lovers Everywhere. Your comments on that post were so amazing!

Unfortunately, not only do dark jeans damage handbags, they are also ruining chairs, walls and the leather seats of cars. To see all the solutions folks have recommended, check out the comments on that previous post.

Since I’ve washed all my jeans several times now, I don’t seem to be having as much trouble. However, one problem I was still dealing with was the denim transfer that had occurred on the leather driver’s seat of my car. A suggestion someone made in the comments of that previous worked brilliantly, so I wanted to share that in today’s post.

Nicki, a reader of BNOTP, suggested trying a Magic Eraser on the seat. Normally I would not use a Magic Eraser on leather, but since the seat looked terrible anyway, I figured I had nothing to lose.

Magic Eraser

So here’s what I did: I used a tiny bit of 409 on a rag to clean the area where the denim transfer was on the leather seat. Again, wouldn’t recommend 409 on leather, but the leather cleaner I previously used did virtually nothing to help remove the denim stain. The 409 removed a lot more of the denim stain than the leather cleaner I had previously used had.


Then, very gently, I used a dampened Magic Eraser on the seat. It worked awesome! It removed pretty much all the rest of the denim stain from the leather seat. The only thing it didn’t remove was the stain that is down into the creases of the leather. My car is quite old now, I purchased it pre-certified from the dealer when it was two years old and that was many years ago. The leather seat on the driver’s side has always had quite a few creases, so the creases are still a little dark where the denim stain got inside those, but all the rest of the stain is gone!

You can purchase Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the grocery store. I purchased a larger set a while back that has erasers for different purposes. This was the set I purchased: Magic Eraser. Maybe they need to come out with one designed for leather, because it sure worked on my leather car seat. lol


I am not going to recommend you use a Magic Eraser on your leather seat or leather handbag, just sharing what worked to remove the denim transfer from the driver’s seat in my car. So please don’t come back and yell at me if it causes a problem with your leather seat, handbag or anything else on which you decide to try it. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary. It definitely helped mine, though!

Update: Tonight I Googled to see if I could find any info about folks using the Magic Eraser on leather car seats. I found several videos on YouTube where people are using it for that purpose. You may want to hop over to YouTube and watch a few of those videos before using it on your leather seats. You’ll find those videos here: Videos. One video I saw on YouTube discussed the pros and the cons, so that’s a good one to watch, as well. You’ll find it here: Video.

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  1. Some happy endings–yay! With all the delivery talk, how did the trial run go with the “treats” for delivery folks during the holidays? I know you were away some of the time, but did you get any feedback? Did anyone else who did this comment on success or not?

    • That went awesome! It was very well received and it made my day to see things disappearing from the box each day. The only thing I’ll do differently next year is I’ll use a slightly smaller container. The one I used this past Christmas was pretty big and kinda heavy to put out when filled. I did hear from several folks who said their delivery people were loving it!
      Oh, one fun story, during a particularly cold day, I think it was one of those days right after we had so much snow, I got a UPS delivery and a FedEx delivery at the exact same time.
      The UPS guy took a drink and snack and headed back to the truck while I was signing for the FedEx delivery. In just a few seconds he came back down to the porch laughing saying that his fellow co-worker who was driving the truck wanted to know where his was! They do so much for us all year, it’s the least we can do for them during the holiday season. I will definitely do it again next year.

  2. There is a lady called The Queen of Clean who recommends using a bar of Dove soap. I use unscented and a wet cloth and have cleaned my car this way for years.

  3. I have all three of the Lilly Pulitzer scents that I found at Marshall’s a few years ago. Unfortunately, they were a one off for Lilly and aren’t made anymore. It’s a shame because Beachy is my favorite of the three.

    • Nancy, you can find Beachy on eBay but the price is pretty high, unfortunately. I wonder LP discontinued their perfume…seems like it would have been pretty popular.

    • I had LP scents as well. If I remember my favorite was the Beachy also. You might want to try Bobbie Brown’s “Beach” fragrance. It is a favorite of mine for summer.

  4. I just always keep an old clean white towel or two in my car. Takes very little space, but great to use to cover seat, wipe window, whatever. Quick launder with hot water and bleach, back in car. No worries about spots on the leather. My neighbor keeps a waterproof crib liner sheet in her car for the same reason…….glad you got the stain out!

  5. IIRC, there is a US postal requirement that perfume be wrapped in two inches of protective covering for mailing. It’s good to see that HErmes is compliant! 😛

    I’m so glad the Magic Eraser worked on your seats! I will file that tip away.

  6. Snowflake281 says:

    How in the world do you remember which perfume you put in each atomizer? I’d need to label them for sure! But I love the idea.

    • I was thinking about that today. I will probably put a little circle sticker/label on the bottom of the atomizer. I have some of those round, dot stickers. I think I bought those in an office supply store years ago. Each atomizer also comes with a little brown pouch to store it in, inside your purse or wherever. So I could put a label on the pouch if I didn’t want to put it on the bottom of the atomizer.

  7. Thank you for sharing the leather cleaning tip. I work for a private Gulfstream jet charter operator. We are constantly having issues with stains on our white/cream and tan leather seats in the jets. They must be fireblocked for safety reason and we are very limited with the type of cleaning solutions we can use on the seats. I’m going to mention the magic eraser to our flight attendants. We try to discourage the use of very light leather colors on new interiors, but the lighter leather looks nicer and opens up the cabin. Jeans really do make a mess on nice leather seats if you sit for 10 to 12 hours in flight.

    Smashing Plates

    • Catherine, they will want to test it on a spot that’s not very visible first. I had nothing to lose with my driver’s seat since the denim staining from the jeans was so bad. I think the Magic Eraser was first created for getting scuffs and streaks off painted walls, and it works great on that. I think it partially works via abrasion, like a light sanding of the area on walls. I guess it must have slightly sanded off the stain on my leather seat…or maybe there are cleaning chemicals in the Magic Eraser…not sure. If you are able to use it/it meets the criteria you guys have to follow, just be sure and test it on a indiscreet area first, just to make sure it doesn’t hurt the leather.

      I just Googled can leather seats be cleaned with Magic Eraser and I found several videos online of people using it on leather seats. Check these out:
      It wouldn’t be my first choice for leather, but if nothing else is working (like in my case) it may be helpful.

    • Watching some of these videos and this one shares what to watch for/not do when using it:

  8. Susan a few years back I recall a post of your about battery chargers and where you could get them. Also, I wanted to know if you think they work. I suppose you wouldn’t have posted about them if you didn’t think they would work. I ask because my husband doesn’t think they will work. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  9. Cyndi Raines says:

    Good follow-up Susan, thank you!

  10. Good to know about Magic Eraser on the leather, Susan. Just another alternative….my husband’s recliner is a Hancock & Moore special order, and we had to have the footrest repaired this winter. I’d been using Armor All leather wipes to clean the leather, and they recommended I buy nothing but Guardsman leather cleaning products (cleaner & polish, protector & conditioner). I watched them use it (liquid dabbed on dry rag) on his chair and it was impressive. I purchased the wipes (Amazon), and have started using them weekly. His car’s seats are leather too. At one point, he actually had his bottom seat cushion replaced…..I guess that’s another way to get rid of the creases in the leather, lol.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Yep I recommended the magic eraser too. I’ve used it on our leather chairs in the living room but I always go at it carefully. I saw a woman the other day with a purse in the nude-pink color like the ones you posted about and I loved the color. I love different perfumes but always fall back on my Burberry Brit- I get compliments every time I wear it. They have a summer version that’s a tad lighter in scent too. Have a great weekend!

  12. Greta Rains says:

    If you want set the dye in your jeans do not wear them befor you wash them in hot water inside out with at least 1 cup to 1 and 1/2 cups of salt it will set the dye. This will stop the transfer.

  13. I found Beachy and the other scents, at Costco a few years ago, during the holiday season. Have not seen them since.

  14. I love Magic Erasers and use them on pretty much everything! I have a beautiful saddle leather sectional in our family room that had some marks that were not budging with leather cleaner. So, a few years ago, we decided to try them,& voila–no more marks! I also use them on the black/gray marks on my white dinnerware made by flatware. The Magic Erasers remove those with very little effort, too. I also “refurbished” a cute pair of scuffed ivory snow boots for my d-i-l. She was so happy to have them saved, that she gifted me with 12 boxes of Magic Erasers!
    I just gave my husband the atomizer link for a valentine treat–thanks!

  15. Jan Evridge says:

    I also use the Magic Eraser to get rid of transfer on a light colored leather bag.

  16. I love reading your e-mails about everything! Since you are doing a follow-up e-mail today, I was wondering about the video tapes that you sent off to be put onto dvds. You mentioned them in an e-mail in early autumn of last year.
    Have they come back and what were the results? Margie

    • Margie, thanks so much for reminding me about that, I need to do a follow-up. It took forever! I went by Current Pixel and was told it would be six weeks before they would get to my order. I paid a deposit (though they didn’t ask for one) because I wanted them to know I was serious, but I took them back home with me. It made me uneasy leaving them there for 6 weeks when they weren’t even going to be working on them. They called me around the 6 week mark and said they were ready to do them. I took them back over to them and left them. I didn’t hear anything at all for several weeks, I think they had them for 3-4 weeks. Finally they were ready and went back to pick them up. I had extra sets made for my son and another family member. I’ve only watched one tape so far, and the quality wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped it would be, but it wasn’t terrible. It may have been one that was from a VHS tape. I need to sit down and watch a few more. I get so nostalgic and sentimental watching them, I have to be in the right mood, if you know what I mean. I’m really glad I got it done, though. Of course, they give you back the originals, so I still have those, too. It took me a while to get all the DVDs labeled, but I got that done when I was snowed in at my sons a few weeks ago. lol I did it one day while they were at work.

  17. Beth Freeby says:

    To keep jeans and other fabrics from fading onto stuff and loosing their nice bright colors–Before the first washing soak them in vinegar and non-iodized salt! It works very well and holds the color through many more washings!

  18. Here I am binge reading your wonderful blogs. Great tips, photos, and links. Thanks for sharing!

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