Add Color & Whimsy to the Garden with Colorful Planters and Sculptures

Happy Friday! Have any plans for the weekend? I hope to do something relaxing this weekend, feel like it's time to stop and smell the roses gardenias that are blooming in my yard right now. The last month and a half has been a whirlwind of activity around here. I sat down the other day and listed all the things I had gotten done since returning from the Netherlands the first week of May. Here's how that … [Read more...]

Whimsical Art For The Office

Greetings this fine March day! How is your weekend going? Unfortunately, I've been super sick all week with what I was pretty sure was a sinus infection. Actually it's been going on a couple of weeks but got a lot worse this week. When I started running a fever on Wednesday while creating a St. Patrick's Day table setting for Tablescape Thursday, I finally decided it was time to go to the doctor. It had … [Read more...]

Pete the Cat, The Whimsical Art of James Dean

Each week when I take Max to Georgia Veterinary Specialist, we wait in the "cat" waiting room until it's time for him to go back for his chemo treatment.  The walls in that area are decorated with some great kitty cat art.  Yesterday, I snapped some pics with my cell phone to share it with you.  I saved my favorite for last. Pete the Cat looked vaguely familiar to me, but I wasn't sure why.  It turns out … [Read more...]

The Rescue

Each week when I take Max to Georgia Veterinary Specialist for his chemo treatment, I pass by a wonderful sculpture just outside their front entrance.  I've been meaning to take my camera to capture some pics for you but unfortunately, I keep forgetting it.  While there today I took a few pictures with my cellphone. They aren't the greatest but I hope you'll enjoy them. The sculpture is called, The … [Read more...]

Decorating with Deer Heads and Antlers, Real and Whimsical

This was the picture that really got me going on antlers, this time around.   I've always loved seeing shed antlers used in wreaths and in other decorative ways and I've always had a passion for brown transferware.  Phoebe Howard combined them for this wall and wow, I loved it the minute I saw it!   I wish I could ask Phoebe Howard what inspired her to create this--what made her think to combine them.  Do … [Read more...]

The Endearing Art of Silhouette

Today, I thought I'd share a special moment in time, 21 years ago. One morning I read in the newspaper (remember those?) that a renown silhouettist by the name of K. Housel Bogue, was coming to Macy's to cut silhouette portraits. She would only be here for a couple of days and appointments were booking fast.I had previously had a silhouette of my son done by another artist and was disappointed when the … [Read more...]

Painting a Tablescape

Welcome to the 72nd Tablescape Thursday! How was your Memorial Day weekend? We were furloughed on Friday and have Monday off for the holiday, so I'm relishing my 4 day weekend. Metamorphosis Monday: A few weeks ago, I posted this tablescape for TT. Here's the Before: And here is the After once our talented Fifi worked her magic. Fifi took this romantic setting and with her amazing, creative … [Read more...]

For the Love of Art…Meet My Friend Annie and Artist, May Cao…

Last September, three weeks after I first began blogging, I posted about a friend of mine, Annie and a talented artist by the name of May Cao. Recently, Annie told me May's work is now available in a local studio called, Two Doors Art Studio and Gallery, located in Roswell, Georgia. I've repeated the post below but have also added additional information at the end about an upcoming "Artist Reception" … [Read more...]

Photography That Will Make You Hungry…

Take a look at these amazing pics! Nice, huh? Well here's the shocker...all the items shown in these pics are actually FOOD! These scenes are the work of Carl Warner and they are all created using only food! If you look closely you can identify the food used to create them. Is the river (or ocean) chocolate milk? Can you imagine the time it took to do all these?! I read at the artist's website … [Read more...]

In Appreciation of Art, Meet my Friend, Annie and Artist, May Cao…

Recently, when I was chatting with Annie, a dear friend of mine, she mentioned she had done a "sitting" that day. I asked what a sitting was and Annie told me she occasionally sits or models for artists here in the Atlanta area. How interesting, I thought! I asked a lot of questions and Annie patiently answered. Annie told me, "Modeling for an artists is generally called "modeling" and the real title of … [Read more...]