In The BNOTP Library: Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles

If you have an interest in the architectural history of the homes we see all across America, you'll love this book. Many of the homes featured in this book are of historical significance and you'll probably recognize the architects and often the owners of these beautiful homes,   In the BNOTP Library: Great American Houses And Their Architectural Styles Author: Virginia & Lee … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: A Field Guide To American Houses

I used to get so frustrated when I'd see a house and couldn't figure out its architectural style or design. Some homes are pretty obvious, I can spot a Greek Revival a mile away and I bet you can, too. But some are a blend of architectural styles and can be difficult to pin down. This is one of those books you'll find yourself using again and again. I keep mine about two feet from me here on my desk. … [Read more...]