“Chrisley Knows Best” Home For Sale: Take The Tour

I’m not a big TV watcher, there’s just not a lot on television that appeals to me these days. Occasionally, I’ll catch a show on HGTV while I’m grabbing a bite to eat at lunchtime.

Recently I had the TV on in the kitchen and I saw a promo for a show called Chrisley Knows Best. Have you seen it? I was only about half listening but my ears perked up when they said the family in this “family comedy reality show” lives in Georgia just north of Atlanta.

That prompted me to do a Google search to see what the show was about and the first thing I found was an article saying their home is for sale. The Chrisley family, Todd , Julie and their five children, Kyle, Savannah, Chase, Lindsie, and Grayson, live in a spacious 30,000 square foot home. Todd mentions in a video online that they live in the same neighborhood as Chipper Jones (previous Braves baseball player) and several other local athletes and celebrities, so I think I may know the neighborhood.

Chrisley Family


Apparently, they’ve had their home on the market several times over the last  few years. I’ve always heard it can be a harder to sell homes in the upper $ range since there’s just not as many potential candidates to buy those.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 11


Of course, you know I had to check it out! How about a home tour?



The house is decorated in a pretty formal style. Todd Chrisley describes it (and I’m paraphrasing) as formal but with a casual, comfortable feel.

Chrisley-Knows-Best-house-for-sale tour


You get an idea just how expansive the home is from the length of this hall.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 15


The home has several living rooms.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 07


In a video I watched online, Todd Chrisley described this as the library. He said no one in the home has ever taken lessons to learn to play the grand piano. Someone needs to take lessons, don’t they? Maybe they can talk Grayson, their youngest, into learning.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 13


Another living room that Todd refers to as their “formal” living room.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 14


The prints shown hanging on the wall in the living room are from Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment. Love how they look here!

Prints from Coco Chanel's Paris Apartment in Chrisley Knows Best Home


This is the heart of the home where the family spends most of their time. In this view we see the kitchen, the breakfast area and a family or hearth room.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 20


Another view of the kitchen…

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 17


Julie Chrisley enjoys cooking and the whole family has dinner together every night at 6:00 PM. That’s a pretty good feat in this day and time, corralling a whole family together for dinner each night.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 18


In several of the videos at the show’s website, Todd and Julie are filmed sitting on this sofa, except it’s turned around facing the other way. In the video you can see the built-in bookshelves and fireplace behind them. It’s always so interesting to me to see how rooms get totally rearranged for photo and video shoots. While watching the video, I kept wondering why the fireplace was behind the sofa. In reality, it’s not!

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 21


The formal dining room is such a beautiful room, understated and elegant.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 12


This house has 9 bedrooms! I loved several of the bedrooms, especially the master bedroom. This isn’t the master, I think it may be a guest room. Isn’t it beautiful?! The soft green and white toile gives it such a peaceful feel. Notice the toile continues right onto the ceiling. This house has a surprising amount of wallpaper and I have to say, I do love it! If wallpaper wasn’t sure a pain to remove when you want to change up a room, I’d be tempted to add some in one of my bedrooms, or perhaps my entry.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 04


This bedroom I believe belongs to one of the boys.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 03


This is Savannah’s bedroom, the youngest daughter in the family. She loves the color pink as you can tell. Love the wall treatment…I’m guessing that’s a wallpaper that looks like silk damask fabric. Or, maybe it is fabric. Very pretty!

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 02


Another masculine feeling bedroom so I’m guessing this one belongs to one of the older boys.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 26


Another lovely bedroom…perhaps this one belongs to the other daughter, Lindsie, although I think she is married and has her own home in the show. The draperies throughout the home are absolutely beautiful!

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 01


Okay, I saved my favorite bedroom for last, the master bedroom. When I watched a video on the show’s website, the blue was much softer and not near as bright as it appears here. I really liked it in the video. I like the wall shelf with the plates above it on both sides of the bed. Great way to fill that expanse of space. Doesn’t this room remind you of something Mario Buatta would have designed?

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 10


A beautiful seating area off the master…I noticed a lot of the bedrooms have a little seating area or room adjoining them.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 16


I think this must be the sunroom we saw through the doors of the sitting area in the picture above. Gorgeous room!

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 24


The master bedroom has His and Her closets that appear identical in size.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 25


The master bath…imagine soaking in the tub with a toasty fire blazing away while watching TV.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 22


This appears to be a second sunroom. I wonder if they are able to open the windows and sort of turn this area into a screened-in porch when they like. Bet this is wonderful in the fall with a fire going in the fireplace.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 09


I wonder if this bar is located on the terrace level of the home. There’s also a theater and a wine cellar on the terrace level.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 05


A fabulous exercise room…

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 08


The family enjoys swimming together here in the backyard.

Chrisley Knows Best House for Sale Tour 06


Love a great home tour? Tour Kirstie Alley’s home here: Kirstie Alley’s Maine Home

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 07

Love this bedroom in Kirstie’s home!

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 21


You’ll find additional pictures of the Chrisley’s home, HERE.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post, Susan. I saw the show for the first time last night. I kept trying to catch glimpses of the home in the background.

  2. susan, i was so excited to see this post…i’ve become obsessed with this show! i think for several reasons…todd reminds me of a family member and the show is set “close to home” in georgia. i hope it lasts several seasons as it is very entertaining (at least to me)!

    i recognized many of the rooms above but some i don’t believe i’ve ever seen such as the sunrooms…the home is exquisite! thank you again for posting about this interesting family.

    • Thanks, Judy! I’ll have to watch it…the promos were pretty funny, especially one I found online where the day, Todd, tosses his son’s laptop into the pool. lol

  3. Wow! That is one fabulous home and it sounds like the family really enjoys all of it. I love that they eat together at 6:00 each night – I could never accomplish that no matter how hard I tried. Maybe they need to buy one of those “player” devices for that grand piano!

    • That’s a great idea! Can you imagine how beautiful that piano would sound playing throughout the home. Would be great for parties, too. I always wanted to learn to play the piano growing up so it pains me to hear him say no one plays it.

  4. Peggy Thal says

    This home is just gorgeous! I too love wallpaper. At one time I had it in most of my home. Changed the designs a few times. Too much work! Now I just have wallpaper in the bathrooms and my morning room. – I have watched this TV show a few times just to see the house. Otherwise the Dad kind of creeps me out.( Acting very bad) Thanks for sharing, this home is so beautifully decorated.

  5. Shelia Nelson says

    It’s a spectacular home, but I’m just not all that “wowed” by it. I like the huge closet and the sunrooms best.

  6. Linda Page says

    OK, if we pool our money together, can we buy this one? Please? Please? Please? We could live there and rarely see each other. I love this house! It is huge! I thought the kitchen would be larger than it is. I love the kitchen/breakfast/hearth room but I just expected a larger kitchen for a house this big. The green & white toile bedroom is my favorite. The entire room has the look of softness. Let’s see….if I sold my house and you sold yours, and I found a really good job in Atlanta and you kept up your blog……and we took in boarders, we might could swing it!!! lol Oh, yes, just a reminder, only 4 more weeks. Yipee!

    • lol That’s true…you could live there and never see anyone else for a long time. I was surprised by the size of the kitchen, too. It’s small compared to the size of the home itself. You are so funny! I thought we were going to buy that amazing home in TN atop the mountain…or maybe Thayercrest or Happy Hollow! 😉 Yep, I can’t wait!

  7. I just need the one sunroom. The first one. That’s all. Love it. Thank you for showing it to us.

  8. Margo Kuhn says

    Beautiful. I love most of everything they did. I think I would make the library more of a library and put the piano in one of the living rooms an make it a music room. But that is just my opinion.

  9. Susan Jones says

    I got exposed to this show when my college-aged daughter was home for spring break and she watches it. She thinks it is so funny. So I have watched it a few times as well. Mainly to see the house. But I also like how the dad is on top of his kids all the time and they can’t get away with anything! I’ve been trying to figure out what he does for a living or how they have come into their money because the few times I have watched the show, he is never working. On an episode I saw last night the dad did have some kind of meeting with a woman in NY, but I wasn’t sure what about…..

    • I haven’t watched an episode yet. I noticed last night (when I was on the website) that an episode aired last night, and I had just missed it. I think the episodes can be viewed at the website too, so I’ll have to watch one to see what’s it all about. Susan, in watching the promo videos on the site, I couldn’t tell what kind of business he did either. I wonder if they mentioned that in one of the earlier episodes.

  10. It never ceases to amaze me how people who live in houses like this attempt to portray themselves as, “just regular folk”. A house this large must have “staff”, not just one cleaning person, but several. The upkeep on that house and its gardens must add up to what most regular folk earn in a year, not to mention what the upkeep must be on those women’s hair! Why is it that we adore Downton Abbey and then pretend that this homeowner prepares meals every day and manages to have everyone at the table by 6:00 pm each evening. Hogwash!
    It’s beautiful to look at, but just a fairy tale.

  11. This is fabulous in every way. I did notice the library had no books. It is way toooo big for me, but lovely none the less. Thanks for sharing.

    I have started watching PBS on Sunday nights. Love Call The Midwives, and Bletchley Circle.

    • I know, I wondered why. The library doesn’t have any books, the wine cellar doesn’t have any wine and the home theater doesn’t have any seating. I wondered about that. I’ll have to google those shows. I quit watching Downton Abbey because they kept killing off characters and I found too upsetting.

  12. Whoa…that is quite the abode!! You know, I’ve “had it” with HGTV…I miss the old HGTV. Now..99% of the time I watch PBS (and donate!) “Last Tango in Halifax” is coming soon……… 🙂 franki

    • Franki – So glad you said that about HGTV. Once my favorite cable network, now I hardly watch it. I like house hunting but not 7 days a week. I like renovation but again, not every day. HGTV of years gone by they seemed to have a balance of programming. I enjoyed the various shows on decorating at all budget levels & the remodeling shows but now it’s “flippers” & home buyers & not much more.

  13. Lynn Land says

    Susan, I looked at the pictures and read everyone’s comments. Never even heard of the show. Not a tv watcher either. I do watch some favorite cooking shows but am like the person stating she’s had it with HGTV. My husband and I used to enjoy watching the “old” programs. The Food Network has changed too. Bunch of silly contests. The homes you post for us to enjoy are hands down good compared to the two I mentioned. Like some others, I don’t think this show is “real”. Too perfect!! No……take that back, not normal is more like it. Thanks for giving opportunity. Apparently, our tea pot needed to let off a little steam. 🙂 Lynn

    • lol funny you say that because in the first episode that I just watched, he says they are not normal. 🙂 It was funny…made me laugh out loud several times.

  14. Does it ever say what this gentlemans occupation is or was?

    • I just watched the first episode at the website and he said that he made his money in real estate and now he is going to open clothing stores and go into fashion, something he’s always enjoyed.

  15. I love the sun room!! I never would have watched this show, but we were in a hotel room and nothing else was on TV. It was kind of cute and funny. Not sure if I’ll ever watch again.

  16. Now I m going to have to look for this show. I can not imagine a 30,000 square foot home!!!! I just want bigger closets:):) Love the sunrooms and the kitchen area. That hall is beautiful too. Of course I love all the blue and white jars!

  17. Elizabeth says

    I could see turning this mansion into a ritzy bed and breakfast or hiring it out for deluxe retreats. I wouldn’t even mind buying a place like this with a bunch of other couples to live in, especially since so many of the bedrooms are like suites. Imagine; you could have nine couples buy this place and each would have their own living quarters, plus your favorite living area, and only spend time together when you want to! Ooh, that’s now my favorite retirement idea! The asking price is $2.5 mil; that’s really a bargain. I’ve toured houses all over the country that were going for several million, and this house is much bigger and more luxurious that any of them!

    • Elizabeth, that sure beats assisted living or something like that…genius idea! They would have to be really agreeable couples…and respect each others space, privacy, etc… Yep, there house started out a lot more…but the price has come down a good bit, I think.

  18. Linda Page says

    Took a second look and noticed that the top family picture shows them seated around a long table in a formal looking dining room….but yet I never even saw a glimpse of a room like this in the background of any of the rooms. The “formal” dining room shows a round table with 6 chairs that are nothing like the ones in the portrait. I wonder if the family portrait dining room is somewhere else and not in this house. I also love the offered ceilings. Those are a fab of mine…not that I have any. I, too, have strayed away from HGTV and think it was much better 5-10 yrs ago. But I think I will check out this show for at least one episode.

    • I noticed that, too. I think it must be something they just set up in front of windows/draperies in another room because that picture is one they use a lot to promote the show. I agree about HGTV. I’ve heard that from so many folks…wonder why they don’t change it back to more the way it used to be. Actually, I don’t think this show comes on HGTV and I think I read that it plays on USA Network. I don’t remember now what channel the TV was on when I saw the promo, but I think the show comes on USA Network. I’m not even sure what channel that is where I live. I’ll probably just watch the episodes online at their website because when a commercial comes on, I can just check email or do something else on my computer.

  19. Don’t be too mad at Downton Abbey. The actors that were killed off asked to leave the show for bigger and better acting jobs. The writer for Downton said he hated it as much as the audience. Me too, I don’t think I am over Sybil’s death YET! 😉

    I have not watched an episode of Chrisley Knows Best. I can’t seem to remember to look for when it is on. I have to wonder why they are doing a reality show if they didn’t need money. You would think living in such a beautiful home with all those beautiful children that would be enough. I Googled them, and he made his money in Real Estate and now hopes to make it big in the fashion world. He wants Chrisley & Company, his new department store to become “the Bergdorf Goodman of the South” The show is supposed to be based on the building of his new business with highlights of his family.

    • Yay, I know, I read that too…but they could have replaced them. I hated it when they killed off the daughter who had just given birth, then no time later they killed off what’s-his-name (already forgotten his character’s name) right after his wife gave birth. That was just so upsetting to me. I don’t like watching shows where those kind of tradgedies occur so it kind of cured me of watching it. Should be interesting to see if he is able to make his dream happen. I admire folks who dream big and go for it. 🙂

  20. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I have never heard of this program. The house is beautiful, but I honestly wouldn’t want such a huge property because it just seems so impersonal. Oh, they’ve decorated every room beautifully and comfortably, that is for sure, but with so many sunrooms and living rooms, when does the family spend any time together? I guess it’s when they have dinner at 6:00 pm! Lol. 😀 Or perhaps they all huddle together in that small area of the kitchen and hearth room and the rest of the house goes untouched.

    Anyway, I agree with the person who said it would make a lovely small Inn. And you know, when Elizabeth mentioned living there with other couples — it made me think of my idea of ‘community’ living, which has been on my mind for several years now. I believe we’ll see it coming to fruition in the near-sh future. Over 20 years ago, I had a short acquaintance with a woman from Colombia. She told me that apartments there were entirely different than in the U.S. There, everybody had their own bedroom, but there was one main living room and kitchen that was shared by all. I forget what she said about the bathrooms. At first the idea seemed so foreign to me (no pun intended 😛 ) but over time, the idea grew on me and now I think it’s a nice one. So many people are lonely, or struggling to make ends meet. A community living situation like that could be the solution and bring people together and help with expenses as well.

    I’m with you and those who were surprised the kitchen was so ‘small’ for such a large house. Not exactly ‘efficiency apartment’ small, lol, but small-ish, non the less.

    Thanks for another great tour! 🙂

  21. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Oh, and I found it odd that so many of the bedrooms didn’t have wall art, pictures, etc. It made them seem somewhat cold, despite their beautiful furnishings. Did you notice that too?

  22. Thanks for the pictures, Susan. Isn’t it funny…all the rooms (probably some of them not even used) all the money and decorators and I really like the pictures of your home better. Always love your blog and I’m so proud of your woodworking projects! You do great work.

  23. Great house, funny show but all is not as it seems. They’re bankrupt and in trouble with the irs for back taxes.
    I doubt the show will last but it’s been fun to watch such an odd family dynamic.

  24. Vanessa Prohaska says

    The only big family that can buy that house would be Angelina and Brad.

  25. I saw a couple of episodes and live in Atlanta also. I had to research what they do and it said they were bankrupt. $49 million in debt and $4 million in assets. I guess that’s probably why they are selling.

  26. I REALLY like the decor (I prefer traditional and/or beach style), but I can’t imagine maintaining that home. The expenses must be outrageous. Thanks for sharing!

    Angie in TN

  27. I would really like to know who makes the linens in the bedroom where the couple show up on the TV Show, sometimes with three of their children crawling into bed with them. The Bed is high and has a curtain back at the headboard. I would really like to know the specific names of the linens and fabric.

  28. donna L IN MI says


  29. shawn garner says

    Do thay still live in this home I would love to drive by it and see it and take a piature of the house when me and my family our on our way to Florida on vacation.

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