Christie Brinkley’s Dreamy Beach Home in Parrot Cay

Summer may be over but I can never resist touring an exotic beach home especially when it’s located in an island paradise. Christie Brinkley, a well-known model who is actually a very savvy business woman, is selling her beach home named Lucky House. Lucky House is a dream island home located in Parrot Cay on the Turks and Caicos Islands. Even the location sounds exotic, doesn’t it?

Christie Brinkley's Beach Home on Turks and Caicos Islands


Shhh, I think Christie’s out for the day so let’s sneak in and take the tour!

Christie Brinkley's Beach House Paradise


Could you suffer to live with this? Yeah, me too! Just give me one of those fruity umbrella drinks and I’m all set for the day!

Lucky House, Christie Brinkley's Beach House


A view of the lush foliage around the front door of Christie’s island home let’s you know you’ve left the grind of everyday life and something very different and wonderful awaits on the other side.

Christie Brinkley's Parrot Cay Island Home


I always think of Christie Brinkley as having a bright, bubbly personality. This home really reflects that with its open, airy feeling. I can feel the ocean breezes now!

Christie Brinkley's Beach House Living Room


This really looks like a place you could sit back and put up your feet, doesn’t it? The home is 3,400 square feet in size and has three bedrooms and three baths, actually a pretty modest size for a home owned by a celebrity.

Christie Brinkley's Parrot Cay Living Room


I’ve never seen a china/display cabinet quite like this one. It appears to have a Venetian mirrored front. What do you think?

Notice the great shell mirror. How do you like it in combination with the more ornate cabinet? I actually love how they look here in this beach home. Fits the exotic feel of the home and island. Much of the furniture inside the home is either oak or teak.

Christie Brinkley's Beach House Dining Room With Venetian Glass Cabinet & Shell Mirror


Thanks to Lexie for sharing that Christie does shell art pieces. I Googled and found this picture of her art/craft room online at the NY Times. So the mirror may be a piece Christie made for her home.

Christie Brinkley's Shell Arts

Looking at this picture again, I just noticed the driftwood pieces spell out a message. Can you read it? 🙂 This looks like a great place to relax in the evening with the lanterns lit.

Day Bed in Lucky House Christie Brinkley's Beach Home


The kitchen is sleek and modern with stainless steel appliances.

Christie Brinkley's Beach House Kitchen


The kitchen may be all business but the master bedroom feels island-romantic with lots of sheer bed-hangings surrounding the bed.

Christie Brinkley's Beach House Bedroom


Interestingly, the master bedroom suite is actually detached from the main part of the home.

Christie Brinkley's Master Bedroom Suite in Lucky House


You can see it here on the left in the photo below.

Lucky House, Christie Brinkley's Beach House


I’m guessing this may be the master bath. The home has indoor and outdoor showers.

Christie Brinkley's Beach House Bathroom


Christie Brinkley's Master Bath in Lucky House Beach Home in Parrot Cay


There’s also a wonderful porch area off the master bedroom.

Christie Brinkley's Master Bedroom


This looks like a great place to fall sleep with a good book after a day spent playing in the waves.

Christie Brinkley Lucky Beach House Porch


I was trying to decide if this was an open porch or if perhaps it was a sunroom with removal windows. It looks like there’s a beach view through the trees. The home has over 200 feet of beach frontage.

Christie Brinkley's Swing Bed in Parrot Cay Beach House


Christie’s home is even more magical at night in this photo taken during the Blue Hour.

Christie Brinkley's Lucky House on Parrot Cay


Christie Brinkley's Beach House Pool in Parrot Cay


I’ll leave you with this view of the beach and gorgeous ocean views. Talk about white sand!

Wouldn’t it be fun to rent this home…can you imagine! I don’t know if it’s for rent but it is currently for sale, having been reduced recently from $10.75 million to its current price of $9 million.

Parrot Cay Beach, Home of Christie Brinkley


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Living Room in Howie Mandell's Beachfront Home in Malibu



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  1. Dreaming here but if it was possible to be mine, that ugly stainless steel in the kitchen would go first and the ugly counters yuck- and be replaced with gorgeous blue tile and subway tiles for the back splash to create the island vibe. The kitchen belongs in a sterile environment like NY not a island home. I love the seashell mirror and believe I read she makes those herself with shells she collected over the years. Its one of her many talents. Thanks for the getaway.

    • The kitchen surprised me, too…was hoping for more of a beach cottage kitchen. I didn’t know she made shell mirrors! Thanks, Lexie!

  2. Sarah Pacheco says

    I don’t think that’s a venetian mirrored front on the china cabinet. It looks like a combination of shell and bone inlay. Almost like a Moroccan antique.
    This would fit in with the Moorish theme in the other room that has the delightful driftwood on the wall. Keep in mind, I could be mistaken.
    What a fabulous escape. Thank you for posting it. Just love your blog!

  3. Juanita in OH says

    This is what I imagined paradise would look like! TFS the joy. Have a great weekend.

  4. Beautiful setting, my grandson was a scuba diving instructor on Turks and Caicos, until he left for Asia and is going to Australia next month for a year. He said Turks and Caicos was so beautiful.

  5. 9 million…I’m in! LOL. What a gorgeous home. I have been to the main island of Provo in the Turks and Caicos several times and those beaches are amazing. What a dream to have a house there…

  6. crumpety cottage says

    I like some of the house and some of it I don’t like at all; which surprises me to say! But that setting! Wow. And it does look so magical at night. Susan, on some of the Househunter’s International shows I have seen the houses are broken up like this. Some even more. I was surprised the first I am saw that but apparently it’s somewhat common in some locations. I saw one where each little section of a house was built like a pagoda, and there were 5-6 sections! It was funny. I guess if it’s raining you just get wet going from you bedroom to the kitchen.

    Fun to hear about her doing crafts with shells. Who would have guessed that. I loved that she appeared on Parks and Recs as the chubby fellows husband and they had a beautiful home and daughters who looked like her. Lol. That was so much fun.

  7. That “home” looked so “down to earth”….for 9m… franki

  8. Looks too remote of an area for me to live. I’d be scared to death to live in such a remote area but she probably has bodyguards/security. I’ve read that she is a good business woman. Saw something on internet or on tv recently where she was attending a Bill Joel concert and he sang a song to her and she was in awe and replied “He’s still got it!” So guess they are still friends.
    I think I read that her daughter is doing some modeling now.

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