Christmas in Miniature, A Sweet Dollhouse

While out antiquing in December two years ago, I came across a wonderful old doll house. The exterior was already decorated for Christmas with garland strung across the banister rails and wreaths on several of the windows. It stole my heart but it was priced at $250, so reluctantly, I walked away.

All during Christmas I kept thinking about the house. I knew absolutely nothing about dollhouses, having never had one before, so I decided to check prices on eBay.  As I searched on eBay, I began to realize the pricing wasn’t so bad after all. I found doll house kits selling for $125-150 that didn’t have near as many details as the doll house I had seen. Plus, they had to be assembled and painted, and they weren’t vintage.

During Christmas, I went out of town to visit a friend in Virginia. We were out touring Mount Vernon one afternoon and I kept thinking about the little house. Suddenly I knew I just had to have it! Has that ever happened to you?

I panicked! What if it had been sold while I was out of town? I called the antique store and they confirmed my worse fear, it was gone.  I asked if they would make sure, hoping it had just been moved since Christmas was over.  About an hour later, they called me back to say it was still available; the owner had just taken it home after Christmas. Yipee! I picked it up as soon as I got back into town. Surprisingly, the dealer gave me 10% off!

The Christmas decorations that were on the house were faded and falling completely apart. So I bought some tiny garland and ribbon and made new wreaths with bows for each of the windows. If any of you know anything about a dollhouse of this type, I’d so appreciate the information. I’ve never seen another one like this one so I’d love to know more about it.

I’m guessing it may have been made from a kit, but I’m not sure. I placed the dollhouse on an old trunk in my blue, white, and yellow guest bedroom. I haven’t furnished it inside, just happy to enjoy it as is.   Hope you enjoy this miniature Christmas home tour.

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

The round window in the attic was just an open hole. I found this decorative piece, cut it to fit and “installed” it.

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

The house came with the cute little rocker you see on the front porch.  I had some scrap fabric and sewed a tiny cushion for it.

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

A view of the right side of the house… I just love the dormer windows on either side of the attic. They have little plantation shutters installed inside.

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

The chimney appears to have been built brick-by-brick…

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

A view of the left side with another cute dormer window and a view of the wrap around porch…

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

I added the little gardening boots and the kitty.

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

The house came with the little planter. A cardinal has flown down to check out the berries.

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

Another curious little bird is perched on the front porch rail.

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

The Golden Retriever is my sweet Jake who passed away at the end of August. He is still very badly missed.


Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

Did you have a doll house when you were little?

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

I love all the detailing of the roof. I believe it is made of individual shingles.

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

I can’t imagine how many hours it took to make this little house. I do feel a responsibility to take good care of it since I can just feel the love and attention that went into it.

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

Hope you enjoyed this bit of Christmas whimsy.   I’d love to hear if you collect or have a special dollhouse, too.

Take a tour of the inside of the home in this post: Renovating on a Miniature Scale

Dollhouse decorated for Christmas

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  1. Linda/ "Mom..." says

    Oh Sweet Susan, this sooo makes me want to “go back” to those beautiful, innocent, sweet days of youth when “how are we going to dress our dolls today?” was THE most important decision we ever had to make! This special lil’ house was/is obviously a result of much time n’ love spent of seeing the smile than came on the little girl’s face who received it! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for this most WELCOMED “Kodak Moment”!!! What a JOY to see AND imagine the lil’ girl/girls who love it so!!! Warmly, Linda/ “Mom…”

  2. Miss Janice says

    Susan, that is one darling Southern plantation doll house. It’s just too cute! I had a doll house when I was little, but not as cute as this one (of course, back then, I thought it was the cutest doll house ever)! Please count me in for Tablescape Tuesday.

  3. Hi Susan! What a beautiful doll house! I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m so glad you were able to purchase it! Love all the details and the things you’ve added. The doggie and kitty are precious! I had a doll house as a little girl. Just the common two story metal one you find in junk shops. But I love that little house with all the plastic furniture and little family. Sure wish I still had it. It wasn’t nothing fancy, but it sure gave me lots of joy!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. cedwards55 says

    Susan, I would have had to have that little house too! My sister and I shared a doll house when we were little girls but nothing this grand. Thanks for reminding me of those sweet memories!!!!! I love that Jake will always be on your front porch.

  5. How cute. I would of loved it too. So charming, i always wanted a doll house when i was younger. This one would be perfect. lol. mishelle

  6. Happy To Be says

    Susan just darling girl…I love it..hugs and smiles Gloria

  7. Hi Susan! It’s beautiful and well worth the money. My sister and I had a doll house when we were children. It was made out of some type of metal. I guess it was tin. Deb

  8. profenretraite says

    Hi Susan…I love your dollhouse! You love to decorate, no matter what size the house! I love your little cushion. I’m just picturing you making the tiny little thing! You have added so many loving details! You know I love the kitty. I am so sorry about Jake. Old friends continue to be missed for a long time, don’t they? I had a doll house when I was little, but I think it was much larger. If you took out the middle floor, you could actually curl up in it. How was the tour? I was in Madison…it ran Fri. and Sat. I learned a new word form you…docent. Then I actually heard it used 2 times in Madison! I don’t know how I went so long without ever hearing it!Wel..I’ve go to hush and turn in. Love the doll house…Debbie

  9. Susan,
    Your little yellow house is a real gem, I can see why you had to have it!

  10. Susan, This is so precious. Your little wreaths & garlands are perfect. Hallmark miniature ornaments are perfect dollhouse sized accessories. I kept a little birdbath & a couple of other little pieces from the dollhouse I gave to our great niece Madison. ♥ Diane

  11. Oh my goodness! That is just so adorable! Love it, just love it.

    I will be participating in Tablescape Tuesday.

    Now would in it be fun to do a table for that lovely dollhouse!

  12. Absolutely precious and charming! Once again, you’ve added that special touch of yours! Your warm personality just shows through in everything you put your hand to! What a joy to hear your “dollhouse story” and to know that this adorable house found such a good home!!
    Have a terrific week!!!
    Blessings, Becky

  13. Susan,
    That doll house is absolutely wonderfuland incredable!!!
    And the little accessories you added are perfect.
    I’m glad they still had it when you called. =0)

    Have a super week,
    Barbara Jean

  14. I agree with you that you have become the caretaker, much as someone does that buys and restores and old home. It is a responsibility, but one that I know you are more than equal to.
    With your additions, you have now put your stamp on it as well. One of my favorite HGTV shows is “If Walls Could Talk”. It is a shame that you don’t know the history behind this beautiful structure.

  15. Good for you, you little vixen LOL!!
    It is truly gorgeous, I can see why you fell in love!

  16. GM Susan, well you got quite a steal with this dollhouse, I have 2 of them. The first one I bought was to little for me to do what I wanted, so I thought I would make it into a Santa’s workshop. I have more than I need to fit in it, but I’ve never finished it. It’s in the attic. Then I bought the Farmhouse from a friend, cause she hated it. Now, I know why, there isn’t a thing in that house that is plume,it’s wired for electric and I have all the furniture, can you tell I just like to buy the decor, LOL. Well, it’s in the garage, unfinished also. My DH hates it there and doesn’t try to be careful around it either. I have a fortune wrapped up in it,so I hope someday to get the interest to finish them. They are so much fun to play with, it’s just that my friends all stopped playing. 🙂


  17. This is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! And I LOVE the little details that make it “home”. Too, too sweet. Thanks for posting this treasure.

  18. Sweet Designs says

    Aw, the house is just adorable. I love how you finished it off. I never had one as a litle girl, but that is probably because I was a tomboy LOL

  19. I love the house. Your little inouts with the boots and animals sure make it look cozy and inviting…if only we were small enough to go inside

  20. a pot, a thought & a smidgen of dirt says

    OMG what beautiful dolls houses you have, am totaly in love

  21. Beautiful little doll house! I love all the details.

    Years ago I decided that I HAD to have a doll house, so I bought a kit that reminded me of your doll house. The style was definitely New England – nothing like the homes we had in the deep South. 25 years later we moved to Boston and built a house that looked just like my dollhouse – right down to the blue cedar siding and white trim. We moved to Texas soon after, so we didn’t live there long, but it always seemed like a dream come true. Walking in our front door, I always felt like I had stepped into my dollhouse!

  22. Terri and Bob says

    I want this house in a grown up size! Hope your day is a wonderful one. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures with us.

  23. Susan it’s so sweet! I just love the little boots and the puppy dog.

    When I’m shopping I often walk away from things. If I can’t get it off my mind I take it as a sign!! Go back! 🙂

  24. Good Morning Susan…. I loved you doll house… It has so much charm… I never had one but I do have a friend that has them… I just enjoy looking at them… I am kind of the person who gets all wrapped up in whatever I partake in so I know if I did do one it would end up having thousands of dollars sunk into it… LOL LOL

    Have a wonderful Monday

  25. what an absolute treasure. it so reminds me of one my little girl had once.
    Merry Christmas, bj

  26. Lady of the Mote says

    how wonderful,I always wanted a doll house,
    your is just lovely!

  27. Melissa Miller says

    This is just “stinkin” cute! 🙂
    Love the wreaths and garlands. The dog…too precious.


  29. The dollhouse has such exquisite details…it’s perfect to display during the holidays…it is sure to delight everyone who sees it.

    Tomorrow I will have two posts for Tablescape Tuesday one on my Oak Rice Cottage blog, the other on my Carola Nativity Gallery blog. So you may include me twice on the list!

  30. So, I have to ask…are you painting the front door red??? My favorites are the wreaths, rocker, boots, and planters complete with birds. I never understand why people get rid of something like that…what a family treasure to lose. But aren’t you the lucky one for finding it? The details are awesome!

  31. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Oh my – what a pretty house. If you start furnishing the inside, be careful – you will become addicted. 🙂 I plan on posting pictures of some of my miniatures soon.

  32. What a beautiful house and I love your decorating! I have never had a doll hose as I have always thought it would take up too much space to display but I love them. About 15 years ago we went to the Ford Museum in Detroit and I went crazy over the doll houses. They actually weren’t doll houses but miniatures of the Ford homes. Architects working on their homes would have miniatures built in advance of the real thing so that Mrs. Ford could actually see the design and approve the building project. They were fully detailed and furnished – just like a doll house. As far as I could tell that is exactly what they were. Thank you for showing all the detail on your house.

  33. once in a blue moon... says

    that is just darling, but what cinched it for me was the garden boots and cat~

  34. I love it! I never had one growing up, but you’ve reminded me that we do have my daughter’s down in the basement…I’m so tempted to haul it upstairs! Thanks for sharing!

  35. at the cottage says

    Oh how adorable!!!! I love the little rocker, the kitty, puppy and boots 🙂 My front porch…almost;)


  36. Gypsy aka Tam says

    Hi Susan,
    oh what a beautiful dollhouse and all decked out for the holidays as well. Simply beautiful! The little touches you added are just precious. Can you please add me for tomorrows Tablescape Tuesday?
    Have a great Monday,

  37. What a very sweet dollhouse. I’m in San Francisco right now and enjoyed seeing some great yellow victorian houses yesterday :0)
    I am participating in Tablescape Tuesday tomorrow and here is my dirct link. Thank you for including me Susan and have a great Monday!

  38. Hi Susan…gee, I wish my real house was decorated as pretty as you have done that darling doll house. I always wanted one, but no ears ever listened to me when I was growing up…BTW, I think I’ve already told you but put me down for Tablescape Tuesday… ♥ Bo

  39. The doll house was a real find and I can foresee many more years of happiness decorating it. My mother, who I lost to cancer 15 years ago, had a doll house and that project brought her much pleasure during her last year. We planned and plotted regarding decorations and found the coolest furniture and accessories that I never knew existed until she got into “doll-housing”. Your special touches of Jake, the boots, birds, etc are priceless. You really got a greatly built house with the bricks and shingled roof. Enjoy!!!

  40. The House in the Roses is having a party!… Come to the “World of Treasures” and show your lovely treasures… Come see!


  41. Sometime around the 1970’s dollhouse crafting was very popular and I used to have a pattern for building a wood dollhouse similar to yours. The scalloped shingles were available in packages, as were lengths of railing for porches. I never got around to building one.

    I still have my lithographed metal dollhouse from about 1950, as Sheila described above. All the little plastic furniture is long since broken and discarded.

    Lithographed Metal Dollhouse, c. 1950.

  42. An Accomplished Woman says


    What a beautiful doll house. Love it and your blog. I am glad you gave the house such a beautiful home.

  43. Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity says

    Susan, I love your doll house. The details are amazing. I’ve never had one. My sister has a beautiful one she started from scratch.

    When we were little girls the libary had a beautiful one. We would spend hours looking at it. it was just amazing to us.

    I can see why you just had to have yours.
    Hugs, Terrie

  44. loved the story, the house and the finishing touches you added! thanks for showing us!

  45. Lady Katherine says

    The story is just as wonderful as your doll house! I enjoyed the tour, How pretty you have made it! I never had a doll house, now I think we need to get the grands one, you made me realize the rope doll bed,and little wicker carriage, are in my attic somewhere. I need to go take care of them.

  46. salmagundi says

    Thanks for sharing your special doll house. I have lots of doll house furniture, little dishes, etc, but no house. Someday, I’ll have to set the little table up for a tablescape Tuesday. Sally

  47. How pretty and cute, down to the tiniest details! I love doll houses too. I bought both of my daughters and granddaughter one each but I think I am the one enjoying them….Christine

  48. Susan, How lucky you were to have been able to get it after the seller had taken it back. Well, I am glad you bought it, and if your future grandchildren play with it, you’d best hope they’re not like my little whirling dervish grandson!LOL..I’m not sure about my youngest grandaughter either..she’s a little toughie ;)Your personal touches to your new guest room addition are extra special. Enjoy! Jan

  49. That dollhouse is gorgeous. Never seen anything like it

  50. Raggedy Girl says

    I had a blue and white San Francisco row house, completely decorated. It was such a cute little house. My oldest grand daughter managed to complete her education and postpone marriage until she was a real grown-up girl. This was rare in our family. So I gifted that house to her because she loved it so and played with it every time she visited and it now sits in her home and is loved by her. Amber Renee you did so well and your hubby and children are wonderful and so are you.

  51. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    Susan, this is absolutely wonderful. It was meant to come home with you!

    I’m working on my Tablescape Tuesday, this evening and will publish it as soon as it’s finished. I set the table, on the back porch, for Christmas.

  52. Oh this brings back such sentimental memories. My father hand-built a 3-story “Barbi” house when I was young. I remember him paying attention to every little detail. It had an “elevator” that you could “roll up” from the third floor, a balcony and railing, and individual shingles. I was the envy of all the neighborhood girls! Lol I LOVE your doll house and am so glad you felt that certain “something” to make it your own! My favorite part are all the little things you put on the porch to make it look like a real home! What a sweet post! 🙂

  53. I always wanted and never had a doll house like that when I was a girl, so earlier this year I bid on a kit on ebay and am still working on finishing it up! I just love it!

    Your is beautiful. Will you do the inside? It’s so neat to “fix it up”. Can’t wait to finish mine and get started on another! LOL

  54. Deanie's space says

    So sweet doll house. I had a metal doll house when I was little. Not near as nice as yours. I am doing Tablecape tomorrow. Thanks, Deanie

  55. Susan,

    I love all the details on your dollhouse and I think it was a bargain considering all the thought that must have gone into it. I love that you added the kitty, boots, etc.


  56. I’m so glad you went back for the doll house.

  57. imjacobsmom says

    Susan, This house is so precious! It has the cutest details. I had a doll house growing up (I actually still have it!) made by guess who???? -of course, my Dad! He made the cutest furniture, I really need to dig it out of my crawl space and post it one of these days. My Mom made curtains for the windows and bedspreads for the beds. She cut out paintings and decorations from the Sear’s catalog for the walls and throw rugs for the floors. My Dad even made metal kitchen cabinets with little doors that opened and a kitchen sink. A metal table and chairs to look like the Chromecraft sets of the 60’s.
    It really was a labor of love…..I think I need to hug my Dad. ~ Robyn

  58. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    What a pretty house! My little girl always loved those doll houses, but she never got one.

    Oh and I would like to be included in Tablescape Tuesday if it’s not too late.

  59. Susan, just a reminder that I am all set for Tablescape Tuesday. Please put me down for tomorrow. I downloaded the logo/picture, and the strawberry china and I are ALL SET!!!! lol

  60. 9405018--Pat says

    Susan, what a beautiful doll house the details are amazing…thanks for sharing Pat H

  61. Oh what a darling little house!

    Please count me in for Tablescape Tuesday tomorrow….

  62. Susan, I love this doll house. I think I had seen it (maybe on RMS) and fell in love with it then. Your tiny garland and bows are just precious. I hope you’ll get to work on the inside of it some day. I think that would be such fun. laurie

  63. fitty's pinky rose cottage says

    Hi Susan, that is such a pretty doll house.. my daughter saw it and it stole her heart too!.. she hopes someday she will get one too.. thanks for sharing. have a great week.

  64. lvroftiques says

    Susan that sweet little house was sooo lucky to find you!! You’ve done such an amazing and charming job of decorating it! And your attention to detail is wonderful! I know the feeling your described exactly. That “I need to go back and get it now!” feeling. For me it’s about a 50/50 shot that the item of my desire is still there. I actually found a house with a very similar feeling (at least to me) to yours at a local antique store. However it was about 4’tall. Both the front and back opened to all the interior rooms. It wasn’t much money as I remember but I couldn’t think of where I would put it? Well after seeing your post…I have that “gotta go and check on it” feeling *winks* I’m sure I could find somewhere to put it!! Lol!! Vanna

  65. Vintage Linen Treasures says

    What a sweet little doll house. I don’t know much about them, but my brother and his late wife built two. I don’t remember much about the process except for all the individual roof tiles. The work and patience this takes is a little beyond me. Your doll house is so beautiful and inviting, that I want to come in for a cup of tea.
    Patricia :o)

  66. Suzie Button says

    Susan, I am SO glad you got your dollhouse! How amazing that it was just waiting for you to get it too! It’s just beautiful! Suzie

  67. lifeinredshoes says

    This little home is sweet…and so much easier to decorate for the holidays!

  68. imjacobsmom says

    Susan, don’t for get to count me in for Tablescape Tuesday! ~ Robyn

  69. Oh susan, You know me and a yellow house, there is nothing better in my book.I would love to be a little girl again and play with this house or better yet a big girl and live in a house like that.It is always a pleasure walking through life with Susan. Thank you for sharing. kathysue

  70. This is the prettiest dollhouse I have EVER seen! I love it!…..Your music on your blog is gorgeous too!

  71. What a fabulous find. Good for you!
    Enjoy it.
    -Lesa Swedeen

  72. Kathleen Ellis says

    Oh my! This dollhouse is exquisite! The color and the details…I would have “needed” it as well! You’ve done the most adorable embellishments!
    It does bring back memories of many days playing with my dolls…I loved dolls, still do! I was blessed to have 2 daughters who loved their dolls, as well…one of them until she was 10. I got to play right along with them…now, I’m praying for granddaughters!

  73. I want to live in your doll house, I am quiet and neat and could be there tomorrow!

  74. Your doll house is wonderful. I have built a few, and it’s a very well built house. You can make just about any miniature, so if you have the desire, just let me know.
    I’ll link you to my dollhouses.

    Just another mini-addict.

  75. Tamara Jansen says

    This doll house is absolutely fantastic! I wish I could have mini collection but I just have no time for it. Thanks for letting me enjoy it via photos 🙂

  76. Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents says

    Hi Susan! I'm sooo glad I looked back on your sidebar & clicked on this post! I adore dollhouses. Got my very own special one when I was in 3rd grade. Also gave my little granddaughter a spectacular one when she turned 10! I must picture it soon for a blog post!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely new find~and yes, that was a good bargain for such a detailed little house.

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  77. I truly have enjoyed your blog. I came to you thru “Happy Wonderer” As I viewed your doll “home” house, many memories came flooding back. My husband started making doll houses for our two youngest daughters 18yrs.ago. He made four houses and was working on the fifth when he became ill. He was a retired US Marine and as he worked with those little tools and did thewallpapering, I always thought of all the things those hands had to do in combat and over seas. We still have two of the houses and one looks just like your house. We treasure them like a beautiful peice of art work. Thank you for sharing your life and beautiful photos.

  78. I know that this is an older post of yours, but I felt I had to comment I adore your dollhouse and think it looks like you could nap on the porch….LOL…..also, my daughter received a special home such as yours 40 Christmas's ago…..and it was costly then. I think that Santa paid close to $400.oo for the house. Her house is furnished with my doll furniture from my childhood along with some antique pieces we have picked up at estate sales and such….like pewter plates and bowls. Both of her grandmothers made special things for the house. My mom hand painted a canvas and my dad had it professionally framed. She also made her several needlework pillows. Her other Nanna tatted the curtains and tiebacks for the drapes. Now that she is gone from us, the house is even more of a treasure. Yours will be handed down for generations….and yes, ours is yellow, also.

  79. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Phyllis, thanks! I love that little house, too. One of these days I'm going to renovate it and furnish it…it's a little sad on the inside right now.
    Your daughter's dollhouse sounds wonderful. I'd love to see pictures of it!

  80. hi Susan!i have a dollhouse like that ,but your one is cute than me!!!!

  81. Susan.. my aunt was over for dinner last night and she has been building dollhouses for years and years.
    I told her about your lovely dollhouse and she asked if I could show it to her so I clicked on your blog and brought her here for a peek.

    She gasped and said… ohhhh my.. it’s “The Washington” and someone has done some lovely customizing and taken great care in building that one!”

    She said it is from the 1970’s probably 76-79 and the stock kit didnt come with the dormer window on roof so that was added to yours by the builder, also your porch railing and a few other aspects have been changed which she said people sometimes do to make theirs “one of a kind” she thinks the little shake shingles on your roof were probably custom too because most of the kits came with straight edge shingles back then or none at all and you had to buy seperately.
    Sometimes doors/windows are purchased seperately as well.. and according to my aunt that can really add on the $$$$$… so she feels you got a wonderful deal considering it’s vintage and custom with several pricey additions. (like the dormer on roof etc)

    My aunt actually built a “Washington” herself back in the 70’s and thats how she recognized it immediately and knew the approximate year because it was the 2nd house she made and she knew that would put it mid to late 70’s.

    She also told me that the company is “Greenleaf” and they still have the “Washington” but now the kit looks more like a gingerbread house design but the same basic shape…. she knew yours was the “vintage” because of the look.

    After I drove her home and returned.. I decided to Google and sure enough.. it brought up this ebay auction.

    It definitely looks like your dollhouse without the dormer on roof and a few other small details and it’s says 1978.
    I have to admit…my aunt knows her dollhouses 🙂

    • Catalynn, thanks so much for this information! I’m so glad your Aunt recognized it. I’ve always wished I knew more about it! The little bit of info I had was what the antiques dealer that I bought it from told me. She said her Dad used to build dollhouses for her and that she had several. She said this was one of the ones he had made for her. She said she didn’t have room for them all anymore and that’s why she was selling some of them. Thinking back on that now, I don’t know how she parted with it. I’m so happy to learn more about it. Thanks so much for asking your aunt about it and showing her the pictures. I’ve never seen another one like it so I always wondered if it was somehow “customized.” One thing I noticed that’s a little different from the ebay picture is mine has a round window instead of the arched one in the attic. I wonder if mine is a slightly older version of The Washington…maybe they changed a few things over the years. I should have asked the owner how old she was when her dad made it…didn’t even think to ask that. Thanks again for all this great info! Love knowing as much as I can about it! 🙂

  82. You’re very welcome!
    I too noticed the difference in that window and wondered how it could have been customized since the hole would have been a much larger arch shape and yours has that cute little round window.
    I talked to my aunt earlier today and she said it very well could be an earlier version or the other alternative is when the builder applied the siding he could have sided over the arch shape and made it a circle instead. (Apparently that’s a popular change often done by experienced builders who customize their work)
    She said evidence of that type of alteration may be seen by looking on the inside of your house.
    Another option could be the builder fabricated that wall using the original wall as a template and then cut their own window shape, she’s done that herself from time to time.

    At any rate it’s definitely possible that your house is from an earlier version than 1978 and at that time it may have had a round window or no window at all.. she said they often revise these little house kits several times over the years.
    My aunt is working on a kit now that she purchased at a flea market and it’s from the 1940’s but still available today in a revised edition.
    She said that most of the manufacturers have changed the quality of the kits and often the wood isn’t as thick etc as it was years ago so whenever she can she purchases a “vintage” kit rather than buying new even if its the same floorplan.
    Some manufacturers included more finishing details with the older kits, like doors, windows, railings etc and they were typically of better quality.
    She said all of the lovely siding on your little house would have been a seperate purchase if from 1978 because the kit didnt come with any siding but if yours is an earlier version than 1978 the siding may have been included.. same thing with the darling little shingles on roof etc.

    At the end of the day, she said your little house has a lot of additional architectural details which really add $$$, not to mention the time and effort it takes to glue, sand, paint everything and do it with the care and precision thats evident when viewing your little gem!

    Our home is a Tudor style built about 35-40 years ago and I’ve often thought of having her build me a similar tudor house kit and customize to look like our house.
    I think it would be so much fun to have a tiny version of the house where we raised our family… maybe even decorate it in similar fashion.. that way if we ever move I’d always have it! 🙂

    • I looked and it looks like it was that way from the inside too…so maybe it was just another version of The Washington. 🙂 You know, it seems to be that way with so many things…they start cheapening things over the years. I don’t blame her for buying the older kits…I would be doing the same thing! I’m so glad I went back and bought it. I was a dummy to not get it the first time. I just wasn’t thinking about how much time/effort went into making it at first. Lots of man hours and lots of love goes into those sweet houses.
      Catalynn, I think that’s a brilliant idea! You should definitely ask her to do that! You sound like me…I get so attached to a house. I cried at the closing when we had to move and leave our first house after my husband was leaving active duty in the Army and we were moving to Atlanta.

    • Catalynn, you may enjoy this post if you haven’t seen it. I was having a little fun with my readers and the comments are hilarious! 🙂

  83. Susan you’re sooo clever and a great writer,,, what fun!! lol
    You had me in stitches reading the renovation post 🙂

    And I noticed something very interesting in the pictures.. if you look closely at this one
    I’m sure I see scoring on the plywood for an arch shaped window around the round window.
    I have pointed to what I see on this pic
    Sorry my green arrows went a bit fuzzy when I saved the pic in Paint program but I think you’ll see what I’m pointing to.

    Maybe because of the flash from the camera it is visible in the pic but not that easy to see looking in normal light?
    There’s even a spot where it looks like some of the arch has been chipped out like someone thought of making the arch window but chose to do the circle instead?
    Take a bright light and give it a close look… can’t wait to see what you think.
    At any rate I’m starting to feel like I’m in a Nancy Drew mystery! 🙂

    • I couldn’t see it when I looked yesterday but I can see the outline in that old post. I had a light shining in there when I took the pics for that old post so you can really see it. How interesting is that! I wonder why he decided to change it from an arched window to a round one. I like the round window better so I’m glad he did. They really did do some customizations, didn’t they. I guess they wanted their house to be different. Maybe he saw the round window on another house and decided he liked it.

  84. I totally agree with you Susan.. I prefer the look of the sweet little round window.

    Plus your house has the added dormers on roof which have square windows.. so an arch window of the same size in that area would seem a bit odd to me, like it was competing but out of sync with the others.
    No window at all would be too plain.
    Whereas the little round window is understated and an element of it’s own more like a decoration than a window.
    It’s perfect, just enough without taking away from the dormers.
    I really like the alterations the builder made, they add to the beauty, are tasteful, in harmony with each other and the size, style of the house.

    Plus best of all it’s unique and one of a kind! Love it 🙂

  85. Kelly Scott says

    I know this post is old, but I just had to put in my thoughts as well. Your little house is definitely the Washington made by Greenleaf. They are offering it again as a kit.

    It has been customized, what we who work with dollhouses call “kit bashing”. The original doors, windows, porch posts, and porch railings have all been replaced by Houseworks components. I really can’t tell about the dormer, though.

    As to the reason the little arch in the attic was changed, it’s probably because whoever built it wanted to replace that window as well and there are several miniature octagonal windows for sale. Some of them even have etched glass in them.

    The Greenleaf houses are very easy to customize. All you need is a straight edge and an exacto blade.

    I would guess the house is an older one, mainly because of the strawberry wallpaper pattern I can see through one of the windows. That’s called Wild Strawberry and was originally printed out by the Millie August Company. It’s a pattern that is still offered, but you hardly ever see it anymore.

    Is this the little yellow house that’s in the blue and yellow bedroom? I ran across that room somewhere recently and saved a picture of it because I love the colors blue and yellow, and was trying to think of some way to combine those colors in a dollhouse I’m currently building. Several people, who also work with miniatures, have seen the picture and we were all flipping out over how lovely the room is. The dollhouse? We see dollhouses all the time and we were so, “Look, a dollhouse. Oh, LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL THAT ROOM IS!”

    I wouldn’t be surprised one day if someone made a miniature room based on the bedroom and I bet they include a miniature of the little yellow dollhouse in it as well.

    • Kelly, thanks so much for all that great information and for the link. Yep, that definitely looks like the same house. What a funny word…kit bashing. I have to remember that. 🙂
      Yeah, I think it’s pretty old too because the antique dealer who sold it to me said her father built several dollhouses for her (including this one) when she was little…and she appeared to be in her 50’s if I’m remembering correctly.

      Yep, this the house in the blue and yellow guest room. Thanks so much for those kind words about my guest room! Appreciate that so much! I love that room still, even though I know some folks would consider it outdated. I always follow my heart which is rarely the current trend, if you know what I mean. 🙂

      You can see that more of the guest room in this room tour I did ages ago. The pictures aren’t the greatest since I had just started blogging and my photography was pretty lacking:

      Also, this page has links to all the posts I’ve done that involved the guest room. So click on any of these for better photos of that room:

      If you like blue and yellow rooms, you may enjoy checking out my upstairs family room that’s done in that same color scheme. It can be seen in this post:

      Thanks again for all that great info. I really love knowing more about this little yellow house that stole my heart so long ago. What is it about dollhouses…they have that power over us!

      You’ll find additional posts about that room here:
      Click on any of the links on that page above to access those posts.

  86. I’m building my 1st dollhouse now & have found yours so inspiring! For people that find minis too overwhelming, I make fun ‘dollhouse’ like displays on my wooden cheeseboard in my kitchen. I change it up each month. Check them out at @kmacandt It’s a fun way to play with minis & ‘doll’ your home up! Xoxo-t

  87. SharonFromMichigan says

    Oh Susan, what a sweet dollhouse. I follow your blog but I pulled up this post through Google as I acquired an older “pre-loved” dollhouse from my church. I decided to take it home and give it more love and decorate it inside and out for Christmas and we plan on selling it at our Christmas market. I was trying to figure out pricing for mine, and I think now these beautiful restored kit houses are selling for anywhere from $300 and up. I just love dollhouses and I’m having so much fun restoring it and wallpapering the inside and dreaming of how it will look after I’m done wallpapering the inside and making it cozy and festive. I have to admit I certainly have a fascination for dollhouses!

    • Thanks so much, Sharon! I really admire you for restoring it, I wouldn’t know even where to start restoring this one. I would love to see pics of your dollhouse after it’s done…I know it’s going to be wonderful!

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