Has To Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Welcome to the 313th Metamorphosis Monday!

How was your weekend? Hope it was restful and fun! I been working the last few days in the upstairs family room.

Upstairs Family, Bonus Room


When I put away all the Christmas decorations this year, I decided it was time to get better organized. Each year when it’s time to pull out the Christmas decorations, I dread it. This is why. As you can see, it’s jam-packed up under the bonus room eaves where everything gets stored. I know there’s lots of stuff under here that needs to be donated or tossed. I’m just always in too big of a hurry at Christmastime to get it done.

Holiday Decorations and Storage


So, this is how things were looking this weekend. I’ll be back in a few days to share the “After” and what I’ve done to get it under control. In the meantime, I have something to share that I thought might give you a giggle. When you’re going through closets and sorting through old things to make decisions on what to keep and what to donate, do you ever come across somthing you can’t part with though you know it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever use it again?

Christmas Decorations


This is my “I’ll probably never use it again but can’t part with it” item. I macramed this “Santa Christmas Card Holder” back in 1979. It was during the time we were living in a tiny, attic apartment in Aberdeen, Maryland while my husband was going through Officer Basic Training at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. To pass the time, I bought a book on macrame and taught myself to make the various knots. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, got macrame gifts for Christmas that year. Macrame was big back then!

Christmas Cards Displayed in Macrame Santa


Update: I just looked back at that old post I linked above where I showed some pictures of that tiny attic apartment and I think that’s Mr. Santa on the bed in the picture below…still in yarn form. Too funny! It’s either him or the Santa heads I made that year. They looked just like the Santa above, but without the long body part that holds the cards.

Tiny Attic Apartment


The little dark spot at the top on the left side of his head, is a cluster of jingle bells. You can’t see them very well since they are hidden down inside his wooly hair and beard. He seems to have woolied out even more over the years while he’s been in storage. lol

When Christmas cards arrived, they were tucked down inside the little pockets running down the front. No one macrames anymore, do they? I have friends who knit, knitting seems to have seen a little resurgence in the last few years. But not so for macrame. I think I’ll just store him back away. Maybe I’ll find a spot for him somewhere next year, a retro Christmas–70’s style. lol That would be fun!

Macrame Santa Holds Christmas Cards


Anyone else do any macrame back in the day? If so, what was the biggest project you ever made? I think Mr. Santa may have been mine…either that or a big lion’s head I made for my brother. 🙂

If you’re new to reading BNOTP, you can see more of the upstairs living room in this post: Creating An Upstairs Family Room

Upstairs Family, Bonus Room


Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful Before and After for this Met Monday!

Met Monday


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  1. Dear Susan – Yes indeed, it does have to get worse before it gets better. I think you are wise to hang onto your old Santa. You never know when macrame might make a come back! The only thing I ever made was an awful plant hanger. Remember those? I thought I was quite clever at the time. LOL!
    Thanks for hosting dear lady,

  2. Thanks for the Party, the first place I go on Monday Mornings. I have to say I’m also of the macrame generation, and the biggest thing I ever made was a wall hanging but I also made my share of plant hangers and I even made a purse. I believe the closest thing the current generation gets to in macrame are those friendship bracelets…I was teaching my niece a couple of knots and she already knew them through bracelets . There is still hope for the youngest generation 🙂

    • Oooh, I never made a purse. How did I miss out on that! I haven’t seen the friendship bracelets but they sound really cute. Joan, do you remember the beaded chokers we made back then? I think I’m wearing one my boyfriend made me in either my 9th or 10th grade picture. I loved those! 🙂

  3. The macrame santa is funny 😉 I am anxiously awaiting the reveal of your Christmas storage…I could really use some tips on organizing all of the holiday decorations!! Mine all go in a storage closet in the basement, and it looks like a Christmas tornado went through it!

  4. wow Susan, you really were into macrame! That was a big project, but he’s adorable, you should use him next year! I tried it once, but it was too complicated for me 🙂 Thanks for the Monday makeovers!

    • Thanks, Jenna! I think I will pull him out next year, although I don’t send out Christmas cards now so he may be kind of empty. That would be sad, wouldn’t it? HA! I guess I better send out some cards if I want some in return. 🙂

  5. Good morning sweet Susan! I sure did do macrame, in fact I worked in a macrame SHOP, called “Knot Just Beads”!!!!! Cute name, huh? I also would have sales and then give things as gifts too as you did. My neighbors all had plant hangers, made by me:) LOVE your Santa. I have a witch that I can not part with, I will have to get her out next Halloween for YOU!!! Have a great week. XO, Pinky

  6. Oh my, macrame! Yes, I had one of those huge owl hangings my sil made for me in my first apt. (actually wish I still had it – those things are hot in the vintage market for the 40-something crowd). I made a couple plant hangers too, back in the day. Your Santa is too cute – keep it! Happy last week of January – yay!, and thanks for hosting us, Susan.

  7. no macrame here but I thought it may be coming back into style.


  9. Great Santa! Yes I macramed a plant hanger! My that brings back memories.
    I still knit and crochet, but macrame……not a chance!!

  10. Our attic is jam packed too! Before returning the Christmas decor, Dearest and I tackled one section – decluttered that area – it felt good! I have plans for organizing the attic, over time it had become a place to store for us and for the children. Somethings will never be used! LOVE your Santa – I too have several sentimental things that I know I’ll never part with. Always a joy to join your party, I do appreciate you hosting,

  11. Susan, your Santa is super cute and I wouldn’t be able to part with him. I never did macrame but I did some other needlework, one in particular that I wish I still had!

    • What was the one you still wish you had? Many years ago I crocheted a beautiful short curtain panel that was meant to go across the large glass panel you often see on doors leading out to decks. It had two beautiful birds on it…love birds I guess, since they faced each other. It took many, many hours to make. Anyway, I couldn’t use it at the house we moved to so I loaned it to my neighbor for her door. When we moved, I didn’t ask for it back, that seemed rude to leave her with a bare door. Years later when I visited her, it was gone from the door so I have no idea what happened to it. I don’t think she understood the time that had gone into it since she didn’t crochet. So, hard lesson learned, be careful what you loan to folks.

  12. Your Santa is cute, Susan! I have a hard time parting with things I’ve made long ago too. My Dad was big into macramé in the late 70’s and I remember he made a huge white star that hung on the wall all trimmed out with fringe. He even made a macramé lamp shade! I wonder if they’re still floating around out there somewhere? XO

  13. This made me smile, Susan. I do remember macrame. In college, I had a friend who would macrame a plant hanger to raffle off at our ps parties to help pay for refreshments, lol! I also remember getting a machine owl wall hanging as a wedding gift in 1982. I plan on tackling my Christmas storage area …like you, I no doubt have many (many ny, many, many) decorations that I no longer use or want. I call it “thinning the herd!” Thanks a bunch for hosting – have a super week. Jane

    • Thanks, Jane! It takes longer than you think it will…making all those decisions about what to keep and what to donate. I’m always afraid down the road I’ll need it for something. If I feel this way, I can’t imagine how folks who went through the depression feel.

  14. Doesn’t it feel good to organize it all? I’ve been spending the past few weeks doing the same. Thanks for hosting and happy organizing. 🙂

  15. Susan,
    Thanks so much for the party!!


  16. Goof morning Susan!
    Thanks so much for hosting another fun party!
    I always enjoy my visits :0)
    Have a great week,

  17. Yep, I remember Macrame. I only did plant holders, for all those spider plants that everyone kept sharing! I did not save mine. Now your Santa is absolutely adorable! I do think macrame will come back. I am seeing granny squares everywhere and I do believe I was doing granny squares prior to the hanging plants LOL

    • I remember the spider plants! I had one! 🙂 I hope the needle arts don’t completely vanish one day. They can be so relaxing to do, especially crocheting and knitting which watching TV or riding on long trips.

  18. I went through the macramé phase too, but I didn’t do anything as ambitious as your Santa! That is adorable, and if I’d made that, I’d use it every year! I made a lot of those plant hangers and gave them as gifts. It made me smile to think about all of the people across the country who received macramé gifts that Christmas. Thank you for hosting, and good luck with the Christmas organization. I tried to do a little more of that this year too.

    • Thanks, Laurie! I may just pull him out and hang him up next year. He looks pretty happy to have been rediscovered. Oh, I bet there were a bunch of macrame gifts given in the 70’s and 80’s. 🙂

  19. Dear Susan,

    Moving has always given me a big impetus to clean out and pare down. But I don’t recommend the method. Very hard on the heart to move.

    Can I ask your stylish brain a question? We’re buying an elliptical for the house and while we need a regular work out, I don’t like what the thing will do to my house.

    The house is very modern — more so than I would like but it’s near my husband’s job — and I’ve fixed up the main floor in a cottage style that I really like. I could put the thing in my bedroom if it’s light enough. If it’s heavy I don’t want it crashing through the floor.

    And I don’t want to put it in the basement because — while it’s partially finished — it’s more of a messy playroom for my kids.

    Any suggestions where to put the thing?

    Thanks for everything!


    • Basements and bedrooms are popular places for tucking away the exercise equipment, especially if there’s a TV in there. A home office, if it’s big enough works, too. I’ve often seen them in little sitting areas off the master, in loft areas and small bonus/attic rooms, too. I think the most important thing is to put it where you can watch a TV or at least listen to the radio, that way you have something to entertain you while you work out. Bravo to you for doing that, Alley! I need to do more of that myself! 🙂

  20. Your Santa’s too cute to get rid of Susan !
    Back in the 70’s it was either macrame or ceramics – I ran to a ceramics kiln every week LMHO !!!
    Thanks so much for the party –

  21. I remember Macrame well, and even had one or two items. Remember the plant hangers of the 70’s? Yup. Had them 🙂

    P.S. When I submitted my link it said there was no back link but there was. Just thought you should know.

  22. I was macrame crazy a few years before you were. I made two very large plant hangers and some other things that I don’t remember off hand. I found it rewarding because it moved along fairly quickly and I could grasp it easily. Knitting is too complicated once you get past learning the basics of it. I keep trying to reduce my Christmas collection and have but somehow it still seems like an awful lot. I love that room- that clock is my favorite piece!

    • Thanks, Liz! Knitting is a lot harder. I picked gloves as the first thing to ever knit…teaching myself from a book. That was a sad looking glove. lol I never knitted the other one. I didn’t realize at the time that a glove it one of the hardest things to knit. Maybe I should try it again and just try knitting a thrown or scarf. Do you still have any of your macrame pieces?

  23. Gloria in PGH says

    Hi Susan! Boy, did your post take me down memory lane! Who didn’t to macramé in the 70’s and 80’s? All those plant hangers for the every growing population of spider plants!! I remember my sister doing a really cool macramé project – she covered a large jug type green glass bottle with a macramé cover, kinda like the raffia cover on a chianti bottle only much prettier and covering the whole bottle from neck to bottom. I wonder if she still has that bottle somewhere? It was a lot of work and it was really beautiful. Thanks for hosting today!

  24. Thanks for hosting Susan! I’ve done knitting and crocheting, but no macrame. I think back in the 70’s my mom made a plant hanger. I love your Santa! I wouldn’t part with him either.

  25. I had my first house in the 70’s with so many hanging plants on the macramé, I even knew how to make them and sold ceramic pots with plants with the macramé included !
    I’m so glad your essence is of a busy and ever so interested in everything kind of lady, this way our minds are busy and we can cope with loss so much more.
    There’s always something not happy or sweet we have to deal with sometimes in life… and I know this.
    I can’t wait to see your new upstairs. Thank you so much for the interesting party, as my house is clean of holiday décor, so it is a metamorphosis in itself, lol!
    Have a lovely week.

  26. Ha ha, Susan! You made me laugh! Oh yes, I do remember macrame. My mother-in-law made a similar macrame Santa but he was not a card holder…just the Santa head that hung from a door knob. I inherited it when I married my husband. lol The most I ever made was a few plant hangers and some very groovy belts and necklaces. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  27. Denise Marsden says

    Every year in January I go through this metamorphosis that it us time to clean out and get rid of. A couple of years ago, I got rid of some macrame plant hangers(like they were taking up so much room) —so sorry that I did just a few months after the fact when I was redecorating my porch. Every year I get rid of something and then regret it later!! If you get rid of your santa, will that really help free up space?? Besides, he is super cute-do not get rid of him!! Something hand made is a treasure and should be passed down if nothing else. Your story as to why you made him is a part of the item. If you can pass down, attach your story and then he will definitely be a treasure for generations to come!

  28. I need to do a metamorphosis at work. We are prepping for inventory. OMG! If anyone is in Virginia Beach and you are looking for napkins or tablecloths come on in! The things I have found that are on sale/clearance. Then after I finish a section I think….. I need to do a before and after of… my life!! LOL! Why does it take so long to unpack even after all the boxes are unpacked? UGH.

  29. This party brings me so much inspiration Monday morning. Helps to jumpstart my week. Thanks for taking the time to host. I have several areas I’m cleaning that are in the worse stage right now.

  30. I also made a macrame lions head!!! I hung it my son’s nursery. We had a zoo theme going on. Don’t know what ever happened to it. I’ve noticed lately that there are some nice bracelets that look to be macrame. Been thinking of giving it another try!

  31. Susan, I remember those Macrame Santas- what a blast from the past! I have so many Christmas decorations I’m keeping because they hold such special memories. Love the you idea of organizing Christmas decorations! Thanks for hosting another great link party!

  32. I adore that Santa! I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it either! I’ve never done macrame, but…don’t tell anyone…I love it! I am a product of the 70’s after all! 😉

  33. Donna Newton says

    Susan, that is so funny. I got married in 1979, my husband was in the Ordnance Office Advanced Course and we were living in Aberdeen too, in an apartment complex there. Macramé was really big during that time as I made several plant hangers. I think I may have them in a box somewhere in the attic, with assorted moving stickers on the box.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottasge says

      What a coincidence! You guys may have been at the restaurant or movie sometime. Maybe you even met but don’t know it. Haha. That’s fun. 🙂

  34. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    Hi, I never did macrame but I AM getting ready to put my silver in an accessible drawer in my dining room so that I don’t have to lift a heavy silver chest from the bottom of a butler’s pantry to use. I will use my silver if I can pull a drawer, and “voila” it is there to pick through. One drawer in my antique sideboard is lined with silver cloth already. I am lining some wooden boxes with silver cloth to keep pieces separated and organized for another drawer. It is one of numerous winter projects on a long list of “to do’s.” I am never bored with winter.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Oh gosh, Sherry, that’s me! I have so many winter projects but that’s when I like to get things done .. so they’ll be ready for Spring!

  35. Things indeed do get worse before they get better! Thank you for the always fun party!!

    Many blessings,
    Pam (www.everydaliving.me)

  36. melissa smith says

    Oh I love your santa!! You should put it out at Christmas. I would. Yes I sure did macrame. .1976 the year my daughter was born, I was given a beautiful baby macrame plant hanger. Then I took a quick lesson and made the usual plant hangers.haha. Geez I wish I i still had one. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  37. I love all that you do….but when you subscribe to different places of interest, where do you subscribe?
    Thank you

  38. Yes, yes, macrame is coming back. My 24 yr old niece was looking for a craft
    to do as a “stay at home mom” and came home with macrame, how to book and excited to make a pot hanger. I also went through that phase back when.
    Made a purse which turned out pretty good. Mmmm, wonder what ever happened to it? LOL! Love the santa.

  39. I love your Santa- keep him !!! I did macrame in that time too – lots of plant hangers !!!! Wish I still had them 🙂

  40. Just the word “macrame” takes me back to the 70s! I never did any myself, but I do remember it was everywhere. My SIL made us a huge wall hanging. Have no idea where it went? The hangers for plants eventually fell apart I suspect. Your little Santa card holder is cute. You should definitely hang onto him just for sentimental reasons. My childhood Christmas stocking sits in my Christmas closet, but I’d never part with it. Too many wonderful memories associated with it!

  41. I’ve always loved your upstairs family room, and it was nice to see it again today. I had to laugh when I saw your macrame Santa because I was expecting a simple macrame plant hanger that was popular back then and that a lot of us old hippies made. Leave it to you to take macrame to a whole other level with your cute Santa card holder. It just may be the most ornate macrame project I’ve ever seen! You are always inspiring, Susan, even with your blasts from the past. Very cute!

  42. I have been purging, too…yikes! And I understand about not being able to part with macrame…so much work! lol Have a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  43. Hi,Susan! I have this same Santa (except mine is not a card holder: it’s just the head). I bought it from the ambitious crafter who was selling Christmas things d00r-to-door. I just don’t have the heart to part with him. I think I’ve kept him all these years because I’ve always been impressed with the obvious effort needed to complete him. Amazingly, his beard is still bright white! I think I just might bring him out next Christmas: the grandkids would probably get a kick out of him! Rosie

  44. My sister was “smitten” with macrame…think she still has the “twin” to your Santa…curtains, plant hangers, oh, my!! franki

  45. Thanks for the party, Susan!

  46. I have followed your blog for awhile now and I am always excited to read your posts. I did macrame back in the day. My now ex-husband was military as well and while he was busy being military, I was a macrame queen. My biggest projects however were plant hangers. Some were quite elaborate. 🙂 What memories. 🙂 Thank you.

  47. Yes, I did macrame but now I can’t remember how it’s done or what I made, except maybe a plant hanger or two. I bet it will come back like so many old crafts but with a new twist!

  48. I love the Santa! I would use it because of all the time and effort you put into making him. He is really a fun Christmas decoration! Don’t get rid of him just because macrame isn’t in style. You can be the first to resurrect the craft. Love him.


  49. Macrame? Ha! That was all the rage when I was younger and I remember my older sisters had purses and wall hangings and I wanted them so bad! It’s funny what we hold on to, isn’t it? I have so many things in storage that really should go…but won’t! 🙂 Thanks for the party!

  50. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Ahhh … macrame. That’s a blast from the past, lol. I made several macrame plant hangers. I had them in different lengths. The plants really did look very pretty in them against the natural colored jute. I had beads in a couple of them. I don’t believe I ever attempted anything more complicated than that. But I love that you jumped in feet first with a big project like Santa. And with typical Susan style, you did a great job; he looks perfect. You should keep him and you should display him. It would be so much fun for your friends and family to see him hanging there holding all their cards. 🙂

    I have to say, I re-organized my Christmas stuff this year and it is a thing of beauty, lol. I just love Christmas so much and love it to be fun and not stressful. I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better when you get yours how you want it, as well.

    Oh, and as for your mean old witch, when we were young, we moved a lot. All over the country, in fact. I bet we’ve moved 20 times. Never got a deposit back. Even when we left things better than we found them. There are a lot of mean old witches and warlocks out there. 🙁

  51. My name is Megan and I am guilty of making a macramé plant hanger!! 🙂
    Susan, I had forgotten all about macramé, it was a one off, never to be repeated again.
    In our last home, we had storage like yours under the eaves and without fail, I hit my head each time going in or out. It held a lot of things though, and although I suffered constant concussion, I would prefer to now, which means going down (hubby) into the crawl space.
    I love your Santa and think you should keep him.
    Looking forward to seeing your end result!!

  52. Susan…you should see our bonus room…it is a rather large room and it is filled, filled to the brim with Christmas decorations…I have most of the decorations taken down in the house, but they are in the bonus room waiting to be placed in their proper containers…I hope to try and part with some of them too…I love Macrame Santa!…I used to macrame too…are we dating ourselves?….I mainly did hanging plant holders…you know the ones with the multiple rings at the top and elaborate designs beneath the pot?!…All things come full circle, so you just never know!…I used to love to do that while my son was napping!…Have a great week and thanks for being a great hostess Susan!

  53. Susan – macrame was one of those things that might have been close to a right of passage in the 70’s lol. I had a bathroom with a built in tub but no shower so my macrame project was a huge room divider thing to separate the tub from the rest of the room. It did not last through the past decades but I will always remember the work I put into that – it was, of course, done in place. Have fun with your organizing – wonder what other blasts from the past you will find.

  54. Dorinda Selke says

    Hi Susan – Hello from Blizzardville ! Just got back in from stocking up with all those necessities one needs because gosh, we might not get out of our homes for a day or two ! Sat down with a cup of coffee and started to read today’s BNOTP – got a chuckle about the macrame’ – my girlfriend and I taught ourselves how to macrame’ back in the day and we made these green trees with long red wooden beans knotted into the piece as ornaments. I really love it and hang it every year, I think I made it back in 1978 or 79 – so it has graced my home since I got married in 1981 LOL – One of these days, macrame’ will be back around 🙂 Good luck with your cleaning – Hugs, Dorinda

  55. Susan, how have you not displayed him at least some of the time, over these past blogging years? I officially promote him to “will use again (Dec 2015) so can’t part with him.” There, done! Maybe he could hold Christmas photos of son/grandson through the years?

  56. He is a lovely macrame santa. How funny you shold mention macrame, I was thinking of that today only more about macrame plant hangers that we had hanging in the living room with a house plant in it, and it was in the mid 1970’s as well. We have been decorating over the weekend and today, and one of the places we papered was our small front porch, my husband said to me today that there was a small hook hanging from the ceiling and it made me wonder if the previous owners of the house had a macrame plant holder hanging there.

  57. Edith Bice says

    Oh, this brings back memories. I was into macrame in the early to mid 70’s. My husband and I had a townhouse in the Atlanta area with a patio perfect for plants. It had an overhang and I made tons of plant hangers. I also gave gifts one Christmas to my family of plant hangers and purses that I had macramed. I love your Santa and you should keep him and use him next Christmas! I am actually thinking of buying a book on macrame and refreshing my memory so I can make some items. I remember adding decorative beads and fringe to my projects. What fun it was!

  58. I never learned macrame, but I used to carry it in my shop in the early 70s. I never saw anything this cute! I did carry a hippiefied handbag with beads that was pretty popular though.

  59. Sadly, I excel at finding things I will never use but cannot part with all of the time. When we moved from Idaho to Texas last year the movers told me they could not believe how much “stuff” I had accumulated. They didn’t think it was going to be such a big job until they started opening closet doors 😉 I think I am border-line hoarder!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  60. Susan,
    I still have a bracelet from when I did macrame in high school. We would use beads. We called them friendship bracelets then.

    Do you remember gum wrapper chains? I had a chain that was sooo long!!


  61. …oh!…my yes…I remember…every female teacher in the teachers’ lounge was either crocheting or macramaing back in the early 70s…I would never part with that sweet santa…he is part of who you were…and help lead to who you are today…blessings laney

  62. Great Santa! Way back when I made an (awful) owl plant hanger. Maybe when you have grandchildren they will think it is so cool because you made it.

  63. oh yeah I love him, hope to see him next Christmas

  64. Hiya Susan! Love your blog and always look forward to the updates! While I appreciated your macrame story, I couldn’t stop staring at the amazing rabbit stained glass hanging in the window! Love, love, love it! Any chance you have a source for it? Thanks so much!

    • Thanks, Vicki! I bought the painted window in a local antique shop about 15 years or so ago. Unfortunately, the shop is no longer there. I remember they said they got the windows from a woman who painted them in Florida. It’s signed Janet Moses, 1998.

  65. Thanks for hosting Susan. After Christmas is an inspiring time to organize for me too! Liz http://www.HometoCottage.com

  66. Susan, I made that same Santa card holder, a Christmas tree hanging, a side table, purses, tissue box holders, bathroom tissue holder, candy cane and reindeer ornaments, etc. I’d come home from work and knot away all evening. I must have been possessed. My husband refuses to get rid of these things although I have tried on many occasions. He would hang them if I’d let him. Scary, right?

    • lol Wow, that is impressive, LoisAnn! That is a lot of macrameing! It was fun, wasn’t it. Hey, I’ll hang my Santa next Christmas if you’ll hang yours. You can hang it and send me a picture and I’ll post them together on the blog. 🙂

  67. I still have a macramé dish towel holder in red twine with green beads that held a Christmas dish towel. I made it for my grandmother, also in 1979! Do you remember when baby wipes came in pop-up containers? I have a macramé baby wipe holder in pastels that hung by the crib…you put the baby wipe container in upside down and pulled. Thanks for the blast from the past!

  68. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, I love Santa — he is just too cute and in such good condition. I did ceramics while my sister made the plant hangers like everyone else! I agree with the statement mentioned above to hang him and place lots of pictures of your grandson in him. How precious. I really enjoyed looking at your first apartment. I can relate, our first apartment was very similar with the yellows and browns and very small. What young love will do and live in just to be together. Thanks for sharing. I too am planning on reorganizing the storage part of the basement, but I don’t think I can part with some of my favorite old decorations, they just stay in a box called “vintage”. haha.

  69. Thanks for hosting! Happy Week! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  70. Thanks for the post, Susan. My husband and I were talking just the other day about the days when macramé was so popular. He also learned how to macramé back then and even made me and my daughter a purse. Still have them and could never part with them.

  71. I macramed in the 70’s too. It was usually plant hangers. I also spent time in Army housing where there is not much to do when first married and no kids. Macrame was fun and cheap!

  72. OMGosh, Susan! You must have had a LOT of time on your hands to make that macrame Santa card holder…not to mention patience. I don’t blame you for keeping him. Lots of memories there.
    I think the only macrame thing I ever made was a key ring. Guess that shows you how much patience I have….not much. 🙂

  73. Why not convert your macramé Santa to an Advent Calendar? You could use ribbons to add little gifts outside the pockets. Or, maybe fill the pockets with small gifts and ask your guest(s) to choose a parting gift as a small token of the visit.

  74. marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    I remember well being taught to make a macrame plant holder by a friend. C’mon, now, it was kuul!! How we’ve evolved. Definitely save your Santa cardholder; I’ve pitched sweet things like that that I wish I hadn’t — just one or two items from the way back is kind of wonderful to have tucked away.

  75. I actually like the Santa card holder; cute little decoration. You did a fabulous job with the room and have inspired me to (do I dare?) open my Fibber McGee closet and get started. Thanks for the inspiration!

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