Christmas Tablescape With A Fresh Magnolia and Nandina Berry Centerpiece

Welcome to the 326th Tablescape Thursday!

How can it be December 11th already? Wow, this month is really flying by! I’m sharing a fun little Christmas table setting this week for Tablescape Thursday.

Christmas Table Setting With Mercury Glass Tree Centerpiece



We’re in the breakfast room since it’s way too cold out for dining on the porch.

Christmas Tablescape


I’m still loving all things plaid so I chose tartan dishware for this week’s table. The tartan dinner plates are ironstone by Nikko. They don’t have a pattern name on back. I found them on eBay earlier in the fall. White chargers are from Horchow back in 2008. Update: Pattern name for the plaid dinner plates is: Tartan Plaid. Thanks Marlis for sharing that pattern name. πŸ™‚

Christmas Table Setting, Tartan Plaid Plates


Santa plates are by Cosmos Gifts Corporation and they came from HomeGoods many years ago. They are probably appetizer or dessert plates but they are acting as salad plates for our table this week. Flatware is from Pier 1 a couple of years back.

Plaid Tartan Plates


Red goblets are by Mikasa and I think I found the snowflake wine glasses in Marshalls. They were either $1.99 or $2.99 per stem, forgotten which now.

Santa Plates For Christmas


I love Santa’s sweet face…would love to meet the person who created the original mold for these.

Santa Plate


Napkins are Martha Stewart brand and came from Macy’s many years ago.

Red Flatware


The Ho, Ho, Ho napkin rings are from A Classy Flea.

Christmas Napkin Rings


They seemed like a good choice for a table setting with Santa plates. πŸ™‚

Ho Ho Ho Christmas Napkin Rings


Centerpiece is composed of one of the mercury glass Christmas trees I’ve use so often in previous Christmas tablescapes. It’s surrounded with fresh magnolia leaves and nandina berries from the yard. My nandina bushes are loaded with berries this year. I just love decorating with the berries!

Magnolia and Nandina Centerpiece For Christmas Table


Are you all done with your Christmas shopping? I’m about 99% done…just a little bit more to go.

Christmas Tablescape


Merry Christmas!

Christmas Table Setting With Mercury Glass Tree Centerpiece

Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. How festive! As always, thanks for hosting Tablescape Thursday!

    Blessings, Pam

  2. Susan,
    Love the table, I am a tartan plaid super fan! I have been thinking of you since I saw little Christmas tree place card holders at the web site for Big Lots. The big tree in the middle of your table reminded me of them. I do not work for or have stock in Big Lots, so here’s the site for you:
    Have a great day!

  3. Susan, the tartan plates are one of my favorites! I just ordered my hubby a tie in a very similar pattern πŸ™‚ Love the Santa plates! Hard to believe that Christmas is two weeks from today. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Susan, I’m crazy about your table for a number of reasons. I always like to cut my nandina for my Christmas table (at the last minute! those berries want to roll everywhere) along with my magnolia – nothing beats their beauty, IMO. I love those tartan plates – I was scouring eBay this Fall too (was that YOU that won me out? jk!). I love the flatware too – which, so far, I’ve managed to curb my enthusiasm against buying as many sets as dishes I own. I did trade for a set from my sister which my mom once had, so that’ll do for now. Thanks for hosting this unique party of a unique bunch of us that so love the presentation of a table. I’ve got my holiday tables on!

    • Rita, lol were you watching me set this table yesterday? I kept getting the berry branches tangled with each other after I brought them in and berries were rolling everywhere. I think there are still some downstairs on the kitchen floor that I need to go clean up. They are such a gorgeous fire red…I love them, too! The nandina foliage seems to wilt pretty quickly but the berries last for weeks and weeks, looking great. Has that been your experience, too?
      lol about eBay. I think I purchased those in a Buy Now sale, but can’t remember. I usually look for a good Buy Now since I don’t like bidding wars. Merry Christmas, Rita!

  5. Ho Ho Ho Susan! I love your plaid plates and have those same Santa plates that I shared this week. Your mercury glass tree makes a wonderful centerpiece with the magnolia and nandina berries! My MIL had loads of nandina berries I used to be able to help myself to for Christmas decorating but she moved, gosh darn it πŸ™‚ I’m going to have to break down and plant some for the berries. Thanks for hosting.

    • Did you find your Santa plates at HomeGoods, Mary? I think that’s where I found mine. I need to go back and look at the very first table setting I ever used them in to double check. My memory is awful about where I buy stuff after a year or two goes by. Yes, if you plant bushes now, you’ll probably have berries by next Christmas. Those bushes grow amazingly fast. I need to drastically trim my back now…they are super tall and leggy this year.

  6. Oh Susan! You continue to top yourself on tablescapes! I have learned so much from your lovely blog! Thank you ever so much for bringing us such beautiful inspiration! Wishing you a beautiful Christmas season! Hugs!!!!

  7. OMG Susan,
    as always there’s nothing I don’t love about your tablescape! πŸ™‚
    Those tartan dishes and oh, those candy cane HoHoHo napkin rings! Everything is so pretty!
    Plus, in this case, I wouldn’t even mind using (pretty) plastic cutlery πŸ™‚ to avoid scratches on those beautiful Santa plates… πŸ˜‰
    ~Hugs to you~

    • Aww, thanks Cecilia! I love those silly Santa plates. You know, dish manufactures are making such pretty plates these days, you almost feel like you’re eating off of art, don’t you?

  8. I love your centerpiece Susan! Stunning! Perfect with your Santa plates and plaid! The HO napkin rings are too much fun! Thanks for the party today, always a favorite!

  9. Susan, gorgeous as usual. The name of the Nikko set is Tartan Plaid. It’s been one of my faves. Those Santa plates remind me of Fitz and Floyd. Almost done shopping, yay for online. Have a happy day! Xo Marlis

    • Thanks, Marlis! I added that info to the post. I just noticed they have Santa plates by that same company on eBay…just a slightly different pattern but still a Santa.

  10. Hi, Susan! I love this table! You’ve so captured the feeling of the season with your darling tartan plaid plates and your handsome Santa! (love the Christmas greenery surrounding his hat). Please have a wonderful Christmas. You do so much to bring an appreciation of a beautiful home to our lives that you deserve the best at this season and always. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Rosie

  11. Your “mix and match” is ALWAYS MARVELOUS!! Snowflake goblets…must have snowflake goblets… franki

  12. Magnolia leaves make for such good arrangements. Love this table because its happy in its simplicity, perfect for the season.

  13. Hi,
    Tell us about the red handled silverware. I have forgotten its brand name and where to purchase it. How has it held up for you? Thank you. I LOVE your posts every single day and the tablescapes most of all! And of course–that plaid bedroom you’ve been putting together! Thank you for all your creativity. You are more than talented & skilled.
    Julie W.

  14. Another beautiful table, Susan! Your tables are always so inspiring – in fact, I used one of them as my “copy cat” inspiration for Kathleen’s Challenge this week. Thank you for sharing your vision with us each week and for hosting a merry party!! Zenda

  15. I love this tablescape Susan, specially the stack of each lovely plate, starting from with the white charger, plaid plate and adorable Santa plate! The tall mercury glass tree as main element is fabulous! Another great inspiration for us.
    Thank you for the great TT. Enjoy your holidays season my friend.

  16. Hi Susan,
    As always you have created another magnificent tablescape. Thanks to you and others for inspiring me to try and reach for the top! I just discovered magnolia leaves this year, from a local antique shop that was using them in displays. She was kind enough to tell me about a local tree that I could harvest some from πŸ™‚ I, also, have been eying that red flatware and considering adding it to my collection. I am a big lover of red and I know that I would use it often.
    Thank you for hosting your parties and for bringing so many visitors over to my blog….Happy Holidays to you!

    • JP, I think you would like it. What I liked about it was that it’s not too bright…kind of a cinnamon red so it works with a lot of different settings. Good score on finding a magnolia tree! I guess it was the first owners of this house that planted the one in my front yard. It’s way too close to the house but I just “prune” it each year when I decorate. Could never bear to cut it down, though it is a bit close.

  17. Susan, this table is so much fun. I love those Santa plates. If you ever decide you have to many plates and want to get rid of them, I’ll buy them. However, they look so great on the plaid plates that I might need to buy those too. Your centerpiece is so pretty. I like everything on this table. laurie

  18. Love that tartan plaid pattern. I saw them this year and they are still available as new. I have a Nikko Christmastime collection and I was tempted to buy these to go with them. Those Santa plates are one of my favorites and the pretty mercury glass tree looks perfect with the magnolia leaves. Have you ever heard of “Wilt-pruf” spray? It’s supposed to help extend the life of natural materials like these by adding a protective coating that greatly extends the life by holding moisture in.
    Thank you for hosting!

  19. What a pretty table, Susan!! I don’t blame you for setting it up inside, brrr — you wouldn’t believe the bitter wind we had here in N.C. yesterday. I love, love the Santa plates and the tartan plaid plates! There are so many elements to love on this table — the pretty napkins, the snowflake goblets, and the beautiful centerpiece. Our Nandina bushes are loaded with berries, too. The old wives’ tale says that means a cold winter (Yikes). πŸ™‚

    Thanks for hosting the party, Susan, and have a wonderful day!



  20. Beautiful! I’m mad about plaid at Christmas and this is perfect with the pretty Santa plates! I always liked those and wished I had some! I like everything about this – the white wicker looks so pretty with the plaids and Christmas colors! Those snowflake goblets are neat!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Merry Christmas!


  21. So lovely, I love all the tartan plaid. Those Santa plates are just the ticket!

  22. Lovely, Susan! Don’t you have the Tartan plates from Pottery Barn? I thought you did. I haven’t used mine yet this year, but I am working on it!
    Thanks for hosting!

  23. Beautiful table as usual, Susan. have a nice Christmas season…Christine

  24. Susan, I love that mercury glass tree that you’ve used as a centerpiece! It is especially pretty surrounded by the magnolia leaves and the nandina berries. My bush is not producing those gorgeous berries so I may have to plant another! I linked up a tablescape using the little white wheelbarrow ornaments! πŸ™‚

  25. Kathy Amerson says

    I think this table setting is adorable! Now I will be on the lookout for tartan plaid plates! I do have a (probably silly) question. Every time I see one of these table settings with the plates all stacked up, I wonder how you are supposed to serve the food. The guests definitely need to see the plates all stacked up like that, but then do you just take them all off down to the charger when it’s time to serve the food. What is the process?

    • Thanks, Kathy! Usually when I have a friends over for a dinner party, folks just grab their salad plate and help themselves to salad. Once they are done, I take those away and everyone grabs their dinner plate and heads for the food which is usually spread out along the counter. I don’t normally put the food on the table since it would really crowd the table out, even if I didn’t have a centerpiece on the table. I leave the charger in place throughout the meal, removing it when everyone is done and before dessert is served. You can do that or you can remove the charger when the salad plate is taken away. Either way is consider fine…I just love seeing it so I leave it during the meal. If you have a large table and enough space, you can eat the salad and the meal at the same time. I have enough space on my breakfast table normally to do that and enough room on my dining room table if there are only four of us having dinner. Hope that helps explain how we do it. πŸ™‚

      • Kathy Amerson says

        Oh! You must have a wonderful big buffet in your dining room to hold the food and then everyone just takes their plate and serves themselves. Your dining room must be much bigger than mine! That would be so much easier than bringing in each guest’s plate individually from the kitchen. I have to think how I could do this with my limited space and smaller dining room table.

        I have read your blog for several years now and absolutely love your house! My favorite room is the one with the beautiful wood paneling, which always looks so warm and cozy. Thank you for sharing your wonderful home and great ideas!

        • Thanks, Kathy! That room is what sold us on this house because the rest of the house was badly in need of updating! lol
          Actually, the buffet works better for the desserts like you can see in this post:
          The food usually gets placed on the counter…did I say buffet…if I did I meant, the kitchen counter. I have a pretty small kitchen but I just start with the entrees at one end of the counter and then next come the vegetables and other dishes. It works pretty well that way if you have a pretty good size group. If you have a big island in your kitchen, that would work well, too. Also, folks can easily go back for seconds, etc… I usually put the tea or wine on the buffet nearby for refills during the meal.

  26. Your table is wonderfully festive, Susan! I *especially* adore your live greenery and berries – the real stuff makes every difference!

    I am doing Christmas easier this year and pretty much doling out dough – has gotten to the point where I don’t know what everyone wants and needs- and it is so much nicer to get more “bang for your post-Christmas buck” after the holiday. All hostess gifts, etc. have been done for a while.

    Gotta do lots of baking this weekend, I feel behind but don’t think I am technically- just feels like it this week because I have been SO busy. All good stuff, no complaints. Hugs.

  27. I have always seen the mercury trees in groups, but this tall one going solo is just stunning. Especially with all the fresh greens and berries. Beautiful. I would eat very slowly to enjoy it all longer πŸ™‚

  28. Your tablescape is so charming. Every little detail is perfect. You know I love the tartan too! Thanks Susan.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  29. I’m sorry it’s too chilly to sit out on your porch! I just never thought of it as being that cool in the South. Live and learn, I suppose! πŸ™‚

    I love the tablescape this week with those fabulous magnolia leaves! Now THAT’S something one can’t readily get their fat little fingers on around here!!! They really are a fabulous decorating element, and I envy those of you in the warmer climates with them growing all around you!

  30. Susan ~ Love your Christmas table! It’s so festive with the Santa faces! I am having lots of computer trouble today so I feel fortunate that I am able to link up and now comment.

  31. What a darling table! I love the “HoHoHo” napkin rings with the Santa plates, and of course, a touch of tartan. I’m hoping to do some magnolia leaf swags on my porch so was happy to see them in your centerpiece.

  32. bobbi duncan says

    Hi! Between watching the snow falling outside and viewing your lovely table setting my heart is filled with such a festive feeling. I am so in love with your Santa plates…they are the nicest ones ever! I keep searching for ones as adorable, to no avail. The magnolia and nandina are always a beautiful look…so glad magnolias grow this far north because I love to use them in my winter dΓ©cor settings, especially if I want to create the natural Williamsburg look with fruits and such. Thanks for hosting today…so many ideas, so little $ left from all the Xmas shopping. LOL!

  33. GORGEOUS Susan!! Love those dishes!!

  34. Susan, this is adorable. I want to have a meal at this precious table.

  35. I’m in love with those tartain plates, too. Beautiful table, as usual.

  36. One of your prettiest tablescapes yet, imo. Love the leaves and berries with the mercury glass. Question please, I purchased nandinas this fall super cheap, planning to plant them for semi privacy and those gorgeous berries. Now I have been told they are super invasive. I am in your growing zone…..have you had any problems with nandinas going crazy? Really enjoy your blog. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Jae! I would never think of Nandinas as being invasive. The kind that have the berries, Nandina Domestica, grow quickly, so they get tall fast, but mine don’t spread that quickly or invade anything. The biggest complaint you normally hear about Nandinas is that they can get tall and leggy looking. Instead of just cutting them off at the top when they start to get tall and leggy, they recommend you choose a couple of stalks at the bottom and cut those off near the ground. Read up on how to prune them. Just cutting them off at the top doesn’t make them “fill out” like it does on a lot of shrubs, so if you cut some of the stalks off near the ground, you get new growth that fills in around the long, leggier stalks. I’ve also grown Nandina Purpurea and Nandina Firepower for their beautiful foliage, but they don’t get berries.
      Since Nandina Domestica, the kind that’s gets berries, can look leggy and not so attractive (unless pruned properly) a lot of folks don’t use them for foundation plantings on the front of a home. I moved mine to the back yard for that reason because I’m not good about remembering to prune them. I’m going to do that year though because mine have gotten too tall. I love them and always want to have some in my yard because the berries are so beautiful for decorating and they produce so many berries!
      So, in summary, I don’t think they are invasive, they just grow really tall really fast so they do require some regular pruning to keep them looking attractive and to keep them from not getting too tall, too fast. They are hardy and grow very easily in our area…love that!

    • Well, Wikipedia says it’s invasive. lol Mine has never been that way. You may want to read up on it before you plant it.

  37. I do love the plaid plates that you used, they are perfect with the Santa plates. I wish I had a green anything in the yard right now that I could use in a centerpiece. I love the snowflake wine glasses, I have a couple of sets on snowflake wineglasses but they are mostly blue. I did score eight snowflake milk glasses this week for 50 cents each at our local Marc’s store (gosh I love that store!). I noticed the napkins look like the ones you used in your Dept. 56 tablescape post. I looked and looked for something similar to them to use in my copycat post for Kathleen’s challenge this week but I ended up using a plain red napkin, they look good but I wish I had found some more like yours. I do hope you stop by and let me know what you think. Have a wonderful weekend….. Candy

  38. Susan – love this setting! That tartan is just so Christmasy to me. And those Santa plates “sleigh” me!! (sorry couldn’t resist) Lol

    I think I always love your Christmas settings most of all. You capture a mood and beauty to each setting perfect for the occasion. So fun.

    I’m about 99% done with shopping too. Yay us! Time to sip some nog and soak up the season a bit.

  39. Hi Susan,
    Love this table, as usual. You always create the most gorgeous table around.
    Love the plaid and the magnolia leaves. Sure wish there was some place around her I could get my hands on some!! lol
    I remember people making wreaths out of those when I was a kid and they
    were so pretty, and love their lil pods with those beautiful shiny red seeds.
    All so Christmasy………..

    May all the blessings of the Christmas season be yours hon,

    Oh yea, and thanks for hosting this fun party.

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