Classic Design Doesn’t Equal Stuffy or Staid

One of my favorite designers is Jackie Higgins with Beach Glass Designs. Anyone who says traditional, classic design is old school, stuffy and boring, hasn’t seen her work! Today I’m sharing three bedrooms she designed and they all clearly prove that classic design can feel fresh, energetic and gorgeous!

Bedroom #1

I’m starting off with my favorite. I’m not normally a big chevron fan but I love the draperies in this bedroom. They are beautiful contrasting with the rich wood tone of the bed, the navy blue of the walls and the fabulous blue, nautical-star rug.

Navy and Yellow Bedroom


I’m so used to seeing Federal mirrors in formal living and dining rooms. This one is such a great focal point here and I absolutely love how it looks paired with the navy and gold nautical feel of this room.

Blue Navy and Yellow Bedroom


Bedroom #2

Aquas and teals are so popular right now. The mix of teal, white and shades of gray feels so fresh. The single, gold pillow adds a burst of energy to an otherwise very serene, calm space.

Aqua & White Bedroom


The mirrored pieces work so well with the blues and grays. They also add a touch of glamour, perfect for a bedroom!

Aqua Blue and White Bedroom


This is my favorite part of this bedroom. Love those draperies and love those chairs!

Beautiful Teal & White Trellis Pattern Draperies


Bedroom #3

There are so many ways to do a blue and white bedroom and they all feel completely different, don’t they? I think what makes this bedroom so beautiful is the contrast of the rich wood tones in the bed and flooring against the fresh, clean feel of the white bedding and the pretty blue walls. What color would you call the walls? Is this a periwinkle or sky blue? I don’t think it’s quite a Williamsburg blue.

Blue and White for The Bedroom


Love this little reading corner!

Blue and White Bedroom


So, which bedroom was your favorite?

See more of Jackie’s beautiful designs at Beach Glass Designs.

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Beautiful Blue and White Bedroom

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  1. My favorite is bedroom 3#! It looks like the blue is periwinkle and it contrasts beautifully against the white trim, accents and upholstery! The room is very relaxing and inviting. I love the dark wood tones against the white and blue. It’s a winner for me!

  2. The 2nd one is my favorite. Even though it has details I usually find tacky (like mirrored cabinets and animal prints) they are incorporated beautifully. It is a modern feminine bedroom (for me at least).

    All 3 are gorgeous, each responding to a different persona.

  3. Jean from Georgia says

    Bedroom #2 is just splendid. I have 5 windows in my bedroom, all covered by plantation shutters. This room inspires me to remove the shutters and let the sun shine in – drapes for that amount of windows will be pricey, but, oh, so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing three beautiful rooms.

  4. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Hi Susan, this is another designer with whom I am unfamiliar! I learn so much from your posts. While all three bedrooms have their good points, the wall color of bedroom # 3 is so gorgeous, I have to pick that one. I also like the contrast between the white woodwork and the ebony floors. Very appealing!

  5. Charlotte says

    Bedroom #3 is my favorite! Love blue & white together. I would call the walls periwinkle blue. Really all 3 are very pretty.

  6. Boy they are all nice. I like #2 for the light and bright feel and the touch of glam but then I like #3 for the cozy cottage feel. #1 is great but a bit heavy on the overall feel of the room.

  7. Number 3 is my favorite. It cool clean and comfortable. Certainly not stuffy!

  8. Susan ~ She is an outstanding designer. I do love the first and third. It’s wonderful to see a room decorated with real color!

  9. My personal favorite is number #2… fresh, clean and glamorous. However, I picture #1 as being done for a father or grandfather who visits often and served his country. #2 is for the sister-in-law who is fascinated by movies and who favors animal prints. #3 is for “any” guest…..young or old. BTW, I think the color is periwinkle….. 😉


  10. They’re all beautiful, but number 3 is my favorite. I have to agree that the color looks periwinkle. Maybe I’m biased because I love that color! Whatever the name, it’s luscious, lovely, and relaxing. Thanks for sharing these traditional rooms. 🙂

  11. They are all lovely but I love the transitional feel of number 2, plus I love the gray walls and beautiful pop of the turquoise. Though I must say that shade of blue in number 3 is a show stopper!

  12. Definitely bedroom #3!! With its wedgewood blue walls ( that’s how they
    look to me) to the lovely reading corner, I could sleep serenely here and
    feel pampered at same time. Truly classic from top to bottom. The only
    thing I find a bit overwhelming is the gigantic mirror between the windows.
    I might not to see myself so fully when first arising. I do like full length mirrors but prefer them in bedrooms on back of closet door or off to the
    side. I would have a desk here in its place.

  13. Of the first three, my favorite is #3. I am just not a fan of chevrons or yellow. But, my REAL favorite is the fourth one! I love that look.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Agreed, Joy. She snuck that Mario bedroom in after I had posted. *Sigh* Just gorgeous.

  14. I love them all, but the photo with the reading corner seems to have periwinkle blue walls. I am fond of this color since it was the color I at one time had in a bedroom in a house before we moved to a log home. I kind of miss have walls that I could paint. So many colors to choose from. Love the nautical bedroom too. So well put together.

  15. Anyone know the name of the manufacturer of the bed shown in both the first and third bedrooms? I’m looking for a new traditional bedroom set and I really like the scale of it and the height of the headboard. Thx!

  16. I love blue and white and these are wonderful examples of classic styling for the bedroom. The second is my favorite. I love the gray walls and the teal and white drapes. The zebra print on the bench is stylish but not over the top.

  17. Renee Cook says

    These are very nice, Susan. I must say that #3 is my favorite! Thanks to you, I now have a new pin in my pinterest master bedroom folder! Have a beautiful day!

  18. It’s a three!! franki

  19. I love the classics mixed with the fresh new designs of fabric and accessories…so hard to chose a favorite among the gorgeous rooms…but must say that I love the last image of the gorgeous blue and white bedroom!

  20. Sometimes when I read one of your posts, its so lovely, I start clicking on links to others and the daydreaming begins. That’s how I wound up in this post today. Such lovely rooms, inspiring and divine. It’s a conversation on creativity that continues on and on. Thank you for posting!

  21. Any chance you can share the name and brand of the blue in # 3?

    • Maria, I don’t know the name but click on that link in the post to Jackie’s website and she may have a “contact” email at her website where you can email her to ask that. I bet she could tell you.

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