Could You Live In a Home This Small?

Imagine living in a house that costs less than a lot of cars.  Forbes showcased some of these tiny homes on their website and I was amazed to see just how small they truly were.  They almost look like fancy utility or garden sheds, but they’re not.  They are real homes that are actually for sale.

You can make this tiny Craftsman Bungalow yours for just $24,000.  It’s listed for sale with The Tiny Smart House Company.  It features double French doors, a skylight…


Small House Living

…cathedral ceilings…

Small House Living
…complete with a sleeping loft overhead that’s large enough for a king size bed.

Small House Living

The Gypsy Coach Home Listed by Gypsy will set you back $19,500.  This tiny Victorian style caboose is two levels and measures 16-foot long by 8-foot wide  It is constructed of tongue-and-groove-pine siding, dark red trim with brackets at the corners, six windows and a 10-pane front door.

Small House Living
Inside, you’ll find wainscoting in the living room and hardwood flooring.

Small House Living 08

The Loring Home, my favorite style in the Tiny House collection, is an adorable light-filled bungalow located in Gragon, California.  It had me at the front porch. 😉  It’s listed for sale by the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and the construction plans are $695.  This home can be built for $22,500.

It measures 16-foot 10-inch tall and is 261 square feet in size.  It can also be designed with a sleeping loft upstairs or a cathedral ceiling.  You know, these cute little houses would make great guest quarters, wouldn’t they?  They would give your guests lots of privacy for their visit.

Small House Living

Here’s a view of how the inside would look when the home is built.

Small House Living

 The Kanga Home is one of the more expensive of the tiny homes, costing $30,000, not assembled.

Small House Living

It’s 196 square feet, and measures 14×14 with a six-foot deck.

Small House Living

All the photos in this post are from the Forbes website, HERE.  You’ll find even more tiny house photos at Forbes.

Well, you have to admit, you wouldn’t waste your weekends cleaning house!  And just think how low your property taxes would be.   Could you live in a home as small as these?  How about with someone else, like a spouse?  Would definitely be cozy, wouldn’t it?

You can see some pretty amazing “extreme” homes in THIS post.  One is even upside down.  No kidding!

Or, check out a home that was once a church in THIS post.

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  1. Susan @ says

    Hi Susan, Never mind guest house… how about one of these out back that is just for Mom! We could have our own little work space with a bed and kitchenette too! Kind of like a vacation house without being too far away from the family…..How nice! Susan

  2. I could live there if it was just ME, but the hubs would have to go.

  3. No, I do not think that I could live in a place that small. It might hold my tableware – lol!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. A couple of years ago I did a post on living smaller and looking around on the web it’s amazing to see the number of small house dwellers are out there. Even a wikihow on living in a tiny house! Nit would be fun…for a while. Mid take the tinker wagon in a second!

  5. Anonymous says

    I like the idea of a tiny house. Although I don’t know where I’d put my teacups. I would have to have a lot of shelves…But I think I would like to retire in such a house. Sitting in the front porch drinking tea,,nice.

  6. ♥ Sonny ♥ says

    If I lived alone I sure could live in one of them. I love the caboose:) It sure would be nice to find 3 other folks wh wanted one and we could split the cost set of the prints. I’m certain with prints in hand I could stick build it much cheaper. Those were fun to look at Susan, thanks.

  7. I would live in a house like this if and only if it had a deep wraparound all-season porch. 🙂

  8. Lisa~A Cottage to Me says

    There are days that I think I would love to have my own little cottage! They look cute and easy to keep clean. Cute!

  9. laxsupermom says

    I could by myself, but I’d be climbing the walls with my family. I think one of the keys to keeping our home life happy is the ability to pull back and find some private spaces. That third one is really cute, though. I could see it as the perfect backyard guest space. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I could live in such a small house and we did, but only on weekends. We moved a 12 x12 foot cabin onto our country lot and fixed it up to look like a Norwegian cabin. We made a Bath House out of the other small building that was on the property. The large brick building was seldom used. By the way, eleven children were raised (not by me but by the original Utah Pioneers)in our small cabin.

  11. oh susan i love these tiny houses! and yes i could and did live in a space that small , for ten years i lived on a 42′ sailboat with a living space of 28′ long x 8′ wide. tight quarters….this is why i have no collections of anything! and now i live in a old single wide mobile home with my husband and lazy still not alot of space!

  12. Rosemary says

    I remember seeing an incredibly small home on HGTV years ago. I’ve lived in a big house, and I currently live in a small house, with a spouse, and two teen sons. We have more than 14×14 feet though. lol You just have to readjust how you do things. It’s sad, but because of the high number of foreclosures, you can get a rather large home right now for these amounts.

  13. miss fibbertigibbet says

    I could definitely live there… long as I can come alone and leave all these kids here! LOL The Loring is my favorite too…I gotta have a porch! I saw a decorating show and they decorated the inside of these…..the Next HGTV Designer or something….they really made them so cute! Lorraine

  14. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    I think many of us would be surprised to find how comfortable and even liberating it can be to live in a smaller space! Bigger is not necessarily better!

  15. I love small spaces, so cozy! But, wow! I would really have to purge! We downsized a few years ago from a very large home to a smallish cottage. Glad that we did! Love it!

  16. Niesz Vintage Home says

    My, thoses are small. I lived in a 780sq.ft. house for 19 years, but i have to say, that’s probably as small as I would want to go. 🙂 Kimberly

  17. Anonymous says

    With this economic crisis, there is definitely going to be more of a market for smaller homes. These tiny houses will be ideal for those who want to downsize their living situation.

  18. I don’t think I could live there permanently no. I have too many items that are dear to me that simple would not fit. But there is something quite exciting about thinking of visiting someone and staying there as a guest house. ~Bliss~

  19. I am LOVD says

    Where do I sign up? Seriously, if I had the property, I’d put one of these in the backyard and treat it as an escape!!!!!

  20. Laurel's Quill says

    I am fascinated with this concept, every time I walk through IKEA. They are the King of small space living, I saw a speace last week at our local store that was under 300 sq ft and it had everything…and of course, I wanted to live in it. But not really… Laurel

  21. I adore these smart houses, although I would need to seriously divest myself of some major “stuff” before I could move into one! (And would definitely have to live alone…) I think these would make a perfect vacation house. Did you see the design challenge on HGTV last season when each contestant had to customize one?

  22. Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest says

    You know a few years ago I was looking at all the tiny houses on the net…….considering it as a fun cottage near a lake or something. I think I really could live in one, but would miss my china collections and tea parties. And I could only do it if living alone with no pets. I love the idea of having one for a guest house. I am rather spoiled with all my space, haha.

  23. black eyed susans kitchen says

    When I was younger, I could most definitely see us living there! They aren’t that much smaller or bigger than many NY apartments. I could also see these for students who don’t want to live in dorms.

  24. I am in LOVE! These would make for a perfect studio getaway! And yes, I probably could live in these small houses… The first 10 years of our marriage we lived in a house of only 500 sq feet complete with dog, cat, fish and children. What memories! c.paints [at] yahoo [dot] com

  25. I love these tiny houses… They are sort of enchanting. We are lucky enough to have a very tiny lake cottage (575sf) and for us, it is the perfect size for a getaway. So easy to clean and so little to worry about. But could I live there full time? I doubt it! There is some truth to the old saying about the size of the roof and the amount of worry… Thanks for posting these!

  26. No way. I love looking at tiny houses but with a big family and pets..we need all the room we can get. Those are so charming though.

  27. Jen @ Creating with the J's says

    Would definitely be great guest spaces. Of course while reading the post I created a very nice craft space in one of them!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Mrs. Marie Lester says

    my husband just got out of the Army and we’re staying on my parents ranch for awhile, my husband and dad turned a 200 sq ft. shed from Lowes into an amazing bedroom-apart from the house for us! Wood floors and everything. We spend alot of time out there and space that small is rough at times but I love the cozy feel, after Fort Lester (what we call it) I’m sure one of those little places would feel like a mansion LOL

  29. Anonymous says

    I’ve seen these used as ‘vacation homes’ at our local State park. Waaayyyy cuter than those metal boxes on wheels. I’m torn about living in something so small, there’s no place to stash your pretties. You’d really have to be discerning about decorative elements. Julie

  30. Sewconsult says

    If our neighborhood would allow, I would love to have one for a guest house. My first thought was for an expansion of my sewing room, but I wouldn’t want to walk outside to it in my gown. I love staying in my gown as long as possible! Oh, a tunnel would be perfect! Beckie

  31. R & R Horse Rescue Arizona says

    uh, no thanks. Claustrophobic. God, give me lots of room! 🙂

  32. Anonymous says

    Sort of like living on a boat. I’d love one for a guest house.

  33. I’ve been fascinated with the Tiny House movement. It would require a minimalist lifestyle. I don’t know where I’d have all my sewing stuff, lol. These are very cute!

  34. Judy Bigg says

    Goodness, would be tough for me, what would I do with all my dishes, etc…

  35. Herballistic Garden says

    I’d love to have one of these wee homes right down by the bank of our river for company to stay in! I like your favourite one best as well! They’re sweet. xo wendy

  36. Brandon @ Southgate says

    If it were just me, I think I absolutely COULD live in a house this small. (Assuming I had a garage for the car and some extra storage.) As much as I love our big house, the home Ive been most comfortable in was a 700 sf one bedroom apartment that I lived in for a couple of years. Could be cleaned, top to bottom, in an hour. Spiffed up for company in ten minutes, and always felt like a little cocoon to me.

  37. Last year on HGTV’s Design Star, the designers had to design the inside of the tiny houses and did some brilliant things to them. That was the first time that I had heard of these. Uhhhhhh…yes! I could live in one. Oh wait! I DO! Kind of. Since I live in a 5th wheel with my hubbs, 3 pugs and 160 lb mastiff/newfoundland mix–and LOVE IT!!!!! From 3600 sq ft to the 5th wheel because we had a moment of insanity and decided to go with it! I can definitely recommend the simple uncluttered life of a small dwelling!

  38. PS–I just went over to Forbes and saw the turtleback YURT!!!! How cool is that????? Must be similar to living in a geodesic dome (When I was selling real estate, I sold one and it was great!) in that it has no corners and the flow is so soothing!

  39. But where will I put my dishes? LOL! I would love one of these for crafts and painting gallery….Christine

  40. hannahsmom says

    I’ll take two of those please! One for me to live in and the other for all my craft

  41. The French Hutch says

    Oh my goodness, these are so adorable. I thought from the first photo they were storage sheds! Boy it would be different living in a home so small. Where would I put my dishes? ~Emily The French Hutch

  42. These are so cute and I don’t think I could live in one, but it would be great as a vacation home on a lake. You don’t need so much stuff and space on vacation. But regarding HGTV, one of the challenges on their designer contest was to decorate one of these!!!

  43. You can view my tiny home that Is 8 feet wide and 18 feet long on the inside. It has a great room, bathroom with tub and shower, galley kitchen with stove top, apt size frig, 2 full sleeping lofts that will fit queen size beds, 9 chandeliers, a built in bookshelf, faux fireplace, 2 closets, a reading nook and seating for 4 for dinner. An attached 6 x 8 porch provides more seating possibilities. It is a perfect little retreat for me.

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