Creating a Planter from a Chair

Welcome to the 29th Metamorphosis Monday!

I don’t have a before pic of this chair I found recently at A Classy Flea, but I was told the seat was in very bad condition and was not salvageable. So…what to do?

Turn it into a lovely planter!

The seller at A Classy Flea, attached a square wire planter container to the chair. I’m sorry, but I’ve forgotten where she said she found the planter…seems like it was Garden Ridge. Maybe she’ll see this post and leave a comment telling us where for sure. πŸ™‚

Took a couple of underneath pics so you can see how it’s attached to the chair…

Pardon the cobwebs…anything that sits on my front porch for longer than 1 minute, will soon have a cobweb built somewhere! πŸ™‚

It looks like it was meant to hold pretty flowers with this floral tile back…

Don’t you just love the colors and the design?

I’m was thinking of using it on the front porch…surrounded by large pots of impatiens and ivy…not quite sure where it will end up just yet. It may be a bit too casual for the front porch. Thanks for coming by for this metamorphosis…now let’s go see what changes everyone else has been up to this week! πŸ™‚

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  1. Wow! Am I really the first one to tell you how absolutely awesome this chair is?

    That was a great idea to turn it into a planter! I love it!!!

  2. Tamara Jansen says

    I LOVE that chair planter! We've done MINI versions of an adirondak chair at the greenhouse before. I should make a post about it πŸ™‚

  3. Frugal Fine Living says

    I love this! I saw a small wicker chair at a yard sale recently and was considering buying it make into a planter. Now, I wish I hadn't left it behind.


  4. Susan, your chair is darling!
    I so enjoy your blog and am participating in Met Monday for the first time!!! Am excited about this.
    You are so very clever,

  5. Oh, yes…I've seen this done before and you sure did it up right. It is AWESOME!
    Thanks for hosting this fun day, Susan.
    xo bj

  6. Maya@Completely Coastal says

    This is so great. I have just recently seen it somewhere for the first time and thought it was genius.

  7. That chair is beautiful like that, but part of me still wishing that you could sit on it:)

  8. Glenda/MidSouth says

    I really like that chair – don't think I have ever seen one like it before. I joined in this week and looking forward to joining in in the future also. Thanks for hosting this event.

  9. I saw this in a magazine once, and I loved the idea. Yours looks great. Thanks for showing us how it was attatched. The trailing vines make it look so pretty.

  10. Love what you did with this chair… How unique! It is just so darn cute now…


  11. Joan@anythinggoeshere says

    Very cute. Thanks for being our hostess for another fun Monday.

  12. I love it – I have seen chair planters before but, never with the cool tile work – looks great !
    HUgs ~ Kammy

  13. That tile really makes the piece, its so lovely!

  14. blushing rose says

    I love everything about this chair, now. Lovely recreation. TTFN~ Marydon

  15. The Bloom Girls says

    Hi Susan,
    Your chair is darling and very clever.
    Hope you are having a super summer!

  16. What a darling addition to your front porch!!! Love it!!!


  17. What a darling addition to your front porch!!! Love it!!!


  18. What a great idea!! Love it!!

  19. Wow I love the chair, the tile is wonderful. You will have to show us where you end up putting it. Please do stop over at my blog for some coffee and pie. Julie

  20. Darling potted chair and I love the tile back! I have a similar one but with a round hole that fits one of my large pots. My handyman had quite a time cutting that round hole!

  21. "Repurposing" has become a sport! Love it, especially the tile! I'm sure you have lots of wonderful places to put this. Show us when it finds its permanent home!

  22. downhomeliving says

    I love that chair idea how creative cobwebs & all!

    I am fairly new here & am not to sure if my participating will be ok cause I am not all together sure what it is, I am hoping it's for showing some good finds that I purchased over the weekend? I don't know but i'm adding my link anyway!

    I am anxious to go and visit everyone else's.



  23. downhomeliving says

    Oh i'm sorry u may want to take my link off as I realize now it's for after you have done whatever … I am still a work in progress…again I am truly sorry.

  24. Sandi (Meme) says

    I've seen those made before, but never did go ahead and do it. Your's is lovely, you have such good taste – I can't imagine anything you do turning out bad! Have a wonderful week.

  25. Lisa Shatzer says

    I love your chair/planter. So cute!

  26. How clever — what a great use for a great old unusable chair.

  27. Such a nice idea! And it makes for a very pretty welcome to anyone entering your home!

    All the best,

  28. That is so cool, Susan! I love the tile back. I'm LOL about the cobwebs because our porch is exactly the same way.

    Have a great week!

  29. That is a really unusual chair. Recaining it could cost a bundlet but replanting it – I mean – howo often do you get to say you are replanting a chair?

  30. How darling…..guess you could use any old chair. My dogs would try to sit on it,


  31. The chair looks very nice, Susan, and it looks great there. I love the tile backing of it…Christine

  32. BrittanyMarie says

    Like everyone else said, I really like that chair. Makes me want to do one, but I don't think mine would look as good. πŸ™‚

  33. Bama Belle says

    Love the chair! How beautiful that is! This is my first Met Monday, of course you know I am always here on TT! Excited to participate

  34. I have done it with old wicker chairs on their last legs..but I love the stained glass back…looks great!

  35. tales from an oc cottage says

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE it!!!

    m ^..^

  36. Susan~ what vision you had for that chair~I can't believe what you turned it into! Just beautiful~

  37. The Gathering Place says

    You have a beautiful house and I especially love the porch!

  38. Claudia@DipityRoad says

    Im not able to particpate with the met today — just doing a mosaic– but wanted to stop by and say what a great idea this is!!

    Spiders, i am told are good luck charms πŸ™‚

    TTFN~~ Claudia β™₯

  39. ImagineCozy says

    What a great idea. I have a few chairs like that, now all I need is a great porch to put them on.

    Love your blog,thank you for hosting.


  40. driftwoodroses says

    oh I love it!!

  41. Enchanted Rose Studio says

    Susan, such clever idea. Love the focal on the back of the chair. Love the plants, great transformation.

    Thanks for hosting!


  42. Hi Susan
    I was posting about some renovations in my kitchen so I thought I'd link up with you today. The chair looks great. I have wanted to do that but was never quite sure what to plant in so thanks for the idea.

  43. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    I love it when you can salvage a pretty chair and make it useful. Yours is fantastic!


  44. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    Now that is what I would call a "sweet seat"!

  45. My Shabby Rose Cottage says

    Cute chair. A bit diffferent from the ones I make…very posh! I have made these for years with old chairs and place door screen in the bottom…I am actually in the process of making more this week..I'll have to take photos and perhaps add instructions to the process. I would add bird houses and all sorts of gardening items to the chairs. They are real cute stuck in a garden bed.

    Thanks for hosting once again! Warm Hugs…Linda

  46. Susan, how clever! This is a great idea and wonderful way to use this chair. And thanks for linking to my first post. It's fun to see it published!

  47. Oh – clever indeed! I love it. gosh – I have GOT to start some sort of file system of ideas that people share. I plan to redo my patio in the spring… and this would be so cute! Anyway – thanks for sharing and I'm so excited to participate again – it's been awhile!

  48. The DIY Show Off says

    Great idea! I love the tile too. So pretty!

  49. Florida Sue says

    As usual, you have added your own lovely mark to this chair. Cobwebs are good. It's real life. With me it is cobwebs and price tags.

  50. I don't think it's too casual. But then I haven't seen your entire front porch. Or if I have, I've forgotten. It's sort of a "classy" chair. I love this idea. I've been hoping to run across a chair in bad enough shape that I won't mind planting flowers in it. Really says "welcome" on a porch!

  51. Ashley @ AshleysBusy says

    This is such a great idea for all those chairs we come across!

  52. I love your planter chair and the tile back is beautiful, really makes it special! I like it on your front porch for summer, it is just the right amount of casualness for summer….IMHO!!!!LOL! Now I'm off to see the rest of the mets! Hugs, Pinky

  53. santamaker says

    Love it! I've been hanging on to an old wooden chair for a couple of years now, because I've been planning to use it as a planter. Thanks for reminding me! Love the design on the back of yours. Could definitely see it on your deck!

  54. Morning T says

    Such a clever idea- I love how it turned out!

  55. cedwards55 says

    What a great idea and a great find! You're so lucky to have a few months of summer remaining ahead of you to enjoy your pretty planter!

  56. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    I'm excited to be participating in your MM for the first time!

    Love your planter chair!


  57. The Stylish House says

    The back of the chair is so interesting and what a great solution and easy fix for the broken cane seat!

  58. I am going to look for a chair now and do the same thing. Thanks so much for sharing.


  59. Melissa Miller says

    How adorable Susan! You are so creative.

    I'm having my B-day giveaway if you would like to stop by you're always welcome! πŸ™‚

  60. Cami @ Creating Myself says

    Love how you repurposed that chair Susan…very clever! Thansk for being our gracious hostess again this week…it's always fun!

  61. Margaret's Ramblings says

    I recently saw something similar in a magazine while waiting at the doctors. Should I mention I carefully removed the few pages and brought it home. Now inspired by your success i just have to find the right chair.


  62. Marina Capano says

    I LOVE that chair planter!
    just beautiful post!


  63. Living in the city we often find chairs by the curbside which make perfect planters! I love this idea.

  64. Orphaned Decor says

    Great finds and great idea! I am excited to add my metamorphasis. I really love the planter chair. I have one that I have been wanting to do…Maybe that will be my project this week. Thanks for sharing and for hosting!! Leslie

  65. Cote de Texas says

    thats adorable! are you do the live writer all the time now? do you like it?

  66. That is so neat! I love the tile! It totally looks like it was meant to be a planter πŸ™‚

    All the best,

  67. So lovely, Susan! Lovin' that floral tile, swoon!

  68. Hi Susan!

    What a terrific re-purpose project. I love the idea. I have an old Windsor chair that would be the perfect candidate for a planter. I'll have to run with this idea. Thank you so much for inviting me to this fun weekly event. I am looking forward to sharing my project next week.

  69. What a wonderful idea. It would be a great accessory to have outdoors or indoors. One could even leave it to age naturally and gradually rot into the ground.

  70. Scrappy Girl says

    Your blog is always so full of eye candy…it is a joy to visit.

    I am having a giveaway to celebrate 500 posts.

  71. Juggling Thoughts says

    I love it!! What a cool idea, I'm impressed!!

  72. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    How creative is that? Love the idea, and I love that the tile in the back of the chair. So cute. laurie

  73. Little Lovables says

    I'm a couple of days late, but I finally linked! I can't wait to check everyone's out and do this again in the future πŸ™‚

  74. Misted Heather says

    great way to use an old commode chair.

  75. Kirsten @ Mushki Loves says

    Thank you for hosting! I LOVE your chair planter!

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