Dapper-Dressed Animals Gather: Whimsical Tablescape

Welcome to the 312th Tablescape Thursday!

My table setting this week did its best to become an autumn table setting. At one point it was sporting a centerpiece of fall leaves and sparkly, brown pine cones.

I’m just not quite ready to succumb to fall. So I took the leaves away and decided to go with something lighter, something that hints of fall but still has one foot firmly planted in these last warm days of summer.

Autumn Tablescape With Dapper Animal Plates_wm


I kept the centerpiece nice and simple using two bundles of wheat purchased so long ago, I can’t remember now where I found them. Initially, I placed them in two white ceramic pitchers but that looked a little boring. I decided to go a different route, swapping the white pitchers for silver-plated pitchers received as wedding gifts back in 1978. Yes, I save everything! πŸ™‚

Fall Tablescape With Dapper Animal Plates_wm


Remember the preserved boxwood wreaths I always hang on my kitchen cabinets at Christmastime? (View that post here: Decorating With Preserved Boxwood Wreaths)

Preserved Boxwood Wreaths on Kitchen Cabinets


Two worked great to dress up the base of the pitchers for the centerpiece.

Wheat and Wreath Centerpiece For Autumn Fall Table_wm


I don’t buy dishes very often these days, they have to really steal my heart to tempt me. Recently while shopping for flatware at West Elm, I came across the silliest, most fun plates you’ve ever seen!

Autumn  Fall Tablescape With Dapper Animal Plates_wm


They are called “Dapper Animal Plates” and they feature a variety of animals all dressed up in people clothing. It’s just impossible to look at them and not laugh!

Fox Salad Plate In An Autumn Table Setting_wm


The yellow dinner plates are from Noritake’s Colorwave Collection. Since the salad plates are filled with a cast of colorful characters–an eclectic gathering of friends,  I brought out my silver “Family” and “Friends” napkin rings. They were a find from Pottery Barn a couple of years back.

One side says, “Family”…

Whimsical Table Setting With Gourmet Settings Treble Clef Flatware_wm


…and the other side says “Friends.” The silver color of the napkin rings works nicely with the silver-plated pitchers in our centerpiece.

Table Setting With Silver Family & Friends Napkin Rings_wm


The whimsical flatware I’m using in this table is Treble Clef and it’s available here:  Gourmet Settings Treble Clef. I love this flatware and have use it often in table settings.

This little collection of furry and feathered friends includes Mr. Rooster…

Rooster Dapper Animals Salad Plate_wm


Miss Doe…

Doe Dapper Animals Salad Plate_wm


Mr. Badger…

Badger Dapper Animals Salad Plate_wm


Miss Quail…

Quail Dapper Animals Salad Plate_wm


Miss Fox…

Fox Dapper Animals Salad Plate_wm


and Miss Bunny.

Rabbit Dapper Animals Salad Plate_wm


Also, included in this grouping but not used in today’s tablescape was Mr. Boar…

Boar Dapper Animals Salad Plate_wm


and Mr. Blue Jay.

Blue Jay Dapper Animals Salad Plate_wm


Mr. Owl is on backorder, he should be arriving sometime soon.

Owl Dapper Animals Salad Plate


This collection also included Mr. Bear but unfortunately he is no longer available. Update: West Elm is still carrying some of these plates, you’ll find them here: Whimsical Dapper Animal Plates

Dapper Bear Plate


Are the leaves beginning to change where you live? The trees in my yard are just barely starting to show color…just barely.

Whimsical Table Setting For Fall_wm


Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Autumn Tablescape With Dapper Animal Plates_wm


Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Susan, those plates are just adorable. I knew you would do a wonderful tablescape with them. What a great way to start easing into Fall. I think you should contact the home office and get them to have Puerto Rico send the bear plate to you. This is just too cute. Love it.

    • Hey, that might be worth a try! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Linda!

      • Brittany says

        Hi, I’m new here, and a little late to the whimsical animal party! My best friend showed me these plates, and I want to surprise her with a set of them for her 30th birthday. The website only has 3 animals left to choose from. Does anyone have some suggestions for how to find some of the other animal styles? I don’t need all of them, just enough for an even set of plates, maybe 1 or 3 others.

        • Hi Brittany, The best place I know to look is on eBay and Replacements.com. I found the owl and bear on eBay last summer. You may want to call West Elm and see if they plan to get more in for spring. Hopefully they’ll bring them back for spring and summer.

          • Brittany says

            Thank you so much! I chatted with someone on West Elm who informed me they do not plan to get more in. Hopefully I’ll have some luck with ebay and replacements.com. Thanks again!

            • Brittany, if you live near a West Elm location, sometimes the actual stores will still have them. Last summer when I was trying to find the fox (they were out of it online) the West Elm in Atlanta had one so I drove into ATL to purchase it from the store. So if you have a West Elm near you, you may want to call them to see if they have any left. Sorry to hear they are discontinuing them.

  2. Susan, after I added my link, I just realized that I had some caps in it! If you need to erase it, please do. I am so sorry! I will go back and see if I can erase it somehow.

    In the mean time, I love those plates! They are just darling! I love their expressions. And I can see why you bought them! πŸ˜‰



  3. Whew! I fixed it! That was a close one, Susan. I hope it is okay now.

    I was up and decided to go ahead and post. Not sure my eyes were quite open. πŸ˜‰

    Going back to bed, and then I am going to come back and ogle your dishes again!


    Sheila πŸ™‚

  4. Wonderful…those plates are great and I see why you like them so much. They look good on top of the yellow and I love the silver pitchers and the wreaths. As for central MS, no fall here…hot, hot, hot.

  5. Susan, I’m grinning from ear to ear, your dapper dressed animal plates are too fun!

  6. Hi Susan! I remember seeing these on West Elm. Almost tempted to buy but resisted succesfully, lol. They are really cute. My fave is the bunny….Christine

  7. Susan, This is the cutest table I have seen all year. You are right about not being able to look at one these plates without laughing out loud. The Dapper Animal Plates are just to cute. I have to say Mr. Rooster is my favorite, but I do think I would have to have them all. Thank you for hosting today…. Candy

  8. Susan,
    Love the animal plates!! They are so fun – I’m not sure which one I like best!? Thanks for sharing – always love your tablescape ideas.

  9. What a great table – love Mr. Rooster and Mr. Boar! And hey, those pitchers were awesome back in 1978 and still are today – but what do I know? I’m the one who saved 22 yr old macaroni necklaces and pretzel log cabins.

    I couldn’t help but notice on the flatware how the curled handle of the knife goes the opposite way of what we would have expected. Is turning the knife inward (so the handle goes expectedly outward) the norm in some countries, I wonder?

    I have some catching up to do here on your blog, but I’m going to enjoy doing it in the next couple of days. That, and seeing the links this week. Thanks for hosting, Susan. Love your blog.

    • lol I still have a few of my son’s projects around here…couldn’t bear to toss them.
      Thanks, Rita! XO

    • Oh, Rita…just remembered I forgot to answer your question about the knife. I don’t remember where but I’ve read that you always turn the sharp side of the blade inward toward the plate. I’m guessing that’s kind of a safety thing. There are lots of funny little rules like that. In England, you’ll often see forks facing downward. I once read that goes back to the days when men wore shirts with French cuffs. Turning the forks downward kept them from snagging their French cuff on the tines of the fork. I love that!

  10. bobbi duncan says

    Oh my goodness, the whimsical plates are just too precious! I have to have that fox plate; so perfect for entertaining now that fox hunting season is soon upon us here. I have always loved animals dressed up to use as decor pieces in our fox hunt room and for the holidays, even though, ironically, I’ve never cared to do it with my real pets. The table setting is a perfect transition into autumn–lovely! I just love autumn and am itching to use my new fall dinnerware with accompanying lidded pumpkin soup bowls but, like you, I don’t wish to relinquish summer just yet; everything has it’s time and I want to savor each one. Seems the stores put out change of season items earlier and earlier each year;they never did that years ago and one could just enjoy the time at hand. Thank you for another beautiful tablescape. I think it’s wonderful the way you repurpose things so that they look completely different–I can tell your mind is always thinking.

    • Thanks, Bobbi…you’re right. Crazy how early the stores are putting things out each year! I enjoying looking but just can’t get in the mood to buy anything until it’s much closer to the season or holiday.

  11. Such a fun table setting and beautiful too. This table would get all your guests in a happy mood and ready for a good time together. These plates are also great for a children’s party. I could not imagine anyone sitting down with out making a comment about these cute plates. I sure would love to be invited. Your entire decor is just perfect. I am a big fan of silver- so festive.

  12. Susan, your plates are wonderful! Maybe a trip to Puerto Rico is in order?

  13. What a great pre-fall tablescape. I love the wheat in the silver pitcher and those super cute plates! I’m sorry about the Mr. Bear plates….that stinks that they won’t ship them!

    • Thanks, Christine! I called again just to make sure and now they say they are all gone. I think they told me wrong and they did ship them out. I wish I hadn’t taken there original answer and had checked further. Hopefully they’ll get some more in sometime.

  14. Doreen Krajzel says

    Hi Susan;
    What a pretty and fun tablescape!! Love the animal plates, they make a dinner party fun! Have a great day!! Love, Doreen

  15. Gayle Kesinger says

    Do the centerpieces obstruct the view across the table? Love this table setting. Most brides of a certain age received at least one of the pitchers. Can’t imagine you would qualify for that age group…. I am going to haul out my pitcher and see if I can find another one cheap. Such a great look!

    • Gayle, if they do, you just move them to the hutch or sideboard. That’s what all the table setting books recommend for tall centerpieces. I love a tall centerpiece so I go for it and just move anything that’s too tall when we sit down to eat. lol Yep, I do but I don’t feel like I should! πŸ™‚

  16. Vicki Daugherty says

    Well if those aren’t the cutest plates ever! I’m not into buying more dishes lately, but I’d have to bring those home if I found them. They are adorable and leave it to you Susan, to find them.

  17. Susan, those sweet plates put a smile on my face this morning. I think maybe they would be great breakfast plates. Wouldn’t they help start the day with a smile?

    I love the simplicity of this tablesetting and the silver pitchers are perfect for setting off the wheat.

    I’ve been noticing the trees are slightly blushed with red. I’ve even seen a wild and crazy branch or two on fire here in Michigan. But, I am not ready to embrace fall quite yet. I’ll keep her at hands-length for a wee bit. [wink]

    Best wishes for an extraordinary day! (We’re having storms this morning…but the sun will be out this afternoon, or so they say.)

    • Oh, Diane…you are so right. These would be perfect breakfast! You’ve just given me an idea for a breakfast table. I have something I’ve been wanting to use for a breakfast table…now I have a good excuse! πŸ™‚

  18. These plates are fabulous, Susan. I “need” to check West Elm more often!

  19. Oh Aren’t those the cutest plates ever ? yes they are
    I sure hope you can locate Mr Bear plate ,maybe someone reading your post will know where to get you one and mail it to you.
    I am not ready or in the mood for fall yet LOL however as usual your table is excellent delicious

  20. Love the tablescape and the dapper animal plates are to die for. I can see how these plates stole your heart. :0)

  21. Susan, I am feeling the same about plates but I couldn’t have resisted these charmers either! Aren’t they just spectacular!!
    Leaves up on the mountain are just beginning to change and we had rain and cold all of August, so I am going to soak up the sun some more for a while!

  22. I was tempted to buy those plates too Susan, such fun, and my grandson’s name is Fox~ I just might have to go get at least that one! I think your wheat for a touch of fall is perfect! Thanks for the table top fun~

    • Jenna, your grandson having that name reminds me of the bookstore scene in the movie, You’ve Got Mail when the little boy spells his name out and says F-O-X. Do you remember that cute scene?

  23. Carol Neibling says

    Susan, How pretty and fun. I saw some beautiful bird plates yesterday, but decided at the price, they could go home with some one else. Today is supposed to be 94 with high wind and humidity. Tomorrow 67. I’ll take that any day. We were given a pass to all MIAA football games for our 58th wedding anniversary on 9/11. Our son is a very good ref and tonights game is close to home. Parents go and melt for their children, don’t they?

  24. What a cute yet elegant tablescape. The plates are cute and the wheat in silver pitchers is so elegant. I love the yellow in the dishes too, yellow just makes everything look happy!
    Down here in Louisiana I noticed this morning that it was just a tad less humid, maybe 98% instead of our usual 100% humidity and the leaves are just barely thinking about changing colors so, it looks like Fall might be on the way.

  25. So cute! These guys really have character. The silver adds a touch of elegance. This is so fun. Love it!

  26. Oh, Susan, I actually laughed out loud when I saw these plates! I especially love Miss Quail! What a hilarious idea. I can totally see why you would purchase them: and your tablescape highlights them perfectly. It is so elegant and then your guests lift up their napkins as they sit down and “voila!” some unexpected “guests” are at the table. I love it! Another special table setting. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  27. Very whimsical indeed! I am so glad you backed away from Fall. It is really too soon. No, no color here, and there won’t be until Oct. Everything is still green and the flowers are at their best. It’s a beautiful beach day here in NY, not a pumpkin or fallen leaf in sight! I can’t imagine getting rid of those pitchers, so versatile!

  28. I love those adorable and whimsical plates! It is still in the mid 90’s here so I don’t feel like succumbing to fall either. Maybe by next week we will. Thank you Susan. I love this party!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  29. Susan, you made my morning with those plates, they are adorable. You find he greatest things. Love the yellow touches.
    It is still summer here although the early mornings are definitely cooler, hmmm how would I know, I got up late this morning!!!
    Superb party!!

  30. Love the new plates, made me smile!!! How cute!! Not much color here yet, but my maple trees in the back yard are dropping leaves, they must have changed color way up top where I can’t see. Some of the drop is from stress from the high heat. Approaching the 90’s today and tomorrow, I can’t wrap my head around Fall yet, want to squeeze out the last bit of summer since we had such a late start to it. Not that I like the heat, mind you, but would like some 70 degree weather…….

  31. Gayle Kesinger says

    Plates are on sale on the West End web site.

  32. Those animals are hilarious and would be quite the dinner conversation. Love the muted tones and playfulness of this table.

  33. Susan ~ I love the fox! He is number 1 with me! So cute with the wheat! I guess I was really being silly last night (really really late) and saw the wheat and it looked a bit like Phyllis Diller’s hair! Hey it was very late! Seriously it is so well put together and the flatware is perfect.

  34. Andrea Campbell says

    Susan, these plates are so whimsical and a great gift for any fans of C. S. Lewis. They would know that as children, Lewis and his brother Warnie wrote “Boxen,” a collection of stories, scripts and letters, all starring dressed animals.

    • Andrea, you are so right! Would be perfect…great theme for a table, too!

      • Andrea Campbell says

        In fact, I was so inspired by your tablescape, Susan, that I purchased a set for a dear friend, whom I met 15 years ago at a C.S.Lewis conference! Thank you for another beautiful post!

  35. Elizabeth Jane says

    Every grandmother and child at heart needs a set of these adorable plates. When you simply can’t think of anything to laugh about, just set your table! Was the one excluded from the table too boaring a guest to be invited???

    • lol Actually, I liked his ascot and had him on the table. When a friend stopped by before I took pictures, she said I couldn’t leave out Mr. Badger out…she loved his hat! So I swapped Mr. Boar for Mr. Badger. I’ll have to do another table when Mr. Owl arrives and include those that were left out this time around. πŸ™‚

  36. Susan, I’m with you on not being fall ready. I packed away all sand, shells and summer items but not grabbing leaves and pumpkins just yet. Meanwhile I swapped out white for ivory, such as candles; summer greens for olive green; and white-washed wood items, before I bring out the darker wood tones. It’s my way to wistfully let go of summer and gently transition into autumn. Thanks for some new ideas from your tablescape.

  37. I ADORE those plates!! It reminds me of a favorite animation movie with George Clooney called “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

  38. Sarah Pacheco says

    I just love your plates! Just love your blog. Thank you so much for all the inspiration and smiles!

  39. Those plates are so fun and whimsical! Love them. I wouldn’t be able to resist either.

  40. Oh dear, you are so bad…for me…..and my pocketbook. I just ordered 14 of those darn plates! Yessum, I did. Alas, there was no Miss Quail. And I wish I could get my hands on Mr. Bear, too, as he just might be my favorite. Guess my Bunco party later this month will have a decidedly dapper down on the farm feel to it. Ha!

    • lol I couldn’t resist them either…they are just so darn cute! I called corporate and asked again about Mr. Bear and they said there were none to be found. Kathy, you may want to call some individual stores for Miss Quail. When I first discovered the plates, Miss Fox wasn’t showing available. I called the Atlanta store and they had them. I drove into Atlanta, which I hate doing due to traffic and parking and bought my two Miss Fox plates. Wouldn’t you know, they had them on the website the very next day. Grrrr! If you find a store that has them, maybe they will ship them to you. If you find some Mr. Bears, let me know! I still want two of those. They must have been the first ones to sell since there are none left now.

      • Thanks, Susan. I don’t live near any stores so I just picked one (Dallas) and called. The store clerk didn’t have any Miss Quails, and said she had shipped out her last Mr. Bears two weeks ago or so. She then checked the West Elm computer system for all the stores and it showed no bears or quails to be had anywhere. Oh well. I’m just glad to be getting all the rest of the animals in their dapper duds.

        I’ll send a pic of Bunco if I don’t forget…..I’m usually so stressed out I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

        Thanks again!

        • Kathy, well let’s not totally give up. Another reader commented today that they are out of the does but they are on backorder. I hope that means they will be continuing these and who knows, maybe they will get the others they are missing back in sometime. If I see them on the site sometime, I’ll let you know. I think I’ll check back occasionally, just in case.

    • Oh, and take pics of them at the Bunco party so we can see! πŸ™‚

  41. Those plates are just too fun! Such whimsey! Each one is amazing. I think the best one may be your backorder…I adore owls, and he is a cutie for sure!

    As always, thank you for hosting one of my favorite linky parties, Susan! Glad to be part of the fun this time around! Sorry I am late. Yesterday came and went without internet for me….boo hiss….have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  42. Now…that’s an “animal house” I adore!! SO CUTE!! franki

  43. Gayle Kesinger says

    I can’t tell what is covering the table. Is it a runner? Also, I have seen the sheer napkins several times. Are they handmade or purchased. Now have 4 of the six plates. Miss Doe on back order till October. Such a fun tablesetting. So much positive feedback!

    • Thanks, Gayle! That’s just the white surface of the table. I used a couple of wreaths around the base of the pitchers. I think that may be a good sign that they are back-ordering plates because that means they may be getting in some of the other ones that have been missing. I would love to find a couple of bears…they were out of those when I ordered.

  44. Frances Rixon says

    I bought those wonderful Dapper Animal plates from West Elm. Arrived today…..securely wrapped…free shipping….fast delivery and a $10.00 gift card. They are so whimsical. The owl is still back ordered. Now all I have to do is get creative. I also got six of the mercury votive holders. Happy, happy! Thank you so much for introducing me to West Elm. So glad I found your site.

    • Oh Frances, I’m so glad you got some! I just love ’em! I wonder if West Elm is wondering why there’s a sudden interest in Dapper Animal plates. πŸ™‚ I sure hope Mr. Owl comes soon, I’m still waiting on the two I ordered. Hope they don’t tell us he’s no longer available like Mr. Bear. They are delightful plates! Thanks, Frances!

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