Debbie Mumm’s Twelve Days of Christmas & New Year’s Champagne Punch Recipe

Welcome to the 432nd Tablescape Thursday!

Happy Upcoming New Year to you! I’ve been out-of-state visiting family, just got back late Tuesday evening. I spent yesterday unpacking and running errands, picking up birdseed and suet for the birdies and doing a little grocery shopping. I also managed to squeeze in some clothes shopping, lots of great sales going on right now including THIS one. I picked up a cute shirt in the after Christmas sale.

New Year’s Punch Recipe

If you’re looking for ideas for a New Year’s Celebration, check out some of the tables and ideas I’ve previously posted here: New Year’s Table & Celebration Ideas.

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You’ll find a printable recipe for this delicious champagne punch here: Insanely Awesome Champagne Punch.


When I make it for New Year’s, instead of using colored sugar around the rim of the glasses, I use colorful nonpareils. I love their festive look for New Years! Make several batches because guests love it and it goes fast!

New Year's Champagne Punch Recipe


I know Christmas has passed, but I couldn’t let the season get by without sharing this cute table from Gina.


This table is special because Gina lost much of the beautiful dishware you’ll see in this table in a mishap during a previous move. That would be so upsetting to have a favorite dish pattern broken while moving, wouldn’t it?


Gina has a good friend who recently purchased some new Christmas dishware. She had this same pattern and no longer needed it, so she gave Gina her set.


This Oneida pattern is Twelve Days of Christmas and was designed by Debbie Mumm. Such a beautiful pattern and such a nice friend! The plaid dinner plates are Haddington Plaid from Pier 1.


The cute flatware is Nikko Christmastime-Holiday.


The holly patterned glassware is from Dollar Tree. I bought some of this pattern a couple of weeks ago when I stopped in to buy a 2017 desk calendar. It’s really cute! I thought it would go well with my Lenox Holiday Christmas china.


Gina created a beautiful centerpiece incorporating in some very sweet deer. This one is resting, undoubtedly very tired after helping Santa deliver all those presents! 🙂


Thanks to Gina for sharing her Christmas holiday table with us for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!


Twelve Days of Christmas Salad Plates & chargers:  Debbie Mumm by Oneida
Plaid Dinner plates: Haddington Plaid, Pier 1
Dark Rattan placemat: Pier 1
Christmas glass and goblet:  Dollar Tree
Flatware:  Nikko Christmastime-Holiday, Amazon
Placemats, Napkins: Poinsettia, Kohl’s
Plaid Napkins: William Sonoma
Napkin Rings (2), metal pinecones and natural twig:  Target
Poinsettia cut-out round placemat and runner:  Kohl’s
Christmas Centerpiece:  Michaels Crafts
Deer and Spruce Tufts:  Home Goods
White vases:  Vases from Edible fruit arrangements
Plaid S&P Shakers:  Hobby Lobby
Plaid Fruit Bowl:  Previous Teleflora arrangement
Place card holders:  Nutcracker ornaments used as holders
Looking forward to the beautiful table settings shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. How gorgeous! I used 12 days of Christmas for my tablescape too but it’s not the same set. Happy New Year, Susan!…Christine

  2. Gorgeous table! The punch sounds delicious also! Happy New Year Susan!

  3. I love Debbie Mumm! So sad about her broken china, but lucky to have such a generous friend! Love the sweet deer. Happy New Year Susan!

  4. A question Susan…..
    Does one actually use the chiffon napkins, surely a linen or cotton underneath? If one does not, where does it go?
    Happy New Year. Looking forward to next years wonders you will be creating for all of us who slavishly follow you

    • That’s a great question, Kem. No, they are more for decoration since they wouldn’t be very absorbent. Guests usually just place them in their lap, underneath the linen/cotton napkin.

      • I can see them in a photo shoot, but seem redundant once seated. I will of course follow your lead and hunt them down. Quell quest.

  5. What a beautiful table setting.
    Happy Healthy New Year

  6. My question has been answered. I looked at some previous New Year posts and could clearly see the “real napkins”. My small iPad did not show the white one well.
    However, question remains, what is the rule for the chiffon?

  7. Nancy Bailey says

    I lost ALL of my china in the Valley Fire last year – heirloom and new. I love this Debbie Mumm 12 Days of Christmas set and will be looking for it to start again. I do have a question that I have never seen addressed regarding layered place settings. Here in my area of CA we place the dishes of food on the table for serving. What does the hostess do with all of those plates when actually serving a meal? Is served 1 course at a time? Remove the plates not used? It looks so beautiful, but then my practical side steps in. Happy New Year!

    • I’m not sure how Gina does it but my tables (dining room and porch) are way too narrow to hold the dishes/food. Plus, I don’t like seeing it in the center of the table during the meal, would rather have a pretty centerpiece. So when I have guests, I place the food on my breakfast room table or on the kitchen counter. There’s usually a lot of it, maybe 7-10 dishes. Then my guests just take a plate from the table and help themselves. Then we all sit down and enjoy. I usually place tea, wine, water on the sideboard for refill, or if we’re dining on the porch, on the porch hutch. Some folks will use their salad plate and others will just place their salad on their plate with the rest of their food, whichever they prefer. I always place my salad on my salad plate since I love salad and often offer a few different types of salad. Perhaps Gina will leave a comment sharing how it works at her home.

  8. What a nice ending to a sad story about Gina’s dishes. She set a beautiful table with them, and I love those sweet deer. I remember when you posted that punch recipe. I saved it, but haven’t made it. Maybe this new years. It almost doesn’t matter how it tastes, because it’s so petty! Thank you for hosting.

  9. The “deer” Gina is using are “antique” spelter deer from Germany…by the looks of them. They are “hot” and are pricey in antique malls. I like how she put a bow around them for the holidays..dressed them up bit. I have some. I have only seen two poses…standing and lying down. Hers seem bigger maybe but appear to be the pot metal or spelter pieces from Germany. Thanks.

  10. I hope you had a great time visiting family! We did the same. I tossed in a couple of pictures of the table I set up at my Mom’s. Wishing you a Very Happy New Year Susan!

  11. Marlene Stephenson says

    Glad you got away to see family and Happy New Year to you.

  12. Juanita in OH says

    It continually amazes me how talented some people are with the Tablescapes. I adore them and LOVE when they are posted! I LOVE salt and pepper shakers and these plaid ones are included in that. What a tragedy for Debbie Mumm, I can’t imagine how horrible it is to lose precious items. TFS and have a Happy and blessed New Year.

  13. Juanita in OH says

    Oh, I stand corrected, it was Gina that lost her dinnerware.

  14. Dee Skislak says

    I love it. I have similar glasses and stem wear. I’m proud to say I got them at our local dollar store for $1.00 a piece.

  15. How beautiful is this table!! I love anything Debbie Mumm. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  16. Gina’s friend truly exemplifies the meaning of Christmas! I loved this story! We need to remember to share our bounty. It always comes back to us tenfold. Merry Christmas, Susan! We are still within the 12 Days of Christmas, so it’s okay to continue saying it, isn’t it? And a happy new year!

  17. Lovely and elegant. Wishing you and yours a Blessed,Healthy and happy 2017.
    Marilyn and family

  18. I bought 2 of the holly goblets at Dollar Tree and then wanted a set and went to 3 stores and no one had them!! SO disappointed! Maybe they will have them next year. LOVE this beautiful table. That china is gorgeous. Thanks for hosting, Susan. Just getting here as I forgot yesterday was Thursday!!! Oh dear!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Susan, we also serve all food dishes on our kitchen island. I will usually have guests find their seats then go around and serve the appetizers while they are seated. They can then get up, plate in hand and meander on into the kitchen for the salads, entrée, dessert, etc. The food stays hot since most of the dishes are on warmers and guests can select what foods they like and how much. I too, do not like several serving bowls/pieces on the table since it seems to take away from the ambience of the evening.
    FYI ~ Should you not find items at your local Dollar Tree, you can order on-line for delivery or pick up. The caveat is that you will need to order by the dozen. Not an issue, since it is always nice to have a few extras due to breakage! Happy New Year!

  20. As usual so nice. I liked the pear plates and just ordered a set on eBay. sigh. must accept tabletop addiction and embrace it 🙂

  21. Love the 12 Days of Christmas salad plates. How nice of Gina’s friend to gift it to her after losing hers!
    Happy New Year, Susan, and i hope you’re enjoying your time with family.

  22. Very well done with the table setting. I picked up the Haddington plates, too. It was a choice between Lenox’s plaid plates or Haddington, and I chose Haddington because I have some of my Grandma’s English bone china with fruits on it whose colors go better with the Haddington than the Lenox. A happy new year to all!

  23. Julie WIlliams says

    Susan, have you seen the new offerings of tartan LeCruset pots at Williams-Sonoma? Check out their website. julie w

  24. I’ve saved this, one if the prettiest tablesettings! I had never seen the Debbie’s Mum dushware. So cute! I love the layering of the various placemats, charger, and plates. I would never think to do that, but I will now! Just stunning, and so very pretty!

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