Deck Makeover: A Covered Porch & Room for Dining and Entertaining

Welcome to the 403rd Metamorphosis Monday!

A while back I shared a great idea Terry and her hubby Mark had come up with for their deck that would allow more time spent out doors. Sometimes the summer heat can just be too much and forces us to abandon our decks and patios and head inside. But Terry and Mark found a way around that by setting up a screened, tent-like structure on their deck . It created a great spot to enjoy summer days out of the hot summer sun. See that previous post here: Screen In Your Deck Easily & Inexpensively.)



This past summer, Terry and Mark decided to make that outdoor room a permanent thing, a spot they could enjoy almost year around, no tent required. They decided to expand their deck and create a great spot for dining and relaxing.

Mark designed their new addition using a CAD program with lots of input from Terry on the design. Terry said that Mark did the majority of the work himself with some help from a friend. A crane helped with the heavy lifting.





That’s Mark there in the white shirt and look at that view! It’s not hard to see why Terry and Mark were eager to expand their deck space for even more time spent outdoors. Let’s take a look at the finished space!



There’s a fabulous open deck for dining and enjoying those amazing views!



The table Terry and Mark chose is made from kiln-dried hardwood and is sealed to be moisture resistance. You can read more about it here: Outdoor Dining Table & Chairs.



Love, love, love this dishware. I believe it’s by Portmeirion, definitely one of my faves. (See more of this beautiful garden pattern here: Portmeirion Dinnerware)



Gone is the screened tent and in its place is a beautiful covered porch.



I asked Terry if mosquitoes were ever a problem. Here in the south where I live, they are a total menace starting in late spring and going all summer long. It’s the price we have to pay for our relatively mild winters, I guess.

Terry said, “As for mosquitoes, we really don’t have a problem with mosquitoes or any kind of bugs. It’s funny, we had three waves of out-of-state guests’ this summer and they all commented that we’re bug free! We’d sit out there all day and into the evening bug free which we sort of take for granted I guess.”



Terry said, “We had considered screening the porch in but decided not to so as not to hinder the view, also the lack of bugs. We did install a roll-down sun shade screen under the west eve because of the hot westerly setting sun for about 2 hours in summer. As it goes down behind the trees (peak summer) it can be pretty warm. I think you can see it in one of the pics rolled up under the eve.

That screen has also helped block the breeze on cooler evenings and yet is still transparent enough for the views. We have about a 50 mile view looking south-west toward the Oregon coast ranges.”



Such a beautiful space! A space this comfortable is literally like adding another room onto your home. Wouldn’t you just want to live out here all spring, summer and fall!



The furniture Terry and Mark chose for this covered porch is currently on sale here: Chatham Sofa.



Terry and Mark were able to reuse their previous rug and coffee table. This feels like a cozy living room, one with cool breezes and amazing views!



I noticed the tall heater and asked Terry about it since I had considered buying for one for those chilly fall evenings when I’d like to be out on the porch. I wondered if they really worked.

Terry said, “The tall mushroom heater works very well and in fact we’ve used it pretty consistently out there through the fall months. I can’t recall what the heat range is but I do remember it is 46,000 BTU’s and makes the whole 16 x 16 porch addition very cozy. We got it at Costco online at the end of the season for $169, it had great reviews so we purchased one. I liked this one because it was in the oil rubbed bronze but they also had stainless.”



After hearing how much Terry and Mark are enjoying their outdoor heater, I ordered one for myself this evening here: Porch/Patio Heater. Another one that’s available in three finishes is this one: Outdoor Patio Heater.

I had no idea they were so inexpensive or I probably would have purchased one sooner. I still remember the neighborhood cookie party I had one Christmas when the kitchen door to the porch stayed open the whole time because everyone wanted to be out on the porch. An outdoor heater definitely would have come in handy back then!



Thanks so much to Terry and Mark for sharing their beautiful outdoor addition and makeover! Now more than ever folks are craving more time outdoors and I love that! Time spent here would be like being on vacation every single day!



Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. That view deserves a room of its own!

  2. what a gorgeous view and a beautiful place to enjoy it.

  3. Susan, I would be sitting on that deck every day that I could with those beautiful views. I love how they added the roof to make the deck more functional for them. Thanks for sharing and hosting!

  4. What a great deck and fabulous view! We are in the process of redoing the back half of our wraparound deck, which was in sad shape when we first bought our house and has only gotten worse. I wish we had that view.

    We also live in Georgia, and are fairly close to swamps (or wetlands, as my husband prefers to call them). We have noticed that while the mosquitoes are merciless at the north-facing front of the house, where the deck is at ground level, they leave the south-facing second-floor deck at the back of the house alone. I guess mosquitoes do not like to be too far away from the ground, and more importantly shade, which is lacking on the back deck. We have been thinking about screening in the front deck, since the mosquitoes keep us from using it much.

  5. This is a beautiful new space that was created! Thanks for sharing your site for this party!

  6. Fantastic! I love ANY outdoor living space, but am especially amazed when homeowners can do it themselves. That ceiling is gorgeous, not to mention the view! Thanks for sharing, Susan, and I hope your week is off to a great start.

  7. Thanks for the party Susan, that deck is the place to be! Having a comfortable outdoor room is such a luxury!

  8. This is making me so jealous! To be able to sit outside all day and not have any mosquito bites??!! A cool breeze???!! A beautiful view and outdoor living space for sure!

  9. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  10. OK, the only thing missing from that porch is a bed!!!! I think I would live out there day and night. What an amazing view. They did a wonderful deck addition. People are so lucky when they have the talent and ability to do that type of construction. They will enjoy this for years and years to come. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Would you please give a review of your heater after you get it and use it a few times? I read some reviews, of course you have the good with the bad. This would make a great Christmas gift for both my son and daughter at their homes. Son has a gorgeous outdoor space (south Alabama) and they have a gazebo they watch football in and this might come in handy for the little bit of cold they get. Daughter and her family watch football out on their patio, which is getting a little makeover soon, and this would be great for football parties outside. (I wouldn’t mind having one myself – LOL). Sorry about being long winded but I’ve admired these for quite a while and would love to know your “take” on yours.

  12. Susan, thanks for the party! What a gorgeous view…I could sit out there all day:) Have a great week – Christine at Light and Savvy

  13. We live in Houston and recently screened in our back porch. Unfortunately we have mosquitos the size of birds. We have one of the portable mushroom heaters and it works great. Don’t need it too much this far south, but when we do, it warms the whole porch. The screened porch really is an extra room that we use all year.

  14. Wow, their new space is fabulous! If I had it to do over, I would have done a covered porch rather than the patio. I have always dreamed of an outdoor “room” like this. Their views are gorgeous. Thanks to you and them for shring this!

  15. could you post your friend Marie’s house decorated for halloween. I just love seeing it in every season. This is a beautiful deck and view

    Judy West

  16. Wow that is fantastic! What a nice physical addition to their home and it adds to a more quality lifestyle too! They did a beautiful job with it- love the railing and the furniture!

  17. I would be out on that porch ALL the time. Gorgeous view!

  18. Thanks, Susan for sharing another beautiful space. I look forward to reading all of your posts.

  19. A ” … 50 mile view looking south-west toward the Oregon coast
    ranges?” Be still my heart. Bliss.

  20. Wow, what a beautiful deck/porch . . . the structure itself as well as the view and the décor. I was wondering if you could send me the picture which reflects the floor butting up against the bay window (so I can support the description to my contractor). I believe it is picture number nine counting from the top. I have the same sort of deck to bay window style and am getting ready to redo my deck. Many thanks,

  21. What a project! If it is enjoyed then it is well worth it!

  22. Wow! That’s a wonderful deck!
    Thank you for the party Susan! 😉

  23. When I came by this morning, I was in a hurry to get to an out of town Dr. appointment. So glad I came back to see this beautiful deck. And with a view like that, a relaxing deck is a must have. Thanks for the linky, Susan.

  24. Yes, it is a gorgeous space, and gorgeous view. But bug free? I just can’t fathom!
    Thanks Terry and Mark for sharing your space!

  25. I had the pleasure of enjoying that very deck and view for several days in September while visiting my cousins, Mary and Terry. It was indeed the BEST place to sit and visit, enjoy a glass of wine (or two), and enjoy that fabulous view. Mark did an awesome job! They didn’t mention the killer speaker system Mark installed, surround sound on the deck–amazing!

  26. What a great porch ! I guess in the Winter is probably not used because of the cold weather.
    Thank you for so much inspiration.
    Enjoy your week.

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