Decorate Your Porch for Halloween

Welcome to the 243rd Metamorphosis Monday!

Thanks so much for sharing so many great “blue” colors for painting a porch ceiling “haint blue” in the comments on the recent haint blue post. I’ll try to create a post soon sharing all the ones you named in the comments and on Facebook. That should come in handy for anyone trying to find the right shade of blue for a haint blue porch ceiling.

My friend Marie, decorates her beautiful Victorian home for the holidays and the seasons. Here’s how it looked for Valentine’s Day.

Victorian Home Decorated for Valentine's Day 1

For Easter…


For the 4th of July…

4th of July Decorations for a Victorian Home and Porch

And for Christmas.

Porch Rail on Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas

Porch Rail on Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas

Hello Halloween!

Victorian Home Decorated for Halloween

I owe you some nighttime pics. See those balls hanging in the air from the trees. They are covered in lights that glow orange and purple for Halloween and red and white for Christmas.  I was there during the daytime, but I promise I’ll make a trip back soon to snag some evening/nighttime pics.

Halloween Decorations_wm

The lights are all throughout the trees–can’t wait to see how they look at night!

Lights in Trees for Halloween_wm

I know Marie’s six grandchildren must love coming to their grandparent’s home! I keep telling Marie, in my next life I’m coming back as one of her grandchildren. 🙂

Folks come from all around bringing their kiddos to trick-or-treat at Marie’s home. Cars flow through the circular driveway all Halloween evening long, just to get a close-up of this amazing display on Halloween night..

Halloween Decoration for the Exterior of Home_wm

I don’t blame them! If I was a kid out trick-or-treating on Halloween night, I would definitely make a stop here, too!

Victorian Home Decorated for Halloween

Even though it was still daylight, you can see the lit spiderwebs in the corners near the columns.

Halloween Bunting on Victorian Home

Love the Halloween bunting and lit garland!

Halloween Bunting

Do you see the giant spiders?  Appropriately, it says, “EEK” under each one!

Front Walkway_wm

Let’s go up the steps onto the porch for a closer look.

Porch Decorated for Halloween

The figure on the wreath made me think of the witch in the Wizard of Oz–not the good one but the bad one that ends up meeellltttiiinnnggg.  Remember her?

Halloween Wreath


Halloween Tree

Marie and I spent the day out playing and shopping and as I was about to leave, it was starting to get a little darker, You can barely see the lights starting to glow orange. I promise to make a trip over after dark soon to take some evening pics. Hopefully I can capture the lights if I take my tripod and crank up the ISO.

Decorate Trees with Lights for Halloween

Big thanks to Marie for  sharing her love-for-life and her beautiful home decorated for the upcoming Halloween holiday!

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  1. Marie sure knows how to decorate. Everything is so coordinated. I know her grand kids must love going over there, Thanks for sharing,

  2. I always enjoy seeing Marie’s house decorated the for holidays! Love the lights in the trees!

  3. Mary from Virginia says

    My, My, My what a fun chick Marie must be! I love it all. Not scary, but a friendly Halloween welcome!
    If I lived closer I would be doing a drive by too.

    In your second life you might come back as one of her grandchildren, but I’m coming back as Marie!

    Thank you so much for this fun post. Now, I need some of Marie’s energy.

  4. Super cute! She does a great job. What a fantasy for little children! I do want to see it in the dark too!

  5. I love Marie’s trees too. Thanks for hosting a great party!

  6. Very festive for Halloween. Love the big spiders and webs. Such a pretty house with a huge porch. I had best friend who had a family home very much like this one. As children we played house with our dolls on her porch for hours. Also, had a porch swing and little tables set with lemonade and cookies. Beautiful classic home!

  7. I loved seeing your friend, Marie’s beautiful home decorated for the holidays. Can’t wait to see the night photos. Thanks so much for hosting a great party.

  8. Thanx for hosting and what great ideas for a Halloween porch!

  9. What a fun front porch to decorate for the seasons! Hope your week is wonderful!

  10. Halloween bunting! Love that! Marie out does herself every time!! Please do go back at night, I would love to see those light balls lit up!

  11. What a beautiful, beautiful home- every detail is captivating, right down to the details on the vibrant front door. We would LOVE a home tour, if ever Marie feels inclined. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I love your blog, Susan.

  12. I love how this house gets into the spirit of every holiday!

  13. As always, I enjoy seeing how Marie has decorated for the holidays! I have a real spiderweb hanging outside with a real spider in it. Perhaps I should take a picture of it and say it’s just part of the decorations! He!He! I really love those lights hanging in the trees and I’d love to see a picture of the house at night!

  14. Absolutely love that porch!

  15. There’s JOY on that porch!! franki

  16. Wow, a house any woman would love to decorate but every man would dread! LOL I love it! Thanks for hosting a great link party….

  17. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Marie is at it again! Haha. Well, she really has the perfect backdrop for all her fun decorating in that beautiful house, doesn’t she? I love her porch so much! I would probably spend 90% of my time planted on that porch if I were her (and the other 10% decorating) 😉

    Say, those balls in the trees …. I guess those are battery operated lights? Cute idea! I bet she dreamed that up and put them together. Very cute.

    Has she lived there for years and years? I was just wondering if she raised her kids there. And now, she is always greeting her grandchildren there, decorating and making it homey and cozy just for them. It’s a wonderful place. As always, thanks to both you and Marie for sharing.

  18. Susan, I love seeing Mrs. Barnes’ home decorated throughout the season and holidays! Thank you for sharing it with us! Her Halloween decorations are amazing! Thanks for hosting another fun party!

  19. Hello Susan, your friend Marie’s home. She has such an exquisite home and front porch – she goes all out in her decor – It looks like fun!
    I do appreciate you hosting, I hope you have a blessed week,

  20. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a house that decked out for Halloween. She sure has fun with it. Thanks so much for hosting.

  21. Hi Susan! Gotta love a big Victorian porch! I love the way she decorates for each season…fun! Thanks for sharing…and for hosting each week!…hugs…Debbie

  22. Great porch! I love it decorated for all of the seasons! Thanks for hosting!

  23. What a gorgeous porch, and how fun to decorate it for the seasons. Thanks for sharing it!

  24. Marie you are amazing! Thank you for sharing Susan.

  25. Halloween is tied with Christmas as my favorite holiday!! I would love to know where she found the bunting and witches…Your newsletters always make my day when they come. 🙂

  26. Susan What a beautiful porch! I’m sure it looks amazing at night! I want one of those entrance Halloween trees so bad! They are gorgeous. You guys have such great taste no wonder you are friends! Thank You so much for sharing! It’s a Spooktacular way to start my week!
    Hugs, Lizy

  27. Amazing! Such a big house and so decorated so nicely. I can imagine how much work that takes. I can hardly finish decorating inside. I only do the front porch before Halloween but for that, I get lazy….Christine

  28. I so admire Marie’s dedication. I am sure it is just wonderful through all her holidays.

  29. Marie’s home is beautiful! Thanks for hosting.

  30. Oh, What fun decorations. Every season is decorated just beautifully. I would like to be one of Marie’s grandchildren too!

  31. I love seeing Marie’s fun decorations. I’ll bet she gets loads of people taking pictures at her home on Halloween evening. Thanks so much for hosting the party.

  32. How fun it would be to walk by Marie’s house and see what she has done for each season! And to be a trick-or-treater at this time of year would be awesome! Pass on our thanks to her for sharing and thank you for hosting MM!


  33. Susan, your porch decor is always so wonderful…..thanks for hosting!

  34. What a fun Halloween porch.Thanks for hosting Susan.

  35. Hi Susan, I always look forward to your blogs, but especially when you feature Marie’s beautiful home and decorating skills. Keep ’em coming!

  36. Oh Susan, what a great gal to decorate like that! She must be so very full of life and joy, how wonderful.
    Although the Grinch in me asks,”Where does she store it all?” but then I look at the size of her house! Huge! AND gorgeous.
    What a fun post and visit! Happy Autumn.
    (My haint blue porch ceiling is Morning Sky Blue by Ben Moore. Also painted a beach house bedroom in the same color.)

  37. I bet your porch is the envy of the neighborhood… LOVE it!!!
    Thanks bunches for your fun party here….!! Have a happy week…
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  38. Ohh! My favorite porch so far. Can’t wait to see inside! Does she still have the tree up in her kitchen?

  39. I have so enjoyed seeing Marie’s homes before — it just never gets tiring to see the lovely and fun things she does! Thanks so much for hosting, Susan!

  40. Marie’s home is incredible and she decorates it BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!!!!!!! Thank her again for allowing us to see it all. Thanks for hosting too. XO

  41. All together now:
    House Tour, House Tour, House Tour !!!
    If that is too daunting, perhaps a room at a time?

  42. Oh Susan,
    How I wish Sweden celebrates every holidays as the U.S. The house is absolutely beautiful and with the decos, are just my dreams and to drool off.

    TY a mill for sharing lovely homes. You help me sort the mind of a desperate interior designer (Moi). Just hoping that you will never stop entertaining us (specially me) who are out from your country. I so, appreciate it.

    Enjoy the blessed week ahead.

    Greetings from D´Box,
    /CC girl

  43. Oh Susan, you know why I would be the one not to go to Marie’s house on Halloween, you have already given me nightmares with those creepy crawlies.
    Am catching up on all your posts as I have been ill and in hospital.

  44. Thanks so much for sharing Marie’s Home with us once again! I really enjoy seeing her decorations!! Thanks so much for hosting too!!


  45. I love the Halloween decorations and what I especially love is that they are not ghoulish. I know that lots of people like the scary decorations, but I like the happy ones. I just think there is enough sadness in this world. I love it when pumpkins smile!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  46. Thanks for hosting. What great Halloween decorations!
    Shannon ~

  47. I can’t imagine being blessed to call that beautiful house Home. It must be amazing, and how fun to decorate that porch for the holidays. How cute is it, and I am so glad it is whimsical and not gory. I don’t like scaring little kids. LOL Hope you are well, my friend. xxxooo

  48. I love the porch. What a lot of garland to hang many times a year! She must have a lot of patience 🙂

  49. Wow, Marie did a great job! Thanks for the inspiration and for hosting another awesome party! Have a wonderful week. 🙂


  50. Thanks for hosting! Love her porch!! Happy Fall! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  51. Hi, Susan. Thanks for hosting. I’m always happy when I get to join in one of your parties (a little late, but I’m here!). ~Zuni

  52. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says


  53. I love Marie’s beautiful house. It reminds me of a house I wanted to buy when I was a young bride forty years ago. The same kind of porch wrapped all the way around it. My husband said no … to much work for the upkeep. I guess I can dream of decorating like Marie does and drool over these beautiful pictures. I do love the Halloween porch best of all. I do not like ghoulish things and this porch says Halloween without the ghoul factor. I love the Halloween trees too. Thanks for hosting the party Susan, I will be spending all week looking at all of the great posts that linked up. I still have not figured out how to link up but I am working on it.

  54. Hey Susan, So nice to visit with you after all this time and hope o be posting on a more regular basis very soon. Hope to post here on a Monday in the near future.


  55. I love to decorate for Halloween at home! When time permitted, before my stores opened, we were “that family” on the block with the Halloween decor gone crazy. Love Love Love the bunting!

  56. Please, Please, Please take photos of this house at night and post them. I’ve never commented on here before but I just had to. I love that house and those Halloween decorations. I bet it is amazing at night!

  57. What an inspirational decorating article. I found you over at Don’t Disturb this Groove. I am inspired by both of these blogs and will be decorating my house for the fall. Blessings!

  58. Beautiful! I really like the black cat with the arched back and twinlking lights that is sitting on the railing. Where did she get that? I’d love to have one of my own.

  59. Beautiful decor – especially the Halloween display. Love all the attention to detail and those trees – so much fun! I am doing my first Halloween tree only 2 feet this year, but am excited about it. Your decor gave me so many ideas to try. Thank you for sharing.

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