Decorating for Easter

Welcome to the 218th Metamorphosis Monday!

Last month I shared how my friend, Marie decorated her beautiful Victorian home for Valentine’s Day.  The Valentine’s Day decorations served a dual purpose since they were also in honor of the 4th annual “Hearts for Heroes” reception Marie hosted in her home in honor of the armed forces and our local military personnel.

Victorian Home Decorated for Valentine's Day

Marie has her spring/Easter decorations up now and Mother Nature is helping by doing her part.

Daffodils for Springtime

Here’s a fun way to decorate those bare trees until the leaves begin to appear.  Marie decorated two trees in her front yard with colorful eggs.

Easter Decorations Exterior

The pansies were in full bloom…so pretty!

Easter Decorations Exterior

Marie lined her brick walkway with cute Easter egg lights.  Wish I had a nighttime pic to share.   I bet it’s wonderful in the evening.  While we were out shopping later that afternoon, we ran into several folks who told Marie how much they enjoy seeing her decorations when they drive by her home.

Easter Decorations Exterior

The porch railing was decorated for Easter/Springtime, too.

Easter Decorations Exterior

Come a bit closer and check it out.

Easter Decorations Exterior

Lit egg garland and wreaths adorned the porch railing and each of the columns.  This must be so pretty lit up at night!

Easter Decorations Exterior

The front porch was all decked out for Easter, too.

Easter Decorations for Front Porch

Egg wreaths adorned the columns on either side of the front door.

Easter Wreath

Marie’s fabulous red door was surrounded with egg garland.

Easter Decorations for Front Porch

I know Marie’s grandchildren must absolutely love it all!

Easter Decorations for Front Porch

An egg wreath for the front door…

Easter Wreath for Front Door

Are you decorating for spring or Easter this year?  If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your springtime or Easter decorating, click on the category, The Holiday Home at the top of BNOTP.  Then click on “Easter” to find crafts, recipes, decorating ideas and table setting ideas for Easter.  Happy Springtime!

Easter Decorations for Front Porch


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  1. Susan,
    Thanks so much for hosting each week. What great outdorr Easter decorations Marie has. I left up my winter ever green garland and added an egg garland to it along with pink led lights.
    Will we be seeing the inside of Marie’s home decorated for Easter too??
    Sure would love too!!
    Wishing you and your a very Happy Easter!!


  2. Susan, Thanks for sharing all of Marie’s wonderful holiday decorations! Thanks for hosting and have a great week!

  3. Gorgeous home Susan! Love how she decorates for each Season, it is so bright and cheerful! Thanks so much for sharing! Thank also for hosting the party!

  4. I love the soft colours chosen for the Easter decoration. Isn’t going to this house better than a trip to Disneyland? The decorations are so awesome.

  5. Thanks so much for hosting! The “Easter House” is so cute! Life to the full, Melissa

  6. Wow — your friend really goes all out for Easter! It’s perfect and so much fun! I also love Mother Nature’s help with all the daffodils and other bulbs that are blooming. 🙂

    Thanks for the linky party every week…I’m excited to show off my daughter’s tween bedroom re-do!

  7. Thank you for sharing the fabulous Easter decorations – -the house is lovely, and the decorations make me smile! Thank you for hosting the link party also! Catherine

  8. Thanks so much for hosting week after week. Your friend Marie’s home is decorated lovely! Thanks for sharing:)

  9. That Marie must be the original Energizer Bunny! Wow, she does it up everywhere! The egg garland on the porch railing is adorable, will we get a peak inside? I hope so! Have a wonderful week and Happy Easter!

  10. Just beautiful! Love the little eggs going up the walkway. Perfect touch!

  11. Thank you for hosting… What a beautiful older home! Little Bit

  12. As we are still knee deep in snow this is such a treat to see the Spring bulbs in blossom and Marie’s exterior Easter decor with the rainbow of colours. Thank you both so much for sharing! The vision is truly a breath of fresh air.
    P.S: I am so tired of seeing white. ☺

  13. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan. That is a gorgeous old home. What fun Easter decorations too!

  14. Susan, who wouldn’t want to walk up those steps on Easter. Surely good times and sweet people are inside. Marie did it up right! Thanks for hosting!

  15. Love it!! Is there a tour of the inside of Marie’s house on your site? I absolutley love this house and this woman’s taste in all things. The dish pantry was to die for

  16. Is there a post with the interior of Marie’s home featured? I love this woman’s house and her decor!

  17. Hi Susan- Thanks for showing us her Easter decorations. She always does a lovely job. I bet a lot of the local residents come by there just for a peek at what she’s done for each season and holiday….I know I would! I look forward to the inside pictures too!

  18. Thanks for the party and the inspiration, Susan! Marie’s home looks festive and lovely!

  19. Thanks so much for hosting! LOVE the house featured above…I’m ready to move in!


  20. How wonderful to have a house and all the decorations to doll the house up for each occasion , it looks wonderful

    Thanks for hosting today and always

  21. Thanks for sharing the Egggs-travaganza! And the party, too.

  22. HI Susan! Oh, my goodness, I love this beautiful house and her Easter decs are adorable! Thank you so much for hosting and hosting and hosting your fun party!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  23. Her home is gorgeous all decked out! Thank you for sharing and hosting. Wishing you a pretty week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  24. Marie………………….R*O*C*K*S !!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

  25. Oh my goodness, Susan, your friend’s home is beyond gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting this party!

  26. My girls would love if we did up our house for Peter Cottontail like that! How fun!

  27. I love the big eggs in the trees! I bet the whole house is so pretty at night.
    Thanks so much for hosting!

  28. Such cute decorations! This house really rocks all the holidays! Happy Easter! Hugs, Leena

  29. Beautiful! My 6-year-old daughter, Selah, and I are reading this and wishing we could come visit your friend in her beautiful home! Thanks for the party. I’ve just posted this week’s Homemaking Linkup and would love to have you join, if you’d like.

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  30. An Easter fairyland! Just beautiful!
    Susan, I am having problems finding the thumbnails to click on for the linky party. This is the third week and I cannot figure out what has changed. Do I need to subscribe to your site? In the past, they were just there after the directions how to post if you were participating. Now it says “Thanks for coming to the party”. and the next thing to appear is “You Might Also Like”, the box about subscribing to the Porch, Dr. Oz ad, and then Comments. I have clicked on everything, however, there is nothing for the links to others sites. Is it me, my computer, or a gilch in system? Thanks for your help.
    Happy Easter to you and your family,

    • MaryEllen, the links are located at the bottom of the post. When you click on the title of the post and it opens up, the links are located at the end of the post. They are right after the sentence, “Looking forward to your Before and After!” I’m not sure why they aren’t visible for you. I haven’t had anyone else mention this so it must be a glitch on your end or with your computer, I guess.

    • Mary Ellen, I could see it earlier when you asked but now they are missing, so I just reloaded the InLinkz code back into the post. Check to see if you can see the links now. Thanks!

  31. Oh how I wish I had a porch. I love how cozy this house looks.
    Thanks for sharing such pretty photos.

  32. Oh I adore that house!!!! Its is beauty. I don’t generally like Victorians but this almost has a mixture of Victorian and Farmhouse too. How sweet are her decorations? I feel bad that I haven’t done anything but thrown a wreath on the door. Sigh. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  33. How pretty Susan, I would love to see it all lit up. Love the unique egg lights along the pathway.
    I will not be decorating for Easter, as you know, I am leaving for France and England a week today, so will celebrate it there.
    Always a pleasure to visit Marie’ house. Thank you both for hosting.

  34. All the daffodils popping are so pretty, we are still a long way from our making an appearance! Thanks for hosting this week, Laura

  35. Thanks for the party! What a beautiful home to share. I can appreciate all the hardwork. I’d love to know what the door paint color is. I’m looking to paint my home this year and need the inspiration.

    • marie barnes says

      I think the door paint is something like Chinese Red by benjamin moore. give me a few days and i will see if i can find it in my notes on the house. thanks for your comments. marie

  36. Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration with your link party! 🙂

  37. What a beautiful house — you must really enjoy your visits there!

  38. My goodness, this woman has the most fabulous decorations for every season. She has things I’ve never seen before and she certainly knows how to use them! Love!

  39. Love all the cute Easter decorations! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  40. I’m not a blogger, but a longtime reader. I have been following you for a while and certainly enjoy each of your posts. I too am having problems finding the thumbnails to click on for the linky party this week. Haven’t changed anything on this end (to my knowledge) but certainly don’t want to miss out on all the goodies this week. Any suggestions?

    • They were there earlier today, but they are gone now. Maybe Inlinkz had a glitch or something. I just reloaded the code back into the post. Thanks for letting me know!

  41. Hi,
    I am having the same problem as Mary Ellen…I don’t see “Looking forward to the before and after!” There is nothing to click on…I have been visiting your site for a very long time and have not had a problem til this week.

    • Kathy, I don’t know what’s going on with InLinkz. When Mary Ellen mentioned it, they were still there when I looked. Maybe it just loaded a cached page and maybe that’s what I was seeing. I just grabbed the code again from InLinkz so check now.

  42. Cherry Goodson says

    Hi Susan, just reading Mary Ellen’s comment about not being able to find the links after viewing Marie’s house for your MM. This morning they were all there, this afternoon I came back to look at the rest and they are all gone. So missed most all of the other links pictures. This has happened the in the last two weeks on Mondays’. Have you changed anything? I read the response from you to go under the Dr. Oz picture and hit MM, but I do not have that anywhere to be able to hit it. I’m not a blogger, but have been able to enjoy your blog along with all the others and have really missed being able to view them the last two weeks. Any ideas? Thanks,

    • Cherry, check again. I went back to Inlinkz and got the code and reloaded it again so they should be back. You may need to empty your cache now. I’m able to see them again.
      InLinkz has a code that allows for pagination so all the links are not on one page and helps the page load more quickly. I’ve been going back and swapping the code on old Met Monday and Tablescape Thursdays posts for the code that allows for pagination. That code is apparently goofing things up. I think I’ll just stick with the regular code that places all the links on the main page with no pagination. I had not loaded the code that does pagination into today’s MM party so I have no idea why those links vanished. I think I’ll report this to InLinkz though. Thanks for letting me know. I could see them earlier when Mary Ellen mentioned it, but maybe my computer was just loaded a cached page and and not the current page.

  43. Cherry Goodson says

    Susan, me again. Cherry. Whatever you did to help Mary Ellen worked for me as well. Just went back and the links are all there. Now will sit back and enjoy all the pretties. Thanks, Cherry

  44. Thanks for hosting! Great Easter decorations!
    Jamie @

  45. Thanks for hosting. So much to see here…

  46. Thanks for hosting Susan.

  47. wow…i loved this home. so easterish.

    I hope you had a good ester sunday 🙂

  48. Thanks for sharing Marie’s outdoor Easter decor! I really enjoyed seeing it and I’m sure her neighbours love it too!


  49. Thank you for this fab party. Hope you have a happy and healthy week… 🙂
    AND happy Easter…!

    hugs x


    Crystelle Boutique

  50. I love the awesome Easter decorations. Such a beautiful house! Thank you so much for hosting, and have a Happy Easter!

  51. New to your blog. Two words: That…house. Wow, my breath’s been taken away.

  52. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan!


  53. Thank you so much for hosting Susan, have a wonderful Easter!

    xo, Tanya

  54. Such a beautiful and inviting home Susan, my bags are packed….when can I move in??? LOL…thank you so much for the party! I’m loving all the delightful posts you are having around Easter! Have a great week with love and health!
    Hugs Always,

  55. I love the egg lights lining Marie’s walkway. I wonder where you can buy lights like this?

  56. Thanks for hosting! New Google + and Bloglovin follower!

    -Brittany Ruth

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